Gastro Pub Party by Levone


									                              David Salvatore

                                 Gastro Pub Party

                                      Small Bites
    Grilled cheese, Rogue bleu, Niman bacon, smashed raisins, Pommery mustard
          Mini sliders, tomato confit, Birchwood cheddar, sesame seed buns
            Duck prosciutto, toasted brioche, shallot jam, peppercorn aioli
                Cornmeal-fried oysters on ½ shell, celeriac rèmoulade
                            Soft pretzels, lavender mustard

                                        Big Bites
Frisee, honey crisp apples, spiced walnuts, pomegranates, 6-minute egg, cider vinaigrette
             Monkfish & clams, Hoegarden, chorizo, garlic confit, parsley
                Berkshire pork braise, Yard’s Ale, roast cabbage, caraway
                    Mushroom, Yukon gold & chard gratin, Gruyère
                                   Maple-glazed carrots

                                      Sweet Bites
                             Chocolate walnut brownies
                           Butterscotch pudding, fleur de sel
                                      Apple crisp

                               Pricing based on guest count

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                                     David Salvatore

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Our Food Philosophy | We believe good food is capable of so many wonderful things. It brings us
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for the way it makes you feel when you enjoy it. That’s our driving goal; to leave you and your guests
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Sustainability | Sustainability is of primary importance at every event. By working with small, local
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Respect for Your Home | For at-home events, our work is centered around a respect for your
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When the party’s over, your home will be left clean and orderly, as if we were never there.

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