Public housing redevelopment through Public Private by gvf16013


									Public housing redevelopment through
  Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

Presentation to NSW Community Housing C f
P     t ti t        C       it H  i Conference
                  September 2008

                                                   Bernie Coates
                                    Director, Community Building
                                                S a eg c ojec s
                                                Strategic Projects
                                                    Housing NSW
Bonnyrigg faces
     Bonnyrigg PPP: the basics
• Redevelopment of 82 ha site, demolition of 833 public housing
• Construction of 2300 new homes over 15 years, of which 700 (30%)
  will be public
        streets parks,
• New streets, parks public domain and community facilities

  Tenancy management and FM
• T                 t d
• Rehousing
• Community renewal

                  Bonnyrigg is a pathfinder project
Development potential
                                            Bonnyrigg Estate
CURRENT                    PROPOSED
933 dwellings              2330 dwellings
833 social housing – 89%   699 social housing –30%
100 private dwellings      1645 private dwellings –70%
                           134 social housing off estate
          What is a PPP?

• Another form of contract
• Build and manage over 30 years
• Creation of an SPV (PPP company)

 Social PPP, like schools and hospitals
Bonnyrigg Partnership’s plans
               Why a PPP?
•   Private sector finance
•             on the drip
    Payment ‘on-the-drip’
•   Private sector innovation and expertise
•   Risk transfer
•   Competitive tender process
•   Cost savings
                         Community Projects
History Project

            Men’s Shed
    Living Communities approach
• An approach to renewal of larger public housing areas,
  to achieve social mixed communities, places with good
                                      ,p           g
  amenity, services and facilities

• Based on local and international experience

• Three integrated objectives:
   – Renew homes and public spaces
   – Improve services and opportunities
   – Build community capacity

                Advice from key stakeholders
                   Focus on partnership
                   F             t   hi
               Focus on community engagement
                        Community Engagement

                                     (          )
                              Muriel (Resident): “All we
                              want is a nice, clean, safe
                              place to live”

Michele (Resident): “I feel
valued and what I think
counts for something”
        Community Engagement

• Information – cons ltation – participation –
  capacity building

• Providing the community with a real voice
  and influence in implementation

• Building on community strengths and
Community Reference Group
Community Consultation
Bonnyrigg Capacity Building Workshops
       Bonnyrigg Partnerships

•   Westpac
•   Becton Property
•   Spotless
•   St George community Housing

Integration through Bonnyrigg Management
     Features of Bonnyrigg PPP

  First     i     i l housing
• Fi t PPP in social h    i
• Combines development and service
• PPP Company includes a NFP
• Strong focus on community renewal,
  rehousing and tenancy services as critical
  to successful change
• Tenancy management based on public
  housing policy
HNSW & St George Community Housing team
        The Present, the Future

•     t k       i O t
  BP took over in Oct 2007
• All aspects progressing to plan
•           iss es
  No major issues
• Housing NSW adjusting to a contract
  management role
• BP establishing their services and relationships
  with the community
• BP members adjusting to working together
• Community relatively comfortable

PPP proving a successful approach, but early days
               Bonnyrigg faces

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