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									Patricia Burgess – 86-14 63rd Dr, 1st FL, Rego Park, NY 11374 - (917) 386-3202
                PATLBURGESS@GMAIL.COM -

        -B.F.A. in Animation: The School of Visual Arts (2003-2007)
        -Pre-college Program in Animation: The Atlanta College of Art



        - Viacom/MTVN/Nick Jr. – “The Backyardigans” – June 15, 2009 - present
                Position: Production Associate
                        Responsibilities: Same as below, with increased scheduling duties.

        - Viacom/MTVN/Nick Jr. – “The Backyardigans” – Mar. 10, 2008 - June 15, 2009
                Position: Production Assistant
                        Responsibilities: Shooting & editing dance footage; organizing and
                        managing files; assisting research; managing design approvals; assisting
                        in weekly scheduling; aiding in any production capacity I am needed.

        - “Odd Skillz” short – – December 3-5, 2009.
                Position: Track reader
                         Responsiblities: Analyzing the track & creating exposure sheets for
                         animation lip synch

        - “Glenn Martin, DDS” pilot – Charged – November 12-17, 19-21, 24, 26-27; 2008
                Position: Production assistant, track reader
                        Responsibilities: Analyzing the track and creating exposure sheets;
                        cutting the track into scenes & organizing, re-cutting the animatic

Animation & Motion Graphics:
        - VH1 documentary: “Lord of the Revolution: Cheech & Chong” – Oct. 24-26 & 29, 2008
               Position: After Effects lip synch animator

        - VH1 documentary: “Lords of the Revolution: Timothy Leary” – Jan. 21 - Feb. 27, 2008
               Position: After Effects production assistant
                       Responsibilities: Creating motion graphics in After Effects; masking
                       images for use; creating multi-plane parallax moves; Photoshop clean-up
                       and painting for backgrounds

        - Sony Bravia commercial w/ Passion Pictures - July 25 - August 9, 2007
                Position: Key animator, Assistant Animator

        -Dancing Diablo Studios - October 2005 - February 2006
               Position: Intern
                       Responsibilities: Colouring characters and backgrounds on Teenage
                       Mutant Ninja Turtles: Flash Forward, masking green-screen, etc

Puppet & prop fabrication:
        - Broderville Pictures: “The Crew” – Dec. 12-20, 2008
                Position: Puppet fabrication; created Howard Stern, Flavah Flav, & Oprah puppet

        - The History Channel – “Clash of the Cavemen” - October 26, 2007
                Position: Prosthetics Assistant
                         Responsibilities: Assisting in creation of prosthetics; seasoning and
                         cleaning molds; pouring silicone; sculpting belly for pregnant caveman

        - Fuel TV - Station ID by Sean Doughtery & Saimon Chow – Aug 13- Sept. 28,2007
                Position: Production designer, puppet fabrication
                         Responsibilities: Executing the designs of the directors into 3D
                         miniatures, including sculpting, sanding, painting. Creation of puppets
                         based off of designs provided.

        -Changeling Studio – July – August 2007
               Position: Assistant
                       Responsibilities: aid in painting toy prototypes, laying down base layers
                       of paint, using colour charts to determine and lay down colour

        -The Jim Henson Company - September 2006 - May 2007
                Position: Intern
                        Responsibilities: puppet maintenance, prop building, painting, sewing,
                        clothing fabrication, organization, puppet wrangling

        -Polka-dot Penguin Pottery stop-motion animation class - July 24-29, 2006
                Position: Teacher

-----Technical Skills:
        - Trained in stop-motion & traditional animation - familiar with both mediums
        - Knowledge of sculpting & fabricating in many mediums, including but not limited to:
                Foam, latex, silicone, blue foam, paperclay, plasteline clay, wood filler, aluminum
                wire, cloth & fur, sculpey, & etc.

------Software Skills:
         -Familiar with the following programs:
                 After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Storyboard Pro, Microsoft
                 Office, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, Flash, Protools , Magpie Pro

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