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									Prevention of Land Pollution

Our Property Portfolio
Our contaminated land policy is implemented throughout our businesses and
we are continuing to investigate our property portfolio to determine the levels
of existing pollution.

We currently own only 2 properties, namely;
 An approximately 50-acre site in Broxburn, Scotland.
 An office facility in Gorseinon, Wales.

A full and detailed assessment of the facility in Broxburn confirmed that the
site is contaminated to varying degrees. The findings of the assessment are
being reviewed by our Facilities Management staff to identify the most
appropriate actions.

An initial survey of our office facility in Gorseinon indicates that there is little
potential of the site being contaminated, however, a full historical survey has
yet to be undertaken.

We permanently occupy a further 15 sites which will be reviewed during 2003
to establish whether they are contaminated. In addition, due to the acquisition
of GTRM we gained approximately 150 occupied properties. We are currently
seeking to establish the condition of the permanently occupied sites. Once
the baseline has been established we shall seek to discuss possible
improvements with the owner.

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