TIPS FOR CLASSROOM INTEGRATION

NEW— Use the lesson plans at the end of each section of the CMH! (See below for a
summary of each lesson).

Tab 1:         Local Chapter Organization.
                      o A Local Chapter Organization Lesson Plan emphasizing the
                        importance of communication within a chapter has been added.
                        NBEA Standards addressed include the areas of Communications,
                        Lifelong Learning, and Critical Thinking Skills. Classroom activities
                        include: The M& M Game, a motivational activity with peanut butter
                        and jelly highlighting listening skills, and a reinforcement group sales
                        activity entitled “Selling a Zmoot” in which students create a “live”
                        commercial to sell an unusual object.

 Tab 2:        Recruiting.
                     o A Recruitment Lesson Plan has been added. NBEA standards
                         addressed come from the areas of Lifelong Learning, Problem Solving,
                         and Communications. Classroom activities include a communications
                         activity entitled “Jelly Bean Jam”, a reinforcement activity involving
                         recruitment vocabulary words and puzzle pieces, a group activity with
                         recruitment scenarios that students work through, and a reinforcement
                         activity involving the creation of a tri-fold recruitment brochure.

 Tab 3:        Fundraising.
                     o A Fundraising Lesson Plan has been addend stressing the NBEA
                         standards of Communications and Critical Thinking Skills. Integrated
                         activities include discussing the story of Mrs. Field’s cookies, a
                         “Mystery Gift” activity which emphasizes the importance of publicity
                         and marketing in fundraising, a Crayola Web site reinforcement
                         activity, a fundraising word search, and a budget assignment.

 Tab 4:        Public Relations.
                      o A Public Relations Lesson Plan has been added highlighting the
                         NBEA Communications Standard. Classroom activities include: The
                         Mystery Mingler – a motivational activity which emphasizes
                         networking and communications within a meeting, a business card
                         reinforcement activity, and a newspaper advertisement assignment
                         promoting either American Enterprise Day or FBLA-PBL Week.

 Tab 5:        Competitive Events.
                    o A lesson plan has been added that integrates the FBLA Community
                        Service Project into computer-related classes. NBEA Standards
                           addressed include: Communications, Information Technology, and
                           Critical Thinking Skills. Activities include a team building icebreaker
                           with tennis balls, and integration activities for Introductory and
                           Advanced Computer classes and Desktop Publishing or Multi-media.

Tab 6:          Chapter/Member Recognition.
                      o A Chapter/Member Recognition Lesson Plan has added which
                         emphasizes the NBEA Communications and Critical Thinking
                         Standards. Integrated activities include: a FBLA Member Scavenger
                         Hunt, a reinforcement mixing bag skit activity, the inclusion of a
                         Business Achievement Awards PowerPoint, the Internet Scavenger
                         Hunt Activity from the Business level of the Business Achievement
                         Awards, and the Educational activities from the Future level of the
                         Business Achievement Awards.

Tab 7:           National Programs.
                       o A National Programs Lesson Plan has been added. This Lesson plan
                          meets the Communications and Management NBEA Standards and
                          contains the following classroom activities: Brown Bag it “Get to
                          Know You” motivational activity, National Programs instructional
                          PowerPoint presentation and FBLA-PBL Fact sheet, and mock FBLA-
                          PBL informational commercial assignment.

Tab 8:          National Organization.
                      o A National Organization Lesson Plan has been added. This Lesson
                          plan meets the Communications and Lifelong Learning NBEA
                          Standards and contains the following integrated lessons: Colored Dots
                          motivational activity, trivia game PowerPoint game activity, FBLA-
                          PBL History presentation script/role playing activity.

Integrate the Business Achievement Awards into Your Classes!

            Four levels of leadership achievement, each consisting of the following business,
             education, and leadership elements:
                         Integrated into the FBLA goals, programs, and partnerships.
                         Aligned with NBEA Standards.
                         Aligned with Career Clusters.
                         Includes integrated classroom activities.
                         Takes into consideration the strategic needs at each level of the
                         In conjunction with and influenced by current business practices and
                             corporate needs.
                         Each level builds upon the next and includes projects and activities
                             built around the FBLA-PBL crest: Service, Education, and Progress.
Take Advantage of Educational Programs and Curriculum Offered by FBLA-PBL

                              Virtual Business Management – online business simulation – NOW
                               A PILOT COMPETITIVE EVENT!

                              School Store Manual – online manual and forms.

                              Service Learning Curriculum – curriculum on how to develop a
                               community service project.

                              BrainBench Certifications – 400 online certifications available.

                              The Stock Market Game – online stock market simulation.

                              Junior Tours – educational tours of major cities offered.

                              Online Library (www.fbla-pbl.org) – project ideas, homework help,
                               lesson plans, and much more.
Offer a Class Incentive!

      Offer extra credit class points to any student who joins FBLA-PBL. FBLA-PBL
       activities take students beyond the regular classroom and introduce them to the business
       world through activities such as business guest speakers at meetings and tours to local

Use the FBLA Recruitment Video

      Show the recruitment video on the FBLA-PBL National Web site in your business
       classes. Click on www.fbla-pbl.org; Once you get to the home page, click on
       Membership Recruitment Video. Click on the high school or the post-secondary level.
       This will take you directly to the video clip. This video explains the impact that FBLA
       can have on students and their leadership skills. You may receive disk copies by e-
       mailing membershipdir@fbla.org.

Introduce Icebreakers as Part of a Class to Hook Them!

      Have an icebreaker such as the one below in a class, and explain that in FBLA, students
       will participate in leadership icebreakers at meetings and/or at conferences.

       Silent Castle Building – Divide students into five different groups (depending on the
       class sizes) by passing out cards with five different animal stickers (you will have
       multiple copies of the same sticker) on them. Group students by the stickers. Each group
       is given some straws, paper, and tape. Without speaking, each group has 20 minutes to
       build the highest, most creative, and most beautiful castles. Award a prize to the group
       that is chosen as the winner.
Prepare Bulletin Boards Showing that FBLA fits into Business Classes

      Design a bulletin board, such as the one below, for the business rooms. By having a
       bulletin board in the business room, it shows that there is a direct tie in from FBLA-PBL
       to the business classes.

                          Fall Back on FBLA-PBL

                           to Lead You to Success
       Description of items to be added to Bulletin Board: On the first pumpkin, put the FBLA-
       PBL emblem. On the second pumpkin, put the name of the chapter. On some of the
       leaves put the following words: Fun, Travel, Scholarships, Pizza, Awards, Food, and
       Networking. Also include photos of some of the previous year’s activities and include an
       invitation to FBLA-PBL meeting with the time and location.

Use Word of Mouth by Their Peers!

      Have local chapter officers come in to the business classes to speak about the different
       things that they can do as FBLA-PBL members. These students could highlight some of
       the following educational benefits of membership:

          o National Recognition for local members and chapters with a program called the
            Business Achievement Awards (BAA) which consists of four levels of recognition.
            Students can earn recognition for work that they do in classes. Example – Earn a
            B or higher in a business class meets one of the requirements for the “Education”
            section of the Business level. The America Level is awarded at the National
            Leadership Conference.
o Over 40 competitive events to earn awards in different areas testing a wide range
  of skills and business knowledge.

o Leadership development and achievement through projects, activities, and

o Community Service experience with organizations such as the March of Dimes.

o Career exploration opportunities through local chapter projects such as business
  guest speakers, business tours, and job shadow experiences.

o An informative magazine highlighting business stories and FBLA activities and
  projects published four times a year.

o An online Web site (www.fbla-pbl.org) with message boards, interactive business
  games, business publications, and homework help section.

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