Reducing paper use. Reusing recycling paper. York by rjg15261


									  Reducing paper use.
Reusing & recycling paper.
   York Green Business Club,
        18 July 2005.

             Kristina Peat
  City of York Council, Sustainability
   Paper, Paper everywhere.
• Every organisation uses it to a greater of lesser

• All organisations have to purchase it.

• All have to dispose of it.

• Most handle paper with confidential information.
              How much?
CYC team of 11 people:
• About 4,600 sheets (9.2 reams) of paper per
  person per year – that’s 2.5 boxes!
                      Good practice
• Envirowise good practice benchmarks is 7 reams
  of paper per person per year

Envirowise GG256 Green Officiency – running a cost effective environmentally
   aware office.
• Reduce numbers of printers available

• ‘Think before you print reminders’ at the
  bottom of emails

• Review working practices to ensure only
  essential paper is stored
• Print on scrap paper

• Reuse as note books, message pads
• Recycling is the end of the road for paper

• If a piece of paper hasn’t been used on both
  sides and all over, it hasn’t been used
   Don’t forget the other paper!
• Envelopes can be easily and neatly reused
  with the use of simple stickers.
          Confidential paper
• Confidential in terms of the Data Protection
• Commercially sensitive information.
• Financially sensitive
• Will cost more to shred
and dispose of.
         Data Protection Act
• The Data Protection Act contains eight Data
  Protection Principles one of them being that
  personal data must be: ‘Kept secure’

• This means disposal as well.
         Complete the circle
• Purchase paper made from 100% post
  consumer waste.

• Purchase FSC paper.
• Brief audit of the paper and paper products used.
• Complete the circle – buy recycled
• Find out how much paper contains confidential
  information (so must be shredded and recycled)?
  Reduce this where possible?
• Reuse scrap paper – for anything and everything
• Take staff with you.
• Reduce the opportunities for printing.
• Make recycling easy and convenient with
  appropriately placed bins.
     Envirowise website

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