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This provides difference between WCF and Webservice & difference between Webservice and Remoting

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									1) What are the differences between WebService and WCF?

  S.N   Features     WebService                WCF
  1     Hosting      It can be hosted in IIS   It can be hosted in IIS,
                                               windows activation
                                               service, Self-hosting,
                                               Windows service
  2     Programmin   [WebService]              [ServiceContract] attribute
        g            attribute has to be       has to be added to the
                     added to the class        class
  3     Model        [WebMethod]               [OperationContract]
                     attribute represents      attribute represents the
                     the method exposed        method exposed to client
                     to client
  4     Operation        One-way, Request-     One-Way, Request-
                         Response are the      Response, Duplex are
                         different             different type of
                         operations            operations supported in
                         supported in web      WCF
  5     XML          System.Xml.serializati    System.Runtime.Serializati
                     on name space is          on namespace is used for
                     used for serialization    serialization
  6     Encoding     XML 1.0,                  XML 1.0, MTOM, Binary,
                     MTOM(Message              Custom
                     Mechanism), DIME,
  7     Transports   Can be accessed           Can be accessed through
                     through HTTP, TCP,        HTTP, TCP, Named pipes,
                     Custom                    MSMQ,P2P, Custom
  8     Protocols    Security                  Security, Reliable
                                               messaging, Transactions
  9     State        Web Services are          WCF Services can manage
        Management   stateless                 states

2) What are the differences between ASP.Net Web services
   and .NET Remoting?

  S.N   Features      ASP.Net Web                .NET Remoting
  o                   services
  1     Protocol      It can be accessed only    It can be accessed
                      over HTTP                  over any protocol
                                                 (including TCP, HTTP,
                                                 SMTP and so on)
  2     State         Web services work in a     It provides support for
        Management    stateless environment      both stateful and
                                                    stateless environments
                                                    through Singleton and
                                                    SingleCall objects
  3     Type System       Web services support      Using binary
                          only the datatypes        communication, .NET
                          defined in the XSD        Remoting can provide
                          type system, limiting     support for rich type
                          the number of objects     system
                          that can be serialized.

  4     Interoperabilit   Web services support      .NET remoting requires
        y                 interoperability across   the client be built
                          platforms, and are        using .NET, enforcing
                          ideal for                 homogenous
                          heterogeneous             environment.
  5     Reliability       Highly reliable due to    Can also take
                          the fact that Web         advantage of IIS for
                          services are always       fault isolation. If IIS is
                          hosted in IIS             not used, application
                                                    needs to provide
                                                    plumbing for ensuring
                                                    the reliability of the

  6     Extensibility     Provides extensibility    Very extensible by
                          by allowing us to         allowing us to
                          intercept the SOAP        customize the different
                          messages during the       components of the
                          serialization and         .NET remoting
                          deserialization stages.   framework.
  7     Ease-of-          Easy-to-create and        Complex to program.
        Programming       deploy.

3) What are the differences between Buffered Transfer and
   Streamed Transfer in WCF?

  S.N   Buffered Transfer                 Streamed Transfer
  1     Target can process the            Target can start processing the
        message once it is completely     data when it is partially
        received.                         received.
  2     Performance will be good          Performance will be good when
        when message size is small        message size is larger(more
                                          than 64K)
  3     Native channel shape is           Native channels are
        IDuplexSessionChannel            IRequestChannel and

4) What are the differences Binary Serialization and XML

  S.N   Binary Serialization             XML Serialization
  1     It preserves type fidelity ,     It does not preserve type fidelity
        which is useful for preserving   and hence state cant be
        the state of the object          maintained
        between transportation and
  2     As it is the open standard its   Not that much used compared to
        widely used                      Binary Serialization

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