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                                                        The Complete Software Solution

                                       SOFTWARE ORDER FORM
          Please send a copy of the ePASS Lite Computer Software to:




Toll Free Technical Support:
No other software company provides toll free service, but with ePASS Lite both those who purchase the software and those on
the monthly rental plan will be provided a toll free number for support & maintenance.

ePASS Lite Pricing:
The monthly rental price includes full Support and Maintenance. The Support & Maintenance column is only associated with
the Purchase of the module.

 Module (All Prices are Canadian Dollars)                                              Purchase   Support &                    Monthly Rental Incl.
                                                                                           Price Maintenance                   Technical Support &
                                                                                                           *                          Maintenance
 Basic Single user incl. Parts Inventory, Purchasing, Point of Sale,                   $2,100.00     $695.00                                $89.95
 Customer Database
 Add Customer History                                                                    $325.00              $49.00                             $7.00
 Add Warranty Claims (EDI)                                                               $325.00              $49.00                             $7.00
 Add Dispatching                                                                         $325.00              $49.00                             $7.00
 Add Accounts Receivable                                                                 $325.00              $49.00                             $7.00
 Add Accounts Payable                                                                    $325.00              $49.00                             $7.00
 Add General Ledger & Financial Statements (Requires A/R & A/P)                          $325.00              $49.00                             $7.00
 Additional Terminals (each)                                                             $395.00              $66.00                            $13.00

Initial Setup Fee:
The initial setup fee for a single user system is $525.00, which includes the database license. Database licensing for each
additional terminal is $295.00. User must remain on rental for a minimum of one year.

On-Site Installation Service:
        Per Day (plus expenses)                                           $800.00
*Support and Maintenance is not an optional Module. The ePASS Lite system requires the Cache Database from Intersystems to operate. Database License
fees are for the use of the Cache Product and not for the use of the ePASS Lite product. Cache support and maintenance fees are required as part of your
database license, which are forwarded to Intersystems Corporation and are not retained by R&D Business Systems Ltd.

                                                      R&D Business Systems Ltd.
                                                         202 – 5010 Smith Ave
                                                        Burnaby, BC V5G 2W5
                                             Tel: (866) 897-8976      Fax: (604) 439-1905