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Acton PIP – Roche Bros


									 Acton-Boxborough PIP Parent Activity Evaluation Form
                                                                 Acton-Boxborough PIP & Roche Bros of Acton
  3 Grade Market Math Mania @ Roche Bros. of Acton                                           Present
1. What was your child’s favorite Market Math Mania activity?
   ( ) Measure It Up
   ( ) The Price is Right
   ( ) M&M Math
                                  ( ) Pickle Tasting
                                  ( ) Check It Out                    3rd Grade
2. Check any statements you agree with:
   ( ) I had fun with my child at this event
   ( ) I feel that my child learned something from this event
                                                                    Market Math
   ( ) I learned something about some of the activity topics
   ( ) I plan to try similar activities at home with my child
   ( ) I would recommend this event to others                          Mania
3. Comments and suggestions:                                              Wednesday, April 7, 2010
____________________________________________________________              Open House 4:30 – 7:30pm

Parent’s Name: _____________________________________
Child’s Name: ______________________________________
School: ____________________________________________
Phone Number: _____________________________________
E-Mail: ____________________________________________
Grade(s) of Children: _________________________________

Please check if you’d like to:                                   Parent Involvement Project – PIP
   ___ Receive email regarding future A-B PIP activities                           Increasing Community Involvement in
   ___ Volunteer for future A-B PIP activities or events              Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education.

                                                                Acton-Boxborough PIP is a group of parents, educators and
                                                                community partners supporting Science, Technology, Engineering
                   Thank you for coming!                        and Math (STEM) education K-12. For more info about PIP
               A-B PIP and Roche Bros. of Acton                 including “at home” Market Math activities visit the PIP website at
                                                       or send e-mail to
         WELCOME TO PIP                                                    A-B PIP WOULD LIKE TO THANK
                                                                                  OUR PARTNERS…
        MARKET MATH MANIA                                            •   Acton Public and Acton-Boxborough Regional Schools, PTOs &
                                                                         PIP parent and student volunteers
We hope you enjoy the activities presented for you and your          •   Acton Memorial Library for PIP math and science kit circulation
3rd grade child today. Complete as many stations as you would        •   Acton Toyota of Littleton, ABRHS SADD, Acton Police
                                                                         Association, CAFY & Danny’s Place for teen driver training
like in any order you want. This is a parent/child event in a
                                                                     • for PIP website and design
public venue. Please make sure that your child remains               •   Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston (ATMoB) for Star Parties
with you throughout this event.                                      •   Boxborough Sargent Memorial Library for hosting PIP Family
                                                                         Math Game night
You can collect a “stamp” for each Market Math activity station      •   CISCO Systems, Mass Technology Collaborative & New
visited on the pass below:                                               England Wind Fund for funding the Acton Solar Panel Project
                                                                     •   Corporate Platinum Discover STEM sponsors: Acton Toyota of

      Market Math Station Pass
                                                                         Littleton, GroSolar, IBM, MannMade Digital Video, iROBOT,
                                                                         Microsoft Research & Worker’s Credit Union
                                                                     •   Corporate Gold Discover STEM Sponsors: Enterprise Bank &
          Station (skills)                    Stamp                      Schlumberger-Doll Research Center
                                                                     •   Custom Signs for PIP signs
                                                                     •   Edible Arrangements of Westford for hospitality donations
        1. Measure It Up                                             •   Facilitations for PIP magnet and t-shirt printing
       (Measurement/Weight)                                          •   Foxwoods Resorts and Casinos & Mohegan Sun for Market
      2. The Price Is Right
                                                                         Math cards and dice donations
                                                                     •   Green Acton ( for “green” activities
       (Guessing/Computation)                                        •   Kappel/Herther family for Community Skate FUNdraiser
          3. M&M Math                                                    Middlesex West Chamber School Business Partnership for
                                                                         Discover STEM
  (Grouping/Sorting/Computation)                                     •   Nashoba Valley Olympia for Community Skate FUNdraiser
         4. Pickle Tasting                                           •   MA Dept. of Education and NSF for 2000 PIP foundation grant
                                                                     •   Roche Bros. Supermarket of Acton for Market Math
         ( Survey/Graphing)                                          •   Savoury Lane Deli and Caterer in West Acton for monthly PIP
         5. Check It Out                                                 meeting space and donation of eco-friendly paper goods
                                                                     •   Sweet Bites Café in West Acton for hospitality donations
        (Estimating/Scanning)                                        •   The Discovery Museums for PIP programs

                                                                  Visit the PIP website ( for full list of partners

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