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					Description of Project:

This project is to take an established design, cut it and implement it into a Joomla
framework if possible. Once implemented into a Joomla template the
components/modules listed below will need to be integrated. The Home Page will utilize
the components specified below and be integrated into the site configuration according to
the site design. If it is not possible to integrate into Joomla a suitable CMS system with
the listed component types should be used.

Client will provide all content however it is expected that content is aesthetically
formatted to fit the site design and layout and not simply copy and pasted from the

This site will be built as a way to release the frustration and have a good time without having to spend
money. The site will allow visitors to create an account and post videos – similar to Videos
would be linked from video sites such as Google Video, Vimeo, and Youtube. Videos will be organized
into categories based on the users input. Videos in each category will compete with each other for daily
recognition and a chance to compete against other popular videos at the end of the week. Videos that win at
the end of each week can compete for the monthly prize. The concept is similar to that of Americas
Funniest Videos or the Billboard Top 10. As videos gain popularity they will show up in the top video hall
of fame. Users will be able to post short comments on video, however the focus on the site is the video and
the ranking. It is not intended to become a forum or a replacement for My Space. Although users will have
a basic profile page that shows others the videos they have uploaded and their awards, it will be very basic
having links for the popular social networking websites if the users have accounts there.

Design File Location:
Source files should be on file already for this project.
The image below is a screenshot of the current design.

        CSS Validation through
        HTML Validation through
        SEO Validation through
        ALT tag, Meta keyword and meta descriptions properly filled out based on page
        Title tag for each page should be configured in the following format:
             o 2-4 page keywords | Page Name | Site Name
        Search engine friendly URLS
        All forms should use Captcha to prevent exploitation
        Breadcrumbs should be used wherever possible to streamline content
        CMS admin area renamed to /cwiadmin
        Menu items need to be configured to properly utilize Joomla navigation
        Sitemap needs to automatically generate based on content
        Projects are to be completed within build time specified below. If this is not met,
         $100 per work week after deadline will be deducted from project total.
        Site is to be built on CWI Server

Build Time/Milestones:
6 weeks from agreement

Components Needed:
Joomla CMS – Preferably 1.5.x or newer - Use our provided admin theme. This will be
provided and is a backend administration theme install.
CSS and XHTML Validation
Site Search
JCE Editor (
Search Engine Friendly URLs (Joomsef
Automated Sitemap (SEF Service Map 2 or Joomap or Run Digital Sitemap
Joomla Update Notifier
Joomla Auto Updater
Video Management Utility that will allow voting, multiple video categories, will tie in
with the Joomla community applications, allow linking to videos from other video sites.
Custom feedback form/survey (Chronoforms set to send email and also store in database)
Event Calendar (Eventlist or JEvents)
AdManager system for posting ads on site with payment module (hwdrevenuemanager or
Joomla Community Builder with associated plugins
AddThis Button (

Home Page Components:
News Rotation Module
Video Comments module
Top Users Module
Top Videos in entire site
Allstar of the week.
Header image rotator
Most Viewed Videos

Special Expectations:
Site should be very easy to use so this should be kept in mind during all stages of build.

Navigation items and sub items need to be easily added from the backend for a novice

          About Us (docs/content/about.doc)
          How It Works (/docs/content/how.doc)
          Current Contest (docs/content/contest.doc)
          FAQ’s (docs/content/faq.doc)
          Advertising (/docs/content/ads.doc)
          Contact Us (/docs/content/contact.doc)