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Difference between HTML and XML by umarali1981


This provides a list of HTML-XML FAQs which are of "Difference between" kind

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									1) What are differences between XML and HTML?

  S.N   XML                                 HTML
  1     XML provides user definable         HTML provides defined set of
        tags                                tags designed for web display
  2     XML is content driven               HTML is format driven
  3     End tags are essential in a         End tags are not always
        well formed XML document. In        required.<HTML> tag needs an
        a well formed document,             equivalent </HTML> tag but
        elements can be defined as          <br> tag does not require
        single tag or a pair of tags like   </br> tag
        <student/> or the
        <student>…</student> pair
  4     Quotes required around              Quotes are not required for the
        attribute values                    values of attributes
  5     Slash required in empty tags        Slash not required
  6     XML is used for describing          HTML is used for designing
        data                                pages

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