BitterSweet by lifemate


									   Holland Junior Welfare League

           April 18, 2009
        Holland Arts Council







Thank you for joining us this evening as we share
this wonderful event together and embrace this
opportunity to raise funds and awareness for the
      children in need in our community.

                      THANK YOU!

                 - EVENT SPONSORS -
            New Holland Brewing Company
                    Piper Restaurant
                      Till Midnight
                   Via Maria Trattoria
               Rutherford & Associates
                Tom & Sally Haveman
                  DeNooyer Chevrolet
                   Modern Beverage
                     SpinDance, Inc.
             Terry’s Precast Products, Inc.

Event Chairpersons . Sarah Hondorp & Ann Rutherford
            Procurement . Tricia Cranmer
                Bid Book . Renee Sprick
         12-bid Auction . Suzanne Rutherford
           Set-up & Clean-up . Kerri deVries
             Invitations . Amylyn Robbins

          Do you Shop or Search Online?
           Start your shopping and searching at
 Select HJWL as the charity that you support. With every
  purchase or search you process Holland Junior Welfare
League will receive a small contribution. It’s a great way to
contribute to HJWL while doing the searches and shopping
                   that you already do.

         Thank you for helping us in this way!
 _________12-BID AUCTION RULES _________
              The 12-bid auction is all about chance!
From 7:30 pm - 8:15 pm take time to walk around the room and look
at the wonderful items being offered. But watch your time - bidding
  will begin at 8:15 pm sharp and popular items may fill up quickly.

  Each item has a bid sheet with 12 lines. Each line is a bid. You
 are buying a bid every time you document your name on a line -
 whether you win or not. You may purchase an initial 2 bid lines
on one item and then must get in the back of the line to purchase
additional lines. The winner is determined by drawing a number. If
the number drawn matches the number on your bid line - you’re a
winner - Congratulations! You may pick up your item at the conclu-
                         sion of the event.

   _________THE RAFFLE PACKAGES__________
                   RAFFLE TICKETS: 4/$20
Purchase from an HJWL ticket master with cash or your bid number

1 LET’S GO DOWNTOWN CHICAGO                                         -
  Enjoy a 2-night stay in Chicago’s downtown Marriot hotel.
  Underwritten by Rutherford & Associates.

2 WORK HARD, PLAY HARD                                              -
  The HJWL Wheelbarrow of Spirits is brought back by
  popular demand. Lugging this wheelbarrow home may
  be hard work - but we don’t think you’ll be complaining!
  Estimated value is over $750. Wheelbarrow donated by
  Graafschaap Hardware. Spirits donated by members of

     _________THE LIVE AUCTIONS__________
1 CHICAGO, CHICAGO                                                  -
  Play hooky and get away to the windy city. Enjoy the
  unique Chicago shopping & entertainment experience
  any 2 weekday nights (Monday-Thursday) compliments of
  Ann & Suzanne Rutherford.

2 GET COOKING                                                   -
  Let the professionals at Grand Haven’s own Artisan Cook-
  ing School whip up an entertaining & educational evening
  for you and 5 guests. A gourmet 5-star themed dinner will
  be prepared & described in detail by the Artisan chefs.
  Underwritten by Artisan Cooking School and Rutherford
  & Associates.

3 HERE FISHY FISHY                                              -
  A 6-hour charter fishing trip for 4 aboard “ProFishient”
  in Sauguatuck - donated by Greg Mariuz. Lunch from Mr.
  Pita Platters is provided on your trip compliments of Ed
      _______12-BID AUCTION ITEMS_______
1 FREE RIDE                                       $50 PER BID
Plan a night on the town for 18 of your closest friends! Enjoy
4 hours of luxury transportation in this black H2 Hummer. Do-
nated by Lily’s Limo (gratuity not included).

2 SHOW US THOSE PEARLY WHITES                      $40 PER BID
Take a first step in feeling good and looking great with brighter,
whiter teeth in 3 visits with Dr. Philip C. Wisniewski, DDS,         THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF
FAGD, PC at the Center for Compressive Dental Excellence.            HOLLAND JUNIOR WELFARE LEAGUE!
3 GAME ON                                     $30 PER BID
Premier gaming for you & your family with this Xbox 360 in-
cluding 2 popular games: LEGO Indiana Jones and Kung Fu
Panda. Underwritten by Rutherford & Associates.

4 THE BITTERSWEET SPECIAL                      $30 PER BID
Enjoy dinner out with a “BitterSweet” ending... HJWL’s sig-
nature event package is a tribute to our sponsor restaurants.
Enjoy gift certificates from each and a gift basket including
New Holland beers and delicious gourmet chocolate.
Underwritten by a HJWL member.

5 GREEK GODDESS                               $30 PER BID
Not Greek? No problem! You will be transformed into an
honorary goddess for the day with your 1 hour relaxation
massage, European facial, signature spa manicure and hot
stone pedicure. Underwritten by Baths of Caracalla European
Spa & Salon and Rutherford & Associates.

6 SPRING HAS SPRUNG                             $25 PER BID
Now that the snow has melted... it’s time for some yard work.
If you don’t win that wheelbarrow of spirits (or even if you
do!) you may want a little help working on that curb appeal.
Bosch’s Landscaping is here to help with a $250 gift certificate
towards the service of your choice.

7 COLOR YOUR WORLD                            $25 PER BID
Get to know yourself - who knew that chartreuse was “your”
color? Your own personal color analysis will simplify future
shopping experiences. Now you will KNOW if that color is
good on you. One less thing to worry about. Underwritten by
Rutherford & Associates. Includes a custom lipstick package
compliments of Personal Palette.

8 A TOUCH TOO MUCH                           $20 PER BID
If you remember this AC/DC song from the 80’s then
you will surely need it loaded on to your new iPod
Touch. Your iPod Touch includes 8 GB of song or
video storage space which translates to 1,750 songs or 10
hours of video. Underwritten by Rutherford & Associates.

9 A HUNTING WE WILL GO                         $20 PER BID
An 8 bird guided hunting package including lunch. Underwrit-                 VISIT US ONLINE
ten by Remington Forest sporting club in Fennville.                 
10 FUF!                                        $20 PER BID
HJWL auctions are famous for the Fuf! This large 4 foot denim
model is great for any decor. Donated by Comfort Research.
40 AT YOUR SERVICE                              $10 PER BID       11 FENN VALLEY FINERY                          $20 PER BID
Enjoy a spa experience with your $75 GC to Engedi Salon for       Fennville is on the map! Enjoy a selection of 12 750 ml bot-
the service of your choice - donated by Engedi and Rutherford     tles of fine Fenn Valley wine including a “Connoisseur Cork-
& Associates. Includes $30 in Paul Mitchell products from         screw” set. It’s not far from home - be sure to visit often
Innovations.                                                      for sampling & restocking. Underwritten by Rutherford &
41 ON THE EDGE                                    $10 PER BID
Squeeze a little more ice time out of this season with your       12 RAISE A RACQUET!                            $20 PER BID
ice skating lessons at The Edge Ice Arena (certificate is good    Try your (back)hand at 10 (8 if non-member) sessions of
for last 2 sessions only - Tuesday evenings: 5/19-6/25 & 7/7-     Cardio Tennis at MVP - it’s so much fun you’ll forget it’s a
8/13) including 12 passes to the rink. Fit dinner into your now   workout - if that’s really possible. Pamper your muscles (the
hurried Tuesday evenings with 2 Big Cheese pizzas & a $20         ones you now know you have) with 1 hour in-home mas-
Pizza Hut GC.                                                     sages for 2. Sign me up! Donated by MVP Athletic Club and
                                                                  Carrie Weimer.

                                                                  13 FINE WINE                                    $20 PER BID
                                                                  These top-rated Michigan wines are worth the wait. Impress at
                                                                  your holiday gathering, celebrate a special occasion, or enjoy
                                                                  fireside. Accessorized with a charming rabbit corkscrew. Do-
                                                                  nated by a HJWL member. Wines include:
                                                                     Sauvignon Blanc, Reserve 2007 - Braganini
                                                                     Traminette, Reserve 2007 - Braganini
                                                                     Merlot, Reserve 2004 - Braganini
                                                                     Cabernet Franc, Reserve 2005 - Braganini
                                                                     Pinot Grigio, 2007 - Bowers Harbor Vineyards
                                                                     Cabernet Franc, 2005 - Peninsula Cellars
                                                                     Late Harvest Riesling, 2007 - Chateau Grand Traverse
                                                                     White Wine, 2006 Ship of Fools - Chateau Grand Traverse
                                                                     Arcturos Riesling, 2007 - Black Star Farm

                                                                  14 FINE TUNE YOUR RUNNING PROGRAM $20 PER BID
                                                                  No excuses now! You’ve got all of the essentials to com-
                                                                  plete your next running goal: professional training program,
                                                                  shoes, shirt & socks donated by Running Circles - and don’t
                                                                  forget the most important part - your tunes stored on a new
                                                                  8G MP3 player compliments of Best Buy.

                                                                  15 BACK TO HEALTH                          $20 PER BID
                                                                  Get yourself aligned with two chiropractic sessions ($300
                                                                  value) and a 1 hour massage. Does a body good. Donated by
                                                                  Back to Health Chiropractic.

                                                                  16 RELAX FOR THE HEALTH OF IT                    $20 PER BID
                                                                  Your mission is to get healthy. Start by relieving your stress
                                                                  with two 1-hour massages compliments of Marianna Maver
                                                                  at Nurture Therapeutic Massage & Yoga. Then avoid the
                                                                  crowds and enjoy an evening “in” with your $30 Blockbuster
                                                                  GC. Continue to make yourself whole with Eiro superfruit
                                                                  juice and energy drinks donated by a HJWL member.
                                                                  Mission accomplished.

                                                                  17 SWEET TOOTH                               $15 PER BID
                                                                  Indulge in a pound of candy each month this year from your
                                                                  favorite local candy shop - The Peanut Store. Underwritten
                                                                  by a HJWL member. Start off that year right with a 2 lb box
                                                                  of chocolates compliments of The Peanut Store.

                                                                  18 FUF TOO                                    $15 PER BID
                                                                  Another Fuf chair - this one is medium sized - just right for
                                                                  mama bear. A unique piece in seafoam green. Donated by
                                                                  Comfort Research.
19 PARTY OF SIX                                    $15 PER BID       29 GET SOAKED                                   $15 PER BID
You are invited to a party for 6 at The Lost City (2 games of        Keep your ride sparkling clean inside & out with 4 ‘Ultimate
laser tag, 2 rounds of mini golf & 2 pitchers of pop). Celebrate     Wash’ gift certificates to Soakers. Includes detailing package
right by including a Cold Stone Creamery cake ($20 GC).              from Elhart Collision.
Donated by The Lost City and Rutherford & Associates.
                                                                     30 SMILE IN STYLE                              $15 PER BID
20 ‘NOTHER PAR-TAY                                 $15 PER BID       You will have a winning smile for your session with Steven F.
Nope - you are not seeing double - you are invited to another        Fox photography ($100 GC) when you are dressed in style by
party! Passes for 6 to The Lost City (2 games of laser tag, 2        jb and me ($50 GC underwritten by a HJWL member).
rounds of mini golf & 2 pitchers of pop). Wind down back at
home with your Blockbuster movies ($30 GC). Donated by               31 KNIT ONE, PEARL TWO                           $15 PER BID
The Lost City and Rutherford & Associates.
                                                                     The art of knitting is at your fingertips with this $100 gift
                                                                     certificate to Holland’s friendly yarn shop: Lizzie Ann’s Wool
21 PAINT A POT                                     $15 PER BID       Company. Donated by Lizzie Ann’s Wool Co. Complimentary
Discover hidden artistic talents with this Paint-A-Pot party for     accessories underwritten by Rutherford & Associates.
8 including lunch at Russ’ ($50 gift certificate). Top it off with
a custom cake from Cakes by Carol.                                   32 ZOO SNOOZE                                   $15 PER BID
                                                                     The ultimate experience for a kid (or a kid at heart) - spend
22 TEE TIMES 2                                    $15 PER BID        a night with the animals at Binder Park Zoo! Your “Zoo
Prepare for golf season with a 1 hour session on Holland’s pre-      Snooze” package includes an overnight adventure for 4. Un-
mier golf simulator at Century Lanes - up to 4 people can play.      derwritten by HJWL member.
Then take it outside for 18 holes & cart for 2 on Crestview Golf
Course. Sorry - no guarantees to lower your handicap.                33 HOT & SPICY                                  $10 PER BID
                                                                     All the makings of a Mexican fiesta: El Rancho ($20), Qdoba
23 3 REASONS TO CELEBRATE                      $15 PER BID           ($20), Margarita’s ($20), Baja Grill ($15). Donated by a HJWL
A bottle of white, a bottle of red, and dinner ($100 GC) at          member.
Belevedere Inn - an intimate dinner setting. Donated by Bele-
vedere Inn and Rutherford & Associates.                              34 CHEESEY DOES IT                          $10 PER BID
                                                                     You may not want to tell anyone when you win this one!
24 3 MORE REASONS TO CELEBRATE                $15 PER BID            Enjoy a 6” cheesecake each month for a year from Creations
A bottle of white, a bottle of red, and dinner ($100 GC) at          by Marcia. Underwritten by Rutherford & Associates.
City Vu - a contemporary dinner setting. Donated by HJWL
members.                                                             35 PRIMA BALLERINA                                 $10 PER BID
                                                                     One semester’s dance tuition at Grand Haven’s Spotlight
25 TAKE CARE OF YOU                           $15 PER BID            Dance paired with a delicate handmade tu tu and bag from
A 30 minute massage, spa facial, manicure, & pedicure would          Petunia’s. It’s the seed for a little girls dream.
certainly round out the day. Take care of you - or make it a
great gift for the mom in your life! Mothers Day is May 10.          36 GET YOUR (FAT)HEAD IN THE GAME              $10 PER BID
Compliments of Jena Leigh’s.
                                                                     If you are a BIG Piston’s fan then you will love this REALLY
                                                                     BIG Rip Hamilton Fathead. Rearrange the furniture - you’ll
26 ROLL OUT THE BARREL                         $15 PER BID           need to make room for this life-sized replica of the Piston’s
with this 125 count barrel humidor and cigars. This humidor          MVP point guard. Donated by Fathead, LLC.
comes complete with a removable cedar tray, exterior digital
hygrometer, humidifier, and beveled glass lid. Accompanied           37 COME CLEAN                                  $10 PER BID
by 3 bundles of 5-1/2x42 Thompson Black Label cigars.
Underwritten by Rutherford & Associates.                             Spring cleaning - done! There is nothing better then coming
                                                                     home after it’s been professionally cleaned (6 hour session).
                                                                     Enjoy your time away and welcome home! Donated by Your
27 DOUBLE THE FUN                              $15 PER BID           Complete Cleaning Service with Kim Briggs.
A night at the Holland Doubletree hotel including dinner for
2 at the West Coast Grille. Two prizes for Two people at the         38 DID YOU SAY 15 KIDS?                        $10 PER BID
Doubletree. Twice as nice.
                                                                     You heard it right - a pre-planned 2-hour party for 15 kids at
                                                                     MVP Athletic Club. Wow. You ARE the best parents ever!
28 HEAVEN ON EARTH                              $15 PER BID
Kilwin’s. $100. Heaven. A basket filled with handmade good-          39 MASSAGE & MORE                            $10 PER BID
ies will get you started on your chocolate adventure. Be sure
to get the dark stuff - it’s good for you. Underwritten by Ru-       Enjoy your $75 GC for a hot stone massage at Panopoulos
therford & Associates.                                               Salon and splurge on a few extras with an additional $30 in
                                                                     discount cards. Underwritten by Rutherford & Associates.

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