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Glenn- Thank you_ progressives


									Glenn Beck - Current Events & Politics - Glenn: Thank you, progressives                                                  3/23/10 3:19 PM

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           Glenn: Thank you, progressives
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           March 22, 2010 - 14:01 ET

           GLENN: This is, you know, this is an amazing day in American
           history and I will tell you that ‑‑ I'll be real honest with you. I
           went through the same thing you are probably feeling today
           and that is, you've got to be kidding me. You probably are
           feeling a little bit like I did over the weekend because I knew
           this was ‑‑ I knew this was coming over the, you know, oh,
           last few days, and I think most Americans did that they were
           not going to ‑‑ but we held out hope ‑‑ they were not going to
           stop. This proves everything that we said on this program to
           be right and accurate. I said after Scott Brown, they will
           triangulate if they're politicians. If they are radical
           revolutionaries, they will press forward and they will step on
           the gas. And Saul Alinsky tells them do everything you must
           do to win. The ends justify the means. I told you that, that if Glenn Beck's American Revival
           they are politicians, they will slow down. If they are              Glenn Beck's American Revival is a daylong
           revolutionaries, they will speed up. And that's exactly what        event where you can find information,
           they've done. Led by Barack Obama and Nancy                         inspiration, and the preparation to help turn
           Pelosi. Rahm Emanuel wanted to slow down. The radical               this country around...
           revolutionaries said "Go." Well, I have news for them. Thank - Tickets now available!
           you. Thank you for proving me right. Thank you for proving
           me right in a way that Americans now from coast to coast understand because they've seen it.

           They call this a historic moment, and it is. Because never in my life did I dream that this would happen in
           our country, that no matter what it took, bribery, corruption, collusion, threats, arm‑twisting, no matter what
           it took, they'd ram it through. This is historic. What happened last night will be remembered as a black spot
           on this nation's history for all time. It is a turning point. It will ‑‑ it does not ‑‑ you tell me how it fits next to
           the moon landing. You tell me how this fits anywhere near the people who would not get up from the
           counter. You tell me. You tell me how this is civil rights. You tell me how this has honor or integrity. It
           doesn't. The fruit of this tree is extraordinarily evil. The fruit of this tree is corrupt and poison. This has
           nothing to do with our founders. Nancy Pelosi couldn't even get it right last night. She's like, "And this and
           the declaration of... it's... pursuit of happiness and now we can all be... healthier when we're pursuing our
           happiness." Shut up, you! But I want to thank them, I want to thank them from the core of my being
           because I will tell you I have heard from some powerful, powerful Democrats who have said, I can't, I ‑‑ I
           mean, what happened? I will tell you what happened. Exactly what I told you would happen when you put
           Michael Moore and his cottage cheese ass right next to Jimmy Carter. You think, I said, you think you are
           using these radical socialist, communist progressives, but they are using you, and they will eat you. You
           think he got that big by eating Cheetos? He's eating the party. The Democratic Party is dead. As my
           grandparents and as you knew it and as many Democrats knew, it is dead. There is no place in the
           Democratic Party. You want to talk about a big tent: Unless you went along with Nancy Pelosi, you are out
           and you will be destroyed. That was the message. There is no ‑‑ there's not even a, there's not one chair in
           the tent. The Democratic Party is the progressive Socialist Party, period. If you are a Democrat, you better
           get while you can. Or you will be remembered. You will be remembered as an enemy of the republic. The
           progressives are an enemy to the Constitution. Look it up. No matter what they tell you now, just like
           Barack Obama said, "Oh, I've been clear in the past. I'm not for universal healthcare." Yes, he is. Yes, he                                                                  Page 1 of 2
Glenn Beck - Current Events & Politics - Glenn: Thank you, progressives                                           3/23/10 3:19 PM

           Barack Obama said, "Oh, I've been clear in the past. I'm not for universal healthcare." Yes, he is. Yes, he
           is. And in five years you will see. Because that's all we'll have.

           I've got an amazing quote from Al Sharpton to play for you about socialism. I have to thank the
           progressives for being true to who they are. And now it is time for Americans to be true to who they
           are. And it's happening. May I just give just the opening, healthcare reform and the radicalization of Betsy
           and Robbie. Tonight the House of Representatives passed historic legislation with President Obama's
           healthcare package and some pundits are saying the battle for healthcare is over. But far from being over,
           writes the Huffington Post. I'm afraid a deeply partisan battle, dare I say a war, is only beginning because of
           the manner in which this victory was won. I say this because two friends of mine, Betsy and Robbie,
           formerly apolitical friends who have been radicalized by the experience of the last 15 months and if they are
           any indication of the mood of the country I believe they are, the Democratic Party is in for a political wake‑up
           call of historic proportions in November.

           No, I got news for ya, and I want to thank the progressives. Thank you, Jesus, for this miracle. Because this
           is not a message that is just going to go to the Democratic Party. Oh, no, my friends. This is going to be a
           message that is going to go to the progressives of any party. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, get the hell out
           of the way. Get your hands off of the Constitution, my friend, because we're coming. We're coming and we
           are coming ‑‑ see, you know what? The people who have won, the people who have all of this, they are the
           people that have been looking for the handouts. They are the people who are saying, "Oh, I can't do it on
           my own." Look out, brother, because America's about to roll up her sleeves. We're rolling up our
           sleeves. The people who actually work our ass off for a living, we got nothing else better to do now than
           save our country. Oh, sure, we have our families, we have our jobs, we have our business. But you know
           what? There seems to be an enemy of our family, our jobs, our schools, our business, our healthcare, our
           country. So you know what? We're going to put everything else on hold and we're going to do some
           old‑fashioned ass‑kicking come November. So bring it on, progressives. Bring it on! Because you've just
           woken a sleeping giant. And while all of your buddies, all of your army is standing in line going, "I'd like
           more, please, please help me out, please, I'd like more, I don't have enough, I can't do it on our own," oh,
           we can. We can do it as individuals, we can do it as a group. We believe in the power of the individual. We
           believe in the power of entrepreneurial spirit. We believe in the power of our own mind! We believe we can
           kick your ass down the street! You need somebody else. We don't. Your bucket's about to have a hole in it
           and you ain't gonna buy no beer. 'Cause we ain't gonna pay for it very, very soon.                                                           Page 2 of 2

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