Pisces Rising A Fresh Florida Seafood _ Steak by lifemate


									            Pisces Rising              A Fresh Florida Seafood & Steak


                                      Tiki Tuna
       Big Eye Tuna, seared & served rare with Pickled Cucumber Strings. 17.00

                                    Shrimp Cocktail
      Served with a traditional Cocktail Sauce or our Vieux Carre Remoulade 8.00

                                  Peel-N-Eat Shrimp
                        Half Pound 10.00      Full Pound 18.00

                                  Creole Calamari
                             One of our signature dishes!
       Fresh cut Calamari, seasoned, fried & served with our Creole Sauce 10.00

                                Portabella Mardi Gras
                             One of our signature dishes!
        Large Caps marinated in Garlic & Herbs, served on toasted French bread,
                        topped with Roasted Vegetables 12.00

                              Andouille Stuffed Mushrooms
   Silver Dollar Caps with Andouille Sausage Stuffing sitting in our Creole Sauce. 9.00

                                 Caribbean Crab Cakes
                              One of our signature dishes!
                         Served with our Cool Mango Salsa 9.00

                           Steamed Mussels Provencal 12.00

             Beef Tips with Peppers and Leeks with Sweet Chili Glaze 15.00

                                 La Te Da Scallops
                            One of our signature dishes!
 Jumbo Scallops, sautéed & served over a medley of Black Beans, Sun-dried Tomatoes,
       Artichoke Hearts & Bermuda Onions with Key Lime Butter Sauce 15.00

Pisces Rising 239 West Fourth Avenue Mount Dora, Florida www.piscesrisingdining.com
              Joseph Rosselli, Executive Chef Anney Winters, Proprietor
            Pisces Rising               A Fresh Florida Seafood & Steak

          Real Seafood Gumbo                               Chef’s Soup Creation

    With Shrimp, Crab and Vegetables             A daily treat from the heart of the house

          Cup 4.00    Bowl 7.00                           Cup 4.00     Bowl 7.00


              Pisces Salad                                Table Side “239” Salad

       Scallops, Shrimp and Crab               A medley of Baby Greens, lightly tossed in
   tossed with Celery and Red Onions           our Citrus Vinaigrette, topped with Pecans,
       in Lemon Vinaigrette 15.00                        Bleu Cheese crumbles,
                                                  Mandarin Oranges and Grapes 9.00

                 Caprese                                        Our House

Fresh mozzarella with yellow and red toma-       Spring Mix with fresh Berries and Goat
toes topped with basil pesto and balsamic      Cheese    with a light Raspberry Vinaigrette
              drizzle 12.00                                        8.00

                 Spinach                                          Caesar

Baby Spinach topped with Pecans, Red On-      Romaine Lettuce tossed with Caesar Dressing
                 ions,                        and topped with shredded Parmesan Cheese
                                                   and    served with a Crustini 5.00
Mushrooms and slices of hard boiled Egg

                                    Pasta bowls

           Penne with Scallops                      Angel Hair with Chicken and Pesto
        in our Cajun Cream Sauce                       tossed with diced Tomato

                   24.00                                           19.00

   Fettuccini with Beef Tips and Shrimp                 Penne with Bronzed Butter
 tossed with Cilantro & Sweet Chili Glaze                & Toasted Garlic Sauce

                   28.00                                           12.00

   All ingredients at PISCES Rising are fresh and all of our offerings are made to order.
              Pisces Rising              A Fresh Florida Seafood & Steak

                            Seafood Celebrations

                                    Cuban Snapper
         One of our signature dishes, this preparation is of the Whole Fish 28.00

                                    Grouper Garnier
                   With Cajun Dirty Rice and Chef’s Vegetable 30.00

                Cedar Plank Mahi Mahi with Key Lime Honey Glaze 30.00

                            Red Snapper over Sweet Corn
               and Potato Hash with Key Lime Thyme Beurre Blanc 27.00

                         Black Peppercorn Crusted Tuna 24.00

                               Caribbean Crab Cakes
       Topped with our Mango Salsa, served with Rice and Chef’s Vegetable 20.00

                                  Fried Seafood Platter
  Includes Catch of the Day, Shrimp, and Scallops. Served with Fries and Sauces 30.00

            With Andouille Sausage, Shrimp, Chicken and Vegetables 16.00

                                  Shrimp Creole 16.00

                                    Steaks, etc.
Filet Mignon with Bleu Cheese and Balsamic Drizzle, served with Mash and Chef’s Vegeta-
               bles        5 ounce 24.00                 10 ounce 30.00

New York Strip pan seared with Green Peppercorn Brandy Sauce, served with Mash and As-
                        paragus                 14 ounce 32.00

  Grilled Rib Eye with Chipotle Honey Glaze., served with Yucca Fries and Asparagus 16
                                      ounce 35.00

                              Louisiana Dream Chicken
   Cornmeal crusted Chicken Breast served with our Dreamy Cajun Cream Sauce 22.00

                                   Paradisio Pork
    Pan seared Pork Loin enhanced with fresh Pineapple and Orange Compote 22.00

Warning: eating raw or undercooked meats, eggs and seafoods can cause health issues for
             Pisces Rising              A Fresh Florida Seafood & Steak

                            The Real Key Lime Pie
 Made the original Florida Keys way with a flakey Pastry Crust and Meringue
                      piled on top                 7.00

          3 Layers of Heaven                             Angelic Bundt Cakes
        Moist Chocolate Cake                       Served with Vanilla Ice Cream
      with Chocolate Frosting &                 Fresh Berries and Strawberry Sauce
    layers of Chocolate Ganache,
 crushed Walnuts & Tia Maria Liqueur
                                                           Fresh Berry Cup

     “Mouthful-O-Sunshine” Cake                      An oversized cup filled with
      Our Award Winning Recipe                   Fresh Berries and Whipped Cream
                   7.00                                           7.00

        Just Plain Cheesecake                            Trio of Crème Brule
Rich and creamy with a graham cracker             Inquire about our flavors du’ jour

  All of our desserts are made fresh daily by our own Le Cordon Bleu trained Pastry Chef.
 Given 48 hours, we would be happy to arrange a custom dessert for your special occasion.

                    Whole Key Lime Pies and Orange Cakes available.

                                Tableside Flambé
            Bananas Foster                            Strawberries Romanoff
Sliced Bananas sautéed in butter & brown    Fresh Berries sautéed in butter & brown sugar,
sugar, flamed with liqueurs & served over        flamed with Sambuca & served over
            Vanilla Ice Cream                              Vanilla Ice Cream

                  9.00                                           9.00

We hope that you have enjoyed your experience at Pisces Rising and will visit us again soon

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