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					                    OLDS COOL                                                                SMASHED
  adj. anything from an earlier era that is looked upon with high             adj. to be pummeled or mashed. n. a striking success.
   regard or respect. It’s not your father’s Tom Collins...or is it?          Enjoy your cocktails with ingredients fresh, smashed,
               Keep it real with our classic cocktails.                                    and successfully intoxicating.

                       Modern Sidecar                                                       Olivera Street Punch
               Hennessy V.S., Grand Marnier,                                         Corzo, Jalapeno Simple Syrup, Lime,
       Fresh Squeezed Lemon, Regan’s Orange Bitters,                                  Muddled Strawberry, and Basil. 14
                   Lemon Sugar Rim. 14

                                                                                        Mediterranean Caipirinha
                        New Fashioned                                                Cabana Cachaca, Fresh Strawberries,
    Maker’s Mark, Bitters, Noilly Prat Amber Vermouth,                                   Fresh Lime, and Grapes. 14
     Muddled Orange, and House Infused Cherries. 14

                      Gimlet Two Ways                                                             LA Thymes
                                                                                  Grey Goose L’Orange Vodka, Aperol,
                 Hendrick’s Gin, Lime Juice,                               Orange Juice, Muddled Thyme, and Blood Orange. 14
             and Gin Infused Cucumber Slices. 14

                                                                                              Cucumber Cooler
                        Reverse Billini                                               Skyy Vodka, Lime, Simple Syrup,
     Sparkling Wine, Peach Schnapps, and Peach Foam. 12                               Muddled Cucumber, and Mint. 12

                          Hemingway                                                         Avenue of the Stars
        Bacardi Superior, Luxardo Maraschino, Sugar,                                  Maker’s Mark, Lemon, Cointreau,
              Fresh Lime, and Grapefruit. 14                                         Muddled Raspberry, and Thyme. 14

    Skyy, Lime Juice, Angostura Bitters, and Ginger Beer. 12

v. to disturb with rapid, rythmic motion adj. consumed with emotion
                                                                       v. to move a liquid repeatedly. n. an occasion of general excitement.
            What came first, the motion or the emotion?                     Stir up a little trouble with a cool, mixed cocktail certain to
             It all depends on how your night shakes out.                                       create a Hollywood buzz.

                           Daily Dose                                                             Chai n’ Rye
  Grey Goose L’Orange Vodka, Fresh Muddled Raspberry,                               R(i) Whiskey, House Chai Vermouth,
     Black Raspberry Liqueur, Fresh Squeezed Orange,                                      and Orange Bitters. 14
              Cranberry, and Lime Juice. 14
                                                                                                 Honey Moon
                           One A Day                                           Bacardi Superior, Pear Williams Pear Brandy,
      Square One Cucumber Vodka, Fresh Apple Juice,                               Homemade Ginger Syrup, Lemon Juice,
         Agave Nectar, and Fresh Lemon Juice. 14                              Agave Nectar, and Lemon Garnish with Mint. 14

                        Cigar Cocktail                                                             John Daly
     Hennessy VSOP Cognac, Canton Ginger Liqueur,                                      Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka, and
 Regan’s Bitters, Shandy, Micro-Planed Nutmeg Garnish. 14                               Fresh Squeezed Lemonade. 14

                      Mulholland Drive                                                            Last Word
         Vanilla Bean Infused Cazadores Resposado,                                No. 209 Gin, Lillet, Blood Orange Bitters,
              Ginger Syrup, Lime, and Soda. 12                                     Garnished With an Orange Peel. 12
                        WINE                                                WINE
Champagne                                            Light to Medium Bodied Reds
Veuve Clicquot Brut “Yellow Label” 30          110   Pinot Noir                               9   31
                                                      Patch Block, France 2008
Veuve Clicquot “Rosé”                          140
Moët et Chandon “Brut Imperial”    18           80   Pinot Noir                              15   40
                                                      Hahn, Santa Lucia Highlands 2005
Moët et Chandon “Dom Pérignon” ‘96             300   Pinot Noir                                   45
Moët et Chandon “Dom Pérignon” Rosé ‘97        700    Domaine Chandon, Napa Valley 2006

Perrier-Jouët “Fleur” Rosé ’02                 390   Pinot Noir                              25   78
                                                      Hitching Post, Santa Rita Hills 2006
Cristal Grand Cuvee ‘02                        400   Pinot Noir                                   90
Cristal Rosé                                   900    Foley, Santa Rita Hills 2007
                                                     Pinot Noir                                   90
                                                      Talbott, Monterey 2007
Light Bodied Whites
Pinot Grigio                               8   31    Medium to Full Bodied Reds
  Anterra, Italy 2008
                                                     Merlot                                   9   31
Riesling                                  9    32     Chateau St Jean, Napa Valley 2006
  Chateau St. Michelle, Washington 2008
                                                     Syrah                                    9   18
Sauvignon Blanc                            9   32     Qupe, Central Coast 2007 ;1/2 Bottle
  Brancott, New Zealand 2009                         Merlot                                  13   39
                                                      Pine Ridge, Napa Valley 2006
Sauvignon Blanc                           13   39
  Pushback, Napa Valley 2009                         Zin Blend                                    65
                                                      Duckhorn Decoy, Napa Valley
                                                     Merlot                                       75
Medium to Full Bodied Whites                          Peju, Napa Valley 2005
                                                     Merlot                                       110
Chardonnay                                 8   31     Nickel & Nickel, Napa Valley 2007
  Hawk Crest, California 2008
                                                     Merlot                                       120
Chardonnay                                     45     Duckhorn, Napa Valley 2007
  Logan, Monterey 2007                               Merlot                                       150
                                                      Pahlmeyer, Napa Valley 2006
Chardonnay                                14   50
  Stuhlmuller, Sonoma 2008

White Claret
  Conundrum, California 2008
                                               60    Full Bodied Reds
Chardonnay                                     65    Cabernet                                 8   31
                                                      Lockwood, Napa Valley 2008
  Foley, Santa Rita Hills 2007
                                                     Cabernet                                18   45
Chardonnay                                30   90     Roth, Alexander Valley 2007
  Cakebread, Napa Valley 2008
                                                     Meritage                                     95
Chardonnay                                     120    Gaja, “Ca’Marcanda Promis”, Langhe
  Kistler, Sonoma County 2007
                                                     Cabernet                                     120
                                                      Joseph Phelps, Napa Valley 2005
                                                     Meritage                                     150
                                                      Justin, Paso Robles 2006
                                                     Cabernet                                     300
                                                      Chateau Montelena, Napa Valley 2005
                                                     Meritage                                     350
                                                      Opus One, Napa Valley 2006
          TABLESIDE                              FROM THE
        BOTTLE SERVICE                            KITCHEN
Vodka                                           Marinated Olives 6
Stoli                       225
Skyy                        225          La Petite Niçoise Grilled Tuna
Kettle One                  275       Arugula, Roasted Peppers, Confit Garlic 14
Grey Goose                  300
                                    Jamón Serrano, Drunken Goat Cheese
                                                   Pan Tomaquet 11

Rum                                                  Albondigas
Bacardi                     200
                                           Spanish Meatballs, Picholine Olive,
Captain Morgan              200
                                                 Manchego Cheese 9
10 Cane                     250

Gin                                          Monte Cristo Sandwich
Plymouth                    200      Ham & Gruyere, Confit Tomato, Cornichon 10
Tanqueray                   250
Bombay Sapphire             250            Shrimp & Chorizo Pintxos
Hendrick’s                  250             Charred Tomato Gazpacho 11

Scotch                                      Delphine Cheeseburger
Glenlivet 18                200             Dressed & Ready with Fries 13
Chivas Regal                250
Glenmorangie                250
Macallan 12                 300              Sliced Steak Sandwich
                                            Onions & Gruyere with Fries 15
Johnnie Walker Blue Label   600

Whiskey/Bourbon                                  Lollipop Chicken
Maker’s Mark                250                   Spicy Hot Sauce 8
Woodford Reserve            250
Knob Creek                  250                 Arancini Arrabiata
Crown Royal                 250       Crispy Risotto Balls, Wild Mushroom, Sage 7

Tequila                                          Crab Spring Rolls
Don Julio Blanco            250                      Basil Aioli 12
Cazadores Anejo             250
Patron Silver               300
Jose Cuervo, “La Familia”   400                     Fritto Misto
                                   Shrimp, Clams, Squid, Mussels, Marinara Sauce 12
Don Julio 1942              400
Patron Gran Platinum        600
                                          Onion Rings/ French Fries 6
Hennessy Richard
Remy Martin Louis XIII
                                              Quatre Fromage Pizza
                                                   Tomato, Basil 13

                                                    Reine Pizza
                                             Ham, Gruyere, Mushrooms 14

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