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					                                                       PRTC & Main Street Laurens

                                 9th Annual      Squealin’
                                                         on the                   Square
                                        KCBS STATE CHAMPIONSHIP BBQ Cook-Off
                                                             October 2 & 3, 2009

                              ANYTHING BUTT COMPETITION RULES
We are pleased to announce that we will be having an Anything But competition as part of the 8 th annual Squealin' on the Square (BBQ Cook-Off).
This will take place Friday evening, October 3rd, with turn in at 6:30 pm. We will be on a tight schedule as the cook’s meeting is scheduled for 5:00
pm. This is a wonderful opportunity to show your creativity and bbq prowess – free from the bounds of the standard KCBS meat categories. The
entry fee is only $15 so what do you have to lose? We will be having celebrity/sponsor judges so wee need to know ahead of time how many teams
will be participating. Thank you for your prompt attention.
                                                                                                             Tom Appleton, Team coordinator

"Anything But" is defined by Squealin’ On The Square to include any meat or desert other than any of the four KCBS judged categories to
be held on Saturday.

• "Anything But" CHICKEN. Other poultry such as duck, Cornish hens, and turkey is acceptable.

•"Anything But" SPARE RIBS, LOIN BACK RIBS, country style ribs are acceptable

•"Anything But" PORK SHOULDER, BOSTON BUTTS, all other parts of the pig OK.

•"Anything But" BEEF BRISKET. All other parts of cow are acceptable.

Seafood, turkey, wild game, alligator, frog legs, ostrich, etc. - just "Anything But" is allowed in this contest including deserts. Just let your
imagination go wild.

Generally anything goes. No holds barred in the preparation of "Anything But"

Recipes may be marinated or injected, and this may be done before arrival. Recipe may be baked, broiled, barbecue, grilled, fried, etc. Recipe
may include garnish. Garnish is anything that is not essential to the taste.

All cooking and preparation, with the exception of marinating, will be done on premise. All cooking to be done on generally accepted
cookers and/or grills normally associated with the barbecue cook-off. Gas grills are NOT allowed for "Anything But". Microwaves or
ovens that are now often in RV's or cook-wagons are not allowed.

Entrants must be competing in the Squealin’ On The Square contest. The "Anything But" entry must be the work of an individual team.

Judging will be on Friday night using the "Blind Judging" technique. The entry will be submitted in a numbered container provided by
contest organizer. A 9" x 9" standard box will be offered.

A judging team of 5 judges will judge entries. The score will be based on “Taster’s Choice” using a scale to be determined by the number of
entries. The entry with the lowest score will be designated as the winner. In the event of a tie, prize money will be divided equally.

Prize Money will be based on the number of teams entering

Please send $15 to the address below and fill in the form to assure your participation. We will be having celebrity/sponsor judges and
need to know how many teams will be competing before the event. Thank you for your prompt attention.

Address all correspondence to:
        Main Street Laurens USA, Inc. / PO Box 1736 / Laurens, SC 29360              /   (864) 984-2119 /
                    Squealin’ on the Square – Laurens BBQ Festival – October 2 & 3, 2009
                                       Anything Butt Application Form


TEAM SPONSOR:                                                           TEAM LEADER:


CITY:                                                                   STATE:                      ZIP:



                        Squealin’ on the Square/BBQ Festival – PO Box 1736 – Laurens, SC 29360
                                                       Participant's Agreement
The undersigned agrees that he/she will be responsible for any loss or damage to his/her work during Squealin’ on the Square. He/She
agrees to abide by all rules as set forth by the Squealin’ on the Square Officials and as explained in the materials enclosed with this
application. My signature below and enclosed payment indicate that I understand that failure to abide by these rules and regulations may
result in the termination of my contract and my participation in future events with Main Street Laurens.
Application fee and photo must accompany this application. This is a rain or shine festival - No refund due to weather. You must supply
your Tax I.D. number prior to accepting your prize money if you win any prize money.


The Squealin’ on the Square Barbecue Cook-off Committee reserves the right to reject any application. If your application is not accepted,
your money will be refunded. However, no refunds of the application fee will be made once you have been accepted into the contest. Any
photographs or videos taken of your team on-site become the property of Main Street Laurens and may be used for promotional purposes.
By signing the application, contestants agree to indemnify and hold Main Street Laurens, the Squealin’ on the Square Committee, the city of
Laurens, the Laurens CPW, their employees, agents and volunteers, harmless from any and all claims made against same; including without
limitation, all costs, liabilities, judgments, expenses, damages or reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising out of, or in connection with; (1) any
structure erected by Contestant; (2) any apparatus, equipment or personal property used by Contestant; (3) any act or omission to act of
Contestant, its agents, invitees, participants, representatives, employees, servants, and assigns; and (4) any claims made on account or
resulting from contestants participating in the contest. Any legal action concerning this contract will be conducted in the County of Laurens,
South Carolina.

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