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					Dear Families,

       Welcome to Eaton Elementary School and my class. I am looking
forward to an exciting year of learning!
       When kindergarten begins, you will be sharing your child with us. We
must work together to make this experience rewarding and for the best
interest of each child.
       Beginning school may be a pleasant experience for one child and for
another it may be difficult. The preparation the family makes for the start
of school is very important. Talk with your child about kindergarten and the
beginning of school. Teach your child that kindergarten is a happy place
where children and teachers work and play together. Help your child to know
the teachers are his/her friends. Be patient with your child’s adjustment to
school, talk with him/her daily about the day’s activities, and listen as he or
she shares new experiences. If your child sees that school is important to
you it will become important to them.
       Remember every child is different. He/ She will advance at his/her
own rate. Don’t compare his/her work to other children. Always praise
his/her efforts.
       I hope the following information will answer many of the questions or
concerns you may have. Please feel free to contact me any time by calling
the school at 986-2420, extension 105 or email me at Thank You!

                                                           Beth Moore
Kindergarten Policies

AM: Children need to be in the classroom by 8:05 a.m. When your child
arrives at school he/she should go to the bus hall (in the lower cafeteria). I
will pick the children up from morning bus hall at 7:55. Remember your child
is learning to be independent and will need to walk to the classroom by
themselves after the first 2 weeks of school.
PM: Class begins dismissing at 2:45p.m. A teacher will escort your child to
his/her mode of transportation (earlybird, daycare van, bus or parent pick-
up). Please clarify by note any changes about the way your child is picked up
in the afternoon. Your child will go home the usual way unless you send a
note or notify the school before dismissal.

Absence or Illness
When your child has been fever free for 24 hours, he or she may return to
school. For any absences, please send a note or doctors excuse stating the
reason for the absence. Absences without notes will be unexcused. Your
child will only be allowed 5 absences without a doctor note for the whole
year. Always send a note from you when your child is absent if you don’t
have a doctor excuse.

Any time you need to send money to school, please place it in an envelope and
label it as follows:
    Child’s name
    Teachers name
    Purpose of the money (lunch, field trip, PTO…)
    Also, write the amount enclosed
*This is very important!!! If money ends up on my desk and no one can tell me
whose it is, then it will be used as classroom money. So PLEASE follow this
process. If you are sending money for different things on the same day I
need each in their own envelope.

If you would like to come eat lunch with your child, our lunch time will be
from 11:35 - 12:05.

Lunch Regular Price       $1.85
             Extra Milk         $.35

Ice Cream Price                 $.50
Our ice cream day will be on Wednesdays! Ice cream will only be purchased
on this day. You can send money for weekly ice cream or pay for a month’s,
semester, or the entire year for your child. Mrs. Wiggins is in charge of all
monies collected for ice cream.

Lunch money is collected in the classroom and turned over to the cafeteria.
Please put lunch money in an envelope labeled lunch and Mrs. Wiggins will
turn it in to the cafeteria. Our lunch system is computerized and all
students will have a numbered account. The students will be allowed to pre-
pay. All pre-payments received will be credited to the students meal
account. The students will not be allowed to take money from their meal
account for ice cream, it must be sent in separately.

Breakfast Regular Price        $1.10
Breakfast is served every morning starting between 7:20-7:30.

Please advise us of any specific concerns. If your child needs to take
medicine while in school, please let us know so we can give you the proper
forms to be completed. Medications will be distributed by the school nurse.
The nurse will not be able to provide any medication to your child unless you
send it in.

I will supply the materials your child needs in class such as, pencils, paper,
crayons, scissors, glue, crafts etc… I do ask that your child bring a backpack
to carry his/her work to and from school. Throughout the year you may
donate items for our classroom.

We love to acknowledge birthdays in our class! If you would like to celebrate
your child’s birthday at school, please let me know ahead of time. Due to the
fact I have a student in the classroom with a peanut allergy I ask for
birthdays to be celebrated in the cafeteria with ice cream and/or cookies.
This can be purchased at school. We will celebrate during lunch.
Take-Home Folders
The folder is a means of daily communication. It will be sent home everyday.
It will contain a report of your child’s behavior you will need to sign it and
return it each day. Your child’s work will be in the folder and they are very
proud of what they accomplish, and want to share that with you. Please read
over everything in the folder very carefully, it may contain school news and
what is going on in our class.

I will be sending home a newsletter every Friday titled Moore’s Moments to
inform you of what we will be doing in the coming week. I will also post
important dates and times that deal with the school. I will post Moore’s
Moments on my web page. If our classroom is low on a supply I may ask for
donations of that item.

Usually, Parents have a lot of questions about homework. One of the most
important things you can do with your child is READ, and talk about
READING! Reading with your child everyday will help them as they start
their journey through learning. Go over letters, formation, and sounds of
the alphabet, sight words, numbers. Each week your child will bring home a
“Book Bag” that will contain a reading chart. Please use this chart to
document your child’s reading, and return to school every Friday. Other
homework assignments may come home in their folder. I will try to have a
homework activity each week. It will be sent home on Monday and should be
returned on Thursday. It is very important that you take time to work with
your child. Research shows that in order for children to retain information
they must review concepts in the evening with their caretakers.

Star of the Week

Each week one child will be the focus of our ”Star of the Week.” When your
child is star of the week I ask that you send in a poster with pictures of
your child with family and friends doing their favorite activities. The
purpose is to give each child a chance to feel especially important and for
their classmates to get to know them better. I will provide the poster and it
will be sent home on Friday the week before, unless otherwise notified.
The children are NOT allowed to bring toys from home. Our classroom has a
variety of interesting toys, puzzles, blocks, etc… for the children to interact
with and learn.

There is a state law that requires all visitors in our building to check in and
receive a pass through the office . PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS RULE!
We do not wish to embarrass you or ourselves by requesting that you return
to the office for a pass. This rule applies to anyone at any time for the
safety and security of the children. The end door to the playground is
always locked and only designated badge holders are allowed in the school
through this door.

Kindergarten Standards:
We learn many new skills in Kindergarten. Some of the skills your child will
be expected to master are:
    identify, sound out, and write ABC’s
    write first and last name
    read vocabulary words
    read written number words to twenty five
    complete journal writing
    count and write to 100 by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s.
    begin counting by 2’s to 50.
                       Discipline Plan for Kindergarten

Classroom Rules
   1. Listen and follow directions
   2. Keep hands and feet to self
   3. Stand and walk in line quietly
   4. Respect others at all times
   5. Keep our room neat
      In other words, “Do what is right and do what you are suppose to do.”

Playground Rules
   1. One person on the slide and swing at one time
   2. Go down the slide only (do not walk or climb up it)
   3. Keep hands and feet to yourself at all times
   4. Leave sticks, rocks, mulch, etc… on the ground
   5. Do not climb trees

If a child chooses to break a rule:
   1. I will give them a verbal warning and explain the rule. The star stays
       on green.
   2. Repeating behavior: Star moves to the yellow pocket
   3. Breaking several rules throughout the day: Star moves to the red and
       loses some recess.
   4. I will call home to notify you of his/her behavior if needed and/or
       child reports to the office

My goal is that each child will understand the rules and know how to control
their own bodies so that a verbal warning will be enough discipline to guide
them back on track,

Positive Behavior
I believe that positive behavior reinforcements create a comfortable
classroom atmosphere. I will implement several positive behavior strategies
so that children are rewarded for good behavior throughout the day. ( Extra
playtime, prizes, treats, stickers etc…) If you would like to donate Skittles
or small prizes I will gladly accept! At the end of the week if students have
green for the entire week they will get into the prize box!

*It is important that you praise their good behavior at home. If a rule is
broken please talk to your child about the rule and ways they can improve.

It is in your child’s best interest that we work together in their learning. I
will keep you informed of your child’s progress in the classroom. If you have
any concerns or questions please feel free to contact me. You will see a
difference at home what is learned at school.
Thank You very much for your support. Working together, we can make this
a great first year for your child!

                                 Beth Moore

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