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					         Limousine Association
             PO Box 472451 / Aurora, CO 80047-2451

     September, 2005 Newsletter

       Monthly meeting held at the

          Park Hill Golf Course

    4141 East 35th Ave / Denver, CO.

           September 21st 2005

6:30 PM – 7:30 PM Educational / Information Forum
      7:30 PM – 9:00 PM Business Meeting
                   Limousine Association of Colorado

Vacant Position
                                   Limousine Association of Colorado
                                          Mission Statement
Mike Geissler
Colorado Corporate Coach, Inc   The Limousine Association of Colorado (LAOC) is an organization
PO Box 606                      established to unite and educate Colorado’s independently owned
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033           limousine operators, transportation service providers, and affiliated
303.940.2757                 industry members on national and local legislative issues that affect
                                the transportation industry, offer educational seminars on various
Vice-President                  topics, and provide a platform for discussion, both formally and
Franci Ouzounis                 informally, between its members and affiliates in an environment
White Dove Limousine
3825 Grape Street
                                that encourages integrity and openness while respecting everyone’s
Denver, CO 80207                individuality.
(303) 399-3683               The LAOC’s goals are to:
Adam Paul                          •   Promote the existing association through positive interaction
Colorado Corporate Car                 between its current members
1837 S. Cole Court                 •   Ensure, through positive discussion, that the purpose of the
Lakewood, CO 80228                     LAOC is consistent with its adopted bylaws
(303) 986-7855               •   Educate members on issues that directly affect the
                                       limousine industry and its affiliates
Secretary                          •   Challenge the existing laws and regulations to be applied
Marilyn Wright
                                       fairly to the entire transportation industry
Colorado Car & Limousine
PO Box 29187
Denver, CO 80229                To fulfill these goals, the LAOC will:
(303) 480-3625            •   Facilitate discussion, debate, and dialogue in a warm,
Sergeant at Arms                       friendly, and open atmosphere that encourages individuals
John Hafer                             to feel free to speak their personal views, regardless of
A Custom Coach                         predisposition
5105 E. Missouri Avenue            •   Host lectures, conferences, and other events for
Denver, CO 80246
(303) 759-1376                         transportation providers, educators, vendors, and others                  interested
                                   •   Help establish and maintain the LAOC code of ethics
Associate Board Member             •   Earn a widespread reputation as a positive entity in the
John Opeka
1580 Logan Street                      transportation industry that assists any of its members in
OL 1 Room 101                          helping their business, regardless of the size of the company
Denver, CO 80203
303-894-2009                    As the LAOC diligently works to achieve these goals, its members
                                will not only establish valuable networks and affiliated industry
                                relationships, but Colorado will benefit by having reputable
                                transportation providers that are well informed and better educated.

                  Limousine Association of Colorado
Agenda for the September 21st , 2005 / Park Hill Golf Course / 4141 E 35 Ave / Denver
                       6:30 PM Educational & Information Forum
                             7:30 PM Business Meeting
Educational Forum
       6:30 PM – 7:30 PM –      Round table discussion - Driver Pay – contractor vs. employee – hourly
                                vs. commission
        Introduction of active members, associate members and guests
        Fund raiser drawing
Call to Order

President’s Report
       Mike Geissler
               Hurricane Katrina
Vice President’s Report
       Franci Ouzounis
               Review and approval of August meeting
               Cell phone protocol
               Introduction of new members
               Membership Incentives
Treasurer’s Report
       Adam Paul
               Treasurers Report
Legislative Report
       Rule Making - House Bills
DIA Report
       Reports on airports throughout the State
NLA Report
       Barb Curtis – NLA Report
Other Committee
       Ethics Committee
       IT Committee
Old Business
       LAOC Website
       Parade of Lights – Application sent in for review
       LAOC Vendor Showcase night in October
New Business
       Next meeting to be held on October 19th 2005
Next months educational / training
       October – Vendor Showcase

Issues considered for vote
Motion to accept the August minutes
Motion to approve the expenses incurred by the LAOC

The National Limousine Association, LCT Magazine and Limousine Digest Magazine have joined forces
to assist NLA member operators who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina. The goal is to raise a
total of $100,000 for the NLA Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund for distribution to the Alabama, Louisiana and
Mississippi NLA members in need.

The following commitments to the NLA Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund have been made to date:

    1. $10,000 donation from the Harold Berkman Fund by the NLA
    2. $10,000 donation from Cheryl Berkman, Music Express
    3. $5.00 donation from LCT for each 2005 LCT Eastern Conference registrant (total to be
    4. Waived 2006 dues from the NLA for all current and new members (who join between now and
       December 31, 2006) located in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi

We urge you to make your own donation to the NLA Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.

Checks should be written to the NLA Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund and sent to the National Limousine
Association, 49 South Maple Avenue, Marlton, NJ 08053, USA.

The NLA has established a Disaster Committee to manage the requests for help and the NLA Hurricane
Katrina Relief Fund distributions.

Please join us in aiding the NLA victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Fran Shane, CAE
Executive Director
National Limousine Association
49 S. Maple Ave.
Marlton, NJ 08053
(800) 652-7007
Carpe Diem - Seize the Day

Additionally, we are organizing a LAOC Vendor Showcase for our October meeting at the Park Hill Golf
Course. We will offer vendors an opportunity to sponsor this event and to display their product and
services. We are contacting many vendors locally and vendors who participate at the national shows.

As a paid vendor who participates at this Showcase they will be able to showcase their product or service
at a very low cost.

        Full display table – manned by one of their representatives              $150.00
        Vehicles on display in parking lot - static display (limit 3)            $150.00
        Half / shared display table – manned by one of their representatives     $75.00
        Display of pamphlets only – not manned - Items on display only           $50.00

        (NOTE* Current LAOC members will be able to place used vehicles for sale in the parking lot
        separate from coach builders.

The Limousine Association of Colorado is also inquiring with vendors who are willing to donate items for a
Silent Auction with the proceeds going towards the cause of the Association. We are attempting to raise
funds to help with legislative issues, Information Technology, Public Education and to have funds
available to donate back to various charitable causes. All participating vendor will receive a complete
mailing list of all the attendees and have the opportunity to earn a free Associate Membership with the
Limousine Association of Colorado for 2006.

The LAOC Vendor Showcase will feature Barry Lefkowitz, NLA Lobbyist as our keynote speaker, static
displays, food and drink and a great opportunity to mix, mingle and network with other limousine
companies. More information to follow at the Wednesday meeting.

Mike Geissler
President LAOC

Vice President
No Report

Franci Ouzounis
Vice President LAOC


35 Members
21 Associate
56 Total


                                         YTD                    Budget
 Printing                                 $557.21               $1,000.00
 Stamps                                    $289.22                $300.00
 NLA                                      $350.00                $350.00
 P.O. Box                                   $26.00                 $26.00
 Promotional                              $100.00               $1,000.00
 Bank Fees                                  $60.00                 $90.00
 Events                                    $108.54              $2,000.00
 Technology                                  $0.00              $1,500.00
 Savings                                 $2,000.00              $2,000.00
                                         $3,490.97              $8,266.00
 Current Bank Balance

At the August meeting the members voted on a new logo design. From the three that were up
for consideration the Colorado Flag Design won. We now need to decide which of the three you
like the best. A vote will be taken at the September meeting.

Adam A. Paul
Treasurer LAOC

Sergeant at Arms
Report not available

John Hafer
Sergeant at Arms

Minutes from the August 17, 2005, Limousine Association of Colorado meeting held at Park Hill
Golf Course, 4141 East 35th Avenue, Denver, Colorado:
Submitted by Marilyn Wright, Secretary

Educational & Information Forum:
At 6:30 pm Lee Martinez of Transpo Insurance (Mountain West Insurance Agency) from Las Vegas,
Nevada, spoke regarding the restructuring of the LAOC to a safety association, which would have state
recognition. He explained how the 10% discount would work and talked extensively regarding accidents
and drivers. The LAOC needs to conduct 4 quarterly safety meetings with 70% member participation.
Mike will email Lee Martinez for details on this insurance.

Call to Order:
President Mike Geissler called the meeting to order at 8:02 pm. All members and guests introduced
themselves. All were reminded to purchase raffle tickets for the fundraiser drawing.

Members in attendance:
A Advantage Limousine – Janet Carwin
A Custom Coach – John Hafer
Colorado Car & Limousine – Marilyn Wright
Colorado Corporate Car – Adam Paul

Colorado Corporate Coach – Mike Geissler
Corporate Image Limousine – Don Hafer
Diamond Limousine, Inc. – Don Eisler
Evergreen Limousine Service – John Kenyon
Presidential Limousine – Eugene Cookenboo
Prestige Limousine – Carl Longo
R&J Limousine Service – Rich Traxler
Ride on Time Limousine – Mike Jorstad
Town & Country – Cris Haiskey, James Haiskey
Two Step Limousine – Barb Curtis
White Dove Limousine – Franci Ouzounis

Associate Members in attendance:
Auto Glass Guys – Adam Ristou, Sandy Bozko
Banks Insurance Agency – Dawn Sullivan
Classique LLC – Selena Dunham, Principal
Public Utilities Commission – John Opeka
Xtreme Clean – Clint Anderson

Guests in attendance:
A Five Star Trans. Service – Will Jenkins
American Coach – Don Horne
SSM Limo – Sabir Muhammad

Review of Minutes:
Upon review of the June minutes, it was moved by Janet Carwin and seconded by Adam Paul that the
June minutes be approved as written; upon vote, the motion passed unanimously. It was noted that
because of a lack of quorum, the July meeting was canceled.

President’s Report by Mike Geissler:
President Mike welcomed the new members.

Vice-President’s Report by Franci Ouzounis:
Franci stated that for the October meeting we will send a mass mailing and that we will give away two free
memberships to the LAOC in order to bring in more members.

Treasurer’s Report by Adam Paul:
Adam requested approval of the invoices as submitted: $13.00 Lancer dinner, $7.50 bank fees for July &
August, $111.00 John Hafer for postage, $20.83 Colorado Corporate Coach for copies, $95.54 Park Hill
room rental for July. Upon motion of John Kenyon and second by Eugene Cookenboo to approve said
invoices, and upon vote, the motion was unanimously approved.

Discussion was had regarding the ideas for new LAOC stickers. It was moved and seconded that we
approve the blue, red & white sticker with all middle letters being in red; upon vote, the motion was
unanimously approved. Adam to check on the possibility of the red “fading”.

Legislative Report by John Hafer:
John stated that Marty no longer owns Alpine and that he now owns Black Diamond and is now open-
minded to work with us on new bills. After discussion, Franci stated that we are planning a mountain
meeting next month. Marilyn stated that Stacey of Preferred Limousine in Rifle suggested that we meet
in Glenwood Springs instead of Vail because of location and parking issues.

DIA (Denver International Airport) Report by John Hafer:
John stated that DIA no longer is holding meetings on the meet and greet situation and that there is no
charge unless you do the same for a living; all you need to do is call DIA.

John stated that DIA is getting their new software in place and that we should be able to check our
access bills through the software instead of calling June at DIA. Also, in October and November DIA will
have a tag task force for larger companies to tag their vehicles at their places of business; the other
alternative is to have a line at the holding lot. John further stated that DIA is remodeling the holding lot
building, which will take approximately 10 months.

Gene suggested that drivers be able to obtain passes when issued and requested a policy change. After
discussion, John Hafer stated that he would ask DIA. Mike Jorstad asked what is going on with Door
511; John replied that it is to be manned all days except Saturday.

NLA Report by President Mike Geissler for Barb Curtis:
Mike stated that the LCT Show will be held on September 12 and 13th in Connecticut and that the Limo
Digest Show will be held on October 23-26, 2005 in Atlantic City.

Other Committees:
No report from the Ethics Committee at this time. Regarding the IT Committee, Mike inquired as to who
would maintain our new website; after discussion regarding expiration of the website, Janet Carwin stated
that she would check with Larry and let us know.

Old Business:
President Mike stated that we do not have any news yet regarding the Parade of Lights.

Mike stated that we are planning a Vendor Showcase for the October meeting; he mass mailed the
vendor list (which was passed around) and requested all to inform us of any additions to this list for future
emails. Mike stated that Barb has been in touch with Barry Lefkowitz and Scott Solombrino and will know
by end of week who can speak at our meeting.

Mike stated that the costs to participate as vendors are as follows: $150 full table, $75 split table, $150
vehicles outside, $50 pamphlets on display. This will help pay for the food; all regular members will
receive two free food tickets with any additional guest costing $5 each. (It was suggested for example
that Gene could bring his wife and receive two free tickets; Michele would have to pay!!!!) Non-members
would be charged $8 per ticket, which would not include the cash bar or participation in the golf

Marilyn stated that an Hors d’oeuvres package would cost $13.50 per person or that we could have a
carving station with various meats if we wanted a more formal dinner at the rate of $50 per carving station
plus various per person charges.

Mike stated that we want members to get value of their membership. John Hafer invited all vendors to
submit their ideas. Mike stated that all vendors would receive a list of all participants. It was noted that
there would be no charge for regular members to set up a table. Eugene added that the speaker would
be a “big draw”. He was invited to call Scott.

The next regular meeting of the LAOC will be held on September 21st. He noted that the December
meeting will be a social meeting.

The raffle was won by Don Hafer, who received $40 cash; Rich Traxler received Bronco tickets and
Marilyn won the free meal.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:02 p.m.

Congratulations to our new Members
Intrigue Limousine / 6909 Egyptian Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80525 / 970-231-0000
Lancer Insurance / 370 West Park Avenue, Lon Beach NY, 11561 / 800-782-8902
Madison Insurance Group / 425 S Cherry Creek #420, Denver CO 80246 / 303-322-0800

New Applicants


Stephen Spears assisting Donald Trump into his limousine (First Choice Limousine - member of the

Greeley Limo Business Named Transportation Company of Bixpo. First Choice Limousine to provide
transportation for all Bixpo speakers.

LOVELAND, Colo - First Choice Limousine in Greeley, CO has been named the official transportation
company of Bixpo 2005. The first annual 2-day business exposition takes place on September 14th and
15th at The Ranch at The Budweiser Events Center.

"We are proud to have such a high quality company transporting all nine of our speakers. The additional
class they bring to Bixpo will ensure our speakers have an extraordinary experience at the event," said
Keith Lipps, CEO of Buzz Events, a Bixpo presenter.

First Choice Limousines provides the entire Northern Colorado region with premier stretch limousines,
corporate cars and sedans.

The roster of powerhouse speakers assembled for this business and leadership showcase includes
billionaire entrepreneur Donald Trump, star of the hit television show "The Apprentice," former Mayor of
New York City Rudy Giuliani, Debbi Fields of Mrs. Fields Cookies fame, former Jet Blue Vice President
Ann Rhoades, leadership guru Robert Ginnett, serial entrepreneur Gary Hoover, Seth Godin, best-selling
author of Permission Marketing and Purple Cow, Al Lautenslager, best-selling, co-author of Guerrilla
Marketing in 30 Days and Colorado's own, Julie Clark, founder of The Baby Einstein Company. In
addition to the Speaker Series, Bixpo 2005 will feature over 200 exhibitors, roundtable discussions with
top Colorado business professionals, IQ Awards honoring the innovative ideas of Northern Colorado
companies, and a premier economic panel of local business professionals.

Classified – Information
► 2-2000 Lincoln Town car 70" 6 Passenger Stretches built by Executive Black on Black $18,500.00
   2-2000 Lincoln Town car 100” 8 Passenger Stretches build by Executive Black Dark Gray $23,9000
   Call Gene @ 303-286-1114 LETS MAKE A DEAL

► 2001 Black/Black Executive L series Town Car / 2000 Black/Tan 4x4 Lincoln Navigator / CarFax
available for any vehicle! Please call Andy @ Denver Lincoln Limousine, Inc. (303) 741-LIMO (5466)
(303) 861-LIMO (FAX)

► 1999 Lincoln T.C. Sedan Charcoal Grey with light gray int. Sig series touring sedan. 110k Miles great
shape. Newer tires and full maintenance records. Comes with a 7.2" flip down ceiling mount television.
$9300.00 or B.O. -        2003 Lincoln T.C. Exec series. Blk on light tan int. 58k Miles. Florida car. Newer
tires, a beautiful car. $21,000.00 or B.O. 2000 Ford Excursion Limited 4X4 Blk and tan int. Includes T.V. &
VCR. 103K Miles Loaded. $16,500.00             or Best Offer. Great shape. Also have 3 T.V. setups. 7.2"

flip down ceiling mount TV's with DVD and a TV tuner built in. Brand New, with a FM Modulator to play
through your stereo speakers. $375.00 Call Carl @ 303-355-1068

► 2001 Cadillac Deville DHS – PUC package Charcoal Grey, 118,000 miles, $14,500.00, Call Mike 303-

An email blitz will go out on the 1st and the 15th of each month. Only LAOC members will be permitted to
advertise in this section, however, the email will go out to every limousine company in Colorado whose
email address is in our database.

If you wish to advertise in this section, please email your information including your company name to Upper case or capitalized text will not be permitted. Additionally you must identify
which company you are advertising for.

LCT Leadership Summit & LCT Eastern Conference
September 11th 2005 – Summit
September 12 – 13 2005 – Conference
Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino, Connecticut

2005 Limo Digest Show:
October 23 – 26 at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino & Resort in Atlantic City

Associate Members
Please support our Associate members by purchasing their service or product

Amena Auto Repair
Auto Glass Guys
Autoworks International
Banks Insurance
Classique, LLC
Coach Industries Group Inc.
Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association
Grease Monkey
International Entertainment Consults
Luxury Transportation Limousine Sales
Majest International
People's Choice
Prepaid Legal
Shotgun Willie's
Xtreme Clean
Yellow Cab