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             TCJ Business Solutions

                Tyler Wilkinson
                  Jason Kline
                Chad Facchine

                     IST 110

                Audrey Bollinger

               November 7, 2002
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                      Table of Contents

  I. Executive Summary                                      3

 II. Analysis Component                                     4
        1. History of Banking Information Systems           4
        2. Market Potential for Online Banking              5
        3. Infrastructure Analysis                          6
        4. The Team Decision                                6
        5. Legal, Ethical, and Social Issues Discussion     8

III. Business Component                                     8
        1. Online Banking Division URL                      8
        2. Online Banking Division Proposal Summary         10
        3. Division Business Strategy and Income Sources    11
        4. Marketing Plan                                   12
        5. Customer Support Plan                            12
        6. Internal and External Hardware Needs             13
        7. Internal and External Software Needs             13
        8. Internal and External Information System Needs   15
        9. Security Needs and Discussion                    16
        10. Approximate Budget                              17
        11. Privacy Policy and Implications                 18

IV. Work Cited                                              18

 V. Appendix 1                                              20
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                     Executive Summary

      Costal Union is falling behind in the online banking arena. Our
company’s resistance to change and lack of foresight has led to a drop
in our customer base. This drop is reminiscent of the losses we
sustained when ATM’s were gaining popularity. There is an
information revolution taking place within the banking world, and if we
want to remain competitive we must become more responsive to what
our customers want. Online banking is a growing segment of the
financial services world, therefore acting now may solidify our position
as a major contender in future banking markets.

      We have analyzed all aspects of our company pursuing this
venture. We looked at the history of online banking, and our
experience in the field. When then researched the potential it has to
become a cost-effective gamble. After determining that online
banking will be beneficial, we looked at the infrastructure we currently
have in place to see what we would need to change if anything. After
analyzing the task we formulated how we would go about
implementing the project. We determined we would need to outsource
the project, due to our lack of hardware, and know-how. The following
document is everything we have discovered up to this point.
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                          Analysis Component

History of Banking Information Systems and Coastal Unions History
with Banking Information Systems

        Information Systems have been used in banking since the conception of the bank.
People names, addresses, financial history and other information were kept on record at
the bank. Although back then this information was not stored electronically it still served
its purpose as an information system. The main function which banks initially used an
information system for, storing peoples financial information, has not really changed
since then. Information Systems have given more freedom to first banks, and now
         Initially banks communicated face to face or by mail. Later, communication took
place by telegraph, and then by telephone. With the induction of computer systems,
banks were given the ability to draw from their database at many locations. This
development gave banks the ability to expand their services beyond one location more
easily. Transactions became more secure, and the account information became more
reliable. Computer information systems gave banks a more decentralized experience
because clients trust that whether they are at a location in Alabama or in Australia, the
information their bank has about their finances will be the same.
        The focus of banking information systems during the last twenty years or so, has
been giving the client total control over his or her finances. Firstly the ATM gave
customers access to cash whether their bank was open or not. ATM’s have grown more
advanced since their inception; clients now have many more options to choose from
when they use a modern ATM machine. The reason for these options is that clients have
shown they want unlimited access to their finances.
        With the expanse of the Internet customers now have another outlet with which to
receive information. Banking at home is just a natural step in the evolution of banking
information systems. Customers want control over their entire financial picture twenty-
four hours a day, the Internet, whose business hours are indefinite, provides them with
that opportunity. Perhaps someday every financial transaction will take place within the
home. That is unlikely to happen over personal computers as they exist now, but
conceivably a banking “portal” or “home ATM machine” which allows users to deposit,
inquire, withdraw, and do anything they could do by going into a bank.
        Currently Costal Union has no experience with online banking. Employing our
group is the first step Costal Union has taken to research, and possibly to implement
online banking services. Costal Union has realized there is a potential market for online
banking, and does not want to fall behind other companies with more experience in this
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Market Potential for Online Banking
        Online banking, also known as E-banking, has proven itself as a viable source of
revenue over the last decade, and the number of people using online banking is projected
to reach 24.2 million by the year 2004. There are many companies, not just banks, which
currently offer Internet banking services today. Competitors currently offer a wide array
of Internet banking products. These products include:

                                   Account Inquiry
                                   Transfer between Accounts
                                   Local and Utility Bill Payment
                                   Opening Accounts
                                   Credit Applications
                                   Inter Bank Transfers
                                   Foreign Currency Transfers
                                   Electronic Bill presentment and payment
                                   Account Aggregation
                                   Financial Advice
                                   Online Brokerage
                                   Insurance
                                   Cash Management

        Upon entry to online banking our profits may not increase, however if we focus
on revenue generating transactions and consumer finance through credit/debit cards we
can firmly establish ourselves with our customer base, allowing related costs to be
maintained at realistic levels. Basically if we concentrate on services that return a profit,
we should be able to sustain until we are no longer at a loss. Currently many banks use
their E-banking sites to solicit other financial services that they feel could benefit the
user. This strategy could also bring us increased revenue by allowing us to gear
advertisements to specific users.
        Our entry into online banking, although late coming, should allow us to be up to
speed when new markets emerge. Perhaps entering into online banking now, will allow
us to be an industry leader later in such things as wireless banking, online bill
management, and account aggregation. These services, if offered in tandem, would
enable consumers to manage all of their accounts, and bills in one place; and with
wireless banking, that one place could be anywhere.
         Many of our customers have shown they would like to have the option of
banking online available to them. There are many reasons customers would like to bank
online with us such as, time constraints, mobility problems, and traveling abroad.
Customers who travel abroad enjoy the security of using the bank they trust at home, as
opposed to a bank, which they have never been in before, and many times don’t speak the
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same language as. There is definitely a great potential for online banking to succeed and
grow throughout the coming years.

Infrastructure Analysis
        Currently the infrastructure in place at Costal Union is limited in scope. Costal
Union currently serves 2.7 million households and 140,000 businesses in six different
states. Customers can access their accounts using one of the 470 branch locations, or
1220 ATM machines located across the US. The companies’ customer reach has only
been limited by not investing time in new markets, such as online banking.
        The hardware in place at Costal Union is an IBM mainframe computer system
which houses a DB2 database management system, applications, communication control
protocol, and the operating system. It is networked to all branch locations. Costal Union
also has an IBM RS-6000 Server, which is currently being used as a web server. The
web server is not tied to any other Costal Union information system. Presently the
website is only being used to market the company.

Team Decision
        There is no doubt that Costal Union needs to make its mark with online banking.
Though Costal Union is already a thriving business, it needs to remain competitive with
the growing number of banks. While many of its competitors are already online, Costal
Union is trailing a step behind. With Costal Union being known for its close client
communication, online banking may prove to be a true challenge to keep its reputation.
By making a secure connection between our in-house and outsource staff, we hope to
accomplish this goal.
        Through hours of comparing and contrasting in-house and outsource
implementations, our team has decided to base the online banking implementation solely
with an out source banking company to start the project. We have decided to acquire the
services of an information systems company that specializes in e banking. We came to
this decision do to the fact we have no experience with the growing field of banking
information systems.
        All accounts will be “Account Aggregation Service” enabled. This will allow all-
in-once account management from the users browser. From here they will be able to
monitor and rearrange their finances, set bills to pay automatically, and apply for and
monitor loans etcetera.
        With our switch to online banking we will need to reconfigure our current
hardware along with the purchase of new equipment to achieve optimal service to our
clients. Some of the equipment already owned and in service is listed below:

       IBM Mainframe computer system
       Database
       IBM RS-6000 web server
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       Multiplexers

All additional equipment needed will be supported by the company hired for the out
source project.
        The potential reaction of customers, employees, and investors is expected to be an
enormous success. This has been proved time and time again with other banking firms
that have opened their doors to online banking. Since there is such a high demand for
convinces of online banking, we are hopping to have are new sector of banking online as
soon as possible.
        With our move to online banking, we also expect some hindrance at the beginning
of the project. The first problem that we have came across is the fear the employees are
having over the matter, but they also know it is essential for the company to go online for
future success. Another problem we have came across is the lack of know how for the
customer service, this is where the out source employees are going to come into play with
the technical or financial choice with the help lines. They are also in fear of losing their
jobs because of the online transactions making less work for them in the workplace.
With our plan of merging with online banking while keeping all current jobs open to stay
customer friendly, we are sure they will be no down sizing of operations any time in the
near future.
        The reaction of investors is also expected to be very prosperous. With the
following the trend of online banking, we also hope to follow the trends of profits they
are currently collecting. With everyone turning to online banking for its quick and easy
use, investors have a change to get in now and take the ride up with us. We feel that
when stockbrokers find we are going to online service there will be a flood of investors
getting onto the bandwagon.
        Costal Union is a currently thriving bank with potential that could either spread
like a forest fire or slowly burns out like a wet match. We know that online banking is
essential for Costal Unions success. With the right know how and equipment the stars
are the limit. We have based are decision on three main topics; the amount of staff
needed, what cost comparisons there are, and how long it will take to get us on our feet.
This is why we have chosen to out source the project. Though we know our current staff
has the ambition needed, we do not have the know how or man power that is required for
such a large step. By working hand-in-hand with the out source company, we feel that
we will be able to achieve our objective.
        Another reason we have decided to go out source is because of the expenses. By
the research we have preformed we have noticed that it is tens of thousands of dollars
cheaper to have someone who previously has the equipment needed, such as high-speed
Internet connections to security measures to connectivity devices, do the work for us. We
also will not have to hire as many IT professionals because of out source training. This
alone will save thousands.
        With all the other banking firms online currently, Costal Union can spare no time
on the journey to online banking. This is yet another advantage to out sourcing, the
chosen company will already have the equipment needed in place. From there we will
just have to help design the web site and Cost Union will be on it way to the profitable
online banking world.
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         With the decision of going out source, we have found there are many more pros
than cons. As you have read in the previous paragraphs, this may prove to be a true
challenge, but with our out source companion, we hope to make this a true triumph.
Hopefully, with the help of an outsource company “Costal Union Online Banking Firm”,
that is both customer friendly and efficient, will be a reality in the near feature.

Legal, Ethical, and Social Issues

        Coastal Unions will take the proper legal and regulatory steps in the move to
online banking. One of the main concerns with the online banking is security of the
online transactions. To ensure that all transactions that our customers make are safe as
possible we will require the customers to use SSL Secure Socket Layer, 128-bit
encryption for all transactions, and we will make use of VeriSign certificates to further
authenticate the customers. Should all of these technologies fail to provide the proper
security and customers account has been compromised we will carry out a full
investigations to locate the criminal. At a later date we may be offering even further
security in the form of an insurance agency to replace stolen money.
        Customer privacy will be one be our top priority, all customer information will be
completely confidential. Employees within the organization will not have access to
customer information. This includes ID numbers, usernames, passwords, account
information, or online activity. However, should a customer request their information we
will provide it to them after proper identification.
        We will stand very firm with the rules we have set into place. Anyone who breaks
these rules whether it is and employee or a customer proper punishment will be taken. If
at any time an employee is found breaking the ethical behavior will be immediately fired
from Coastal Union. Customers found breaking these rules or access other customers
account information will be discontinued.

                      Business Plan Component

Online Banking Division URL

       The online banking site will be on a completely different server than the
current websites dedicated to marketing, separation of the two provides greater
security. The URL for the online banking site will be:
         This will be accessible through the existing site though through hyperlinks and
page redirection on defined pages. The coastal union marking site and the online banking
site will be tightly mended and seem transparent to the user. There are many features to
the initial page. At the top running horizontal there is a bar that contains the options about
us, my banking, and sign up. This bar is for access to user functions and account
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functions. Through this, clients will login to their accounts, access tools and services,
learn more about online banking and if they are not already they can sign up. Secondly
there is a set of options on the left side of the screen. These options are Security, Privacy
Policy, and Support. These will be a pillow to our clients when they are using the site
they will always know that they can easily and quickly access the details of security,
privacy, and support by one click.
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About Us
        This will contain information about Coastal Union the company. We will convey
the information in a friendly and professional way so that even when they are just reading
about the company on the site they feel comfortable with it.

My Banking
       This will be the portal through which clients will login and manager their
accounts with a wide selection of financial tools and services.

Sign up
         This section contains information on signing up current coastal union customers.
It will also provide information on becoming a coastal union member so that non-coastal
union clients can join and enjoy all the benefits that coastal union has to offer.

Online Banking Division Proposal Summary
        Many people are worried about losing their jobs to this newly implemented online
banking. On the contrary it will create new jobs for the company and existing employees.
In order to maintain service and quality of the company we will be required to open en
entire new division devoted to the management of online banking. The division will be
broken down into smaller segments dedicated to a specific aspect of this service. The
breakdown of these segments is as follows:

      Technical Support
      Database management
      Web Managers
      Security Specialists
      Centralized Administration

Technical Support
        The technical support will be one of the most important teams. We plan to
provide extensive technical support via phone, email, and personal inquires at a local
Coastal Union bank. It is a must that the technical support we offer our customers is of
outstanding quality. Quality is what customers have come to appreciate and expect out of
Coastal Union. It is this aspect of our bank that sets us ahead of the competition and will
set us much further once our online banking is on track. The initial team for Coastal
Unions’ bank will be intermediate in size and then we will adjust to the needs of the

Database Management
        Databases are what keep us up to date and allow us to store extensive information
about our customers. In order to maintain most critical information we will need a small
team to manage the database. This team will make changes to its current structure and aid
in the interaction between the front-end web site and the back end Database.
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Web Managers
        The web managers will control Coastal Unions online banking web site
appearance and functionality. The will be accountable for making the site appealing to a
visitors eyes as well as making it accessible and easy to people of all ages. They will
direct the functionality of the site by making it handicap accessible and make decisions
on how the user will interact with the web site.

Security Specialists
        When it comes to the security and privacy of Coastal Unions thousands of
customers and clients we must do our very best to protect them and there finances. This is
why we must seriously introduce high-end security specialists to guard and defend the
sensitive information contained within our banks

Centralized Administration
        In order to pull all of these tasks and divisions together, we will need a top-level
team to manage the entire project. These Administrators will oversee all aspects of the
online banking division and how they interact with each other. They will be given the big
picture and scope of it all to make the most significant decisions to affect the whole thing.
This team will not be big, but large enough to handle the task.

Out source Consulting
        Our team has made the self-righteous decision of out sourcing the immediate
goals. We plan to put this into the hands of a company worthy of Coastal Unions
customers. The consulting company we have chosen is Probanx. We picked Probanx
because of their dedication, loyalty and widespread experience as well as a flawless
history. This company offers the same security to its clients as we do to ours.

Division Business Strategy and Income Sources
        Coastal Union will strive to be a front-runner in the new age of online banking.
We will do this by providing a collection of online services to our clients. These tools and
services will help our clients accurately and effectively manage their accounts, as well as
any transactions they make regarding their accounts. One of these services, the Account
Aggregation Service is the most popular service in the online banking market to date.
Account Aggregation Service is an all in one management service that allows users to
manage every financial account they own. This allows access to current accounts, loans,
and credit cards. Users will be able to view all records from previous banking. They will
be able to track their bill payments from the site. Among these users will also be able to
generate reports based on their account. These services will be equivalent if not better
then person to person banking one would encounter at one of Coastal Unions many
locations. Coastal Union is sure to be a market leader with these services and support. We
will become the friendly, wise, and technologically leading bank that everyone would
favor to be member of.
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        The jump into the world of online banking will not come cheap however. Much
money will be spent on building and managing this new venture, but the revenue accrued
will be much greater. An online division will spark a new interest in current clients and
promote new ones to join. The convenience of online banking will increase the amount of
finances being moved through our banks as customers find it less of a hassle to get their
banking done. The online banking division will also gain support from our investors and
hopefully gain new investors. This will put more money into our hands and have the
investors behinds us. With the research we have gathered we have estimated that by the
year 2005 nearly all customer transactions will take place through online banking. Also
by offering the services now and not later we will double our current client base.

Marketing Plan
         In order to be profitable we must meet the needs of many different types of
consumers. Our initial marketing strategy will focus on determining just exactly what
our customers want. During this phase of marketing we will attempt to inform and
educate customers on the services we offer online. We will let the consumer know how
online banking can benefit them, and get feedback on the features they would like to see
in the future. Basically the first portion will be an advertising campaign. We will
prepare tellers, loan officers, and all employees who deal with customers to answer
questions related to the new service. We will distribute pamphlets and hang posters in
our branch locations that tell about our new services. Besides adverting in our branch
locations, we will get the word out using many media channels, such as the Internet,
television, radio, newspapers, and magazines.
          After we have gained a sturdy customer base our second round of marketing will
involve offers geared to specific customers when they log into our site. This will allow us
to sell other products and services to customers who may not have known about the offer
otherwise. This type of marketing will allow us to solicit ourselves, and return a profit at
the same time. Other companies who would like to advertise through our site could do so
also, while paying us a fee.

Customer Support Plan

        Costal Union will need to implement a customer support plan. To keep the
“customer friendly” reputation already obtained, we mush have superior customer
attention. Currently we have three ideas for customer support.
        The first customer service will be an online “trouble shooting” page. This page
will confer all the main functions of the page and how to navigate them, acting as an
online manual for clients. Alone with navigation, it will also discus how to personalize
accounts for ease of access for the user. This page will also include a “question and
answer” form that will allow clients to ask technical and economic questions. The
technical questions will be answered by out professional IT staff and our financial staff
members will answer economic questions.
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        The second customer service will be a local “help line” which clients will be able
to reach during business hours. This will be available so customers can be walked
through our online banking web site to understand how to overcome their dilemma. They
will be patched though to either our IT or financial staff members; by pressing either a
“1” to connect to the IT staff or a “2” to connect to the financial staff on their touch-tone
phone. With this option in customer service we hope to keep our representation a close
cliental communication agency.
        The third customer service will be an e-mail address that customers can send their
miscellaneous questions to. This will give are e-mail support readers time to receive and
educated and direct answer to theses more off beat questions. The clients will also be
urged to give a phone number and time they can be reached at so as to contact them and
give them more personal attention. By doing this, we hope to keep our more “customer
friendly” label.

Internal and External Hardware Needs

       Costal Union will not need to purchase any addition hardware that is already
acquired. With the teaming up of Probanx, hardware will be supported for all of our
needs. This is yet another cost saving aspect of going outsource with Costal Union.
Conveniently, Costal Union already has the following hardware as stated above:

       IBM Mainframe computer system
       Database
       IBM RS-6000 web server
       Multiplexers
       Firewall Server

    Costal Union can configure the already pre owned hardware to help adhere Probanx
efforts to work with us. Using hardware such as the database to backup client finances to
using the IBM RS-6000 web server to mirror the site for more rapid access and superior
bandwidth over competition will be an advantage that should be put into play.

Internal and External Information Software Needs
        With Costal Union just now switching to online banking, it is obvious that we will
require new software to keep itself organized and up to par with competition. We will
need software that offers a vast performance range that can meet almost any growth
requirements as to keep room for expansion. First of all, we will need web server
software and firewall software installed such as Apache and database software such
Oracle. We expect Probanx to supply Costal Union with all the licensing for this
software. A vast range of security software will also have to be installed to ensure the
privacy and safety of client data and finances stored in our databases and those of
Probanx. In addition to security software we will use secure socket layer, which means
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when clients connect to the online bank, no one will be able to intercept information from
the transaction. We will also implement 128-bit encryption, which is the highest level of
encryption there is. Costal Union and Probanx will have to come together to decide on
a compatible operating system to base their online banking from. All machines must be
running appropriate software that will keep them using the same languages.

Internal and External Information System Needs

        With Costal Union and Probanx working on integrating systems, there is just no
telling how far Costal Union will go. But before the instruction for Probanx to purchase
any addition software to increase performance for our site we must think about several
most important aspects:

      Enhanced security for bank and customers.
      Makes customer verification virtually instantaneous
      Reduces transaction processing time hence improved customer service.
      Easy installation and integration with existing systems
      Valuable, accessible customer database and customer relationships
      Interfaces with numerous customer applications within the bank
      Enable Auditing

With these characteristics in observation we can now start the examination of equipment
that we suggest purchase of.
        Another object that will have to be decided is what kind of Internet we will put
into use and what kind of browsers will we support. Below is a list of all browsers that
we will support on our online banking site:

   For Windows, UNIX, and Linux:

          Netscape Communicator (with Navigator) 4.04+
          Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+
          Netscape Navigator 3.04+
          Sun Hot Java 1.0+

   For Macintosh:

          Netscape Communicator (with Navigator) 4.04+
          Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+
          Netscape Navigator 3.04+

    Database software will also need to be installed. With such a vast amount of database
software, we have sifted through to find the one that we will ultimately choose when
converting to online banking. We have chosen Oracle as our database software.
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Security Needs and Discussion

        Coastal Union will strive to make the security of customer data one of the most
vital aspects in this operation. This will be accomplished through an array of different
security mechanisms. The security will take place on both sides of the communication
between clients and banking. This ensures the highest level of security. On the clients
side of the connection we will require a highly popular and supported browser such as
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Netscape’s Navigator. They will need to have the newest
versions of one of these browsers that support Encryption, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer),
and Digital Certificates (VeriSign).

        Encryption prevents the data from being read if a third party intercepts it during
the connection. Encryption applies mathematical formulas to data that locks its contents
and can only unlocked with the proper encryption key. There are several different levels
of encryption the best encryption level to use for a browser is 128bit Encryption this
offers a very high level of encryption and is nearly impossible to decode.

Secure Sockets Layer
       Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) creates a secure connection between a client’s
browser and a web server hosting the websites contents. The secure socket layer then
encrypts the data being transmitted between the two using a public key known only by
the two. This technology will be used through out the entire site to ensure that all
communication and transactions take place in a secure fashion.

Digital Certificates
        Coastal Union’s site will also make use of digital certificates. Digital certificates
are a method of securing a sites’ identity so that an imposter cannot fake the site and
collect information about users who attempt to use the fake site. Coastal Union will go
through VeriSign. VeriSign is popular and by far the best in the digital certificate

On location Security
         No only must we secure the connection between the site and the clients we must
secure the site its self. The site can access information on any client of coastal union and
this is why we must secure the sites content and physical location. The building security
will contain at least one security officer on duty at all times. The building will have state
of the art intrusion detection systems and alarms. All server hard drives will be locked
into dedicated rooms with specialized security. To keep the site secure from the Internet
we will implement a high-end server dedicated to act as a firewall between the Internet
and our internal network. The firewall will not permit any connections to the site from the
outside accept port 80 for the web site.
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Security Infrastructure

        Providing the best secure infrastructure is a top priority with Coastal Unions
online banking division. This security ensures that our customer’s information we remain
protected through out their use of our services. In order to protect this information we
will need to include some software and hardware into our infrastructure. We will need the
following Software to ensure secure infrastructure.

                     Firewall Software
                     Web server Software
                     Support Browsers
                           MS Explorer
                           Netscape
                     Digital Certificate Software
                     Encryptions Software
                     SSL Support

In assistance to the software we will also need the following hardware to maintain a
secure infrastructure with in Coastal Union.

                     Server Fire wall
                     Server Web Server
                     Database server
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                Approximate Budget
                       Human Resources

                                Technical Support           $105,000.00

                              Database Managers             $249,000.00

                    Web Development/Manager                  $92,000.00

                              Security Specialists          $120,000.00

                     Centralized Administration             $114,000.00

                       Out Source Consultation              $125,000.00

                     Total                                  $805,000.00


                                  IBM Main Frame            $400,000.00

                   IBM 4xCPU Database Server                $100,000.00

                       IBM RS-6000 Web Server                $15,000.00

                                      Multiplexers            $3,750.00

                      Bordware Firewall Server                $2,500.00

                     Total                                  $521,250.00


                                  Oracle Database            $80,000.00

                              Apache Web Server                   $0.00

                   Firewall (included w/ Server)             $15,000.00

                  FreeBSD (OS For Web Server)                     $0.00

             Custom *nix Base (OS For Firewall)                   $0.00

                     Total                                   $95,000.00

             Overall Total Cost                       $1,421,250.00
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Privacy Policy and Implications
         As financial service professionals, we respect the privacy of our customers and
are absolutely committed to protecting their confidential information, whether on the web
or not. It is Costal Union’s intention to enforce this privacy policy (as delineated) to the
letter. Any employee found breaking the policy would be subject to disciplinary action
and possible dismissal. The technology used in our website is meant to ensure your
privacy, however, no technology is 100% secure. We are continually working to provide
our customers with increased security. Costal Union does not disclose any nonpublic
personal information about customers or former customers to anyone, except as permitted
by law. Costal Union may exchange information with its affiliates and certain
nonaffiliated third parties to the extent permitted by law to service customer accounts.

        ”Cookies” are small files of data that are sent to your computer to allow us to
recognize you as a Costal Union account holder if you return to the CU site using the
same computer and browser. We send a "session cookie" to your computer if and when
you log in to your Costal Union account by entering your ID and password. These
cookies allow us to recognize you if you visit multiple pages in our site during the same
session, so that you don’t need to re-enter your password multiple times. Once you log
out or close your browser, these session cookies expire and no longer have any effect.

        Costal Union understands that the protection of nonpublic personal information is
of the utmost importance. Guarding customer privacy is the bank’s obligation. Costal
Union maintains physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to guard nonpublic
personal information. Costal Union restricts employee access to customer information
only to those employees who have a business reason to know that information to provide
products and services to customers. Costal Union trains its employees about the
importance of confidentiality and customer privacy.

You may contact us at any time to review your personal information to ensure that it is
correct, or to revise it if changes are needed.

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Module One                  TCJ Business Solutions                                 20 of 22

Appendix 1:
     Internal and External Team Resumes and Related Experience
                   1104 9TH AVENUE • BROCKWAY PA, 15824
                PHONE (814) 265-2371 • E-MAIL JMK443@PSU.EDU

                     JASON KLINE


                  January 1999 – October 1999                                    ICT Group
                  August 2000 – June 2002

                  December 2001 – January 2002                                     Pizza Hut

                  June 2002 – Present                                 Giancarlo’s Restaurant


                 1992 – 1996                             Brookville Area JR/SR High School
                                 Brookville, PA


                 1996 – 1998                Jefferson County Vocational Technical School

                                 Reynoldsville, PA


                  February 2000 – Present                       United States Army Reserves

                  Army Diesel Engine Mechanic

                  Microsoft Office XP
                  Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, XP
                  PC Maintenance Software/ Hardware
                  Some Networking Experience
Module One        TCJ Business Solutions                                 21 of 22

                                  RD 1 Box 407, Curwensville, PA 16833
                                                         (814) 236 1272
     Tyler Wilkinson                  

   Education           Clearfield county Career & Tech. Center
                                                                (2000 – 2002)
                                               Management Information Systems

                       Curwensville Area High School
                                                                (1996 – 2002)
                                               Management Information Systems

                       Penn State – Dubois
                                                                 (2002 – Present)
                                                 Information Science Technology

   Experience          Harmony Multimedia
                                                             (2002 – Present)
                                                Web Development & Multimedia

                       Computing Solutions Specialists
                                                                   (2001 – 2002)
                                       Specialist, Networking & Trouble Shooting

                       Personal Freelance
                                                               (2001 – Present)
                                  Web Design, PC Repair, Small Bus. Networking

   Skills              Programming
                                                                 C / C++, Visual C++
                                                                     Visual Basics 6.0
                                                                             PHP v3-4

                       Design & Development
                                                                         Web Based
                                                           Macromedia Flash, Director

                       Business Processing
                                                                Microsoft Word
                                                                Microsoft Excel
                                                           Microsoft PowerPoint

   Achievements                                 CIU 10 First Place Computer Fair
                                   PA Business Information Processing Certificate
                                       NOCTA Certificate of high achievements
Module One                       TCJ Business Solutions                            22 of 22

_________________Chad Facchine__________________
                * Box 157-A * Cross Road * Brockport, PA 15823 *
           * Home phone: (814) 265-1910 * Cellular phone: (814) 541-2014 *

       To pursue a career in computer network administration using a the knowledge
acquired with three years of training in Computer Network Engineering at Jefferson
County/Vocational- Technical School and a degree from Penn State’s IST program.

   Close to perfect attendance throughout 3 years at Jeff Tech
   Certified in:
        o Microsoft Network Essentials
        o CompTIA Network Plus

Competent in:
       Windows NT/ NT Server
       Windows 2000 Professional / 2000 Server / Adv. Server
       Active Directory
       Multiple network administration, tweaking, and troubleshooting programs

    Penn State Dubois, Dubois, PA
               2002 – Present
    Concentration: Information System Technology
                  QPA: unknown
       Jefferson County - DuBois Area Vocational-Technical School, Reynoldsville, PA
                   10 – 12 Grade
       Concentration: Computer Network Engineering
                  QPA: 4.0
       Brockway Area Jr./Sr. High School, Brockway, PA
                  7-9 Grade
       Concentration: Academic

   Computer Network Engineering shop Vice-President, 1999/2000 -
   Computer Network Engineering shop Parliamentarian, 2000/2001
   Computer Network Engineering shop Treasurer, 2001/2002

    Stocker / Bagger at Martino’s Bi-Lo, Brockway, PA (October 1999 - present)
    Custodian at the Holy Cross Center, Brandycamp, PA (December 1997 - present)

     Available upon request