TIM MYERS BIOGRAPHY
Tim Myers sophomore release ‘THE GOOD LIFE’ EP, is already making a huge impact
in the Film and Television world. His song, “A Beautiful World” (Produced by Mikal
Blue) is running in a Target commercial as well as the Canadian commercial for Canon,
and was featured in Good Morning America’s series Your Three Words. The title track
“The Good Life” is currently airing in 2 Saturn commercials and was featured in a
promotion for NikeWomen.com. Most recently, his song “Brand New Day” featuring
Lindsey Ray will be running in 3 new Target commercials.

Other Myers’ songs have been featured in Sony released Motion Picture The Water
Horse: Legend of the Deep, one of television’s greatest ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy , Private
Practice, and Lifetime’s top rated show, Army Wives. In addition to major television and
motion picture, Myers’ songs have contributed to the production of four independent
films such as For Christ Sake, Directed by Jackson Douglas (Gilmore Girls) and staring
Mad TV’s Will Sasso.

Songwriting and performing is what drives 22 year old Southern California native Tim

"A lot of people can't imagine writing a song, but to me it's like breathing. I do it because I have
to… The times in my life that I’m most happy is when I'm creating original sounds and recording
in the studio." - Myers

He finds influence in some of music’s greatest songwriters such as John Lennon, Bob
Dylan, Jeff Buckley, and The Flaming Lips, while seeking inspiration from America’s
most prominent authors and poets; Charles Bukowski, T.S. Elliot, C.S. Lewis, George
Orwell, and Ralph Waldo Emerson

Music has been a presence in Myers’ life since an early age. Being compelled by piano at
age five, guitar and bass were introduced to him shortly after. At age eighteen Myers then
joined the band OneRepublic. He entered the studio with the group, writing and
performing on their debut record, ‘DREAMING OUT LOUD’, prior to leaving the band a
few years later to embark on his solo career. Myers’ writing credits for the OneRepublic
record include the Billboard hit single “Stop and Stare” as well as “All We Are”,
“Someone To Save You” and “Prodigal”.

Myers continues to record and collaborate with several other noted artists. He is currently
working on tracks for upcoming records Mitchel Musso (Walt Disney Records), co-star
of “Hannah Montana”, Tyrone Wells (Universal/Republic), Lindsey Ray (Original
Signal/Epic), Days Difference (Universal/Motown), Social Code (Universal/Canada),
Schuyler Fisk (Independent), Eric Dill, former lead singer of Click 5 (Atlantic), among
many others.

He can be found playing at various venues throughout the west coast, including regularly
at Hotel Café in Hollywood. Through his original and inspirational music, Tim Myers
will continue to make a strong impact in the music industry by intriguing the media and
his fans with his fresh approach to performing and songwriting.

"If being egotistical means you believe in your music… then you can call me that.” - Myers

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