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									                     SERVICE PROJECT IDEAS
This is just a list of some small projects you can do to serve your community. They are meant to
provide you with a starting point and for you to take and get creative with. Feel free to go
above and beyond and even offer suggestions to add to the list. But always remember it
doesn’t matter how large or small your service is, the important thing is that you served.


   1. Volunteer at a health fair.
   2. Create an awareness campaign for specific health issues.
   3. Send cards or gifts to local hospitals for patients. (Be mindful of what the
      cards say, not all patients will “get well soon”)
   4. Fold paper cranes and donate them to the pediatric cancer ward with
      information about the Japanese legend of folding 1,000 paper cranes
      and Sadako (see the children’s book Sadako and the Thousand Paper
      Cranes). (
   5. Volunteer at the local hospital.
   6. Collect or make scarves for chemotherapy patients and donate them to
      the American Cancer Society.
   7. Partner with local chapters of the American Cancer Society, Komen for
      the Cure, or other cancer support organizations to create chemo care
      packages or to sit with patients undergoing chemotherapy.
   8. Raise awareness of an important health issue by holding a guest speaker
      or representative.


   1. Volunteer to lead a club of youth.
   2.   Trim a mitten Christmas tree to donate mittens to local schools and
        homeless shelters.
   3. Offer safety tips for youngsters during Halloween.
      Conduct an Easter Egg Hunt for needy children.
   4. Make a Halloween Safety Kit for youth.
   5. Make get well cards for people in hospitals and convalescent homes.
   6. Knit, no-sew, or crochet baby blankets.
  7. Collect old, gently loved stuffed animals and dolls, clean them up, repair
     them and donate them.
  8. Collect old clothes and donate them for a dress-up area at a daycare.
  9. Tutor students who are learning English as a second language.
  10. Make gifts with friends for kids in the hospital.
  11. Help fix a run-down playground.
  12. Create a children's nature garden, labeling plants and trees and
      scheduling guided tours.
  13. Partner with an organization to do a “Mom’s Day out” and be the ones
      watching the children while the moms get to go do something for a few
  14. Mentor or become a Big Sister to an at-risk child.
  15. Volunteer at a local school, children’s museum, or after-school care
  16. Adopt a classroom by finding a teacher in need of some extra help or
      supplies for his/her class and help to provide those needed things.


  1. On St. Patrick's Day, don't only wear something green, care for something
  2. Volunteer to clean up trash at a community event or county fair.
  3. Organize a campaign to paint storm drains to prevent dumping of
     hazardous materials.
  4. Distribute leaf bags during the fall encouraging residents to clean leaves
     from their streets and yards.
  5. Clean up a vacant lot.
  6. Make bird feeders for public places.
  7. Adopt an acre of a park or a mile of roadside to keep clean .
  8. Clean up trash along a river or in a park.
  9. Create a habitat for wildlife.
  10. Create a campaign to encourage biking and walking.
  11. Test the health of the water in your local lakes, rivers or streams.
  12. Build a bluebird trail, or bluebird houses.
  13. Conduct an energy audit at your school.
  14. Monitor the indoor air quality.
  15. Use a lunch box instead of throwaway bags.
  16. Practice the 3 R's in your house: Reduce, recycle, reuse.
  17. Start or participate in a Community Garden.


  1. Trim a mitten Christmas tree to donate mittens to local schools and
     homeless shelters.
  2. Organize a coat drive in which old coats are donated for use by needy
  3. Contact a local tree farm about donating a Christmas tree to a nursing
     home, homeless shelter or needy family.
  4. Decorate a Christmas tree at a nursing home, hospital, school or homeless
  5. On Johnny Appleseed Day in March, deliver apples to homeless shelters.
  6. Knit, no-ser, or crochet blankets or scarves for the homeless shelter
  7. Encourage the school cafeteria to donate leftover food to local homeless
     shelters. (Campus Kitchens!)
  8. Help cook and/or serve a meal at homeless shelter.
  9. During National Nutrition month in March, organize a nutrition awareness
  10. Organize a food scavenger hunt to collect food for the needy.
  11. Make "I Care" kits with combs, toothbrushes, shampoo, etc. for homeless
  12. Help neighbors paint and repair their homes
  13. Bake bread on National Bread Day in November and deliver to the
      hungry, homeless or just your neighbors.
  14. Help with repairs at a local homeless shelter.
  15. Donate art supplies to kids in a homeless shelter.
  16. Make a care package with mittens, socks, T-shirts, etc. for a child at a
      homeless shelter.
  17. Collect grocery coupons to give a local food bank.
  18. Assist with sorting and organizing items donated to a homeless shelter.
  19. Repair homes or abandoned buildings.
  20. Volunteer for Meals on Wheels


  1. Build a ramp for a person in a wheelchair so it is easier for them to get in
     and out of their house
  2. Clean a neighbor's yard who cannot do it themselves.
  3. Conduct a community accessibly check to identify potential barriers for
     individuals with disabilities.
  4. Plan a disabilities day where friends or classmates are given a physical
     disability for day and are forced to function during the day.


  1. Make birthday cards for the elderly.
  2. Provide a voter pick up or transportation service for seniors.
  3. Adopt a "grandfriend"
  4. Visit a nursing home.
  5. Rake leaves, shovel snow, clean gutter or wash windows for a senior
  6. Hold an afternoon dance for your local nursing home.
  7. Deliver meals to homebound individuals.
  8. Offer to pick up groceries with/for a senior citizen.
  9. Help senior citizens in your neighborhood obtain and install locks or smoke
  10. Teach a senior friend how to use a computer or the Internet.
  11. Get a group together to sing or present a play at a nursing home.
  12. Do something creative on the holidays for the Senior Citizens (cook a
      meal, bake cookies, dress up in costumes, etc.)
  13. Do art projects with people in nursing homes (Finger painting.)
  14. Host a BINGO night complete with prizes at a senior center or nursing
  15. Hold a dance for seniors.


  1. Plan an Ethnic Awareness day.
  2. Design a campaign to promote tolerance and understanding of
  3. Volunteer to do office work at a local non-profit agency.
  4. Set up a web page for a non-profit agency.
  5. Practice random acts of kindness.
  6. Organize an exchange between rural and urban individuals to promote
  7. Create a Hate Wall where people can write the ways they’ve witnessed
     hate and prejudice in their lives. Make it an awareness campaign and at
     the end, tear down the wall as a symbol of overcoming the hate.


  1. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Help clean up, play with the animals, or do
     whatever's needed to make the shelter a nicer "temporary" home for the
  2. Organize a community dog wash.
  3. Collect and sort newspapers to donate to a local animal shelter.
  4. Find out about volunteer opportunities at a local wildlife sanctuary or
     survival center.


  1. Recognize veterans in your community.
  2. Help the USO welcome troops home.
  3. Send care packages/cards to troops overseas. (
  4. Organize a campaign to send thank you cards overseas.


  1. Share a talent through teaching a class.
  2. Host a cultural fair exploring and raising awareness about the different
     cultures in the area.
  3. Host a musical circle to get people to come together over music.


  1. Participate in a mission trip.
  2. Find a local church and join in their ministries.


  1. Stage a carnival to promote community spirit.
  2. Ask your mayor to sign a proclamation for an important community event.
  3. Ask your governor to sign a proclamation for a national event.
  4. Get permission to fix up your town's fire hydrants.
  5. Join a community crime prevention organizations such as DARE or
     McGruff Program.
  6. Paint a mural over graffiti.
  7. Build park benches.
  8. Paint fences or park benches


  1. Organize a public issues forum for candidates.
  2. Become an advocate. Contact your legislators on issues close to your


  1. Volunteer to return shopping carts during National Supermarkets Month in
   2. Create a “free store” or a place where people can exchange unwanted
      reusable items for others unwanted items.
   3. Hold a new student brown bag lunch where you meet new students and
      find out what service/issues they are interested in.
   4. Create a welcoming committee dedicated to reaching out to new
   5. Assist new students during freshman move-in.

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