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									                               local, fresh ingredients

41 Main Street, Bedford Hills, NY 10507
call 914.241.2661 fax 914.241.1075

                                Open everyday from 9 to 4
local, fresh ingredients
Feta, spinach and artichoke spread
  on multi-grain Ciabatta bread $7.50
Fresh mozzerella, tomato, herb pesto
and spinach on multi-grain Ciabatta
bread $7.50
Two cheeses, tomato and herb pesto
  on multi-grain Ciabatta bread $7.50                    Bey   ond granola ®
                                                         Organic, handm
Organic almond butter, banana,                                             ade energy bark
                                                         made with nuts,                    ,
  berries and local honey on                                               seeds and fruit.
                                                        Gluten-free and
                                                                           nutritious becaus
  multi-grain Pullman bread $6.25                       it is dehydrated                      e
                                                                         , not baked. In tw
                                                       flavors: Cherry Ra                   o
                                                                            isin Cinnamon
Sandwiches                                             and Cranberry C
                                                                           oconut Ginger
                                                       6 oz $9.25
Organic peanut butter and jelly on
  multi-grain Pullman bread $4.50                      Power Planets
Turkey, green apple, brie with                        Organic almonds
                                                                         and dates
  champagne mustard on multi-grain                    rolled in coconu
                                                                       t flakes. $3.
  Pullman bread $7.50                                 YinYangs
                                                     Dried fruit immer
Mini Baguettes                                       chocolate and di
                                                                       sed in rich dark
                                                                      pped in toasted
Fontina with artichoke spread $4.                    black and white
                                                                     sesame seeds.
Goat cheese and cucumber $4.                                                          $7.
Tomatoes, mozzarella and                            A mixture of orga
  herb pesto $4.                                                       nic nuts and
                                                    dried fruit with
                                                                     chocolate bites.
Parfait                                             Local Honey
                                                   A pure, sweet de
Beyond granola ® (handmade and                                      light made by
                                                   local busy bees
   organic), with Fagé yogurt                                      and harvested by
                                                   our beekeeper Do
   and berries $5.                                                    n Schaus. $8.
                                                  Organic Nut an
                                                                 d Fruit
Seasonal Fruit                                    Tidbits
                                                 Cashews, almon
Apples, pears and more.                                         ds, walnuts,
                                                 pumpkin seeds,
                                                                raisins or plums.
  = freshly homemade at bhoomi café

If you have a food allergy, please speak to the owner, manager, chef or your server.
hot & cold drinks
Coffees                    small/large    Iced Teas                   $2.00/ $2.45
Coffee                     $1.90/ $2.10   Harney’s Organic Green Citrus
Americano                  $2.10/ $2.65   Harney’s Raspberry
Cappuccino                $3.50/ $3.95    Harney’s Black Tea
Espresso                   $1.90/ $2.10
Café au Lait               $2.10/ $2.65   Specialty and Seasonal Drinks
Latte                     $3.50/ $3.95    Hot Chocolate                $3.25/ $3.75
Mocha Latte               $3.65/ $4.20    Hot Apple Cider             $2.50/ $3.00
Iced Coffee                $2.10/ $2.65   Yogi Chai Tea (hot or iced) $3.50/ $3.95
Iced Latte                $3.50/ $3.95
Iced Mocha Latte          $3.65/ $4.20    Poland Spring Water                 $1.50

teas & tisanes
enjoy in our café, take home, or include in a bhoomi box gift.
by the cup: small $2.00 large $2.45

Harney & Sons                      tins   Arogya                               tins
Bangkok                         $8.50     Ayurvedic Cleansing                   $8.
Chamomile                          $8.    Ayurvedic Nourishing                  $8.
Chocolate Mint                  $8.50     Blood Orange & Pear                   $8.
Darjeeling                         $8.    Chocolate Black                       $8.
Genmaicha                       $8.50     Coconut White                       $10.
Irish Breakfast                    $8.    Digestive Aid                         $8.
Japanese Sencha                   $13.    Goddess of Tiny Blossoms            $20.
Orange Pekoe                       $8.    Inspiration                           $8.
Paris                           $8.50     Joy                                   $8.
Peaches & Ginger                   $9.    Love                                 $13.
Peppermint                         $8.    Organic Coconut Black                 $8.
Raspberry Herbal                   $9.    Organic Earl Grey                     $8.
Spiced Plum                        $9.    Organic Moroccan Mint                 $8.
Supreme Breakfast                 $12.    Organic Peace                         $5.
Vanilla                            $8.    Organic Pu-Erh                      $10.
                                          Organic Renewal                      $12.
Ayurvedic choices:                        Pomegranate Green                     $8.
   Invigorating                    $12.   Relaxing Wanderer                     $8.
   Relaxing                        $12.   Schwartzee Buttertruffel              $8.
   Soothing                        $12.   Wild-Harvested Yerba Mate            $12.
                                          Wu Yi Oolong                          $8.
chocolates and sweets
enjoy in our café, take home, or include in a bhoomi box gift.

Chocolate Barks by COCOA $32./lb.        Nonpareils $4.50/bag
                                         Milk and Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
Roasted Salted Almonds
                                         Almond Toffee $24./lb.
Fleur de Sel
Pistachios and Ginger
                                         Truffles by XOX $70./lb.
Roasted Almonds & Toasted Coconut
Dark Chocolate
Sea Salt and Lavender
                                         Dark Chocolate
Rice Krispie
                                         Earl Grey
                                         Framboise (raspberry)
White Chocolate                          Noisette (hazelnut)
Seasonal variations
Milk Chocolate
Walnuts                                  Cookies                    each
Oreo Cookies                             Seasonal baker’s choice    $ .75
Rice Krispie                             Biscotti                   $1.00
Chipotle and Roasted Almond              La Tulipe Chocolate Chip   $1.50
Roasted Almonds                          Coffee Cake and Muffins
Espresso Beans and Cacao Nibs            Seasonal baker’s choice    $2.50

     A full Bhoomi Box
      makes a great gift!

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