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July 2007


									                                                          Franklin Lions Club
    July 25, 2007
Volume 8, Issue 1

                                                                A Lions Tale
   District Officers
      2007 - 2008
                                                 King Lions Message
   District Governor
Anthony ‘Tony’ Minucci       I am looking forward to       added six (6) new mem-       coming year.
  Ashland Lions Club         another exciting year for     bers, but with normal        We have our challenges
                             the Franklin Lions Club.      changes we are losing        and our struggles for cer-
 Vice District Governor
 Richard ‘Dick’ Bonetti     I forsee this year as a re-    members still! I would       tain but I do believe that
    Stow Lions Club         building/renewing year         like for us to finish the    since we all have the same
                            where we take a look at        2007-2008 Lions year         final goal, serving the
Cabinet Secretary Treasurer all of the projects we are     with a total of 25 mem-      Town of Franklin & Li-
      Joyce Hogan           currently involved in and      bers in our Club.            ons that we can overcome
    Quincy Lions Club
                            finding ways to (a) make       Can you imagine how          all of these challenges!
   Region Chairman          them better or (b) change      much more we could ac-       Let’s get ready for a great
    Lion Paul Calnan        them so they’re more in        complish if we were able     year for the Franklin Li-
   Norfolk Lions Club       line with our own expec-       to do this??                 ons Club.
                            tations.                       I feel this goal is well
   Zone Chairperson         I would also love to see       within our reach if we
    Lion Pat Kalicki                                                                    Thank you again for al-
                            us add on some new pro-        work together. That
   Medway Lions Club                                                                    lowing me to serve as
                            jects, mainly service type     means that each of us
                            projects.                      should take the initiative   Club President for 07-08.

                             I have set an aggressive      to invite a new person to
                             membership goal for this      a Club meeting at least      Doreen
                             year. 2 years ago we          one time through this up-
 Learn more about:
• International
                                    2007 - 2008 Peace Poster Contest
• Calendar of Events

• Campaign Sight First                       "Peace Around                ganized, sponsored youth groups.
                                             the World" is the            Students, ages 11, 12 or 13 on No-
• Dues Bills                                 theme of the 2007-           vember 15, 2007, are eligible to
                                             08 Peace Poster              participate. Through the contest,
                                             Contest. Lions               students are encouraged to visually
                                             clubs can sponsor            depict their interpretation of the
                             the program in their community               contest's theme.
                             for children in local schools or or-
Page 2                    A Lions Tale                                         Volume 8, Issue 1

     Business Leader From Sri Lanka elected President of Lions Clubs International

                                     Mahendra Amarasuriya of Colombo, Sri Lanka, was
                                     elected president of The International Association of Lions
                                     Clubs at the association’s 90th International Convention,
                                     held July 2-6, 2007, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He is a
                                     business leader with 40 years of experience in management
                                     as chairperson and a director of many prestigious compa-
                                     nies and organizations in Sri Lanka.

                                     President Amarasuriya will lead the world’s largest interna-
                                     tional service club organization, which has 1.3 million
                                     members in 45,000 clubs in 200 countries and geographic
                                     areas around the world. He will also help set the direction
                                     for Lions Clubs International Foundation and the founda-
                                     tion’s SightFirst Program, a US$202 million effort to rid
                                     the world of preventable and reversible blindness.

President Amarasuriya has been active in numerous professional and community organiza-
tions. He has served as chairperson of the Commercial Bank of Ceylon Limited and three other
blue chip companies, as well as a board member of many other companies in Sri Lanka. He is
also a past chairperson of the International Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka, Employers’
Federation of Ceylon, the Employees’ Trust Fund Board, the Institute of Management of Sri
Lanka and the National Agribusiness Council of Sri Lanka.

A member of the Lions Club of Galle since
1967, President Amarasuriya has held many po-
sitions in Lions Clubs International at the local,
district and international levels. Additionally he
has received numerous awards from Lions
Clubs International, including the Ambassador
of Good Will Award, the highest honor be-
stowed upon association members.

President Amarasuriya holds a bachelor of sci-
ence degree from the University of Ceylon. He
has also participated in the Top Management
Course at the International Institute of Manage-
ment in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Page 3                             A Lions Tale                                                             Volume 8, Issue 1

                                     MASSACHUSETTS LIONS
                                       EYE RESEARCH FUND, INC.

Dear Lions & Lioness:

You are cordially invited to attend the 55th Annual Awards and Installation of Officers Night of Massachusetts Lions Eye Research
Fund, Inc. The “Eyeball” will be held on Saturday, August 26, 2007 at the Clarion Hotel (formerly Sovereign Best Western) on
Riverdale Street in West Springfield, MA.

An attitude adjustment hour will begin at 6pm and dinner at 7pm.

Meal Choices which include salad, potato, dessert and coffee or tea are:
                Prime Rib $33.00 per person
                Chicken Francais $30.00 per person
                Vegetarian $27.00 per person

All Clubs making a donation of $5,000.00 or more during 2006-2007 will be honored and provided two (2) complimentary meals.
Clubs reaching lifetime donations of $200,000.00 will also be honored and provided two (2) complimentary meals. No matter what
your contribution, we hope you will be in attendance to support the new officers and directors and to honor the clubs who make our
grants possible. All seating will be assigned.

If you wish to stay overnight, accommodations are available through the Clarion Hotel by calling 413-781-8750 at our special rate of

Please complete the reservation form and return with your check payable to Massachusetts Lion Eye Research Fund, Inc. no later than August

                 Mail to: PCC Arthur Thomas PO Box 361 Hampden MA 01036-0361
  Name:                                                             Title in Club/District

  Name:                                                             Title in Club/District

  Address:                                                          Club and District:

  Meal Choice(s)
                                                                    Beef _______ at $33.00

  Chicken ___________ at $30.00                                     Vegetarian _____ at $27.00

  Total Enclosed: $___________                                      Payable to MLERF Inc.

                      Secretary                              President                         Treasurer
                   Dr. James R. Roth, PDG                  Paul E. Snow, PCC                  William Murphy
                      43 Stewart Terrace               29 Grove Avenue, P.O. Box77              PO Box 6050
                  Belmont, MA 02478                    Lanesboro, MA 02137              New Bedford, MA 02742
                        617-484-2261                          413-443-6847                     508-997-9411
A Lions Tale                                         Volume 8, Issue 1                    Page 4

                         Campaign Sight First II

Campaign SightFirst II is a coordinated, global fund-raising effort involving all 1.35 million
Lions in more than 45,000 clubs to raise US$150 million for the SightFirst program. It is con-
ducted by Lions Clubs International Foundation, the grant-making arm of the International
Association of Lions Clubs.

In a comprehensive, worldwide feasibility study in 2004 an overwhelming number of Lions
said that they wanted SightFirst to continue and would participate in a fund raising effort to
make that a reality. Eighty-four percent of Lions questioned responded positively to the pro-
posed campaign.

CSFII was endorsed by the Board of Directors in July 2004 and was launched at the 2005 In-
ternational Convention in Hong Kong. The campaign will be conducted on a three-year time-
table with intensive fund raising at the local level scheduled for 2006-2008.

Because SightFirst is an extraordinary initiative of all Lions and because other important Li-
ons programs must continue, CSFII seeks funds over and above the existing support for LCIF
and local Lions projects.

                                   DUES BILLS
Dues bills are included with this issue of the newsletter. All Bill payments should be mailed to
Treasurer Charlie Oteri at PO Box 111. As in the past, you are welcome to pay 1/2 and 1/2.
There was some confusion last year because we didn’t send out the 2nd half notices. We will
make sure that we put the 2nd half in the mail this time!!

                             AUGUST MEETING
You will notice from the Calendar that currently we are planning on an August
meeting. This meeting will be VERY important as we will be discussing 4th of
July 2007, new fundraisers and projects for 07-08—it is critical that you do your
best to attend so that we have everyones feedback!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!
                        August 2007
Sun        Mon         Tue        Wed        Thu        Fri        Sat
                                                               1          2
       3          4           5          6          7          8          9
      10         11   12 Club           13         14         15         16
                      6:30 pm
      17         18          19         20         21         22         23
      24         25          26         27         28         29         30
 Franklin Lions Club

PO Box 111
Franklin MA 02038

F R A N K L I N L I O N S M A . O RG

                                The Lighter Side
                                         Hey big spender, $210,000 drinks bill
                                LONDON (Reuters) - A Middle Eastern businessman spent
                                over $210,000 in a five-hour, champagne- and vodka-fuelled
                                spending spree in a London nightclub at the weekend.

                                Fraser Donaldson, a representative of Crystal, a club favored
                                by Prince Harry, said in 20 years working in the industry it
                                was the biggest bill he'd seen from one customer.

                                 The unnamed big spender entered Crystal at midnight on Sat-
                                 urday with friends -- nine women and eight men -- and or-
                                 dered a $50 bottle of white wine, a spokesman for the club
 But before long he was ordering magnums of Dom Perignon at $1,400 each and then called
 for a Methuselah -- eight bottles in one -- of Cristal Champagne at $60,000 and the party

 The festivities ended with a "night cap" consisting of a Methuselah of Belvedere vodka,
 which cost $2,800. "He basically just said, 'keep the drinks flowing,'" the club spokesman

 When the party left at 5 a.m., the bill was 81,471.50 pounds, which with tax and service
 added amounted to 105,805.28 pounds -- $218,000. It included the cost of six Coca-Colas.

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