Daily Programme Tuesday by lifemate


									Tuesday 29th December
Venue, Amphi
2 PM ,       Make a Lantern with The Fire Event team

6:30 PM      ,      Deep Blue Orchestra

8:15 PM      ,      The Middle East

9:15 PM      ,      Squeebz

9:45 PM      ,      Clare Bowditch

10:45 PM     ,      The Space Cowboy

11:15 PM     ,      BONJAH

Venue, Arti.Arti
9AM   ,      Artistry of Conversation      with   Jenny Hill and Juliette Kalifa

2PM ,        Words for One        with     Matt Hetherington, Christine Strelan and

2:30PM       ,      RIP A Remix Manifesto

3:30PM       ,      RIP REMIX Manifesto: Piracy or Pied Piper?        with Ian
James, Professor Brian Fitzgerald, Simone Gabriel, Elliott Bledsoe and Danni

6:30PM       ,      Burlesque Life Drawing        with   Dr Sketchy

8:30PM       ,      Sketch The Rhyme

9:30PM       ,      Dystopia: The Filmfest        with   Danni Zuvela

Venue, Bazaar
9:30AM       ,                    LENTIC, the new project by Ember Swift

10:45AM      ,                    MONTGOMERY, BARKER & BURKE

12 Noon      ,                    Kavisha Mazzella

1:15PM       ,                    Jigger

2:30PM       ,                    Ark Room
3:30PM       ,     The Comedy Debate with S Sorrensen, Harley Breen, Jenny
Wynter, Gary Bradbury, Fiona McGary, Mark Mywords, Shelly Plunkett and Alan

5PM   ,                     Grace Barbe

6:15PM       ,                     The BordererS

7:30PM       ,                     angie hart

8:45PM       ,                     The Sins

10PM ,                      Band of Frequencies

11:15PM      ,                     Hungry Kids of Hungary

12:30AM      ,                     Juke Baritone & The Swamp Dogs

01:45AM      ,                     The Upsteppers

Venue, Blue Lotus
8AM   ,      Healthy Connections: Opening to Self

9:30AM       ,       Fretfest

1PM ,        Didgeridoo and Hereditary Cultural Medicine           with   Jeremy

2:30PM       ,       AH1N1 Vaccination. History, Facts, Future with Meryl Dorey

4PM   ,      Hormonal Therapies with        Doctor Fatiha Arhbal

5PM ,         Woodforum Food is Medicine         with Doctor Carole Hungerford,
James Cutcliffe, Doctor Fatiha Arhbal, Kathryn Alexander, Mukti and Catherine

6:30PM       ,       Harvie Krumpet

7:10PM       ,     Film: Our Generation with Michael Williams, Damien Curtis,
Sinem Saban and Professor Andrew Wilford

9:05PM       ,       Sita Sings the Blues

10:40PM      ,       Great Band Competition       with   Ian Dearden

Venue, Blues/Roots
9AM   ,      Boost Your Brain and Get Ahead       with   Doctor Helena Popovic

11AM ,       Go Ahead, Laugh! with          Anthony Ackroyd
12 Noon    ,      The Death of Desire- In Search of Lost Libido           with
      Graeme Sait

1:15PM        ,     Blues Bar Session       with     Blue Skillet Rovers Jug Band

2:15PM        ,     Lap Slide Guitar        with     Andrew Winton

3:45PM        ,                      Daniel Champagne

4:30PM        ,                      Kim Churchill

5:15PM        ,                      Phil Manning

6:45PM        ,                      Fiona Boyes

8:30PM        ,                      Blind Dog Donnie

10:15PM       ,                      Doc Span Band featuring Jane Michele

Venue, Chai
9AM   ,       Music for the Spirit Chalkboard

12 Noon       ,     Women Out Front

2:30PM        ,                      Chloe Hall Trio

4PM   ,                    Crosspulse Duo featuring Keith Terry and Evie Ladin

5:20PM        ,                      Amazing Drumming Monkeys

7PM   ,       World Music Chalkboard hosted by Mark O'Bryen

11PM ,                     The Rooftops

12:30PM       ,                      Red Bantoo

Venue, Circadia
9:30AM        ,     Family Fun       with   Janet Skinner and Let's Circus!

11AM ,        Spin It with Mechanikka

1PM   ,       Contact and Clowning          with     Jea9, Joseph May and Mechanikka

2PM ,       Keep it Up     with      Dream State Circus, Rob FireNix , Circa and
Mark Douglass

4:30PM        ,     Daily Specials

5:30PM        ,     Get Your Act Together            with Let's Circus!, Rob FireNix and
7PM ,      Light Fantastic        with    Everyone is Happy Productions and UV

8PM   ,      Cir-Cabaret with Steve Cousins - The Balloonatic and Let's...Circus!

9PM   ,      Fire Cabaret and Playspace with     Mechanikka

Venue, Duck Bar
12:30PM      ,      Joke and Choke        with   Glover & Sorrensen

4:15PM        ,     Red Riding Hood Rehearsal 1         with   Gregory North,
Milton Taylor and Ian Mackay

4:30PM      ,     Poets in the Pub        with   Glenny Palmer, John Major, Gary
Lowe and Harry Donnelly

Venue, Duck and Shovel
8AM   ,      Poet’s Breakfast     with    Mark Both

10AM ,       Chalkboard Morning Duck

11AM ,       Duck and Shovel Folkclub

2PM   ,                    Phil Manning

3PM   ,                    Nano Stern

4PM   ,                    Pigeonwing Strings

5PM   ,                    Keith Urquhart

5PM   ,      Duck and Shovel Folkclub

7PM   ,                    Tulca mor

8PM   ,                    Bernard Carney and David Hyams

9PM   ,                    The Perch Creek Family Jugband

10PM ,                     Fred Smith Band

Venue, First Nations
8:30AM       ,      Origin8 Showcase      with   Marcus Corowa

9:45AM       ,      Origin8 Showcase      with   Sondra Paulson

10AM ,      Sharing Culture Gallery: Artefacts from the Torres Strait at the Youpla
Come Look Gallery

10:15AM      ,      Weaving from Torres Straits         with   Aunty Bakoi Boulton
10:30AM     ,      Indigenous Culture Sustainability and Philanthropy          with
      Henrietta Marrie

11:45AM      ,                      Indigenous Intrudaz

1PM   ,                    Dave Dow and the Orbits

2:15PM       ,                      The Rhythm Hunters

3:30PM       ,                      the medics

4PM ,        Yolngu Bark Painting Demonstrations          with   Djawundil Maymuru
and Gadj (Gatjilayngu) Maymuru

4PM   ,      Yolngu Weaving Workshop with          Rosealee Pearson

4:45PM       ,                      Microwave Jenny

5:30PM       ,                      Doonooch Dancers

6PM   ,                    Miwatj

6:30PM        ,     Yidaki (didj) Master-Class with       Jonathon Munyarryun and
Gadj (Gatjilayngu) Maymuru

7:30PM       ,                      Freshwater

8:30PM       ,                      Leah Flanagan Band

9:50PM       ,                      Iwantja Band

10:55PM      ,                      Street Warriors

12:25PM      ,                      Chocolate Strings

Venue, Folklorica
8AM ,        Sound Meditations with        Michael Askill, Tenzin Choegyal, James
Coates and Stuart Ransom

9:30AM       ,      Classical Incarnations         with Andrew Veivers

10:10AM      ,      Classical Incarnations         with   Khalil Gudaz

11AM ,       Singing Sacred Texts          with    Kim Cunio and Heather Lee

11:40AM      ,      Singing Sacred Texts           with   Imam Muhammad Aslam

12:20PM      ,      Singing Sacred Texts           with   Tashi Lhunpo Tibetan

2PM   ,      DIVAs of the World with       Samia Mazhar
2:35PM        ,      DIVAs of the World with      Rossinyoleta

3:10PM        ,      DIVAs of the World with      Kim Cunio and Heather Lee

4:15PM        ,      Sufi Ghazals and Nasheeds with      Asim Gorashi

4:40PM        ,      Sufi Ghazals and Nasheeds with      Imam Muhammad Aslam

5:20PM        ,      Sufi Ghazals and Nasheeds with      Dastan

6PM    ,      Sufi Ghazals and Nasheeds with      Khalil Gudaz

7:15PM       ,       Transylvanian Blues and Gypsy Joy            with   The

7:50PM        ,      Transylvanian Blues and Gypsy Joy            with   Doyna

8:20PM        ,      Transylvanian Blues and Gypsy Joy            with   Lolo Lovina

Venue, General Store
6AM    ,      Early Morning Bird Walk      with   Roy Sonnenburg

8AM    ,      Butterfly Wander    with     Helen Schwencke & Frank Jordan

4PM    ,      Butterfly Wander    with     Helen Schwencke & Frank Jordan

Venue, GreenHouse
8:30AM        ,      Your Permaculture Patch      with   Northey Street City Farm

12 Noon       ,      Spirituality- The Quadruple Bottom Line with        Professor
Sohail Inayatullah

1PM    ,      Overloading Australia        with   Mark O'Connor

2PM ,         Production, Consumption and Climate Change          with   Doctor Hans

3PM ,          Can Humankind Make the Change? with Clive Hamilton, Doctor
Patricia Kelly, Professor Ian Lowe and Professor Sohail Inayatullah

4:30PM        ,      Cuba - Back to the Future    with   Doctor David Wyatt

7:30PM        ,      Game On      with     John Thompson

9PM    ,      ONE WORD – WE, The Songs and Story of Pete Seeger and Friends

7:30PM        ,     Game On     with Martin Pearson, Sandy McCutcheon,
Fiona Scott Norman and John Schumann and the Vagabond Crew

Venue, Hilltop
7:30PM        ,      The Extinction Room
Venue, Palace
10AM ,             Emergence II - Resolution. A Wilde Applause Production

1:45PM       ,      Woodfords Circus Cabaret with TimTim, Short-Cirque-It,
Meiwah Williams, Tayo Wilson, Wilde Applause Creative Productions -Cabaret
Performers & Aerialists and Feet2feet

3:30PM       ,                   STALKER Theatre presents StiltBreak

5:15PM       ,                   Flipside Circus

7:15PM       ,                   Miguel, Lady Torpedo & The Big Swing Brothers

9:15PM       ,                   Circus vs. Sideshow

11PM ,                     Ganga Giri

Venue, The Chameleon
6:30AM       ,     Morning Yoga with Being Yoga

8:30AM       ,     Tai Chi for Beginners with, Ahtee Chia

10AM ,       Flamenco Dance Workshop with         The Saruzu Quartet

11:30AM      ,     Macedonian Line Dance Workshop with           Yorgo Kaporis

1:30PM       ,     Japanese Butoh Workshop with          Joan Laage (Kogut)

3PM   ,      English Morris Ritual Dance with Belswagger Morris

5PM   ,      Latin Salsa Dance Workshop           with   Ritmo Caliente

7PM ,        Macedonian Wedding Dance Party with         Yorgo Kaporis, The
Transbalkan Express

8:30PM       ,     Singing Conspiracy with        Mr Percival

9PM   ,      Woodford Comedy Club       with      Harley Breen

9:20PM       ,     Woodford Comedy Club           with   Akmal

11:30PM      ,                   Laneous & The Family Yah

01PM ,                     AFRO DIZZI ACT featuring Jali Buba Kuyateh

Venue, The Concert Stage
9:45AM      ,     Climate Change: Science and Politics     with Professor Ian
Lowe, Sandy McCutcheon, Senator Christine Milne and Clive Hamilton

11:30AM      ,                   Shellie Morris

12:40PM      ,                   Mr Percival
2PM   ,                    Rich'n'Famous

3:20PM       ,                      Graeme Connors

4:40PM       ,                      The Audreys

6PM   ,                    Busby Marou

7:20PM       ,                      the medics

8:40PM       ,                      CLAYMORE

10PM ,                     Miguel

Venue, The Grande
9AM   ,      Fire Event Choir Rehearsal

10:40AM      ,                      Tripod

12 Noon      ,      Political Bigotries and Statesmanship          with   Bob Hawke

1:20PM       ,                      Ryan Meeking and The Few

2:40PM       ,                      John Butler Trio

4PM   ,                    James Blundell

5:20PM       ,                      Kaki King

6:40PM       ,                      Jim Conway's Big Wheel

8PM   ,                    Vince Jones

9:20PM       ,                      Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro

10:40PM      ,                      Dallas Frasca
12 Midnight ,                       Extended Family

Venue, The Ivory Wood Bar
3:30PM       ,      Bulldust and Banter with        David Hallett and John Best

Venue, The Mill
9AM ,        Songwriting with Afro Dizzi Act and Jali Buba Kuyateh ,              AFRO
DIZZI ACT featuring Jali Buba Kuyateh

10:30AM      ,      Standup Comedy Workshop with Alan Glover

12 Noon      ,      Yous Wot Sing            with   Men Wot Sing

1PM   ,      Poet’s Workshop        with     Milton Taylor and David Hallett
2:30PM       ,       Songwriting That Engages with      Martin Pearson

4PM   ,      Round Singing for the Soul with    Bernard Carney and David Hyams

5:15PM       ,       YOUthSpeak with     Amrita Hobbs

8:30PM        ,      The Clapping Conspiracy    with    Crosspulse Duo featuring
Keith Terry and Evie Ladin

Venue, The Muse
8AM   ,      Ensembleous Spontaneous Vocalous Workshop with          Mr Percival

9:30AM       ,       FYI with Martin Pearson

11:30AM      ,                    Squeebz

12:35PM      ,                    Nathan

1:40PM       ,                    Don McGlashan

2:45PM       ,                    Round Mountain Girls

3:50PM       ,                    Timothy Carroll

4:55PM       ,                    Matheson

6PM   ,                    Damian Howard and the Ploughboys

7:05PM       ,                    Hobson's Choice

8:10PM       ,                    TinPan Orange

9:15PM       ,                    Mama Kin

10:30PM      ,       The Festival Club   with   Glenn Wright and Joel Salom

Venue, The Parlour
9AM   ,      Ninja Theatre with   Tim Monley

10AM ,       Body Percussion Workshop with      Crosspulse Duo featuring Keith
Terry and Evie Ladin

11AM ,       Wordfood Slam Workshop with Ghostboy and Oni The Haitian

12:30PM      ,       Burlesque Workshop for Ladies      with   Lauren LaRouge

2PM   ,      Even Bigger Star Circus

3:45PM       ,       Upslide Down with Gaf4
4:15PM       ,                    Lauren LaRouge
5PM ,         Wordfood 2- Slam Heat      with   Ghostboy and Oni The Haitian

7:15PM        ,     Shim Sham Swing Shack       with The Gamble Sisters

7:45PM        ,     Mind Bending - The Evolution       with     The Space Cowboy

8:45PM        ,     Facing the Music     with   Jacob Diefenbach

9:30PM        ,     An All Male Variety Revue with     Briefs

10:30PM       ,                   The Melotonins

11PM ,        The Super Deluxe Cabaret with     Lauren LaRouge

11:15PM       ,     The Super Deluxe Cabaret with      The Birdmann

11:30PM       ,     The Super Deluxe Cabaret with      Steve Cousins - The

11:45PM       ,     The Super Deluxe Cabaret with      Lola the Vamp

12 Midnight ,       The Super Deluxe Cabaret with      The Gamble Sisters

12:15AM       ,     The Super Deluxe Cabaret with      Dave Carberry and Chelsea

Venue, Village Green
6AM   ,       Crystal Bowl Meditation    with Raelene Byrne

7AM   ,       Tai Chi with Ian Cameron

8AM   ,       Partner Yoga with   Health Holistic

9AM   ,                     Tagai Zugubau

9:30AM        ,                   Doonooch Dancers

10AM ,        Bikram Yoga

3PM   ,                     Steve Cousins - The Balloonatic

6PM ,        Morris on the Green with    Belswagger Morris, South East North
West Morris and Dark Side Morris

9PM   ,       FlameOz on the Green

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