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					                             Public Speaking CDE-Junior

                                 SaraBeth Wanbaugh
                                Big Spring High School

Rules and Regulations

The Junior Public Speaking CDE will follow the format outlined in the National FFA
CDE Handbook located at
with the following additions or changes:

1. Time limit for speeches is 3-5 minutes in length.

2. Question and answer period of 3 minutes following each speech.

3. The Junior Prepared Public Speaking Career Development Event will be limited to
   FFA members currently enrolled in Agriculture Education class in grade 8, 9, or 10.
   An eligible FFA member may only compete in the Junior Prepared Public Speaking
   CDE one time. Members who have previously competed in the Senior Prepared
   Public Speaking or Conservation Public Speaking CDE are not eligible to compete in
   the Junior Prepared Public Speaking CDE

4. Three contestants from each of the four Regions may compete.


    1. Four typewritten or computer generated copies of the speech on 8 1/2” X 11”
       white bond paper with a cover page displaying the speech title; participant’s
       name, chapter, and date must be submitted. The format should use 1” margins,
       and 10-12 characters per inch. Follow the American Psychological Association
       (APA) style manual for developing references and bibliography. Do not bind, but
       place a staple in upper left corner. Manuscripts not meeting these guidelines will
       be penalized.

    2. A complete, accurate, and up-to-date bibliography used in writing the speech,
       MUST be included as part of the manuscript. All participants in the Prepared
       Public Speaking Career Development Event should give credit to others where
       any direct quotes, phrases, or special dates are used in the manuscript, in order
       not to be guilty of plagiarism. The Boards of National Officers and Directors of
       FFA at the October 1960 meeting in Kansas City, Missouri, adopted the

  FFA State CDE 10/04                          Public Speaking-Junior - 1
      “ A bibliography MUST be included as part of the public speaker’s manuscript,
      and any direct quotes from any source of information must be marked in
      “quotes” on the manuscript and be identified in the bibliography. Failure to do so
      will automatically disqualify a participant. This applies to all events above the
      local level.”

   3. Each participant’s manuscript will be the result of his or her own
      efforts. It is expected that the participant will take advantage of all available
      training facilities at their local school in developing their speaking ability. Facts
      and working data may be secured from any source, but must be appropriately

   4. Participants may choose any current subject for their speeches, which
      is of an agricultural nature. This may include Agriscience and
      technology, agribusiness, agrimarketing, international agricultural
      relations, and agricultural communications.

FFA State CDE- 10/04                                 Public Speaking-Junior- 2
                        [ SAMPLE COVER PAGE ]

                         My Great Green Tractor

                              John J. Deere

                        Junior Public Speaking CDE
                            Green FFA Chapter
                               Eastern Region
                                Mine County
                             John Doe, Advisor

FFA State CDE – 10/04                                Public Speaking – Junior - 3

                                         Points   1   2   3   4   5   6   7    8    9    10    11     12
Content of Manuscript                     200                                                           
    •    Importance and                                                                           
         appropriateness of the 
    •    Suitability of the material 
    •    Accuracy of the statements 
    •    Evidence of purpose 
    •    Completeness and 
         accuracy of bibliography                                                                       
Manuscript Composition                    100                                                           
    •    Organization of contents                                                                 
    •    Unity of thought 
    •    Logical development 
    •    Language used 
    •    Sentence structure 
    •    Accomplishment of 
Voice                                     100                                                           
    •    Quality, pitch                                                                           
    •    Articulation 
    •    Pronunciation 
    •    Force                                                                                          
Stage Presence                            100                                                           
    •    Personal appearance                                                                      
    •    Poise and body structure 
    •    Attitude, confidence, and 
    •    Ease before an audience                                                                        
Power of Expression                       100                                                           
    •    Communicative ability                                                                    
         including: fluency, 
         emphasis, directness, 
    •    Conveyance of thought 
         and meaning                                                                                    
Response to Questions*                    300                                                           
    •    Ability to answer the                                                                    
         questions on the speech, 
         which are asked by judges 
         indicating originality, 
         familiarity with subject and 
         ability to think quickly                                                                       
General Effect                            100                                                           
    •    Extent to which the speech                                                               
         was interesting, 
         convincing, pleasing and 
         held attention                                                                                 
Gross Total Points                       1000                                                           
       Less Time Deduction**                                                                            
              Late Manuscript                                                                     
Net Total Points                                                                                        
           Participant Ranking                                                                          

 * Judges should meet prior to the event to prepare and clarify the types of questions to be asked.
 ** 1 point per second over, determined by the timekeepers
 *** 10% point deduction for late manuscript (30 Points)

 FFA State CDE – 12/08                                                Public Speaking – Jr. Prepared