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Practice Manager:                                                          HiCaps and Health Fund Rebates
Jude Lown acts as the part-time Practice Manager and is responsible for    Hicaps is a electronic health claiming and payments system that lets
the financial management of the practice. She is also responsible for      you process your claim automatically after your treatment before leaving
patient bookings. She can be contacted weekdays for any assistance.        the practice.
She has been with the practise since 1995.                                 With Hicaps you your claim is finalised on the spot immediately after

                                                                           your consultation. All you need is your health fund membership card!
Administrative and other Staff                                             Once your claim is authorised by the health fund, you simply pay the
We have several staff who are all qualified in holistic therapies.         balance amount - the difference between the full fee for the treatment
They all bring special skills, experience and abilities to the practice.   and the amount claimed from your health fund.

Appointments                                                               Special Interests
                                                                           Anjeleen has special interests in womens health problems, exhaustion                       B.Ac, B. Hom
Appointments can be made for both practice locations by telephoning
38461222.Office hours are between 9 am and 7pm Monday to Friday,           weight loss programmes, pregnancy and childbirth and digestive
and Saturday 9am to 4 pm, but messages can be left after hours and         complaints. In addition cosmetic facelift acupuncture is also her passion.
will be answered promptly.                                                 She has designed an unusual and unique spa treatment menu for stressed                                    Acupuncturist
Communications can also be made via Facsimile on 38466114 or by            minds and body for the Total Bliss Day Spa.
email on
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                                                                                                                                                  Natural Medicine Practitioner
     Billing Structure                                                     Information contains latest trends in day spa, de-stress tips, health issues,
                                                                           new herbal and beauty treatments, health fund info, traditional
   Ayurvedic Consultation                                                  ayurvedic treatments, discounts, healthy recipes, supplements and                                         Ayurvedic Practitioner
    1st Consultation                                      $120             beauty tips and suggestions, and detox tips.
    Subsequent Consultation                               $65                                                                                              We are honoured that you would choose this practice for your ongoing
                                                                           Associations: Member of:                                                        health and wellbeing care.We have a special interest in womens health
   Homeopathic Consultation                                                AAMT                                                                            problems, detox and weight loss programmes, pregnancy care and
    1st Consultation                                      $88              AACMA                                                                           childbirth, acupuncture obstetrics, depression and emotional support,
    Subsequent Consultation                               $55              AAPH                                                                            postnatal depression, allergies, chronic fatigue and tiredness, back pain,
                                                                           AROH                                                                            stress and anxiety related problems. The long term management and
   Acupuncture                                                             Ayurvedic                                                                       relief of these conditions is also a prime focus. In addition, we have
    1ST Consultationaa                                    $60                                                                                              an ongoing commitment to continued education and training and
    Subsequent Consultation                               $50              Principal Practice address (since 1994):                                        alternative health care research.
                                                                           586 Stanley St                                                                  This practice is dedicated to excellence in natural medicine.
   Homeo - Acupuncture                                    $65              Woollongabba /South Brisbane
                                                                           Brisbane Q 4102
   Payments may be made by Cash, all major Credit Cards, Eftpos            Opp the Mater hospital                                                          Practice Locations
    and Amex.                                                              Telephone 07 38461222                                                           The Woollongabba practice is located opposite the Mater Public
                                                                           Email:                                                 Hospital and next to the Baby Arrivals Obstetric centre. The centre can
                                                                                                                                                           be approached from Stanley Street or through Jacobs Lane which is
                                                                           Secondary Practice address (since 2005):                                        behind the centre.There is also ample parking at the Mater carpark just
Concessions                                                                Shop 8 Buranda Centro                                                           rear of the centre.
We happily give 10% discount for full-time students, children, seniors,    Cnr of Ipswich Rd and Cornwall st                                               Anjeleen also consults from Centro Buranda, opposite the Princess
pensioners, Princess Alexander Staff and Mater Hospital Staff (must        Buranda Q 4102                                                                  Alexander Hospital. There is free parking on 2 levels of the Centro
show ID).                                                                  Opp the Princess Alexander Hospital                                             Buranda Shopping complex.
Our Serenity Vip Card (enquire at reception) holders get 15% discount      Telephone 07 38919934                                                           Both centres have suitable entry for patients on wheelchair or on
on all consultations and treatments.                                       Email:                                                        crutches.

                                                                                         Internet:                                          Internet:
Personal                                Frequently Asked Questions
Natural Medicine Practitioner:
                                        What is Naturopathy?                                    What is Ayurvedic Medicine?                             As a natural form of healing, acupuncture has        Can I bring a diary of my symptoms and
Anjeleen S Lata holds Degrees in                                                                                                                        the following benefits:
                                        Naturopathy treats your body as whole and               It has been acknowledged as the world’s oldest                                                               other info relating to my condition?
Acupuncture and Homeopathy              doesn’t just concentrate on relieving the               system of health care and the most ancient and          • Provides drug-free pain relief.                    That will help!
from the Australian College of          symptoms of a single problem but teaches you            holistic. It is recognised by the World Health          • Effectively treats a wide range of acute and
Natural Medicine since 1991. She        how to maintain a healthy body which will               Organization as an effective, traditional health        chronic ailments.
also specialises in a unique            keep illness and ailments away. So when you             treatment. It aims for well being                       • Treats the underlying cause of disease and         Can I bring my past and recent blood tests
modality; Homeo - acupuncture           are in a consultation with the naturopath you           (constitutional) analysis, pulse diagnosis,             illness as well as the symptoms.                     results and if any prescriptions (medication
(famous in Sri Lanka) for chronic       will be asked to give a complete run-down of            tongue and other techniques to determine                • Provides an holistic approach to the treatment
                                                                                                appropriate treatment. Advice on suitable                                                                    and supplements )prescribed in the last 1
disorders. She also holds Diploma       your lifestyle, diet and eating patterns. And                                                                   of disease and illness, linking body, mind           year?
in Applied Science and finished         then from there you will be given a personalised        diet, exercise for your constitutional type             and emotions.
                                                                                                and daily routine are prescribed. Also,                                                                      Definitely.
her advanced studies in clinical        plan to get your body functioning perfectly                                                                     • Assists in the prevention against disease and
                                                                                                Ayurvedic herbal and mineral remedies and
application of homeopathy Homeo         again - by using only natural products and              other treatments may be recommended to                  illness as well as the maintenance of general
therapeutics through Bengal Allen       achievable fitness goals. Naturopaths have an           maximise the healing process and improve                well-being.                                          What about Xray, ultrasound or allergy tests?
Medical Institute. In 1993 She          extensive knowledge of medical treatments and           general well being.                                                                                          Yes bring it with you on the first consultation.
completed Post Graduate Clinical        drugs, as well as a complete understanding of                                                                   How long will be the first consultation?
Methodology through Stephen             the medicinal value of plants and herbs. So                                                                     Approximately 1 hour. Some patients could
Simpson Homeopathic Medical             you will be advised on herbal preparations              What is Acupuncture?                                    take longer depending on the presenting health       Can I expect to have more tests done?
                                        and nutritional diet. The best analogy for the          Acupuncture takes a holistic approach to                concerns.
school.                                                                                         understanding normal function and disease                                                                    Yes (it will help get to the bottom of the
                                        benefits of naturopathy is to think about your                                                                                                                       problem).
She is also Guest Lecturer at                                                                   processes and focuses as much on the
                                        car.                                                                                                            What to expect during the consultation?
Australian College of Natural           Do you think it is best to drive it into the            prevention of illness as on the treatment.
Medicine on Ayurvedic guidelines                                                                When healthy, an abundant supply of Qi or               You will be asked a number of questions in
                                        ground and only get fixed at a time when it                                                                     regards to your past and current health history,
on Food as Medicine. Anjeleen has       goes wrong? Or do you reckon its best to treat          "life energy" flows through the body's                                                                       Will my lifestyle and diet be changed?
a particular interest in Ayurvedic                                                              meridians (a network of invisible channels              digestion, eating habits, bowel function, sleep,     Most possibly, to help you get better sooner.
                                        it with some respect; regularly checking the oil        through the body). If the flow of Qi in the             lifestyle habits and mental and emotional
medicine and finished her               and air levels weekly and giving it a full service                                                                                                                   If needed sometimes quite a few changes are
                                                                                                meridians becomes blocked or there is an                characteristics. These will provide the              made depending on the severity of the condition
Metagenics training Program in          at regular intervals?                                   inadequate supply of Qi, then the body fails            practitioner information to assess imbalances        presented. Most times the changes are quite
Ayurvedic Medicine in 2003. She                                                                 to maintain harmony, balance and order, and             and to provide the correct programme for you.
holds Senior First Aid and CPR                                                                                                                                                                               achievable and give positive results to your
                                                                                                disease or illness follows.                             The Practitioner may perform a number of
certificate. She also holds Diploma     What is Homoeopathy?                                    This can result from stress, overwork, poor                                                                  wellbeing.
                                                                                                                                                        physical tests including urine, blood, tongue,
in Remedial Massage and                 This is a system of medicine that starts by             diet, disease pathogens, weather and                    pulse and body diagnosis. This full health
practitioner certificate in Bush        looking at your total health picture and                environmental conditions, and other lifestyle           assessment also includes Iridology diagnosis.
                                                                                                factors and becomes evident to the practitioner                                                              What type of treatment will I be given?
Flower Essences and has interest in     individual ways in which the body has its own
                                                                                                through observable signs of bodily                                                                           A holistic approach is taken to restore vitality
Bowen Technique bodywork and            healing powers. In homoeopathic treatments                                                                                                                           and health. Treatments may aim to correct your
Lymphatic Drainage Treatments           the pattern of the patient's symptoms is                dysfunction. The practitioner looks carefully           What is Iridology?
                                                                                                for these signs of health and dysfunction,              Iridology is the science and practice that reveals   digestion, remove toxins, restore balance and
and holistic facial rejuvenation.       matched with those of a remedy. The more                paying particular attention not only to the                                                                  rejuvenate your body and mind.
Anjeleen is a member of Australian      closely the remedy pattern matches that of the                                                                  body constitution, inherent weaknesses, levels
                                                                                                presenting signs and symptoms, but also to              of health and inflammation in the tissues by         They can include: food and herbs as medicine,
Acupuncture and Chinese                 patient, the more effective will be the cure.           the medical history, general constitution, and                                                               individualised and specific lifestyle routines,
                                                                                                                                                        analyzing the delicate structures of the iris.
Medicine Association (AACMA),           Homoeopathy is based on the philosophy cures            the pulse and tongue.                                                                                        techniques to enhance mental wellbeing,
                                                                                                                                                        The iris is the extention of the brain so the iris
Australian Association of Massage       like. The homoeopath will take into                     Acupuncture treatment involves the insertion                                                                 personalised exercise program, detox program,
                                                                                                of fine, sterile needles into specific sites            is connected to every organ and tissue of the
Therapists (AAMT), Australian           consideration the physical, mental and                                                                          body by way of the nervous system. The iris          homeopathic medications, acupuncture,
Association of Professional             emotional state of the individual, and match it         (acupuncture points) along the body's                                                                        remedial massage and herbal prescriptions.
                                                                                                meridians to clear energy blockages and                 reveals an individuals strengths and weaknesses
Homeopaths (AAPH) and                   with the remedy best suited to them. Remedies                                                                   and what has been done to the body through
                                                                                                encourage the normal flow of Qi through the
AROH. Anjeleen is the Founder           are dispensed in a pill or drop form. Once              individual. The practitioner may also stimulate         correct or incorrect living habits by way of the
and director of Ultra Health            again by treating the whole person - physical,          the acupuncture points using other methods,             nervous system. The iris reveals an individuals      When can I see changes in my health?
Centre specialising in Holistic         spiritual and emotional and not separating              including moxibustion, cupping, laser                   strengths and weaknesses and what has been           Every individual is different and depending
therapies since 1994. She is also       everything up, you are helping your body to             therapy, electro-stimulation and massage, in            done to the body through correct or incorrect        upon their immune systems could range
the Founder of Ayurvedic Indian         restore itself.                                         order to re-establish the flow of Qi.                   living habits.                                       between 7 days to 30 days.
Day Spa and Total Bliss Health &
Beauty; Body and Wellness
Centres which she started in
2005. Anjeleen is also the head         Question for you?
trainer and educator for her staff at   Do you suffer from tiredness, weight gain, mood swings, digestive upset, headaches, irritability, trouble sleeping, poor memory, hormonal imbalance, depression or trouble coping with life?
both centres.                           Are you experiencing side effects from taking antibiotics, anti inflammatory or anti depressants to treat your illness?
Anjeleen has been practising            We specialise in CFS, bowel problems, poor immune function, women’s problems, weight loss and detox programs and stress related conditions such as headaches, feeling ‘Liverish” or out of sorts.
since 1991 with Dr Don Tugby in         So stop living your life below your potential. We will show you a guaranteed way to energize your body and get the results you want.
the Brisbane CBD and later
managed the Brisbane health             Benefits to You:
centre for Dr Tugby for 3 years.        You will feel better, eliminate health problems, live longer, cope with stress better, resolve issues, understand yourself better, become stronger and healthier!

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