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m 118 Years of Editorial Freedom
of Editorial Freedom 118 Years of
m 118 Years of Editorial Freedom
 y of Michigan Student Publication
ublication A University of Michigan
 y of Michigan Student Publication
Office DirectOry
the Michigan Daily, 420 Maynard Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. 48109
Web site address: www.michigandaily.com

Display Sales 734-764-0554

classified Sales 734-764-0557

National Sales 734-764-0431

Online Sales 734-615-0135

finance/credit 734-763-3246

Business & circulation 734-764-0558

Accounts receivable/Payable 734-764-0550

Business fax 734-936-1054

editorial Staff 734-76-DAILY (763-2459)

Business Manager                Elaina Bugli 734-764-0558

Display Sales Manager           Michael Schrotenboer 734-764-0554

classified Sales Manager        Ryan Businski 734-764-0557

Online Sales Manager            Marissa Gerber 734-615-0135

finance Manager                 Daniel Cheung 734-763-3246
the MichigAN MArket

                                                                community readership
                                                                        Total Graduate Students:        14,959
                                                                  Total Undergraduate Students:         26,083
                                                                                        Seniors:        7,706
                                                                                         Juniors:       6,628
                                                                                   Sophomores:          5,787
                                                                                      Freshmen:         5,788

                                                                gender readership (Undergrad & Grad)
                                                                                     Female: 19,756
                                                                                       Male: 21,286

tMD 2008 Survey results
•	 Over 65% of students read The Michigan Daily at least 4 times/week; over 90% of students
   read The Daily at least twice a week.
•	 Next to individual business websites, The Michigan Daily is the most popular advertising
   source when looking for off-campus housing.
•	 Most students consider The Michigan Daily a primary source of news and their primary
   source for entertainment news.
•	 A majority of respondents took action based on an ad they had seen in The Michigan Daily.
   Most either discussed an ad with someone or visited an advertiser’s website.
•	 Sports Mondays and Football Saturdays are the most frequently read sections.
•	 Nearly 85% of students reported a monthly disposable income of up to $500.

Readership Results are taken from The 2007 Annual Index provided by the University of Michigan Office of the Registrar.
Survey Results are taken from The Michigan Daily 2008 Readership Survey conducted by Power Marketing.
DiSPlAy ADvertiSiNg
                                                                                all contracttesrm
                                                                               issued per

         Open Rate         $16.50 pci
RegulaR nOn-pROfit         $14.85 pci
    uM nOn-pROfit          $14.05 pci

        Bulk                                 cONtrAct rAteS
    cONtrAct rAteS                      minimum number of inches per ad per week

          130”        $16.20                       3”             $16.20
          200”         15.50                       8”              15.85
          300”         15.00                      16”              15.20
          400”         14.50                      31”              15.00
          600”+        14.00                      63”              14.85
                                                  94”              14.70

  SPONSOrShiP cONtrActS                          cOlOr rAteS
                      1 Term                            1 color      2 color    Full Color
        1 Day/wk      $80.00            Open Rate        $130         $260       $390
      3+ Days/wk       70.00
Display Deadlines
                                                          Deadline is
                                                          business day
Publication Day           Deadline
Monday                    Wednesday, 2:30 p.m.
                                                 tH R e e
                                                    rior to public
Tuesday                   Thursday, 2:30 p.m.
Wednesday                 Friday, 2:30 p.m.
                                                        te at 2:30 p
Thursday                  Monday, 2:30 p.m.
Friday                    Tuesday, 2:30 p.m.
Display Policies
early Deadlines Early deadlines
apply to the first three papers of
each semester, as well as the
papers following Fall Study Break,
Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring
Break, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
Please contact your Account Executive
for details.
cancellations Advertisers may cancel
ads until deadline without penalty. TMD
will assess full advertising charges if an
ad is cancelled after deadline.
Display Ad Proofs If proofs are
requested before publication, ads must
be placed by 2:30 p.m., two business
days prior to regular deadlines.
Requests for full broadsheet page
proofs must be placed by 2:30 p.m.,
four days prior to regular deadline.
Limit one proof per ad.
   Special Pages and Sections
                   Each Special Page is placed within The Michigan Daily with a color background. Sold at a premium
                   rate, the ads on each Special Page reach a targeted market. Ads are available in modular sizes,
SpeCial pageS

                   starting at a 2x2 for only $99.
                   Page                     Description                        Deadline         Published
                   Graduate School          Grad school & programs             Oct. 6           Oct. 13
                   Holiday Shopping         Shopping gift guide                Nov. 25          Dec. 5
                   Study Abroad             Overseas work & education          Dec. 10          Jan. 13
                   Valentine’s Day          Gifts from the heart               Feb. 3           Feb. 10
                   St. Patrick’s Day        Celebrations & specials            Mar. 6           Mar. 13
                   Packing                  Shipping & storage                 Mar. 24          Mar. 31

                   Each Special Section is printed amid editorial content in a tabloid format except for Graduation, which
SpeCial SeCtiOnS

                   will be in broadsheet format. Open rates apply, and ad inches may apply to semester contracts.
                   Section                  Description                        Deadline         Published
                   Football Saturday        Home game coverage                 3 days prior     Home games
                   Face Off                 Michigan hockey guide              Oct. 2           Oct. 9
                   Career                   Opportunities, Career Fair         Sept. 15         Sept. 22
                   Election Edition         Election coverage                  Oct. 22          Oct. 29
                   Tip Off                  Michigan basketball guide          TBA              TBA
                   Spring Break             Travel rates & services            Jan. 22          Jan. 29
                   Fashion                  New spring trends                  Mar. 19          Mar. 26
                   Best of Ann Arbor        Our annual readership poll         Apr. 9           Apr. 16
                   Graduation               Senior commemorative issue         Apr. 14          Apr. 21

                   published in                    an editorial tabloid           an entertainment section
                   broadsheet format               published every                published in broadsheet
                   the first day of every          Wednesday of the               format every Thursday of
                   academic week                   academic year                  the academic year
•	 Insert orders must equal press run of 18,000.
•	 Rates are net/non-commissionable.
•	 Advertiser is responsible for printing of inserts, prior
   to shipping.
•	 A sample of the insert and payment must be received
                                                                                    SHip inSeRtS DiReCtly tO pRinteR:
   by the Business Manager for approval one week                                           grand Blanc printing
   prior to distribution. Failure to do so will result in
   rescheduling the insert. Inserts shipped before
                                                                                           Bob Henderson
   Business Manager approval remain the Advertiser’s                                       9449 Holly Road
•	 Inserts larger than 11.5” x 13” must be folded prior to
                                                                                           grand Blanc, Mich. 48439
   shipping, and meet minimum size requirements.
•	 Inserts must arrive at the printer at least 3 business
   days prior to insertion date.
•	 Information printed in inserts does not necessarily
   reflect the views and policies of The Michigan Daily.

       iNSert rAteS (per term)                                                            MaX. S iZ e
                                                                inSeRt DiMenSiOnS

     size             1–3x           4x +                                                 11.5” x
    1-4 pages        $75.00         $65.00                                                  (folded)
                                               cost per 1,000

    5-8 pages         80.00          70.00
   9-12 pages         85.00          75.00

                                                                                                        M i n. S iZ e
  13-16 pages         90.00          80.00
  17-20 pages         95.00          85.00
  21-48 pages        100.00          90.00                                                              3.5” x 5
clASSifieD ADvertiSiNg
                                                                                      all contracttesrm
                                                                                     issued per

                                           $4.30/line for the first day.
Open ClaSSifieD line Rate {                $2.15/line each additional, consecutive day.

  Fall semester deadline: Oct. 13, 2008
  Winter semester deadline: Feb. 5, 2009                Bulk cONtrActS
                                                       minimum number of lines per term
                                                            275 lines        $1.65
  frequeNcy cONtrActS                                       405 lines         1.60
       minimum number of lines per day                      545 lines         1.55
             3 lines     $1.65                             800+ lines         1.45
           4-7 lines      1.60
           8+ lines       1.50

Open ClaSSifieD DiSplay Rate {                 $16.75 per column inch

                                                  crOSSwOrD SPONSOr

                                                                                               (2 col. x 2” display ad)
                                                            One time run:      $75.00
      Bulk cONtrActS                                       2-3 runs/week:      $72.00
                                                        Semester contract:     $68.00
             40”        $14.15
             55”         13.60
             70”         13.30                    hOrOScOPe SPONSOr
            100”+        13.00                              One time run:      $70.00
                                                           2-3 runs/week:      $67.00
                                                        Semester contract:     $63.00
classified Deadlines                                   classified Policies
                                                       Abbreviations Only standard          compensation is rewarded if
line ads                                               abbreviations as defined by          site problems occur.
11:30 a.m., one business day prior to publication      TMD will be accepted.
                                                                                            Payment No personal checks
camera-ready display ads                               Ad Placement TMD does                will be accepted during the
11:30 a.m., two business days prior to publication     not guarantee placement              last 30 days of the winter term.
                                                       within classifications.
typeset display ads                                                                         refusal All ads are subject
11:30 a.m., three business days prior to publication   cancellations Ads may be             to editing and approval.
                                                       cancelled prior to deadline          TMD does not publish
Proofs                                                 only. Refunds will only be           advertisements for resale of
11:30 a.m., five business days prior to publication    issued for ads cancelled prior       tickets at more than their face
                                                       to their first publication date.     value. TMD reserves the right
*Deadlines for personal ads are                                                             to request samples of mail
one day prior to normal deadlines.                     changes Minor changes                order items prior to accepting
                                                       (those not affecting line count      advertising.
                                                       or general content) will be
                                                       permitted until 11:30 a.m. on        renewals If an ad is
Special Page                 Deadline     Published    deadline day.                        discontinued and then started
                                                                                            again at a later date, it is billed
campus involvement          Sept. 18      Sept. 25     contracts Each contract is           as a new ad. An ad may be
Opportunity for students to                            one term in length, and no           extended at a consecutive rate
find organizations in the                              student discount applies.            if requested and paid in full by
University community.                                                                       11:30 a.m. on the originally
                                                       liability TMD will be                scheduled ending date.
                                                       responsible for classified
fall realty              Oct. 16          Oct. 23
                                                       advertisement errors only if         Size Classified display ad
Realtors’ opportunity to                               notified by 5:00 p.m. on the         width maximum is one column,
showcase their September                               first day of publication, and will   and minimum of one inch
and May properties.                                    only provide a refund for the        deep. Two line minimum for
                                                       first day of errors.                 line ads. Variations in font
Summer employment            Feb. 5       Feb. 12                                           style and size are available
Get a jump on hiring                                   line Ad format The first 3           for classified display ads only.
students for summer                                    words of the first line will be      Each line has approx. 20-25
jobs or internships.                                   capitalized and in bold print.       characters.
                                                       Other formatting will only be
Summer realty                Mar. 19      Mar. 26      considered for ads of 8 or           Student Discount 25%
The best way for realtors to                           more lines.                          off non-organizational, non-
advertise properties and sublets.                                                           business ads only. Must be
                                                       Online Classified line ads           placed in person, with student
                                                       can now be found on TMD’s            I.D.
                                                       web site, www.michigandaily.
                                                       com. They are online FREE            tearsheets Provided by
                                                       of charge and therefore no           request only.
MechANicAl SPecificAtiONS & SAMPle SiZeS
                                                       reproduction Specifications
                                                       •	 The Michigan Daily is printed with offset process.
                                                       •	 Ads are required to be PDFs. Contact your Account Executive
                                                          for more info.

  columns                inches
                                                       •	 For camera-ready ads, black & white glossy photos and original artwork
                                                          are needed for the best reproduction.

                                   COluMn DiMenSiOnS
       1                 1 13/16                       •	 Faxes and images from web pages are not recommended as artwork.

                                    inCluDe BORDeRS
       2                 3 3/4                         •	 Camera-ready artwork will require scanning which may reduce image
       3                 5 11/16                          quality. Artwork should be printed with an 85 line screen for best
       4                 7 5/8                            reproduction. 100 line screen is needed for four color ads. Artwork should
       5                 9 9/16                           have at least 300 dpi resolution for optimal quality.
       6                 11 1/2                        •	 Screens less than 20% or greater than 80% are not recommended.
                                                       •	 Quality of reproduction decreases when artwork is resized.
                                                       •	 TMD cannot guarantee quality of reproduction if specifications are not met.
                                                       •	 Creative services by The Michigan Daily student design staff
                                                          are free of charge.

 6 columns x 21 inches

                                                                                               O n e C O lu M
                                                                                                                n i nCH
   Full Page                                                                                       1.8125”
     6 x 21     Sixteenth Page                                                                                   x 1”
   $2,079.00         2x4

               Eighth Page                                                 tABlOiD
                  4x4               Half Page                              5 columns x 11 inches
                 $264.00             Vertical
                                      3 x 21
                                                                                                        Sixteenth Page
                                                                                  Full Page                  1x4
                                                                                   5 x 11                   $66.00
           Half Page                                                              $907.50
                                                       Quarter Page                                     Eighth Page
                                                         3 x 10.5                                          2x4
            6 x 10.5
                                                         $519.75                                          $132.00
                                                                                  Half Page
                                                                                   5 x 5.5                 Quarter Page
                                                                                  $453.75                     4x4
ONliNe ADvertiSiNg
                                                                                                 all button r000
                                                                                                  are per 1 ns

      (728 x 90 pixels)                     (300 x 250 pixels)                       (300 x 250 pixels)
       BANNer                             tOP ButtON                         lOwer ButtONS
          $10.00                                 $7.50                                    $5.00
     $8.50 if 100,000+                      $6.50 if 100,000+                        $4.25 if 100,000+
One Semester Contract $3,000          One Semester Contract $2,700             One Semester Contract $2,250
½ Semester Contract $2,100            ½ Semester Contract $1,800               ½ Semester Contract $975

                     text liNkS                                    eMAil BlAStS
               Maximum of 5 words plus URL                           Ad inside daily email to
                 Unlimited Spots Available                       registered Michigan Daily users
                         $90/mo.                                            $150/mo.
            One Semester Contract: 10% Discount             *One month is equal to 4 calendar weeks
            *Must be signed by 10/8/08

ONliNe AD SPecificAtiONS                                     ONliNe POlicieS
•	 Each ad must be placed with a minimum of 10,000           Ad Ownership The Michigan Daily owns all rights to an
   impressions.                                              ad created by our staff. File work will not be distributed to
•	 Our site receives approximately 50,000 impressions per    advertisers for personal use.
   week.                                                     Ad Specifications All ad files must be sent in a PDF,
•	 Ads will rotate through all index and story pages.        JPEG, or GIF format.
•	 Advertising will not appear on editorial pages.
•	 Prices include FREE ad production services.               cancellation Any online advertisement may be cancelled
                                                             by 5:00 p.m. the day of deadline without penalty. After that
                                                             time, the ad may be cancelled but the advertiser will incur
ONliNe DeADliNe
                                                             the cost of the minimum 3,000 impressions.
3 p.m. the day prior to publication
                                                             Downtime In the case of downtime, each advertiser is still
Ad Proof 3 p.m. three days prior to the ad run (proof can
                                                             guaranteed their total paid amount of impressions.
be viewed online prior to run).
geNerAl POlicieS
Ad placement reserves the right to              liability TMD assumes no financial               Payment Pre-payment is required for all
determine the location of ads within the        responsibility for errors in advertisements      advertising unless Advertiser is approved
paper. Position requests are available for      beyond the cost of space actually occupied       for billing. A local personal check*,
an additional fee.                              by the error, or the percentage of error         business check, cashier’s check, money
                                                that detracts from the effectiveness of the      order, Visa, MasterCard or American
Billing approval Allow a minimum of             advertising message, as determined by            Express will be accepted. University
one week for credit applications to be          TMD. TMD assumes no responsibility for           purchase orders and Pcards will also
processed. All companies advertising            any error not caused by TMD. Advertiser          be accepted. No U of M shortcodes
for Spring Break, websites, or political        agrees to defend and indemnify TMD               or account numbers can be accepted.
campaigns are not subject to billing            against any and all liability, loss or           *Imprinted street address required on all
approval; ads will be accepted on a pre-        expense arising from claims of libel,            checks.
pay basis only, no exceptions.                  infringement of trademarks, copyrights,
                                                trade names, patents, proprietary                Prepayment Pre-payment for frequency
Borders A one point rule will be added to       rights or violation of rights of privacy,        contracts must cover at least one month’s
any ad that has no specified border.            resulting from the publication of the            ads.
                                                Advertiser’s advertisement. The liability
cancellations Please see individual             of TMD for failure to publish a scheduled        rates All rates are net/non-
department policies regarding ad                advertisement for any reason, or for             commissionable.
cancellations.                                  publishing incorrect ads in a specified
                                                issue, will be limited to publishing the         refusal TMD reserves the right to decline,
corrections/replacements Requests               advertisement in a subsequent issue. The         discontinue, or revise any advertisement.
for correction of minor errors or               liability of TMD for failure to publish color    Ads found to be defamatory, lacking factual
replacement of camera ready/e-ads will          for any reason will be limited to a credit for   basis, misleading or false in nature may
be accepted until noon the day before           the value of the color charge.                   be rejected. TMD reserves the right to
publication. Honoring requests is at                                                             include the words “Paid Advertisement” in
the discretion of TMD. In addition, see         Orientation Advertisements will not be           any ad. Ads are subject to cancellation by
department policies.                            printed upside down.                             TMD at any time prior to publication. All
                                                                                                 controversial ads are subject to a 24-hour
credit terms Payment is due and                 Overdue accounts Accounts that                   waiting period prior to approval or denial.
payable on the 30th of the month following      remain unpaid after 30 days are subject          All political ads require prepayment and
publication.                                    to a monthly finance charge of 1.5% of           a disclaimer to indicate a contact for the
                                                the unpaid balance (18% APR). Billing            sponsor of the ad.
Depth requirements Advertisements in            advertisers who reach 90-day past-due
the broadsheet paper which exceed 18”           status will not be allowed to advertise in       tearsheets Display advertising tearsheets
in depth will be billed at full column (21”).   TMD until account balance is paid in full. If    are mailed at the end of each month.
Advertisements in the tabloid paper which       payment has not been received after 120
exceed 8.5” in depth will be billed at full     days, any collection fees warranted are the      typeset advertising Advertising typeset
tabloid column (11”).                           responsibility of the advertiser.                by TMD may not be reproduced without
                                                                                                 prior written consent of TMD.
e-ads Advertisements are accepted via
email. Advertiser must place an order with
a Michigan Daily Account Executive prior to
sending an e-ad. E-ads must meet current
specifications; please call the Display
Department or see our webpage for these
criteria. No proofs will be provided for
e-ads and no credits will be given for errors
in an e-ad.
DiStriButiON SiteS & circulAtiON
        (734) 764-0558

The Michigan Daily has 120 distribution locations at the University and throughout Ann Arbor. Drop sites
include numerous sites on North Campus, several off-campus drop boxes, and local businesses.

The Michigan Daily is published every Monday through Friday of the academic year.
TMD has an 18,000 free-drop circulation. Papers are distributed before 8:00 a.m. at the following locations:

CentRal CaMpuS
611 Church                  C.C. Little                  Fletcher Hall                   L.S.A.                          Proffer
Administration Services     Café Ambrosia                Ford Building                   Markley                         Rackham
Afternoon Delight           Campus Corner                Graduate Library                Martha Cook Hall                School of Ed.
Alice Lloyd                 CCRB                         Hearing Building                Mason Hall                      Shaman Drum
Alumni Assoc.               Chemistry Building           Helen Newberry Hall             Michigan League                 Social Work
Amers                       Couzens                      Institute for Social Research   Michigan Union                  South Quad
Angell Hall                 DANA                         In ‘n’ Out Party Store          MLB                             Student Publications
Box @ Church & S.U.         Dennison                     Kaplan                          MoJo                            Tappan Hall
Box @ Post Office           Dental School                Kinesiology                     Natural Science                 Undergrad Library
Box @ State                 Diag Party Store             Lane Hall                       Naval Research                  University Towers
Box @ State & N.U.          East Engineering (Hall)      Law School                      North Hall                      Village Apothecary
Brueggers Bagels            East Quad                    Law Sub                         North Ingalls @ Corner          West Quad
Business Administration     Espresso Royale              Lawyers Club                    Palmer Commons
Bus Stop at N.U. & Geddes   Executive Education          Life Sciences                   Paton Acct. Center
Business School             Flemming                     Lorch Hall                      Physical Properties

nORtH CaMpuS/MeDiCal CenteR                                                                          Off-CaMpuS
                                                                                                     1st Street
Advanced Technology            Institute Science Technology    North Campus Commons
Aerospace                      Kellog Eye Center               North Campus Rec Bldg.                Argus 1
Arts & Architecture            Kresge                          Nursing School                        Argus 2
Baits 1                        Lurie                           Pierpont Commons                      Box @ Catherine & Glen
Baits 2                        Media Union                     Public Safety @ Kipke                 Café Felix
Bursley Hall                   Medical Science 1&3             School of Public Health               Domino Farms
Cooley                         Medical Science Lobby           School of Music                       Hillel
EECS                           Medical Science 2 @ Taubman     Space Research                        Kerrytown
EWRE                           MSRB 1                          Sterns Building                       M-Den @ Main
Family Housing                 MSRB 2                          West Engineering                      Party Store @ Geddes
G.G. Brown Lab                 NCRB                            Xavier Bulding                        Oxford
H.H. Dow Bldg.                 North Campus Bus Stop                                                 Trotter Multicultural House
PuBlicAtiON cAleNDAr 2008–2009

            M    tu   w    th   f               M    tu   w    th   f

                 2    3    4    5               3    4    5    6    7

            8    9    10   11   12              10   11   12   13   14

            15   16   17   18   19              17   18   19   20   21

            22   23   24   25   26              24   25   26

            29   30

            M    tu   w    th   f               M    tu   w    th   f

                      1    2    3               1    2    3    4    5

            6    7    8    9    10              8    9

            13   14   15   16   17

                      22   23   24

            27   28   29   30   31
                                     PUBLICATION       SPECIAL ISSUE

           M    tu   w    th   f            M    tu    w    th    f

                                            2      3   4     5    6

                     7    8    9            9    10    11   12    13

           12   13   14   15   16           16   17    18   19    20

                20   21   22   23           23   24    25   26    27

           26   27   28   29   30           30   31

           M    tu   w    th   f            M    tu    w    th    f

           2    3    4    5    6                       1     2    3

           9    10   11   12   13           6      7   8     9    10

           16   17   18   19   20           13   14    15   16    17

                                            20   21
                                                 Fall 2008 & Win
0                 EARN $800-$3200.                       Fall 200
                  PUPPIES FOR SALE               Fall 2008 & Win

      1 COLUMN

      2 COLUMNS

      3 COLUMNS

                               ROOM FOR RENT!
    118 Years of Editorial Freedom 118 Years of Editorial Freedom
                         118 Years of Editorial Freedom 118 Years o
                               PARKING SPACES
    118 Years of Editorial Freedom 118 Years of Editorial Freedom

         A University of Michigan Student Publication A University
         Student by
                               2, 3 & 4 BEDROOM
                    Publication A University of Michigan Student Pu
                               APTS ON HILL ST
         A University of Michigan Student Publication A University
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