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					Vacation Property Rental Agreement

Owner: Rick Gatt Cell: 248-680-8668 Email: Mailing Address: Rick Gatt 8385 Kenndey Circle Apt 8 Warren, MI 48093 Rental Property Address: 336 Hillcrest Lake, Michigan 48632

Print the following form, read, and fill in required information with ink, sign, mail completed document and a $___ deposit by US mail to above mailing address. If this form is electronically updated as a word document and attached to an email it must be renamed with tenants name and first stay date appended to existing file name (Your email with this attachment with act as your electronic signature.) Your security deposit can then be either mailed, transferred to my account ( via PayPal, or delivered in person at time of check-in if agreed to by owner. It is hereby agreed that ________________ (Tenant) shall rent on a short-term basis from the owners of the property (Rick Gatt), the residence at 336 Hillcrest, which is located in Lake Michigan. The dates of the rental shall Commence on ___________ 2008 at 1:00 p.m. and Shall end on ___________ 2008 at 3:00 p.m.

The following payment schedule is agreed to: The total sum of $___ will be collected for the rental dates listed above. To hold the reservation send a deposit of $___ with this signed contract • The amount is non-refundable if reservations are not cancelled 14 days prior to the rental date. Non-refund date ___________ 2008 • This $___ will be refunded upon check-out, after a home inspection is performed .

Vacation Property Rental Agreement

Upon arrival the final balance for the whole $___ amount will be due The above listed payment schedule may be waived by the owner/landlord in circumstances where there is short notice for the rental and the dates cannot be adhered to. Above payment scheduled is waived _________________________(owner/landlord) Date waived __________________

Amount due from tenant $__________________ Date Due ________________

Services Rendered For the agreed upon price the owners agree to the following services: •They will allow use of the Main Home, Hot tub, private dock and lakefront/beach, fishing boat, canoe, backyard and parking areas. • The Tenants will pay for Miscellaneous Services including but not limited to: Power sports tours and equipment usage (to be approved by owner/landlord). • The owner may be present at times during your stay and will be at you service 100 percent in order to make your stay the best possible experience. The tenant may choose to have their total privacy having little to no interaction with the owner, which will be respected by the owner. The house is configured in a way where the 2 upper floors can be sectioned privately from the lower walk out floor. Arrangements can be made to stay in either of these sections and still have a full kitchen/dining area On the other hand if the tenants decide to interact with the owner, this is totally acceptable as well. We are very friendly and fun loving people. This may include you in owner related activities such as boating, meals, walks, day trips, video’s etc if mutually agreed upon. Your experience here, I would expect to be better than a bed and breakfast. The tenant should communicate to the owner as to their needs prior to, and during their stay. This is an awesome 3000 square foot 3 floor resort home with lots of space for your enjoyment inside and outside. Miscellaneous Services The owner also agree to the following services, which have been specifically asked for by the tenant. Additional fees may be added to the cost of the rental as specified. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

Vacation Property Rental Agreement

Please complete the following information Name of Responsible Renter (Tenant)______________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Phone Number(s) ______________________________________________________ E-mail: ______________________________________________________________

TERMS of Stay Cancellation - The terms agreed to on page one shall be adhered to with the following exception. In cases of late cancellation; A full refund, minus a $___ cancellation fee, will be returned to the listed renter if the property can be rented to another party to cover the occupancy for its full rental price for the time period that was agreed to by the canceling party. The owners reserve the right to cancel a reservation at anytime in cases where the house is in need of repair or other emergency circumstances dictate. In circumstances where the owner cancels the reservation they will give a full refund to the tenant upon notice of the cancellation. The owners will give notice to the tenant in as timely of a manner as possible. Check In – 1 PM. Early check-in times are allowed only with prior approval. Check Out – 3 PM. Late Check-out requires prior approval. CLEANING - The house will be inspected prior to your departure. The rental fee includes laundry service for the linens and towels supplied. Personal beach towels will not be supplied. YOU ARE REQUIRED to leave the property in the same general condition that you received it by making sure that the dishes are rinsed and inserted in dishwasher, and the house is generally picked up and ready to be vacuumed, dusted and swept. Telephones - Land line telephone service is not connected at the home. Personal cell phone service is limited. Internet - Owner currently has Verizon wireless PC card/laptop for internet access on a limited as needed basis for his tenants. This wireless service travels with the owner and is

Vacation Property Rental Agreement

N/A when owner is away. Supplies - The house is equipped as a fully furnished property that includes bedspreads, towels, pillows, and a fully equipped kitchen, and living/entertainment room areas. A natural gas weber grill on deck beside kitchen is available for tenant use. A dryer is available for tenants use. The washer is N/A. If required a local Laundromat is accessible within 1 mile distance. If there is a need for tools/hardware the owner will be helpful if possible, or the local hardware store is 1/2 mile away. Tenants will be responsible for food and beverage purchases during their stay. Dressings and condiments stored in refrigerator are free for the Tenants use. If there large amounts to be refrigerated, a large cooler is always a good idea to be stored on the deck accessible to kitchen/bar area and can be supplied for your use. Tenants Liability - Tenant agrees to accept liability for any damages caused to the house (other than general wear and tear) by tenant or tenant’s guests, including, but not limited to misuse of appliances, furnishings, structural damage, electronic equipment etc. Tenant agrees to reimburse the owners for costs incurred to replace/repair damaged items. Hold Harmless - The owner will not assume any liability for loss, damage or injury to persons or their personal property. The tenant is responsible for the house and for his/her/their guests during occupancy of the house. The owner does not accept liability for any inconvenience arising from any defects or stoppage in supply of water, electricity, gas, plumbing or operation of other devices within the property. Nor will owner accept liability for any loss or damage caused by weather conditions, natural disasters, acts of god, or other reasons beyond their control. Personal Floatation Devices - Owner/landlord has a limited supply of life vests. If the tenants wish to have custom floatation devices for comfort/size they must be expected to obtain these on their own means. The owner/landlord generally will be accommodating with all of his lake equipment skis/tubes/boards/fishing etc. within reason. Smoking - There will be absolutely no smoking allowed inside the home. Smoking is allowed outside responsibly and disposal of butts is required. Water - This home utilizes well water, which has an iron taste to it. This water has been approved for consumption by the Clare County Health Dept. and can be consumed without concern. The water filtered from the refrigerator tastes like regular city water. Use this water for circumstances only where the well water is unacceptable as far as the iron flavor. Septic System - This home utilizes a lift septic system and large objects other than human waste cannot be disposed of in the toilets, and should be discarded in waste baskets supplied. Also there is no garbage disposal in the kitchen, requiring food waste to be put in garbage container under sink.

Vacation Property Rental Agreement

Pets - No Pets allowed, unless prior approval has been arranged with owner. SPA and Stairways - Tenant hereby acknowledges, and is fully aware that the outdoor spa and stairways can be dangerous and slippery. Injury can be caused by careless acts. The undersigned accepts and assumes all risks involved in or related to the use of the outdoor spas and stairways. The bath tub spa in the upstairs bath is not operating and should not be used other than showering purposes REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE RENTING A PRIVATE HOME. PLEASE TRY AND TREAT IT WITH THE SAME RESPECT YOU WOULD LIKE SHOWN TO YOUR OWN HOME. By signing below I acknowledge that I have read the above statements. I also agree to abide by the agreed upon monetary fees/balances and refund schedule.

Tenant Signature _______________________________ Date __________________

Owner ________________________________________ Date__________________

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