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					                                                       PRO BURN UPDATE SONG LIST
Song Title                               Artist                     Track Code            Song Title                                      Artist                          Track Code
2                                                                                         Closer To The Heart                            Rush                                SF07009
                                                                                          Cookie Jar                                     Gym Class Heroes                    SF06987
2000 Miles                               Pretenders                  ZM00245
                                                                                          Crack The Shutters                             Snow Patrol                         EK07108
7 Things                                 Miley Cyrus                 SF07020
                                                                                          Dancing On A Saturday Night                    Barry Blue                         ZM03596
7 Things (Seven Things)                  Miley Cyrus                 EK07082
                                                                                          Das hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen            Söhne Mannheims                    MV00247
A                                                                                         Das rote Pferd                                 Markus Becker                      MV00248
A Life Of Illusion                       Joe Walsh                   SF06997              Demons                                         Fatboy Slim & Macy Gray            SF07038
A Spaceman Came Travelling               Chris De Burgh              ZM02919              Dirty Cash                                     Adventures Of Stevie V             SF07001
A Winter's Tale                          David Essex                 ZM00247              Don’t Call This Love                           Leon Jackson                       EK07078
Across The Universe                      Beatles                     SF07036              Donna                                          Marty Wilde                        ZM03594
Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City   Whitesnake                  SF07027              Don't Call This Love                           Leon Jackson                       SF06959
All I Want For Christmas Is You          Mariah Carey                ZM02918              Don't Call This Love                           Leon Jackson                       ZM03582
All Night Long                           Rainbow                     SF06995              Driving Home For Christmas                     Chris Rea                          ZM00248
All The Times I Cried                    Sharleen Spiteri            SF07037
All This Love That I'm Giving            Gwen Mccrae                 SF07003
                                                                                          Electric Feel                                  Mgmt                               SF07007
Almost Lover                             A Fine Franzy               MV00253
                                                                                          Endless Sleep                                  Marty Wilde                        ZM03611
Alright                                  Supergrass                  ZM03618
                                                                                          Everyone Nose (all The Girls Standing In The   NERD                               SF07031
Angel In The Night                       Basshunter                  SF06992
Animal Crackers In My Soup               Shirley Temple              SF06974
Another Way To Die                       Alicia Keys & Jack White    SF06980              F
Any Man Of Mine                          Shania Twain                SF07034              Fabulous                                       High School Musical 2              EK07089
A-punk                                   Vampire Weekend             SF07019              Fairytale Of New York                          Pogues Feat. Kirsty Maccoll        ZM00249
B                                                                                         Fireball                                       Deep Purple                        SF06979
                                                                                          Forgive Me                                     Leona Lewis                        EK07071
Bad Boy                                  Marty Wilde                 ZM03597
                                                                                          Forgive Me                                     Leona Lewis                        SF06983
Be The One                               The Ting Tings              SF06953
                                                                                          Forgive Me                                     Leona Lewis                        ZM03613
Better                                   Boyzone                     EK07110
                                                                                          Full Circle                                    Miley Cyrus                        EK07092
Beyond The Sea                           Bobby Darin                 ZM03620
Bless Your Beautiful Hide                Howard Keel                 SF07005              G
Blowin' In The Wind                      Peter, Paul And Mary        ZM03603              Girls                                          Sugababes                          SF06952
Blowin' In The Wind (no Bv's)            Peter, Paul And Mary        ZM03592              Gotta Find You                                 Joe Jonas                          EK07085
Brazen                                   Skunk Anansie               SF06996              Granite                                        Pendulum                           SF06964
Break Even                               Script                      SF07017              Greatest Day                                   Take That                          SF07013
Break Even                               The Script                  EK07101              Greatest Day                                   Take That                          ZM03617
Burning Heart                            Survivor                    SF06965              H
But I Do                                 Clarence 'frogman' Henry    ZM03605              Hallelujah                                     Alexandra Burke                    EK07102
C                                                                                         Hallelujah                                     Alexandra Burke                    ZM03621
Can I Have This Dance                    High School Musical 3       ZM03590              Hallelujah (Album Version)                     Jeff Buckley                       EK07109
Changes                                  Will Young                  ZM03581              Handlebars                                     Flobots                            SF06986

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                                                         PRO BURN UPDATE SONG LIST
Song Title                                   Artist                       Track Code            Song Title                          Artist                    Track Code
Happy Xmas War Is Over                       John Lennon                   ZM02475              Keeps Getting Better               Christina Aguilera            SF07022
Helen Wheels                                 Paul Mccartney                SF07040              Kids                               Mgmt                          SF07011
Here's Where The Story Ends                  Sundays                       SF07002              L
Hero                                         X Factor Finalists            EK07070
                                                                                                Last Christmas                     Wham                         ZM02921
Hero                                         X Factor Finalists            SF07025
                                                                                                Leaving On A Jet Plane             Peter, Paul And Mary         ZM03604
Hero                                         X Factor Finalists 2008       ZM03586
                                                                                                Leaving On A Jet Plane (no Bv's)   Peter, Paul And Mary         ZM03593
Hey Jude (full Version)                      Beatles                       ZM03579
                                                                                                Lies                               Mcfly                        SF06958
Hey Jude (short Version)                     Beatles                       ZM03580
                                                                                                Lonely This Christmas              Mud                          ZM00255
Hot & Cold                                   Katy Perry                    SF06963
                                                                                                Lost                               Coldplay                     SF07024
Hot N Cold                                   Katy Perry                    EK07097
                                                                                                Love Is Like A Butterfly           Dolly Parton                 SF06972
Human                                        Killers                       SF06985
                                                                                                Love Lockdown                      Kanye West                   SF06989
Human                                        The Killers                   EK07098
                                                                                                Love You Anyway                    Boyzone                      SF06961
Human                                        The Killers                   ZM03600
                                                                                                Love You Anyway                    Boyzone                      ZM03583
I                                                                                               Love's Great Adventure             Ultravox                     SF07035
I Believe In Father Christmas                Greg Lake                     ZM02476              Lucky Day                          Sasha                        MV00249
I Can't Stand Up (for Falling Down)          Elvis Costello                SF06970              M
I Wish I Was James Bond                      Scouting For Girls            SF07016
                                                                                                Make It Easy On Yourself           Walker Brothers              ZM03607
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday        Wizzard                       ZM02920
                                                                                                Männer sind Schweine               Die Ärzte                    MV00250
If He Should Ever Leave You                  Tom Jones                     ZM03616
                                                                                                Mellow Yellow                      Donovan                      SF06971
If I Had A Hammer                            Peter, Paul And Mary          ZM03584
                                                                                                Merry Christmas Everybody          Slade                        ZM02917
If I Were A Boy                              Beyonce                       EK07094
                                                                                                Merry Christmas Everyone           Shakin' Stevens              ZM00243
If I Were A Boy                              Beyonce                       SF07021
                                                                                                Miles Away                         Madonna                      EK07100
If I Were A Boy                              Beyonce                       ZM03612
                                                                                                Miss Independent                   Ne-yo                        SF06955
I'm Through With Love                        Marilyn Monroe                SF06975
                                                                                                Modern Girl                        Meat Loaf                    SF06966
In The City                                  Jam                           SF07029
                                                                                                Monday Monday                      Mamas And The Papas          ZM03569
In This City                                 Iglu & Hartly                 SF06954
                                                                                                Moonshadow                         Cat Stevens                  SF06998
Is This The Way Life's Meant To Be           Electric Light Orchestra      SF07039
                                                                                                My Baby Loves Lovin'               White Plains                 ZM03610
Is Vic There                                 Department S                  SF07008
                                                                                                My Boy Lollipop                    Millie                       ZM03609
Isn't It A Pity                              George Harrison               SF06969
It Only Took A Minute                        Joe Brown And The Bruvvers    ZM03608
It Takes Two                                 Marvin Gaye And Kim Weston    ZM03574              Never Miss A Beat                  Kaiser Chiefs                EK07076
It's My Life                                 Talk Talk                     SF06967              Never Miss A Beat                  Kaiser Chiefs                SF06951
                                                                                                No Bravery                         James Blunt                  SF07033
J                                                                                               No Can Do                          Sugababes                    EK07105
Join With Us                                 The Feeling                   ZM03570
                                                                                                Not N Cold                         Katy Perry                   ZM03601
Just Getting Started                         High School Musical 3         ZM03571
                                                                                                Notorious                          Loverboy                     SF07028
Just Getting Started (without Female Lead)   High School Musical 3         ZM03572
                                                                                                Now Or Never                       High School Musical 3        EK07073
Just Wanna Be With You                       High School Musical 3         ZM03567
                                                                                                Now Or Never                       High School Musical 3        ZM03578
K                                                                                               Now Or Never (for Solo Male)       High School Musical 3        ZM03577
Keeps Gettin’ Better                         Christina Aguilera            EK07099              Now Or Never (instrumental)        High School Musical 3        ZM03576
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                                              PRO BURN UPDATE SONG LIST
Song Title                         Artist                                 Track Code            Song Title                        Artist                         Track Code
O                                                                                               T
Ouch                               N-dubz                                    SF07015            Take Back The City               Snow Patrol                       SF06950
Our Time Is Here                   Demi Lovato, Meaghan Martin & Aaron Doyle EK07081            Tattoo                           Jordin Sparks                     SF06993
P                                                                                               Thank You For A Lifetime         Cliff Richard                     SF06994
                                                                                                That's What Love Will Do         Joe Brown And The Bruvvers        ZM03606
Paper Planes                       MIA                                      SF06991
                                                                                                The Bee Song (busy Bee)          Arthur Askey                      SF06973
Play My Music                      The Jonas Brothers                       EK07088
                                                                                                The Best Christmas Of Them All   Shakin' Stevens                   ZM02474
Puff The Magic Dragon              Peter, Paul And Mary                     ZM03602
                                                                                                The Boy Does Nothing             Alesha Dixon                      EK07095
Q                                                                                               The Boy Does Nothing             Alesha Dixon                      ZM03599
Queer                              Garbage                                  SF06976             The Greatest Day                 Take That                         EK07093
R                                                                                               The Laughing Policeman           Charles Penrose                   SF06999
Rain On Your Parade                Duffy                                    SF07014             The Lovers Are Losing            Keane                             SF06982
Rain On Your Parade                Duffy                                    ZM03614             The Promise                      Girls Aloud                       EK07072
Raindrops (encore Une Fois)        Sash Feat Stunt                          SF07023             The Promise                      Girls Aloud                       SF06957
Real Man                           Bonnie Raitt                             SF06977             The Promise                      Girls Aloud                       ZM03598
Reunited                           Peaches And Herb                         ZM03587             The Rocker                       Thin Lizzy                        SF07026
Right Here, Right Now              High School Musical 3                    EK07090             The Universal                    Blur                              SF07006
Right Here, Right Now              High School Musical 3                    ZM03591             The Winners Song                 Geraldine McQueen                 EK07077
Right Now                          Akon                                     EK07107             The Winner's Song                Geraldine Mcqueen                 SF06984
Run                                Leona Lewis                              EK07103             These Four Walls                 Miley Cyrus                       EK07086
                                                                                                This Is Me                       Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas           EK07091
                                                                                                Torn Between Two Lovers          Mary Macgregor                    ZM03585
Scream                             High School Musical 3                    ZM03589
                                                                                                Toy Boy                          Sinitta                           SF07000
Sea Of Love                        Marty Wilde                              ZM03595
Sex On Fire                        Kings Of Leon                            SF06949             U
Slipping Through My Fingers        Abba                                     ZM03568             Up                               Saturdays                         EK07075
So a schena Dog                    Donikkl                                  MV00251             Up                               Saturdays                         SF06990
So What                            Pink                                     SF06960             Up                               The Saturdays                     ZM03615
Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough   Patty Smyth And Don Henley               ZM03573             Use Somebody                     Kings Of Leon                     EK07104
Spotlight                          Jennifer Hudson                          SF06988             Use Somebody                     Kings Of Leon                     SF07010
Stand                              Rem                                      SF07030             W
Stark                              Ich und Ich                              MV00254             Warm This Winter                 Gabriella Cilmi                   EK07106
Stop The Cavalry                   Jona Lewie                               ZM00257             We Got The Party                 Hannah Montana & Jonas            EK07080
Strangers In The Night             Frank Sinatra                            ZM03619             We Rock                          Cast Of Camp Rock                 EK07079
Stumblin' In                       Suzi Quatro And Chris Norman             ZM03588             Welthit                          Mario Lang                        MV00252
Sugar Mice                         Marillion                                SF06978             When I Grow Up                   Pussycat Dolls                    SF06962
Summer Love                        Neil Diamond                             SF06968             When You Look Me In The Eyes     The Jonas Brothers                EK07083
Summer Time                        Wiley                                    SF06956             When You're Mad                  Ne-yo                             SF07032
Superhuman                         Chris Brown & Keri Hilson                SF07018             Who Will I Be                    Demi Lovato                       EK07087
                                                                                                Whoa                             Lil Kim                           SF07004
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                                     PRO BURN UPDATE SONG LIST
Song Title                Artist                       Track Code            Song Title   Artist      Track Code
Wire To Wire              Razorlight                    EK07074
Wire To Wire              Razorlight                    SF06981
Womanizer                 Britney Spears                EK07096
Womanizer                 Britney Spears                SF07012
Wonderful Christmastime   Paul Mccartney                ZM02916
You Are Everything        Marvin Gaye And Diana Ross    ZM03575
You Are The Music In Me   High School Musical 2         EK07084

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