District Mission Statement: Education
Which Inspires All To Their Highest
Potential.                                                      March, 2009
MAE Mission Statement: MAE is a Place        ********************************
where Cooperative Active Learners are        There will be no 2:00 pm Early
Responsible for their Educational Success.   Release on Wednesday, March 11,
(MAE CARES)                                  2009. By lengthening Wednesday, March
*********************************            11, during FCAT, it allows for more
       FROM ADMINISTRATION                   flexibility of the
FCAT ALERT! Students in Grades               testing schedule for our 3rd-5th Grade
3-5 will be administered the FCAT            students. Schools will now have options to
beginning Tuesday, March 10. Letters         build in more opportunities for breaks
will be going home with students letting     between the different testing sessions to
parents know the daily FCAT schedule         allow students to stretch, relax, and refocus.
and reminders the night before and           All students will be dismissed from school
morning of the FCAT. If your child is        on Wednesday, March 11, as they
                                             normally would on a Monday, Tuesday,
taking FCAT, PLEASE have him/her
                                             Thursday, and Friday.
at school by the 8:30 am tardy bell. If
students are tardy, they will have to        Febrero. Historias de los
wait until “FCAT make-up days” for           Cachorros.......................
the section (s) they missed.                 No habrá salida temprana a las 2:00 p.m.
                                             el miércoles, 11 de marzo del 2009. Al
*http://fcat.fldoe.org is a great website    alargar el miércoles 11 de marzo, durante el
to learn more about FCAT. The website        FCAT, nos da la oportunidad de tener más
offers FCAT sample test materials and        flexibilidad en el itinerario del mismo, para
frequently asked questions about FCAT.       los estudiantes de 3ero-5to grado. Las
                                             escuelas tendrán ahora la opción incorporar
                                             más oportunidades para descansos entre las
*www.fcatexplorer.com is a great
                                             diferentes secciones del exámenes que
website for your 3rd-5th Grade child to      ayudaran a los estudiantes a moverse,
practice his/her reading, mathematics,       relajarse, y concentrase mejor. Todos los
and science skills before FCAT begins        estudiantes saldrán de la escuela el
on March 10.                                 miércoles, 11 de marzo, como
                                             normalmente se hace los lunes, martes,
*http://www.justreadflorida.org              jueves y viernes.
focuses on literacy skills and facilitates   ************************************
information on having your child “read       OUT-OF-ZONE INFORMATION
to learn.”                                   The window for Osceola School
************************************         District parents to complete out-of-
       FOURTH GRADE NEWS                     zone (OOZ) requests for the 2009-
On Tuesday, February 10, 4th Graders         2010 school year began on February
participated in FCAT Writes. All five        16 and will end on May 1, 2009. The
classes had PERFECT                          procedure for approving out-of-zone
ATTENDANCE and NO TARDIES!                   requests has changed. All out-of-zone
Administration treated the students          transfer requests for elementary schools
and teachers with ice cream treats!          will be handled at the district level in the
      WAY TO GO 4th GRADE!!                  following manner:
*Parents/guardians may pick up out-          Out-of-zone requests received after the
of-zone transfer forms from the home-        May 1, 2009, deadline will be
zoned school or school the child is          considered on a case-by-case basis.
currently attending. Forms may also          Questions regarding out-of-zones may
be picked up at the School District          be addressed to Shelly Emanuel in
Administrative Building located at           Student Services at (407) 870-4870.
817 Bill Beck Blvd., Kissimmee. The          *********************************
2009-2010 out-of-zone form has                   SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL
been revised to meet the new                 The School Advisory Council (SAC)
procedural changes so forms                  Meeting was held on Tuesday, February 10,
with an earlier date should not              at 7:30 a.m. in the Media Center. Funding
                                             requests included FCAT pencils and erasers
be used.                                     for 3rd-5th grade students as well as
*When parents/guardians complete the         substitutes so the teachers on SAC can
form, it is important to answer all          attend the all-day workshop to write the
questions. Incomplete information may        2009-2010 School Improvement Plan. Mrs.
result in a processing delay. Parents        Hobbs distributed data that included our
may either hand-carry the completed          school’s scores on last year’s FCAT
form to the district office, located at      Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and Science
817 Bill Beck Boulevard in                   compared to the 1,727 elementary schools in
Kissimmee, or send it by mail. Schools       Florida. Mrs. Hobbs also shared district
will not process, deliver, or forward        news that included our school having a
                                             Kindergarten Roundup Family Orientation
the completed forms.
                                             on Thursday, April 30. Administrators and
*Once the out-of-zone request is             kindergarten teachers will orient parents to
received at the district level, supporting   the school’s kindergarten program. During
information from the student database,       this event, parents may register their child
                                             for the 2009-2010 school year. Mrs. Hobbs
as well as the approved criteria
                                             announced that, for the 2009-2010 school
guidelines, will be used to approve or       year,Thacker Elementary would be a
deny the request.                            “School of International Studies”, and all
                                             elementary schools will have science labs.
*Approval and denial letters will be sent
                                             We still need more parents on our
to the parents/guardians, home-zoned
                                             School Advisory Council. Please call
school, and requested school.
                                             Mrs. Hobbs (Principal) at (407) 891-
                                             3140 if you are interested in becoming
*The approval letter will reiterate the
                                             a member. The next School Advisory
principal’s prerogative to revoke the out-
                                             Meeting will be Tuesday, March 3,
of-zone if the student does not comply
                                             beginning at 7:30 a.m. in the media
with the responsibilities of acceptable
                                             center. The public is invited.
standards in the areas of conduct,
attendance, and grades as outlined in the              LIBRARY NEWS
out-of-zone agreement.                               Mrs. Smith, Librarian

*Parents/guardians are responsible for       For four weeks Mrs. Smith initiated an
out-of-zone student transportation.          Accelerated Reader (AR) Non Fiction
                                             Challenge between 4th and 5th Grade
*Parents/guardians will continue to have     students. The final totals are:
the right to request an appeal by
contacting the Student Services office.      *4th Grade students read 1,783 books!
Appeal information will be provided in       *5th Grade students read 1,501 books!
the denial letter.
The Top 5th Grade class was Mrs.
McCormick’s students who read 533
books! The Top 4th Grade class was Mrs.
Salvato’s students who read 696 books!           The following students are our 2009 Flee
                                                 To Be Free Poster Contest Winners:
For winning the AR Non Fiction challenge,
4th Grade students attended a free movie on      5th Grade:      Edriana Tavarez
Thursday, February 19, in the media center.      4th Grade:      Keyshla Ramos
Mrs. Smith served the 4th Grade students         3rd Grade:      Ciera Enberg
popcorn, cookies, and lemonade!                  2nd Grade:      Ethan Cuatchon
************************************             1st Grade:      Mia Schroeder
                 PTO NEWS
The next PTO meeting will be Thursday,           These students will be invited to an
March 5, at 3:30 p.m. in the cafeteria.          upcoming event in which Osceola County
PTO will sponsor a Family Movie Night on         will recognize their achievement in the
Friday, March 20, from 6-8 p.m. There will       Flee To Be Free Program.
be a flyer sent home soon letting you know       ************************************
how to “reserve tickets” for the movie night.                    ART NEWS
***********************************                       Linda Robinson, Art Teacher
We are very proud of our 4th and 5th             Congratulations to the following students
Grade Math Superstars. Each week the             who excelled at the Osceola County Art
math assignments increase with difficulty,       Festival:
however, students in Math Superstars are
persevering and earning Math Superstars          1st Place: Danny Gutierrez (2nd Grade)
“points.” When Math Superstar students           2ndPlace: Caleigh Jenkins (4th Grade)
reach “100 points”, they eat lunch with the      3rd Place:Edriana Tavarez (5th Grade)
principal, Mrs. Hobbs.
                                                         KINDERGARTEN NEWS
On Friday, February 13, Mrs. Hobbs had
                                                 Our school will have a Kindergarten
lunch with the following Math Superstar
                                                 Roundup Family Night on Thursday,
students who have achieved 100 points or         April 30, from 5:30-7 p.m. We will have a
more:                                            Powerpoint presentation, important speakers
       4th Grade Students:                       in the cafeteria, and staff who will process
Karah Cox              Kayla Jensen
                                                 registrations for the 2009-2010 school year.
Gracie Krokosz         Max Jones
                                                 Please spread the news about the
Emily Bertone          Bryce Taylor
                                                 Kindergarten Roundup Orientation, on
Shelby Terrian         Alana Charter
                                                 Thursday, April 30, to your relatives,
                                                 neighbors, daycare providers, and church
       5th Grade Students:
Bianca Ashman         Ethan Charter              ************************************
Nokomis Barrett       Nicholas Green
                                                            SPECIAL OLYMPICS
           Ryan Geasey
                                                 For the first time, our school will have 10
We have now initiated 3rd Grade Math
                                                 Trainable Mentally Handicapped (TMH)
Superstars. They too are working hard on
                                                 students participate in this year’s Special
their weekly math assignments.
                                                 Olympics on Saturday, March 7, on the
                                                 track field at St. Cloud High School.
                                                 We appreciate Mrs. Jeanette Johnson,
                 Officer Pete
                                                 our TMH Assistant, who is our school’s
Students in 1st -5th Grade participated in the
                                                 Special Olympics Coordinator. She has
Flee To Be Free Program that taught the
                                                 worked hard preparing the students for the
children about Stranger Danger. Students
                                                 competitive events! Opening ceremonies
drew pictures depicting scenes from the Flee
                                                 will begin at 9:30 a.m. and the games will
To Be Free video.
                                                 begin at 10 a.m. Volunteers are still needed
for the Special Olympics. If you are          ***********************************
interested in volunteering on Saturday,              UPCOMING EVENTS
March 7, please call Mrs. Hobbs at (407)
891-3140.                                     Monday, March 2
************************************           Last day to purchase a yearbook
Our school community collected                Tuesday, March 3
$1,238.19 in the Pasta for Pennies             School Advisory Council Meeting,
campaign! This money will be donated to        7:30 am, Media Center
the local Leukemia/Lymphoma
Foundation to help find a cure for this        Ice Factory Family Skate Party
disease. The following are our three top       5:30-7 p.m.
homerooms in the Pasta for Pennies
Collection:                                   Thursday, March 5
                                               PTO Meeting, 3:30 p.m, cafeteria
1st Place: Mrs. Salvato and her 4th Grade
students collected $168.66!                   Tuesday –Thursday, March 10-12
                                               FCAT READING &
2nd Place: Mrs. Triplett and her 3rd Grade     MATHEMATICS, Grades 3-5
students collected $129.87.
                                              Friday, March 13
3 Place: Mrs. Meadows and her 1    st          FCAT Make-ups
Grade students collected $82.12.
                                              Monday-Tuesday, March 16 & 17
Mrs. Salvato and her students will be          FCAT Science, Grade 5
treated to an Olive Garden Luncheon!
Mrs. Triplett, Mrs. Meadows, and their        Monday-Friday, March 16-20
students will be treated to an ice cream       FCAT Makeups
                                              Friday, March 20
 THANK YOU STUDENTS, PARENTS,                  PTO Family Movie, 6-8 p.m.
  COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT!                  Thursday, March 26
************************************            MAE Papa John’s Family Pizza Night
Yearbook orders end on Monday, March          Friday, March 27
2. Our all-color yearbooks cost $20. The        Student Holiday/Teacher Workday
yearbook contains pictures of our teachers
and staff, individual classrooms, club        March 30
members, yearly activities and events, 5th     4th Grade Field Trip to St. Augustine
Grade “Shout-outs” and MUCH MORE!
************************************          Thursday, April 2
    ICE FACTORY FAMILY NIGHT                   PTO Meeting, 3:30 pm, Cafeteria

We have our second Ice Factory Family         Friday, April 3
Skating Night on Tuesday, March 3, from        REPORT CARD DISTRIBUTION
5:30-7:00 p.m. Admission is $6 a person
which includes rental of the skates.            Field Day
Proceeds go toward the funding of the           K-2nd Grades: 9-11 a.m.
Principal’s Gold Club and TAPS incentives!      3rd-5th Grades: 12-2:30 p.m.
The homeroom with the greatest number         ************************************
of participants will receive an ice cream
party! We hope to see you, your family, and
friends at the Ice Factory on Tuesday,
March 3.

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