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                                                                                                              December 6th, 2009

                                                                                      It’s Miley!
Our new year will begin very differently at Calvary. Beginning in the first three
months of 2010, there will be many opportunities and necessities for members          If you have a teenager, or have been listening to top 40
of our church to explore ministry opportunities. You might be called upon to          radio stations you have probably heard of Miley Cyrus
coordinate an event, make a pastoral phone call or visit, step up and get a job       (aka Hannah Montana). I have listened to a few of her
done when no one has been assigned to do it. It will also be a time of reflection,    songs…. Ok I have listened to them more than once –
refreshment and prayer.                                                               they grow on you. But seriously, There is more to her than
                                                                                      we might notice on first glance. In particular I am refer-
The reason is I will be taking sabbatical in the first quarter of 2010. I will not be ring to the marketing that surrounds her. Recently in a
here and will not be available for ministry at Calvary. This is not a three-month blog post by teen expert Allison Ellis, she referenced a
vacation. A sabbatical is an extended leave for the purpose re-tooling and re-        Miley Cyrus concert that she attended with her daughter,
freshment, for study and learning, for prayer and spiritual renewal. For clergy, it and how she was shocked how marketing took center
is a time to prepare for a return to ministry with verve and rest.                    stage from start to finish. The halls outside the concert
                                                                                      were lined with banners and mannequins touting Wal-
I know, I know—why do clergy need to do that when they only work for four             mart’s new Miley Cyrus line of clothing. Some of the
hours on Sunday? I hear that joke often. I do appreciate that those who share         songs performed during the concert had backdrops of
that joke also know that clergy are “on call” 24 hours a day, seven days a week. video promoting the clothing line. There were even times
Clergy vacations are tentative plans at best. Of the 6 vacations I’ve had at Cal-     when live models danced on the runway to show off the
vary, I’ve had to return for an acute ministry need on five of them!                  line. Not surprisingly, the kids loved it. Be sure to teach
                                                                                      your kids how marketers are winning their hearts by blur-
Don’t cry for me, though, because I love my vocation! At the same time, I am          ring the line between entertainment and advertising.
ready to take advantage of this sabbatical. It’s not a recent decision made by the
Vestry. It is part of my original letter of agreement that I will be granted a sab-   <>< Brian Joiner
batical for every seventh year of ministry. It is a practice that churches are dis-
covering as beneficial for all in the church.

Which brings me back to the opportunities and necessities you will discover
while I’m away. Fr. Scotty, the staff and I, on the church and school side, are
trying to plan to cover those things I do routinely. Fr. Scotty will be here while                    Flower Offerings
I’m away, but remember that he is part-time. No doubt, some things will be            The flowers on the altar and in the chapel are
overlooked or fall through the cracks. If you notice such a thing, please, take it
upon yourself to follow up on it. Check with vestry leadership and/or staff                  given to the glory of God. and
members on problem solving. If something is not getting done, take oversight to
insure that ministry continues.
                                                                                       December 6th - in celebration of Joshua’s
More importantly, this sabbatical is a time for you to pray for me as I will be             birthday by Jim and Susan Grotte
praying for you. Pray for vision, strength, an increased faith, an anointing of the
power of the Holy Spirit for all of us. Pray that when we are back together, we       December 13th - in celebration of Jack’s birth-
can answer God’s call to ministry with joy and determination. But, don’t wait             day by Rick and Mary K. Maldonado
until I return! When God leads you—follow!                                               December 20th - in celebration of the
Currently, I am firming up my sabbatical plan and will share with you what I            marriage of Derek R. Todor and Emily A.
will be doing and where. My last Sunday will be January 3, 2010. I will return               Shank by Bob and Jamie Todor
for the Easter Sunrise Service at the community garden on April 4, 2010. Know
that I love you and will be praying for you.
                                                                                           December 27th - to the glory of God


                                                                                      Flowers for 2010. the 2010 Flower chart is in the
                                                                                      solarium. Flowers are $70 per week and must be paid
                                                                                      in advance.
Frankie Rodriquez+
             EDUCATION SCHEDULE                                          9:00 -9:45
                  9:00 -9:45
                                                                  WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY
                                                                         ROOM 6
            PRE-K—KINDERGARTEN                                 TEACHER: BETTY ANNE TAYLOR
                  ROOM 5
                                                                     MEN’S BIBLE STUDY
                                                                         ROOM 15
               1ST – 3RD GRADE                                      TEACHER: TIM HILLIS
                   ROOM 14
            TEACHER: MIKE McCARN
                                                                  MARRIAGE BIBLE STUDY
                                                                  ROOM: MULTI-PURPOSE
              4TH – 5TH GRADE                              TEACHER: FRANKIE & CAMILLE RODRIQUEZ
                  ROOM 12
         TEACHER: MELISSA COOPER                                 PARENTING BIBLE STUDY
                                                                       ROOM: 16
                                                                TEACHER: JEANNINE HILLIS
                  JR HIGH
                 ROOM GYM
          TEACHER: DIANE MCCABE &                                      LECTIONARY
              LISA LEMKOWITZ                                        ROOM: CONFERENCE
                                                                 TEACHER: WAYNE HELBERT

                HIGH SCHOOL
                 ROOM GYM                                        1ST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH
          TEACHER: DIANE MCCABE &                                   GREEN THUMB HOUR
              LISA LEMKOWITZ                                         ROOM: SOLARIUM
                                                                 TEACHER: ANNE ONDRUSEK

Christmas Flowers                                                       This is a BIG “Thank You!” to all the
                                                                        families, and to Troop 1000 that deliv-
You may be noticing as you shop around                                  ered meals, cooked food, made plates,
town that Christmas decorations are al-                                 and did all the other little things that
ready starting to go up! It will be here                                make the Thanksgiving meal delivery
before we know it! If you would like to
make a memorial donation AND help                                       possible. An extra special “Thank You!”
defray the cost of the Christmas flowers                                goes out to Smedley Evans at Dozier’s
for the church, please place your check                                 for donating all those turkeys, and to
in the offering plate and note in the
memo “Christmas Flowers”. You may attach a note with                    the Whitings for the macaroni and
the person’s name you are memorializing or notify the                   cheese and the mashed potatoes they
office with the information by calling (281-342-2147) or                donated. All together, we served 790
emailing it to Vickie at                    people a dinner, and the whole process
                                                                        was smoother than ever!
                DECEMBER 6             DECEMBER 13              DECEMBER 20             DECEMBER 27

Lay Readers
              B. Jacobson (LEM/WL)     S. Phillips (LEM/WL)     D. Bradley (LEM/WL)     D. Dunbar (LEM/WL)

               S. Harkins (LECTOR)     R. Carrell (LECTOR)       C. Clark (LECTOR)      D. Duncan (LECTOR)
   10am        W. Doherty (LEM/CB)      J. Lyons (LEM/CB)       J. Jacobson (LEM/CB)      B. Todor (LEM/CB)
              Mary Servantes (WL/CB)     T. Hillis (WL/CB)         T. Odell (WL/CB)    M.K. Maldonado (WL/CB)

Ushers             Frank Plut          Christian Iversen          Carlos Salinas         Glenn Kaminsky
   8am                                                             Mike Zanghi

   10am          Fred Wagner           Barbara Martin-c           Debbie Pohler        Mary Lou Johnson-c
                 Carol Wagner            Charlie King            Raymond Pohler           Jaime Garcia
                 Charlie King            Susan King                Matt Cornell            Jason Kniss
                  Susan King           Carole Andrews            Michelle Cornell
                                        Louise Myers

  Greeters          Wagner                  Duncan                   Carrell                 Zanghi
                    Wagner                 McClellan               Scarborough              McClellan


    8am           Alex Iversen            Alex Iversen

   10am            Austin Heck            Jacob Hillis           Ashley Robinson         Ashley Robinson
                   Adam Heck               Billy Daw             Morgan McCabe            Will McClellan
                   Anna Clark              Katie Daw              Amaris Alvarez         Chris McClellan
 volunteer                                                        Diane McCabe             Jeff McClellan

AltarGuild       Karen Bennett           Dorothy Arnett         Rosemary Buddecke            Edith King

Teams              Ellie O’Dell         Jeannine Hillis           Tracy Whiting          Betty Anne Taylor
                    Tim Hillis          Catherine Clark           Carol Hensley          M. K. Maldonado

Cooks             Cook Team              Cook Team                 Cook Team                Cook Team
                 Ryan’s Express         Ryan’s Express            Magnum Opus                Radiate

Person          Frank Lemkowitz             Bill Daw              Wayne Helbert             Don Dunbar

Flower           Ginger Jackson           Jamie and                Trisha King             Jeanine Hillis
Delivery          Lisa Whiting           Brooke Todor               Christina              Molly Powell
                                         Louise Myers             and Katie Daw

   Bereavement Committee                           Join us at 9am in the Courtyard the first Sunday of
                                                         each month for gardening information.
   December Bereavement Committee is:
         Susan Grotte
                                                         Each Wednesday night at 7pm at the garden.
       Advent and Christmas
         Service Schedule
    December 13, 6p
    Advent Lessons and Carols with Fort Bend                         Share the Spirit of Christmas with children in Calvary's
    Boys Choir
    Doors open at 5:30. Reception following
    the service.                                                     Hi Santa Clauses of Calvary!!!

    December 24, 6p
    Christmas in the Garden with Holy Com-                           As we do every year, the nurses and social worker from
    munion                                                           the 4 local elementary schools (Smith, Jane Long, Se-
                                                                     quin, and Pink) choose the children to receive gifts from
    This Christmas celebration will be at Cal-
    vary’s Growing in Grace community gar-                           us. They have given us all the information (Wish Lists
    den, 8th Street and Preston in Richmond.                         and Sizes) to help you put a smile on these children's
                                                                     faces Christmas morning. We also have Bibles and
    Wassail and cookies after the service!                           Teddy Bears, we just need you to adopt, shop, and de-
                                                                     liver gifts.
    December 24 10:30p
    Christmas Recital, Mr. Christopher Fuchs,
    guest organist                                                   This Sunday, December 6th, between services and after
                                                                     the 10 o'clock service, we will be in the Parish
    December 24, 11:00p
    Festal Eucharist, Rite I                                                              Hall. Also, we will be there next
                                                                                          Sunday, December 13th. However,
    December 25, 10a                                                                      if you can not be there this Sun-
    Christmas in PJ’s                                                                     day, we suggest that you contact
    No need to dress up. Come in your paja-                                               us to reserve a family.
    mas, robe, favorite slippers and blanket
    for a morning of Caroling with Holy Com-                                                We have tried to keep the num-
    munion.                                                                                 bers low, but do have 100 children
                                                                     in 32 families on our Christmas List this year. If you
    December 27
    8a, Traditional, Rite I                                          have never or not lately participated in our Christmas
    10a, Contemporary, Rite II                                       mission, we ask you to consider and we assure you that
                                                                     it will be a very special holiday season for you and your
                                                                     family. We do not know how to say no to the nurses and
                                                                     social workers, because the many of the special people
Join the Calvary Facebook Group                                      of Calvary, know just how to put a smile on children’s
                                                                     faces. Please contact us, if you have any questions or
If you haven’t joined, your missing some interesting discussion on   want further information.
issues that you normally would not have the opportunity to ad-
dress. If you are on Facebook, look for the group “Calvary Episco-
pal Church”. It is interesting that there are non-members who have   Frank and Mary Ellen Plut
joined us. Don’t know them, and I’m not sure why they are there,
but we welcome them. When you get into the group, you can see        Phone: 713-291-4597
the discussions on space usage, music items, garden brainstorming    Email:
and such. The only request we have for participation—no anony-
mous posts. We can love each other even through difference of
opinion. So, if you are on Facebook, join your church group!
Advent Lessons and Carols                                                 Family Values
with the Fort Bend Boys Choi                                              The five values listed below are ancient. Based on Deuteronomy
                                                                          5:1 and 6:4-7, these values can help parents foster the kinds of
                                                                          environment where the things that happen at church, happen at
                                                                          home, and they happen in the lives of their
                                                                          sons and daughters.

                                                                          Parenting Value 1 – Imagine the End
                                                                          No child comes with a manual attached. And as diligent as par-
                                                                          ents are, parenting can be overwhelming. The urgent can overtake
                                                                          the important.
                                                                          Who do I want my child to become? This defines the end parents
                                                                          need to bear in mind. It values character over competency, and it
                                                                          inevitably leads parents and children back to the core truth of
                                                                          Deuteronomy 6:4 that the Lord, our God, is one. Nothing…
                                                                          nothing is more important than our relationship with our heavenly
A special seasonal Lessons and Carols will be presented at Calvary        Father.
Episcopal Church on Sunday, December 13, 2009. The Advent Lessons
and Carols will feature worship music offerings by the Fort Bend Boys     Family Value 2 – Fight for the Heart
Choir under the direction of Mr. William R. Adams. Mr. Adams is           Rules. Relationships. Families are a mixture of both. Some-
looking forward this service because it will be the first time that the   times, though, in the midst of dealing with rules, families can lose
Fort Bend Boys Choir will have experienced a service of Lessons and       the relationship. When you lose the relationship, you can lose
Carols.                                                                   your child’s heart.

The Advent Lessons and Carols will begin at 6 o’clock in the evening    The more parents fight for the hearts of their children, the stronger
on Sunday, December 13. Seating will be first come first served and the the family will become. After all, God is passionate about our
doors to the church will be opened at 5:30 p.m.                         hearts. As Deuteronomy 6:5 says, it’s all about a love relationship
                                                                        with God. As parents fight for the hearts of their children, ulti-
                                                                        mately they’re opening up the way for a child to also pursue a
                                                                        relationship with God, which can lead to obedience. Why? Be-
                                                                        cause we tend to listen most to the people we love most.

           Alternative Gift:                                              Family Value 3 – Make it Personal
                                                                          Parents sacrifice many things – but there is one thing a parent

       Christmas Card Program                                             should never sacrifice. Children need to see their parents make
                                                                          relational, emotional, and spiritual growth a priority in their lives.
                                                                          If it’s not personal for the parent, it may never be personal for
   Celebrate the holiday season with family and friends                   their children. In Deuteronomy 6:4, Moses reminds every parent
   by making a donation in their honor to Camp Allen.                     that we have to commit ourselves to what God has given us.
   Outside of Card:
                                                                          Family Value 4 – Create a Rhythm
                                       Simply send Camp Allen             So by asking parents to develop their children’s spiritual and
                                      a recipient list and, the           moral character, how exactly do they do it? It’s as simple as do-
                                      card shown below will be            ing one more thing. Parents who make spiritual formation a part
                                      personalized and mailed             of morning time, meal time, drive time, and bed time
                                      to each person on your              (Deuteronomy 6:7) discover something that works and character
                                      list. We ask that you sup-          into the rhythm of everyday life.
                                      port Camp Allen with a
                                      minimum donation of $10             Family Value 5 – Widen the Circle
                                      per card. All proceeds              Parents who seek out mentors, small group leaders, and peer
   Inside of Card:                    will help send a deserv-            groups who would say the same things that a parent would say
                                      ing child to our summer             discover they have given their children and incredible advantage
                                      camp program. For ad-               in learning how to make wise choices.
                                      ditional information or to
                                      request an order form,
                                                                          Closing Thought
                                      contact Lauren Day at
                                                                          The church can compete with parents or cooperate with them. By
                                                                          cooperating with parents, we believe you can give kids and par-
                                      or call 936.825.7175
                                                                          ents a chance to succeed that could never happen if a church (or
                                                                          parents) tried to go it alone.

                                                                          Missy D Marek
                                          December 2009
       Sunday                 Monday                Tuesday               Wednesday               Thursday                    Friday               Saturday
                                              1                       2                      3                        4                       5
                                                                                                                                                    Open Door
                                                   Rite I Service
                                                      9:30am                                     Happy Birthday!          Happy Birthday!
                                                                                                  Sheila Phillips           Will Mason
                                                                          Happy Birthday!
                                                                          Reese Cartwright
                                                                                                 Weight Watchers
                                                                                                     6:00 pm
                                                  Happy Birthday!
                                                  Betty Anne Taylor                               Worship Team
                                                                                                    7:00 pm
6                       7                     8                       9                      10                       11                      12
                                                                                                                                                    Open Door
    Happy Birthday!
     Joshua Grotte                                                        Happy Birthday!
                                                  Happy Birthday!                                Happy Birthday!
                                                                           Duane Bennett
                                  EfM             Jennifer Bradley                                Tracy Whiting
      Rite I Service
                                6:30 pm
                                                   Rite I Service                                Weight Watchers          Happy Birthday!
                                                      9:30am                                         6:00 pm               Patty Moayedi
      Rite II Service
                                                                                                                            Nancy Boyd            Happy Birthday!
                                                                                                  Worship Team              Kathy Snow            Charles Marietta
                                                  Vestry Meeting                                    Practice
                                                     6:30pm                                         7:00 pm
      4:30 –6:30pm

13    Rite I Service    14                    15                      16                     17                       18                      19
                                                                                                                                                    Open Door
      Rite II Service                                                                                                                                Mission
           10am                                                                                                                                      8-10am
                                                                                                 Happy Birthday!
                                                  Happy Birthday!
                            Happy Birthday!                                                       Marshall Grafft
                                                   Dorothy Myers                                                          Happy Birthday!
                            Shannon Joiner
                                                      Harrison                                                                Hank Carl
    Happy Birthday!                                                                              Weight Watchers
                                                   Vickie Brewster                                                        Frankie Rodriquez
    Jack Maldonado                                                                                   6:00 pm

    Radiate Christmas                                                                             Worship Team
          Party                                    Rite I Service                                   Practice
                                  EfM                 9:30am                                        7:00 pm
Ft. Bend Boy’s Choir
Advent Lessons and              6:30 pm

20                      21                    22                      23                     24                       25                      26
                                                                                                                                                    Open Door
    Happy Birthday!                                Rite I Service                              Christmas Eve               Christmas Day
      Elayne Cox                                      9:30am                                 6pm Rite II service at           10:00am
                                                                                                 the Garden                Wear your PJ’s!
                                  EfM                                     Happy Birthday!
      Rite I Service            6:30 pm                                    Fred Wagner
           8am                                                                                Christmas Recital
                                                                                                   10:30pm                                        Happy Birthday!
                                                                                                                                                   Charles Norton
      Rite II Service                                                                            Festal Eucharist,
           10am                                   Happy Birthday!                                      Rite I
                                                   Flavio Toledo                                     11:00pm
      4:30 –6:30pm
27                      28                    29                      30                     31
      Rite I Service
                                                                          Happy Birthday!        Happy Birthday!
                                                                            Jacob Hillis          Ruthie Herfort
                            Happy Birthday!
                             Christina Daw
      Rite II Service
                                6:30 pm

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