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									UPDATED: 13 JANUARY 2010

REF:          SA087
DATE:         08/03/10                                   TIERS RED ANGUS
                                                                 BULL FOR SALE
Tiers Flat Iron is an excellent bull with a low birth weight of only 28kg and growth rates well above average.
At 18 months he weighed 695kg with an EMA of 112sq/cm, Rib fat of 7mm and a P8 fat of 12mm he is an
animal of excellent carcase qualities. This bull is well muscled and deep through the body with plenty of
meat running right down the legs. He is for sale at $3800+GST. You will not be disappointed.
Please contact Peter or Martin Ebbs on Ph: 08 8554 7233 Mob: 0417 822 586
or e-mail us at
January 2010 Red Angus GROUP BREEDPLAN                               SELECTION INDEX VALUES
                                                              Market Target Index Value Breed Average
                         200    400      600                Supermarket Index    +$ 35      +$ 28
               Birth     Day    Day      Day
               Wt.       Wt.    Wt.      Wt.       Milk     Vealer Index         +$ 31      +$ 28
               (kg)      (kg)   (kg)     (kg)      (kg)     Northern Steer Index +$ 41      +$ 34

EBV            +2.5      +25    +42      +55        +7

Acc            59%       58%    57%      51%       36%

Breed Avg. EBVs for 2008 Born Calves Click for
EBV            +2.5      +23    +36      +48        +9

REF:       WA086
DATE:      13/01/10                                                            Bulls for Sale

WITCHCLIFFE WESTERN AUSTRALIA                              
BULLS FOR SALE                                      $2000

There is no sale venue in WA for Registered Angus and Red Angus Bulls, from small herds, until the last cab off the 
rank, Supreme Sale on 25th February. 
All the big, on property auctions are completed by then and there are no buyers left for our elite Bulls, such as sold 
a few years ago from $3,000 to $10,000. 
So we would rather sell them now for $2,000 than then for $2,250 (or not at all). 
And not have to pump them full of grain for 2 months to meet the Agents’ Condition requirement. 
Buy now and they are ready to work or, if you like, we can keep them well fed on good grass and hay, up until 
May, when they will be more then ready to work and produce high growth, early maturing calves. 
2 year old

Sire Leachman Robin Hood 1174B, out of MRR Y4, Grand Canyon/None Better
Sire Leachman Robin Hood 1174B, out of MRR Z1, Heavenly 8141/Grand Canyon
Sire New Design 1407, out of MRR X3, Grand Canyon/Red Top
(Black, Red Gene Carrier)

12 month old
Sire New Dimension 2127, out of MRR X3, Grand Canyon/Red Top
Sire Te Mania ADA A149, out of MRR C3, 1407/MRR X3
(Both Black, Red Gene Carriers)
Sire Leachman Cheyenne B221L, out of Wilson Downs Red Betty V2/Barney

Contact: Tony Saw 08 9757 6368                       Email:
Angus Herd Ident: WHP          Red Angus Herd Ident: MRR
       REF:     SA085
       DATE:    29/11/09                                       Registered Females

Drayton Park 'D' Heifers for Sale

Indent   Tag     D.O.B.               Sire                    Dam           Maternal Grandsire       Price
 SDP     D003    25-Jan    SSS Highmark 272D        DP Adele SDP A162      DP Jr SDP W92          $1,000 + GST
 SDP     D046    1-Mar     BHC Stryker B009         Pema SDP Y4            El Capone 515          $1,000 + GST
 SDP     D047    1-Mar     Lodi Prince 2632         DP Tammy SDP X112      Geis Prime Rib 411     $1,000 + GST
 SDP     D117   21-Mar     DP Darren Z32            SDP W50                Fox Hill Patch 9026    $1,000 + GST
 SDP     D134   28-Mar     DP The General A375      DP Karen SDP X63       BHC Stryker B009       $1,000 + GST
 SDP     D148    7-Apr     DP Darren Z32            MIC P35                The Basin Male M228    $1,000 + GST
 SDP     D170    3-May     DP Stryker Y70           DP Amber SDP Y99       Badlands Mr Beef 805   $1,000 + GST
 SDP     D172    3-May     DP Stryker Y70           DP Inatexxi SDP X20    King Rob 1826          $1,000 + GST
 SDP     D184    8-May     DP Code Red Z28          DP Molly SDP Z148      DP Chiefton SDP W56    $1,000 + GST
 SDP     D232   22-May     DP Top Gun Z31           DP Vashti SDP V66      Beiber Impact          $1,000 + GST
 SDP     D250    10-Jun    DP Top Gun Z31           Lassie SNO S94         KOA Fenech P18         $1,000 + GST
 SDP     D253    13-Jun    DP Darren Z32            Roy Kaka AIC V85       Rob Roy FDP Q29        $1,000 + GST
 SDP     D266    5-Aug     DP Limestone A45         DP Madison SDP A51     DP Uluru SDP W47       $1,000 + GST

Drayton Park 'D' Bulls for Sale

Indent   Tag     D.O.B.               Sire                    Dam           Maternal Grandsire       Price
 SDP     D049    1-Mar     Red Fine line Mulberry   DP Pema SDPX12         King Rob 1826          $2,200 + GST
 SDP     D050    2-Mar     Bonafide                 DP Mistress SDPX53     BJR JR107              $2,200 + GST
 SDP     D173    4-May     DP Stryker Y70           DP Brooke SDPT56       The Basin Q197         $2,200 + GST
 SDP     D188    8-May     Doc Holliday             DP Cinderella SDPY67   Bodacious 693          $2,200 + GST
 SDP     D193    9-May     Brylor Led Pine 99L      DP Lassie SDPY25       BJR JR107              $2,200 + GST
 SDP     D262    12-Jul    DP Darren Z32            DP Violet SDPY179      OP Rambo V54           $2,200 + GST
 SDP     D263    14-Jul    DP The General A379      DP Rainbow SDPY170     DP Uluru SDP W47       $2,200 + GST
       Contact: Adam Zacker 0417 853 799 or Darryl & Karen Burpee 08 8370 5338
REF:    NSW084
DATE:   12/11/09                                           Registered Bulls
For Sale – two registered Red Angus Bulls

Schipps Red Bonaza B26         DC B026 - $2500 inc GST
Sire: LSF Combination A301M
Dam: Schipps Red wing X26 (Schipps Red Diamond x Schipps Red Wing 4)

                    November 2009 Red Angus GROUP BREEDPLAN
                                        200     400      600
                              Birth     Day     Day      Day
                               Wt.      Wt.     Wt.      Wt.        Milk
                               (kg)    (kg)     (kg)     (kg)       (kg)
                   EBV        +3.1      +21     +31      +46         +2
                   Acc        75%      66%     65%      60%         42%
                   Breed Avg. EBVs for 2007 Born Calves Click for Percentiles
                   EBV        +2.4      +23     +35      +47         +9

Willow Glen Winston            WV C73 - $1750 inc GST
Sire: Trevone Park Churchill
Dam: Moorefields X-Uberant (Red Howe Mr Mat x Red Circle R Miss Dallas 80A)

Contact Ian Rudd
Location Cowra NSW

T: 02 6330 3018
M: 0418 624 006


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