Rent to Own Rent to Own is an option that

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					                             Rent to Own

Rent to Own is an option that is available on most Homes In Gaylord rentals.
If your goal is to own your own home the management is offering this
unique opportunity. If your home qualifies for a rent to own you would
enter into a lease option. A value is placed on the home using an appraisal
or fair market analysis.

   A. During the period of your lease dated ______________ for the period
      of _________________ to ________________ The residential unit
      you are renting at _____________________________ may be
      purchased for $___________. Your deposit of $__________ and a
      portion of your monthly rent $_________ will be applied to the

   B. If during the period of your lease you would like to purchase another
      home you may be released from your lease. This may be done under
      the provision that the property desired for purchase is being offered
      by the Water Wonderland Multiple Listing Service, and that you sign
      a Buyers Agency Agreement with management and use them as your
      representative in the purchase.

   C. Other Conditions