Draft Agenda by lifemate


									                                    Draft Minutes
                              The 49th Meeting of the
                         MONTANA HERITAGE COMMISSION
                                   27th April 2005
                           St Paul’s Church, Virginia City, Montana

   Manage, develop and operate Heritage Commission properties by preserving, stabilizing,
rehabilitating, interpreting and exhibiting buildings and artifacts; oversee and operate profitable
     commercial enterprises while creating and maintaining credible relationships with all
    stakeholders and partners to protect historic character for the benefit and enjoyment of
                               generations of Montanans and guests.

Vice Chairman Brian Cockhill called the meeting to order at 9:10 AM. Other Commissioners
present included Rosana Skelton, Jeanette McKee, Bill Howell, Rep. Diane Rice, Mary Oliver,
Sen. Bob Hawks, Mary Oliver, Pat Keim, Doug Monger, Betsy Baumgart and Mark Baumler.
Commissioners not present included Judy McNally and Maureen Averill.

Brian welcomed newly appointed Commissioners Senator Bob Hawks and Betsy Baumgart.
Bob is a legislative appointee from the State Senate, and Betsy is a proxy appointed by Tony
Preite, the Director of Commerce.

Guests were welcomed and introduced themselves. They included Madison County
Commissioner Dave Schultz, Linda and John Hamilton, Billy Doyle, Nancy Allen, Libby Hannah
of Americorps, Mayor Colin Mathews, Sam Korsmoe of Madison County Economic
Development Council, and Richard Johnson. Chere Jiusto arrived later in the meeting.

Brian asked for a motion to approve minutes from the previous two meetings. Mark Baumler
asked for clarification in the January 12, 2005 minutes regarding historic site reviews and the
relationship between the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and the Heritage
Commission. Jeff Tiberi noted that the requested changes had been made.

Bill Howell made a motion to approve minutes from the December 2, 2004 and January 12,
2005 meetings. Pat Keim seconded the motion and the minutes were approved.

Director’s Report - Jeff Tiberi reported on the following items that were not included in the
Director’s Report previously sent to the Commissioners and available as a hand out for this

   Jeff will buy a gift to thank Dale Mahlum for 8 years of service, both as chair and in the
    Legislative arena. He hoped that everyone could sign a card.
   A western U.S. museum thief has been caught and stolen museum items were recovered.
    Thefts occurred over three or four decades. The items were from throughout the West,
    including Virginia City. The accused thief died before identifying the origins of many of his
    activities. At this point in time it appears that there were no items from the Bovey collection

    The search continues for the missing James Williams vigilante plaque. Once found Jeff will
     approach the Commission to formally ask permission to place it in Virginia City.
    The Harvard University professor and students had a great visit while they were here. We
     hope this is the beginning of a solid relationship.
    Rocky Mountain International reported area reservations from overseas travelers for the 2005
     season are up 34 %.
    Our competition is looking at major changes and improvements. The Museum of the Rockies
     asked for and received $12 million in spending authority for their museum. The Montana
     Historical Society asked for and received $38.5 million in spending authority, including $7.5
     million in state dollars.
    The Legislature approved a new dinosaur museum in Malta and funded the project for
     $500,000. The Department of Commerce approached Jeff with the idea of MHC giving
     assistance. Jeff responded he would be willing to give technical advice.
    Water rights were included in the purchase of the Bovey properties. We need to research
     these and create appropriate records.
    The IRS is auditing one of our vendors and asked why doesn’t MHC pay taxes on gasoline. It
     was explained that we are a State Agency. The IRS will visit the towns in May to review our
    Strategies and Issues for the 2007 Legislative Session
    1. Our current bed tax funding will expire at that time. We need to request permanent bed tax
       for funding.
    2. We need to educate, market and show Virginia City and Nevada City to the new
       Administration and Legislators who are not familiar with this project.
    We will be working with Bannack State Park on preservation projects.
    A University of Montana professor and students will use ground-penetrating radar to examine
     and test the highway in front of Content’s Corner where it is sinking. We are not paying for
     these services, only their expenses. There is some evidence of tunnels in the area.
    David Copperfield is interested in the Mills Gypsy Fortune Telling Machine. He has made
     several proposals, including an outright purchase offer, replacing the original with a replica,
     and donating other fortune telling machines to our Collections. He is also willing to do
     benefits, commercials and publicity for Virginia City in exchange. This will be referred to the P
     & I Committee.
    Living History posters were passed out to Commissioners to distribute for display.
    Jeff recommended a book to the Commissioner - “A Decent Orderly Lynching” by Frederick

Site Managers Report - Jim Carpita gave the following site managers report. These items are
in addition to information previously sent to the Commissioners.

    Jim introduced Libby Hannah, the team leader of Americorps. He thanked her and her staff
     for volunteering to come to the Cities and help with the maintenance and other projects.
     There are nine in their group, most from the eastern part of the United States. They will stay
     until just before Memorial Day.
    Jim passed out the minutes from the last SHPO meeting and showed postcards for the
     Virginia City Institute.
    The Brewery Malting Tower has twisted and buckled. The concessionaire access and area
     has been changed, as well as the bar area, until we can get the building stabilized.
     Preservation work will affect this location for the next couple of years.
    Mike and Jill Verdon have decided not to renew their contract with Daylight Village, but their
     new Brewery contract includes some of the rental units for their staff. John and Patty Boles

    plan to repair the community bathrooms, install laundry facilities and use six units for their
   The Montana Newspaper Association will meet in Virginia City on June 10, 2005. They have
    asked MHC to prepare a proposal for repairs, tours, lettering or a reproduction company, as
    they would like to fund up to a $20,000 grant for this project. This will be referred to the P & I
   Randy Kleindorfer and John Ellingsen have compiled a water systems manual for the
    buildings. This will be a guide for fall draining and spring turn on of waters in the towns.
   It was noted that Randy Kleindorfer has resigned, effective at the end of May.
   There has also been another manual created - a list and descriptions of plaques in Virginia
    City. We may want to look at publishing it.


Executive Committee – Brian Cockhill
Brian asked for a Commission member to step forward to serve on the Executive Committee,
but there were no immediate takers. He then appointed three members who would not be
termed out soon, to nominate candidates to fill the chairman and vice chairman positions. Mark
Baumler, Diane Rice and Mary Oliver will serve on the Nominating Committee, and have
recommendations ready in time for the June meeting. We should plan to have a slate of
proposed officers to elect in June.

The issue of which committee should do the performance appraisal of the Executive Director
was addressed. Brian asked for a motion to change the Governance Plan to reflect that the
Executive Committee would do this and streamline the process, instead of both the Executive
and Finance and Management committees. Discussion followed but no motion was made to
change the Governance Plan.

Mary Oliver made a motion to schedule Jeff’s performance evaluation within the next 30 days
with both committees. Mary reasoned that new Commissioners will not have worked with Jeff
yet and would not have a background to give an accurate review. Pat Keim seconded the
motion and it passed. Brian will chair this meeting and a pay rate will be discussed.

Bob Hawks asked about our financial and performance audits. Jeff answered that financial
audits are scheduled every other year, and we are in the middle of one right now. So far we
have not had any issues. A performance audit was completed two years ago and there is a
follow up letter from the auditor. Jeanette suggested giving an introductory packet of
information to the new Commissioners. It should include audits and reports. Jeff said Karlee
would take care of this.

Committee assignments
Brian suggested waiting to make committee assignments until the June meeting after new
appointments are made. Jeff will keep this item on the agenda.

Legislative Committee – Rep. Diane Rice
HB 5 passed and included $99,450 to be used for toilets in Nevada City and Virginia City.
HB 9 passed. It establishes priorities for cultural and aesthetic project grant awards,
appropriates money for cultural and aesthetic grants, and provides for a transfer of funds from
the state general fund to the cultural and aesthetic trust fund. This last issue is of interest to the
Commission, as we benefit from this transfer from the general fund into the cultural trust. HB 9

placed nearly $3.5 million into the cultural trust, in effect negating the law that requires the
Commission to pay back those dollars. In 1997 the Legislature took more than $3.9 million from
the trust to acquire the Bovey assets. HB 9 is a de facto debt relief bill for the Commission and
may help with donor perception. We may want to think about adjusting our enabling legislation
at the next Session in 2007 to reflect these changes. The Commission agreed that we should
take steps to change our statute. If the cultural trust is tapped into again, and our statute
remained on the books as is, we could be liable for making the trust whole again.
SB 777 failed. This bill would have established a commission to study and make
recommendations concerning the preservation of state-owned historic buildings throughout the
State. Montana needs to develop policies for deciding how to review historic structures and
how to best manage them. Brian said he thought the State of Montana’s Antiquities Act covered
this issue. Mark Baumler said it did not and that is what the problem is - the law does not
directly address land management issues. In spite of the bill not passing, funds to accomplish
this task were included in HB 5. The Governor’s office will use an executive order to in effect
carryout the intent of this bill with an appointed committee. The Commission may have a seat on
this committee.

Jeff advised the Commissioners that in order for a member of a board to give legislative
testimony, the person must make a clear distinction if they are testifying as a private citizen or
testifying for, or on behalf of a board, commission or advisory council on which they serve.
Also, before a board decides to take a position on a bill, it must provide proper public notice
and, in taking a position, do so by passing a motion. Jeff raised the point of a bill that was
initially supported by the Administration, and the need for a board to approve supporting that bill.
It was questioned whether there is a need for a board to formally act if the Administration acts in
the support of a bill first? Betsy said that there were no provisions addressing this. Jeff will
contact Marty Tuttle for clarification.

Red Bluff Stage Stop – Diane asked if the Commission would be interested in acquiring the Red
Bluff Stage Stop located at Norris, currently owned by MSU. The stone building was a hotel and
stage stop. The Commission agreed to place this item on the June agenda and asked the P&I
Committee to address this at their next meeting. Bob Hawks suggested that we invite Jeff
Safford to the meeting and Jeff Tiberi will follow up. Diane agreed to invite Connie Olind from
MSU to our next meeting.

Drafting of Administrative Rules of Montana (ARMS) – ARM rules for the sale of real and
personal property was assigned to John Lawton and Marty Tuttle but were not drafted prior to
John’s leaving the Commission. Jeff prepared the first draft and sent it to FWP for review. They
provided one page of comments then it was sent to DNRC. DNRD gave several pages of
comments. We must adopt rules before we can have any deaccession or sale. Diane asked for
a copy of draft and comments. It was decided to send the entire Commission the documents
produced to date.

Personnel Issues – The Maintenance Supervisor position is open with Randy’s resignation. As
per Jeff’s e-mail to Brian, this item was placed on the agenda. Brian suggested that Jeff should
make the hiring decision. Doug added that the Commission establishes the budget, FTE, and
operations spending, and Jeff has the authority to make decisions regarding the spending of
those dollars, the use of the FTE, and the hiring process. The other Commissioners agreed.
There was no motion made, just a clarification in roles.

Preservation and Interpretation Committee - Brian Cockhill
The P & I Committee will meet on May 10. Issues to be discussed are:

   The Gypsy Fortune Teller – Copperfield proposals
   Jeff gave a report on the process of the vacant Curator of Collections position and the new
    Curator of Interpretation.

Town of Virginia City - Mayor Colin Mathews
Colin thanked the Commission for meeting in Virginia City. He reviewed significant
developments that have occurred in the last three years.
 In 2002 there were 1.5 full time employees @ $42,000. In 2005 there are 2.5 full time
    employees @ $66,000.
 Design review ordinances, preservation and zoning codes were challenged and reviewed by
    the Montana Supreme Court.
 A newly expanded water system and a waste water/sewer system have been completed and
    helped the town get ready for the future.
 Additional income has allowed the town to hire personnel such as an historic preservation
    officer, clerk/treasurer, and development/utility manager. The Town has also purchased
    accounting software.
 Appointed a zoning commission
 Paid off the 1967 water bond debt and have recently reduced water fees by 8%, and have
    $100,000 surplus in the funding that was provided.
 Developed a 5-year capital improvement plan.
 The annual budget is now about $325,000 per year. Colin feels that the town’s fiscal health is
 Several new families have moved in and new homes are being built.
 Idaho Street will be treated for dust control.
 Colin said he would not pursue the purchase of the parking lot for the city because of conflict
    of interest. Bill Doyle and Jim Jarvis will handle this for the city. Billy said he would share
    information as soon as it is available.
 Colin also reported the trail program is coming along.

Pat Keim asked why Virginia City is doing so well. Colin answered that the utility revenue has
made a big difference. He also mentioned that the restoration of old buildings generates a
bright future for the area.
Colin said that on a personal note the Roadmaster Grill will not open this season and his
business is for sale.
Virginia City Preservation Alliance – Mary Oliver
Mary reported memberships from their last Nugget newsletter came from 18 states. They are
planning to have their Wednesday night lecture series beginning in the summer. A room in the
Hangman’s building will now house an antique shop. The diorama project will be completed this
summer. Marlette Lacey, who portrays Sara Bickford, will be back again this season.

Madison County Economic Development Council - Sam Korsmoe
The National Heritage Program was discussed. Jim Jarvis and Sam identified the project area
from Summit City to Alder. The proposal was sent to Governor Schweitzer, Senators Burns and
Baucus and Rep. Rehberg explaining the concept. Sam received a letter of support from
Governor Schweitzer indicating the Governor’s office would help. They intend to talk to
business people and to see what kind of support there is. Sam has submitted a grant application
to fund a study of this idea. Sam needs letters of support from local organizations, counties,
economic development councils, cities and towns. Our Congressional delegates will need
letters of support to move this process forward in order to reach the designation. The time line

depends on the feasibility study grant, possibly late summer. One-to-one meetings will be held
first to address concerns, then a town meeting will be held for the community at large. Diane
asked about the structure and wanted to know if Sam would meet with all landowners in the
designated area. Sam said they wanted 100 % public support and a solid master plan, but they
would weigh the landowners. For instance, assume that the majority of landowners accept the
premise - should the project be stopped because of an opposing homeowner with one or two
lots in Virginia City? County Commissioner Dave Schultz added that we would need to profile
the story we have in Alder Gulch. This kind of designation program has a different profiled
customer - one who is interested in history. He believes we have very special story here at
Alder Gulch and all entities need to work together on it. It seems we are furthest along with this
idea in Montana. They would be seeking designation as an NHA with annual funding of
$1,000,000 for ten years for management and development of the project. Copies of this
proposal are in the information packets.

Montana Preservation Alliance - Chere Jiusto
Chere reported the Montana Preservation Alliance has received a grant from the National Park
Service to bring historic preservation information to local communities and to work on the NHA
issue. She has been working with Butte, Anaconda and Dillon’s local businesses and
government. West Yellowstone invited her and Barb Pahl, of the National Trust, to meet with
local government and the public to examine their cultural tourism. There is a lot to interpret at
the Park and they are looking at a connection between Yellowstone and Alder Gulch, Butte and
Anaconda. The main focus of this grant is to help people seek funds and outside partnerships.
Chere reported on legislative issues. She mentioned HB 777, and commented that the State of
Montana needs to preserve its heritage, history and culture and to look at the historical state-
owned buildings that should be preserved. She explained how other states historical programs
operated and how their funding worked. She gave a brief history on the old state administration
building in Boulder. It was scheduled to be demolished. In the end, the Legislature committed
funds to repair the roof. The Courthouse bill was not funded - perhaps next time. The Main
Street bill passed and has cash for two years.

Montana History Foundation – Jeff Tiberi
Jeff reported for Amy Sullivan.
 Membership renewals were mailed mid-April and almost $5,000 has already been received.
 The Foundation has received a $29,000 donation for Virginia City. The donor has not
    named a specific use for the funds yet.
 The Pioneer Fund corpus is at $665,000. We can expect $40-50,000 earnings income from
    this source. Jeff will work with P & I Committee concerning these funds.
 There has been no news about the request for assistance for the music machines.
 The Monty Dolack poster proceeds will to go to the Pioneer Fund. The posters will go on
    sale in early June. They will auction off the original print August 28 or 29 in Virginia City.
    Monty Dolack will use his mailing list to invite art supporters to this event. Jeff passed
    around an artist study of the poster for the Commission and audience to review.

Public Comment and Input
County Commissioner Dave Schultz reported that the Madison County Courthouse is in final
dialog to received $500,000 restoration through a SAT grant. They are looking for matching
funds. The Courthouses have to be proactive and look at additions that meet ADA
requirements and the needs of law enforcement. MSU will do a study of the courthouse and
ways to expand to accommodate the growth in county government.

Mrs. Dawn Hagedorn of the Virginia City Overland Stagecoach asked the Commission to
consider leasing to her pasture and/or vacant property for her horses. She stated the Virginia
City Stagecoach is a viable business and showed articles printed in national magazines and
newspapers and stated that the stagecoach represents Virginia City very well. She said her
pasture leases were cancelled last year because MHC and the Hagedorn’s could not come to
an agreement with a contract. The lack of pasture causes them to use only one team of horses,
limiting their income. She said the Hangman’s building lot and Elk Park were overgrown and
needed to be grazed and she elaborated on how much work they have done in the past to
improve the pastures. Dawn said that they have a contract to sell their house in town and move
to Alder, so they will have no place to dry corral their horses and they needed pasture land.

Jeff Tiberi responded that grazing lease was terminated after evaluating the over-grazed
condition of the pasture. Jeff also reported that he, Dale Mahlum and Jim Carpita walked the
grazing sites in question in early April. Dale has had extensive experience with horses and he
recommended that the pastures should be rested, the Elk Park land is not suitable for a pasture,
and the upper pasture be rested and mowed to encourage new growth. Jeff suggested that the
upper pasture be included with the residential rental located on that property. With this
arrangement, the renters have the option of using the pasture for their own stock. Jim Carpita
suggested Elk Park be turned back into wildlife habitat. The small lots in town are overgrown
with weeds and he wants the Americorps crews to mow these sites. He also said if we rent the
lots, we sometimes have no control over who is actually using them. Dawn replied it was not
her fault her horses were on MHC properties last year. Billy Doyle asked for a compromise.
Jeff suggested that Mr. Doyle let Dawn use some of his property for grazing. Mr. Doyle said in
the spirit of cooperation he would do so. The Commission discussed the issue and asked
numerous questions. Rosana asked how many acres were involved. Jim said less than 40
acres. Rosana said that we are spending too much Commission and staff time dealing with less
than 40 acres in a high mountain valley that is not productive pastureland. Brian said that we
cannot continue to have lengthy discussions about grazing, as there are too many other
pressing problems with this project that need serious attention. It was decided that MHC would
no longer enter into grazing leases, and the upper pasture would be included with the house
lease. Brian asked Jeff and Jim to assist Dawn in finding a suitable dry lot, preferable on city or
private property. Mayor Colin Mathews thought he could accommodate her needs. Jeff said,
from a business standpoint, this is an example of he and staff spending too much time on small
contracts that did not have much of a financial return. Brian agreed and stated he did not want
to spend any more time on this issue.

Colin Mathews presented an Economic Development project called “Planting a New Tamarack”
that will support Montana’s cultural heritage. The original Tamarack has operated for eight
years in West Virginia. Many states and foreign countries have looked at the project and will
copy or have copied the model. Colin is proposing a 60,000 sq ft facility financed with private
funds. This would house the best art and crafts in the state, making Virginia City a craft and art
center. All artisans’ products would be juried. This would be a non-profit organization and a
marketing facility for the Montana’s art community. He is hoping to capture the West
Yellowstone tourist and divert them to Alder Gulch. Fifteen acres of land have been offered as
a donation to house the facility. He believes that this project will complement the Commission’s
role. Colin is currently seeking funding for a feasibility study and would like to have a “soft”
State of Montana blessing to proceed. Brian asked if there is enough infrastructure in Virginia
City to support this? Colin answered that this project would encourage it to develop. He talked
about cultural heritage-economic development and answered questions from Commissioners.
He would like the feasibility study done in six months, the business plan in nine more months,
and ground breaking in 36 months. He said MHC and the community could mutually benefit

from this project. Betsy recommended him to the Office of Economic Opportunity. Chere has
been to the Tamarack in West Virginia agreed it was a wonderful idea.

Finance and Management Committee - Bill Howell

Budget Update – Jeff reported that there were no explainable variances in the first quarter of the
calendar year. He then explained what projects are being reported on a fiscal year basis vs.
calendar year basis. The Commission indicated they would like the interim reports on separate
sheets of paper and not combined.

Reeder’s Alley Stonehouse restaurant was discussed. Colin Mathews expressed interest in it.

Marketing Update - Karlee Smith
She will give this report at our next meeting.

Contract Status – Jeff Tiberi
Jeff reported that John and Patty Boles still need to their sign a contract for the six rooms at
Daylight Village. Scott and Amy Kelly’s contact is agreed upon but we have not received the
signed contract back. All other contracts are in place.

New Business
Jeff mentioned the Last Chance Gulch Restoration Association, the owners of the Pioneer
Cabin and caretaker house adjacent to Reeder’s Alley in Helena, want to examine donating this
holding to the Commission. These properties have an endowment attached. The Commission
agreed to look into this acquisition, and asked P & I Committee to address this.

Jeff mentioned that this might be the last meeting for Brian and Jeanette in the event that Gov.
Schweitzer does not reappoint them. If it is their last meeting, he wanted to go on the record to
thank them for their eight years of dedication and work they have given to the project.

With no other business brought before the Commission, the meeting was adjourned at 2:15 pm.
 Karlee is working on obtaining an exception to the mt.gov standard website template for
   marketing reasons.
 She attended the Tourism Advisory Council and will be applying with the Institute for
   Tourism and Recreation Research to do a new visitor survey.
 Karlee reported that MHC hosted a booth at the Tourism Fair in Butte and will have a booth
   at Lewis & Clark shows in Helena (July) and Dillon (August).
 Karlee told the Commission about the upcoming History Camp in August. She mentioned
   that they are currently accepting scholarship donations to allow all youth to attend
   regardless of financial situation. Karlee told Commissioners that they could contribute by
   contacting her (449-6522 or karlees@mt.gov).
 We have several tour groups that have indicated that will be regularly bringing groups to VC
   this year, including: Yellowstone Van Tours doing day trips from Big Sky, Yellowstone Year
   Round Adventures doing 2-day package deals to Virginia City/Bannack from Gardiner and
   American Heritage Tours who will be bringing a bus to the George Ives Trial and Hanging
   the end of June. Living History reenactors have been providing great PR on tour buses and
   have enticed a tour group from Munich and one from Australia to bring groups here next

Contract Status - Karlee Smith
Karlee reported that all contracts are signed and in place. Virginia City Trading Company and
Aunt Julia’s will expire this fall, and she mentioned that the Variety Store and Picture Gallery
have entered into preliminary discussions with MHC for long-term contacts in exchange for
capital improvements. Tent Village has a new concessionaire, who will be selling gifts and
refreshments. Jeff reported there are four new businesses in town this year.

Budget Update - Jeff Tiberi
Jeff gave the financial update and reported on the Reeder’s Alley rentals. A few questions were
asked and answered about this year’s operations budget. Jeff mentioned DOA has not released
the House Bill 5 funds for the toilet project. Doug advised Jeff to ask DOA to delegate the
authority. After reviewing the proposed budgets for NPS2 and Reeder’s Alley, Rosana motioned
to approve the Reeder’s Alley budget as proposed. Bill seconded the motion and the motion
passed. Jeanette motioned to approve the NPS2 budget for 06 and 07 as proposed. Pat
seconded the motion and the motion passed.

New Business

Doug Monger said the Governor’s office has given a list of agencies to the Legislative Auditor’s
to consider performance audits for the coming year. Doug said MHC and Fish, Wildlife and
Parks are both on the list. The Legislative Audit Committee will be making the final decision
about who will be the target of these audits. Our last performance audit was completed in
February 2003 and was followed up on just last year.

Doug brought up the fact that if a gas station, modern hotel, and convenience store were
located in the area it may help promote business. Part of our role, and the role of government in
general, is to offer amenities and development when the private sector cannot. Is it worth our
time to look at this with a feasibility study? There was discussion regarding the concept of
improving the infrastructure by bringing these businesses into town and the effect that it would
have on the existing businesses. Rosana said a gas station/convenience store is needed, as
there is not one in town. She mentioned that we might hurt our existing hotels if a new hotel was
built. Doug made a motion for staff to investigate a feasibility study, and bring back the
information to the next meeting. Rosana seconded the motion and it passed. Doug said that he
would follow up with a few inquiries as to the cost and content of such a study.

Bob Hawks said he has been asked to serve on a committee for creating a development vision
for Montana that has positive impacts on the state. Preservation will be part of this. Bob was
associated with the establishment of an Historic District in Bozeman and it has had a successful

A question was asked about the status of the Nevada City Audio Tour. Jim Carpita responded
that the audio tour has not progressed due to a staffing issue. Jim said we will get back on track
with this as soon as staff are hired.

Jeff was not sure if this was Brian and Jeanette’s last meeting, but he wanted to go on record to
thank them for years of dedication to the project.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00.


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