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Forest Information Update Vol 11 No 2

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In this edition of Forest Information Update we discover new and interesting ideas on scientific mysteries in the natural world still hold a fascination. More links to articles of interest.

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									                            FOREST INFORMATION UPDATE VOL. 11 NO. 2
                                         February 2010

Welcome to this edition of Forest Information Update. One of the joys of producing Forest Information
Update is discovering new and interesting ideas in articles attempting to explain in a scientific manner the
mysteries of the natural world. Sometimes the articles are “picked up” by the mainstream media. The UK-
based weekly The Economist has an excellent Science & Technology section and recently featured an
article entitled “Tree and leaf” – exploring how the study of living things may shed light on urban planning.
The item was based on articles in Physical Review Letters, including one how standard planning based
on a tree, branch and twig system may be challenged by findings regarding the benefits of the very
different architecture found in a leaf. Possibly challenging stuff for agencies organizing our infrastructure
(and our lives) based on a simple tree diagram. See the articles in our list of Articles of Interest below.

Feel free to follow up this edition with discussions and news items at the new Forest Information Linked-in
group at

Please, feel free to contact me if you have any queries about content or sponsorship. Kind regards, Mike
Smith, Editor and Director or

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Team Remsoft is hosting a reception and free demonstration of the new Remsoft Tactical Planner and

Collaboration Technologies in Melbourne and Rotorua in May. This event is open to all our clients and to
those who want to learn more about the software and why we are the industry standard world-wide.
Applications include:
•       Tradeoff analysis
•       Carbon strategies
•       Biomass & biofuel analysis
•       Valuation
•       Operational planning
•       Higher and best-use
•       Risk management
•       Cash-flow analysis
•       Harvest scheduling
•       Certification & compliance
•       Collaboration
•       Transparent, accountable defensible plans
For more event information please visit or email to confirm your attendance.
We hope to see you.

The Department of Forest and Wood Science, Stellenbosch University, South Africa is presenting a
Precision Forestry Symposium in Stellenbosch from 1 to 3 March 2010. For detail refer to or contact Pierre Ackerman at

LASER TECHNOLOGY, INC. is the innovator and pioneer of reflectorless distance measurement and the
leading manufacturer of pulse-laser products and mapping systems. Introducing the Criterion RD1000,
the first patented electronic BAF-scope/dendrometer that displays direct read-outs of heights, diameters
and BAF values for IN/OUT determinations. The illuminated and adjustable bar scales is what makes this
product so unique! The TruPulse series, a low-cost professional rangefinder that measures horizontal,
vertical and slope distance as well as height...and now azimuth! It provides crystal-clear optics and
superior performance with +/-1 ft. (30 cm) distance accuracy and +/- 1 degree azimuth accuracy. Visit: for more info!

The latest edition of the Southern Hemisphere Forest Industry Journal highlights the impact of the
recession of forest product manufacturing across the southern hemisphere, with as much as US$2 billion
in manufacturing output wiped out in Australia and New Zealand alone.
And, the collapse of a London, UK-based equity investment group has left plans by an indigenous Maori
tribal group in New Zealand to capitalise on the new carbon trading market for forests up in the air. For
more details, go to the link at:

INPUT - This month's input comes from: Gyde Lund, Krishna Devkota, Gary Krupnick, Nelson Wong,
Lance Olsen, Tina Etherington, Gandhiv Kafle, Artur Gil, Ross Mayhew, Infosylva, Paulo Alexandre
Martins Fernandes, Andrea Camia, IUFRO, Peter Schlesinger, Cédric Pène. Thank you all for sharing
your information!



INTERNATIONAL FOREST REGIME - The use and conservation of forests and trees around the globe is
governed by a multitude of international agreements and instruments, ranging from the Non-Legally
Binding Instrument on All Types of Forests to the forest-related provisions of the World Trade Agreement.
In December 2009, the members of the newly established IUFRO-led Expert Panel on the International
Forest Regime held their first meeting in Vienna to agree on the content and process of the first global
scientific assessment of this international forest regime. Find out more about the IUFRO-led Global Forest
Expert Panels (GFEP) at:

. FIRST NATION FLOATS LOG RECOVERY IDEA - North of Terrace Bay, the waters of Kenogami
River, Long Lake and the Aguasabon River flow toward Lake Superior, a natural route for thousands of
trees heading to sawmills in the days before wood-laden trucks thundered down asphalt highways. Long
Lake #58 First Nation economic development officer John O'Nabigon says the logs left behind under
water present a new economic direction and the potential for jobs in underwater.

. GOVERNMENT ACCUSED OF PREVARICATING - A group of 14 organisations has asked the
Government to revoke the mining lease and permit granted to Newmont Gold Ghana Limited (NGGL) to
destroy the Ajenua-Bepo Forest Reserve in the Eastern Region, The Ghanaian Journal reported.. Mining
in the Reserve would lead to the creation of a trench, which would be 2.5 kilometres long; 900 metres
wide and 500 metres deep.

International Year of Biodiversity by the United Nations. It was kicked off with an inaugural event
organized and held at UNESCO's headquarters on January 21. This event was followed by a conference
on 'Science policy and biodiversity' from 25-29 January. The activities aim to present an overview of what
we know about biodiversity and to boost awareness of the alarming rate of biodiversity loss.

Association of Canada (FPAC) recently released a comprehensive, first-of-its-kind study that shows how
the forest products industry can build on its world-class forest management practices to emerge from the
current recession as an engine of growth in the bio-economy. “The study, The Future Bio-pathways
Project, focuses on the triple bottom line: clean energy, high employment and economic recovery. The
results are clear – integrating the production of bio-products and bio-energy into the existing industry is a
winner on all fronts,” said Avrim Lazar, President and CEO of FPAC in a statement.

                                      BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED...
This section is devoted to resource inventory tips and miscellaneous blurbs for whatever uses you care to
make. Please limit contributions to one paragraph or so. Thanks, Mike Smith.



TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE – “Pay it forward!” If you can help with any of the requests below, please
take the time to do so. Your kind assistance will be appreciated and rewarded.

QUESTION ON PATHFINDER NOAA AVHRR SET - Prof. Agustín Estrada-Peña wrties: “I am wondering
if the former NOAA-AVHRR set of 5 channels at 8 km resolution (the pathfinder data set), including
temperature and NDVI, has been continued and could be downloaded. The formatted series was
interrupted at the year 2000. I need an homogeneous dataset from 1990 to 2009 with temperature and
NDVI, and MODIS data are too modern as to get back to 1990. Does anybody know if the series still
exists or if a similar dataset could be downloaded for the time span I need? Thanks and best wishes,

AIRBORNE LASER MAPPING – Feedback request: “Has anyone used Airborne Laser Mapping for
forestry biomass calculations/carbon credit calculations? Interested in any feedback on this method. Have
you used this mapping technology? It is now recognised by the Chicago Exchange as a valid method. It is
rapid and cost effective. If you have feedback then visit our website.”

writes: Looking for FOSS (Free Open Source Software) Forest Estate Modelling System for forest
management, you could try using GNU GLPK/MatProg (GMPL), AMPL compatible software.
Mathematical Programming Language for linear programming and MIP. I have released a Forest Estate
Model, model I formulated as part of the GLPK/MathProg Project. For reference for the forest estate
model , go to:

Download and location of the model:

OPPORTUNITIES - Several readers of FIU are seeking employment in the forestry field. If you have jobs
available and are in need of good people, please consider posting your vacancies in FIU (there is no
charge for this service) and the following outlets:

CVs of candidates for GIS-based REDD baseline deforestation/forest carbon modeling position to be
based in Latin America. Prefer those with demonstrated experience using several of the following:
ArcGIS, Dinamica, Dyna-CLUES, ENVI, GEOMOD, IDRISI. Skills in spatial statistical modeling, optical
remote sensing of land cover, English, proficiency in Spanish and/or Portuguese, and some awareness of
REDD, VCS, CCBA, IPCC, CDM, UNFCCC/AFOLU concepts are required. Experience with radar and
lidar is desirable. Master’s degree is expected, although suitable experience may substitute. Please send
letter and two-page CV with relevant publications, references, skills, availability, and salary requirements
to: Carbon Decisions International,

Forest and Environmental Sciences, University of Freiburg announces an open position for a Full
Professor in Biometry and Environmental Systems Analysis (W3) starting April 01, 2011. The successful

candidate is expected to develop a research program in Forest Biometry. For more information see the
website of the faculty:

Fall 2010. MS or PhD Assistantships are available for Fall 2010 in the following projects in the
Department of Earth System Science and Policy at the University of North Dakota. Applications are
encouraged from students with quantitative skills and a background in geography, ecology and remote
sensing. An interest in learning, or existing skill with, quantitative analysis and programming with IDL or
other languages is important. Applications will be considered until June 1, 2010. For more information,
contact Dr. Michael J. Hill. Email.
Applications must be made directly to the UND Graduate School at

. ASB PROGRAMME ASSOCIATE - The Programme Associate will be a member of the ASB’s Global
Coordination Office. The Associate will support research, coordination and implementation of the ASB
global program, particularly its policy focus on Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest
Degradation (REDD) and Agriculture Forestry and Other Land Uses (AFOLU) within the context of the
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The Associate will synthesize research
findings, understanding of policy processes, facilitating the global partnership, sharing and managing
information, raising public awareness, and fundraising. The Associate will support research on
multifunctional agroforestry landscapes for environmental services, climate change and policy options
and tools for agroforestry. The incumbent will be based at the World Agroforestry Centre, headquarters in
Nairobi, Kenya. For more information, contact: Sandra Velarde at
or to go:

. OPEN CALL FOR POST-DOC POSITIONS AT JRC-IES - An open call for 15 post-doctoral positions at
the JRC Institute for Environment and Sustainability has been launched. One of the positions is on Forest
fire regimes, land use dynamics and climate in Europe, at the Land Management and Natural Hazards
Unit (H07). Information is available at:

. CALIFORNIA STATE MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAM - The Department of Geography at California
State University, Long Beach, is accepting Fall 2010 applications for its master's degree program. We
have a very strong program in GIScience, including GIS, remote sensing, cartography and
geovisualzation, GPS applications, and statistics. Our traditional strength in this area has been
augmented by two new faculty appointments: Dr. Jacqueline Mills, with expertise in GIS applications in
emergency management and planning, and Dr. Hyowon Ban, with expertise in geovisualization and
cartography, programming, and urban planning applications. For more details, Christine M. Rodrigue,
Professor and Graduate Advisor
For a graduate studies flyer that describes the program and faculty interests, please visit:

following. Wetland and Vegetation Mapping Technician Positions in Alaska. For more information, go to:

. JOENSUU FORESTRY NETWORKING WEEK 2010 - Forest-water interactions in Europe. For more
information on the agenda, lectures and application deadlines:

. LOOKING FOR POST-GRAD OPPORTUNITIES - Via the Applied-GIS group: “I am looking for post-

graduate (finished masters) work and/or unpaid opportunities for this coming fall. Where is a good place
to start looking for something in the environmental science field using GIS/LIS-RS applications? Thank
you for our time! Jennifer M. Corcoran.

young scientists the opportunity to undertake innovative research projects aimed at advancing the
understanding of the Earth system, with a call for proposals for the Changing Earth Science Network
initiative. The new call for proposals was issued on 29 January. From the proposals received, up to 10
postdoctoral scientists from Member States will be selected. The deadline for the proposal submission is
29 March 2010.

                                           HAVE YOU READ?
                        Obtain from your local library or from the sources provided.


. Nature & Faune, from the FAO’s Non-wood Forest Products programme. The relevance of mangrove
forests to African fisheries, wildlife and water resources is the theme of the latest issue of Nature & Faune
(Volume 24, Issue No. 1). It includes a collection of 14 diverse articles highlighting different aspects of
mangroves - from the lush natural stands and enrichment planting, to the various uses of the mangrove

. BCN - Biological Conservation Newsletter. February 2010 - Issue No. 302. Results from the Debate
on the Future of Tropical Species. The December 2009 issue of the journal Conservation Biology has a
dedicated section to eight papers resulting from a debate originated at the Smithsonian Tropical
Research Institute, which focused on two opposing views of the tropical extinction crisis.


. Francis Corson. Fluctuations and Redundancy in Optimal Transport Networks. Published 29
January 2010 (4 pages). Received 11 April 2008; revised 29 May 2009; published 29 January 2010.

. Peter Sheridan Dodds. Optimal Form of Branching Supply and Collection Networks. Phys. Rev.
Lett. 104, 048702 (2010) [4 pages]. Received 9 February 2009; published 27 January 2010.

. Tea and leaf – The study of living things may shed light on urban planning. And vice versa. The
Economist, Feb 11th 2010. From The Economist print edition.


. Susan G. Stafford. Environmental Science at the Tipping Point. BioScience. February 2010, Vol. 60,
No. 2, Pages 94–95 , DOI 10.1525/bio.2010.60.2.2. Posted online on February 10, 2010.


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Significance of Ecuador's Yasuní National Park. PLoS ONE 5(1): e8767.


. R. Senthil Kumar, K. T. Parthiban, P. Hemalatha, T. Kalaiselvi, and M. Govinda Rao. Investigation on
Cross-Compatibility Barriers in the Biofuel Crop Jatropha curcas L. with Wild Jatropha Species.
Crop Sci. 2009; 49: 1667-1674.

. B. C. Venuto and J. A. Daniel. Biomass Feedstock Harvest from Conservation Reserve Program
Land in Northwestern Oklahoma. Crop Sci. 2010; 50: 737-743.


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Geocarto International. Vol. 16, No. 1, March 2001.

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inventories. 2007 Environ. Res. Lett. 2 045032 (7pp).

. Delang Claudio O., Wong Theresa. The Livelihood-based Forest Classification System of the Pwo
Karen in Western Thailand. 2006. International Mountain Society. Contributors: Kyoto University, The
Ohio State University. Mountain Research and Development 26(2):138-145. 2006


. Daily Global Weather Measurements, 1929-2009 (NCDC, GSOD). Public Data Sets on AWS. A
collection of daily weather measurements (temperature, wind speed, humidity, pressure, &c.) from 9000+
weather stations around the world. Created 08/22/09.

. Antonia Higuera-Gundy & Mark Brenner et al. A 10,300 yr Record of Climate and Vegetation Change
from Haiti. Quaternary Research, Volume 52, Issue 2, September 1999, Pages 159-170.

. ESA statement on climate-related ecosystem management.

. Sim Heok-Choh, Ph.D., APAFRI, Malaysia. Green Technologies and Products for Climate Change
Mitigation and Adaptation. Report on the Asia Pacific Forest Products Workshop. For more details, go

. Houghton, R.A., F. Hall, and S.J. Goetz. 2010. Importance of biomass in the global carbon cycle.
Journal of Geophysical Research114.G00E03.doi:10.1029/2009JG000935.


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. Duncan J. Golicher & Luis Cayuela et al. Applying climatically associated species pools to the
modelling of compositional change in tropical montane forests. Global Ecology and Biogeography.
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. Jason A. Tullis, Defibaugh Chávez. Scale Management and Remote Sensor Synergy in Forest
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. Lönnstedt L. Financial Analysis of the U.S. Based Forest Industry, Report. Publisher: SLU/Skogens
produkter, Uppsala. 2007. Number of pages: 50. ISSN: 1654-1383.

. Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD): An Options
Assessment Report. Prepared for the Government of Norway.Arild Angelsen, Sandra Brown, Cyril
Loisel, Leo Peskett, Charlotte Streck, and Daniel Zarin. Available at:


. Goetz, S. J., M. Sun, A. Baccini, and P.S.A. Beck. 2010. Synergistic use of space-borne LiDAR and
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. Busch, J., B. Strassbourg, A. Cattaneo, R. Luboski, A. Bruner, R. Rice, A. Creed, R. Ashton, and F.
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. Adrian G. Barnett, Nicola Koper, Annette J. Dobson, Fiona Schmiegelow, Micheline Manseau. Using
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. Eric Tabacchi, Luc Lambs, Hélène Guilloy, Anne-Marie Planty-Tabacchi, Etienne Muller, Henri
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. Asner, G.P., Rudel, T.K., Aide, T.M., Defries, R., and Emerson, R. 2009. A contemporary assessment
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. Brooks, T.M., Wright, S.J., and Sheil, D. 2009. Evaluating the success of conservation actions in
safeguarding tropical forest biodiversity. Conserv. Biol. 23(6):1448-1457.

. Tree Ring Science and Tomorrow's Water - Kevin Anchukaitis, of the tree ring lab at the Lamont-
Doherty Earth Observatory, talks about the information available in tree rings, and Colin Chartres, the
director general of the International Water Management Institute, talks about water issues. (Scientific


. Michael Köhler, Diego Dierick, Luitgard Schwendenmann, Dirk Hölscher. Water use characteristics of
cacao and Gliricidia trees in an agroforest in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia (pp 520-529).
Ecohydrology, Volume 2 Issue 4, Pages 520 – 529.

. Prince George Timber Supply Review - A comprehensive review of timber supply of the Prince
George timber supply area has been launched by the Ministry of Forests and Range in Canada’s British
Columbia Province. For more details, go to:

. Connectivity Conservation Management: A Global Guide. Edited By Graeme L. Worboys, Wendy L.
Francis and Michael Lockwood. Earthscan Books.

                                       CAPTURED ON VIDEO
                      Download videos from the web or from the sources provided.

. RIVER DETECTIVES - Agroforestry communities in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand, practice conflict
resolution by becoming river detectives.{1EC0254F-CFE2-4F06-AF10-9800C854B246}

                                               YOU'RE INVITED!
        For a more complete listing of upcoming inventory and monitoring related meetings, see:


. 2010 Precision Forestry Symposium. The 4th Precision Forestry Symposium will be held at the
Wallenberg Research Centre, Stellenbosch University, from 1 to 3 March 2010. The theme of the
symposium will be "Developments in Precision Forestry since 2006". The symposium will be presented
by the Department of Forest and Wood Science (Stellenbosch University) and the Chair of Forest Work
Science and Applied Informatics (Technische Universität München).

. 2 March 2010. Evento Internacional - III Jornadas Ibero Americanas de Agricultura de Precisão.
Auditório 131 do Colégio do Espírito Santo da Universidade de Évora, Portugal.

. 8 -12 March 2010. At Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, IUFRO Kuala Lumpur 2010 is the joint conference of
IUFRO Working Parties 2.04.01 (Population, Ecological and Conservation Genetics) and 2.04.10
(Genomics) and will be hosted by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Forest Research Institute
Malaysia (FRIM) and Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). The conference includes invited and contributed
presentations and posters, discussion sessions, workshops, satellite and business meetings and an in-
conference tour. For more information, please contact:
Wickneswari Ratna:

. 8-12 March, 2010. The Smithsonian Conservation and Research Center is offering the following course:
GIS & Remote Sensing For Wildlife Managers. An Introduction to the use of Geographic
Information Systems & Remote Sensing in Conservation and Wildlife Management.

. 8–19 March 2010. International Training Event: Third Executive Forest Policy Short Course –
Enhancing Forest Policy in the Greater Mekong Subregion. RECOFTC, Bangkok, Thailand,
Registration deadline: 31 December 2009>

. 13-20 March 2010. DISCCRS V: Interdisciplinary Climate Change Research Symposium. Saguaro
Lake Ranch, USA. Contact email/website:

. 15 March, 2010. Call for Papers for GSDI 12 World Conference – Singapore. Theme: Realizing
Spatially Enabled Societies. Abstract Deadline: 1 April 2010 Book Chapter Submission Deadline: 15
March 2010 Refereed Journal Special Issue Deadline: selected from conference full paper submissions
The Call for Papers is listed below and may be found also with all web links active at

. 8-19 March 2010. International Training Event: Third Executive Forest Policy Short Course –
Enhancing Forest Policy in the Greater Mekong Sub-region. RECOFTC, Bangkok, Thailand.

. 23-24 March 2010 - Workshop on Emerging Trade measures in Timber markets - The UNECE/FAO
Timber section is co-organizing together with the Economic Research and Statistics Division of the WTO
Secretariat, and with the financial support from the Permanent Representation of the Kingdom of the
Netherlands, a one day workshop in Geneva on 23 March 2010 on Emerging Trade measures in Timber
markets. It will be followed by the meeting of the FAO/UNECE Working Party on Forest Economics and

Statistics on 24 March 2010. In case you are interested, you can find all relevant information on the
workshop website:

. 24 - 26 March 2010. Taking stock of smallholder and community forestry: Where do we go from
here? Montpellier, France.

. 8-9 April, 2010. Species Introductions and Re-introductions. Mississippi State University, Starkville,

. 9-15 April, 2010. 4th International UNESCO Conference on Geoparks. Langkawi Global Geopark,
Malaysia. Email:
web site:

. 12-14 April, 2010. International Conference on the Efforts in Response to Forest-Related Natural
Disasters. The 1st Forest Science Forum. Beijing, China.

. 15-17 April 2010. Special Session on Uncertainty in Geographical Information, 25th Mini
Euroconference on Uncertainty and Robustness in Planning and Decision Making (URPDM 2010).
A special session on Uncertainty in Geographical Information will be organized in the 25th Mini
Euroconference on Uncertainty and Robustness in Planning and Decision Making (URPDM 2010)
(http://www.inescc. pt/urpdm2010), that will take place in Coimbra (Portugal). Deadline for the submission
of short papers (4 to 6 pages): 30th of November 2009. The papers to be included in this session should
be sent to
and should be prepared following the instructions provided on the web page

. 7-8 June, 2010. Forest-People Interaction, organised by Institute of Forestry, Nepal.

. 28 June-2 July 2010 – 18th Commonwealth Forestry Conference. New Session Added: Post-.
Copenhagen: Delivering REDD+. For more details on the conference, go to:

. 6-9 July, 2010. The Geoinformatics Forum Salzburg (GI_Forum) at the University of Salzburg,

. 21-22 June 2010. Second Open source GIS UK Conference. CGS, University of Nottingham, UK.

. August 9-13, 2010. Northern Primeval Forests: Ecology, Conservation and Management PRIFOR
2010 conference, Sundsvall, Sweden. Julia Rauchfuss, Dept of Natural Sciences, Engineering &
Mathematics, Mid Sweden University. 851 70 Sundsvall, Sweden. Email & web site:

. 23-28 August 2010. XXIII IUFRO World Congress "Forests for the Future: Sustaining Society and
the Environment", Seoul, Republic of Korea.
1st Announcement:

. Forestry Information Session - At the World Forestry Congress there will be a session on “The
evolving role of information specialists in today’s rapidly changing world: are libraries still relevant?” Visit:
Contact: vanda.ferreira(at)

. 4-6 May 2010. International Biomass Conference & Expo. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

. 11-14 May 2010. 13th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science: “Geospatial
Thinking”. Guimarães, Portugal. Call for Papers. Go to:

. 14 May 2010. 16th Biennial Southern Silvicultural Research Conference (BSSRC). First call for
papers and posters - Please consider presenting a paper or poster at the 16th Biennial Southern
Silvicultural Research Conference (BSSRC), including the special session, Southern Forest Science in
Support of a Low Carbon Economy. Formatted papers for inclusion in the proceedings are due to the
conference proceedings committee on March 1, 2011. For more information, please contact Chris Maier
( or call 919-549-4072.

. 31 May – 2 June 2010. 12th International Symposium on Legal Aspects of European Forest
Sustainable Development. IUFRO Division 6: Social, Economic, Information and Policy Sciences,
Research Group 6.13.00: Forest Law and Environmental Legislation. Registration requested by 31
January 2010. For more information contact Peter HERBST, Wulfenstr.

. 31 May-3 June 2010. 30th EARSeL SYMPOSIUM "Remote Sensing for Science, Education, and
Natural and Cultural Heritage", hosted by: UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France.

. 9-11 June, 2010. Conference on Forest Ecosystem Genomics and Adaptation. A call for abstracts
is NOW OPEN for the scientific conference on 'Forest ecosystem genomics and adaptation', organized by
the EVOLTREE Network of Excellence ( San Lorenzo de El Escorial
(Madrid), Spain. Website:

. June and July dates 2010. The Vespucci Initiative for the Advancement of Geographic Information
Science announces the 8th Annual Summer Institute on Geographic Information Science. To be held
at the following locations:
14-18 Florence (Firenze), Italy
Interfacing social and environmental modeling

4-10 July 2010. Las Navas, Spain.
20th Anniversary Meeting on Cognitive and Linguistic Aspects of Geographic Space

. 28 June – 1 July, 2010. International Workshop on Collective Action, Property Rights, and
Conflict in Natural Resources Management. Siem Reap, Cambodia.

. 28 Jun – 2 Jul 2010. 18th Commonwealth Forestry Conference. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Organized
by the British Forestry Commission. Contact: cfcc(at)

. July 20-23, 2010. Accuracy 2010. International Spatial Accuracy Research Association (ISARA). Ninth

International Symposium on Spatial Accuracy Assessment in Natural Resources and Environmental
Sciences. Leicester, UK.

. 23-28 August, 2010 – Forests for the Future: Sustaining Society and the Environment. Seoul,
Republic of Korea.

. 7-9 September 2010 – ForestSat 2010 - organized by the Laboratorio do Territorio (LaboraTe), a
research and teaching group at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), which incorporates
teachers and researchers from diverse areas of knowledge. The event will take place at the USC
university campus in city of Lugo (Galicia, Spain).

. 27 September-1 October 2010. Recent Advances in Quantitative Remote Sensing, to be held in
Valencia, Spain, from. For further information please visit the website at

. 19-21 October 2010. IX Seminar on Remote Sensing and GIS applied to Forestry. Curitiba, Parana
State, Brazil. IUFRO 4.02.05
Contact: Tomasz Zawila-Niedzwiecki, tzawila(at)

. 14-17 February, 2011. 16th Biennial Southern Silviculture Research Conference. Charleston, SC

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. Political Risk Map; 2010

. Sawmill is a powerful, hierarchical log analysis tool, well suited for web server access and referrer
logs, but can process almost any log. It runs as a CGI program on your web server, and publishes an
intuitive graphical user interface.

. The Writing Teacher - .Ruth Franks, helping students learn how to write better as a means of better
understanding science.

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