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					                                                                                                       CURRICULUM MAP-
                                                                                                       PUBLIC SPEAKING

    SEPTEMBER                OCTOBER                    NOVEMBER                 DECEMBER                  JANUARY                    FEBRUARY   MARCH   APRIL   MAY   JUNE
    Learn about the          Listen to Jonathan         Students will learn      Students will             Throughout the
    techniques need to       Edwards’ speech            how to deliver           the effects of selling    course students will
    write and to deliver     “Sinners in the Hands      extemporaneous           benefits, rather than     have heard guest
C   speeches 1. To inform    of an Angry God”           Speeches Students        features. Students        speakers in various
O                            View the presidential      will select a            will                      fields deliver
N   2. To persuade           Debates between            work of art on the       understand the value        speeches to students.
T   3. To inspire 4. To      Gore and Bush. Read        bulletin board and use   of parallel               The speakers will be
E   entertain                texts from the debates     this art work as the     construction.             called from the
                             that have been printed     basis for delivering a   Students will read        community and the
N                            in                         speech.                  Lincoln’s                 community at large.
T                            newspapers.                Students will be given   “Gettysburgh              Read speeches.
                             Read excerpt from          fortune cookies.         Address”                  View speeches.
                             Hamlet on how one          Read and interpret the   Students will go to       Listen to talk shows.
                             should deliver a           fortune                  the Library to see the    Listen to political
                             speech                                              Sept and the delivery     speeches. Listen to
                                                                                 of a speech on the        different actors
                                                                                 computer                  performing the
                                                                                                           same role.
    Watch the film           Listening skill            Organize thoughts in     Students will write       Students will work
    The Candidate            Identify the main idea     a coherent manner        speeches using            cooperatively to
    Discuss the difference   of the speech.             when given a topic on    parallel construction     present a talk show
    between text and         Identify the method        the spur of the          Students will write       utilizing the four
S   subtext                  of creative images         moment.                  speeches selling the      components of the
K   Recognize the            “to speak in pictures”     Students will analyze    benefits of a product     course: Speeches to
I   Difference between       Identify the tone of       the meaning of a         or an idea. Students      inform, to persuade,
L   rhetoric and             the speech. Modeling       maxim and will           will recognize the        to inspire, to entertain
    substance. Be            in the style of            determine how to         value of
L   cognizant of how to      Edwards                    apply this information   incorporation humor
S   use language to          Transferring one style     to the audience          in their speeches and
    reveal, rather than to   of speech to a                                      to use humor that is
    conceal. Note the        different topic                                      fitting and appropriat
    importance of tone       Know your audience                                  for the audience
    when delivering a        List the similarities in
    speech.                  packaging a candidate
                             that is similar in the
                             current debates and
                            the film The
A   Answer questions        Use Jonathan            Students will deliver   Students will deliver   Finish videotape to
S   based on the film .     Edwards’ speech as a    extemporaneous          the speeches they       assess the students
S   Identify the verbal     model. Imitate          speeches on a variety   have written using      progress. Final
    and non-verbal          Edward’s style of       of topics               parallel construction   speeches to be
E   communication of        writing.                (concrete/abstract)     Students will deliver   delivered
S   Bill McKay.             Write a speech.         Speeches may be         speeches to inspire     Final Exam:
S   Write a speech          Deliver two speeches    either speeches to      and to persuade using   50% Oral 50%
M   pretending you are a    To persuade an          inform, to persuade,    the techniques they     Written VIDEOTAPE
    Candidate running for   audience to agree       to inspire or to        learned Students will   and VIEW TALK
E   office.                 with your opinion.      entertain.              note                    SHOW
N   Deliver the speech to   Emphasize the           Students will be        from humor              PROGRAM
    the class. Video tape   vocabulary by           videotaped to           highlights the          Throughout the
    students so that they   selecting words that    determine their         material they wish to   course students will
    have a benchmark to     will keep the           progress.               present to the          chart and mentor their
    determine their         audience’s attention.                           audience/teacher        progress in their
    progress.               Address your                                    evaluation, peer        notebooks.
T                           audience. Elicit                                evaluation, self
S                           responses from                                  evaluation (VIDEO)
                            students by having
                            them find the
                            similarities in the
                            presidential debates
                            by McKay

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