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					Cake Time                                                              Cakes, Etc
                                            2800 N Military Trail #111
Summer, 2002                                   W Palm Beach, FL 33409
Number 12                             561)615-4431 Fax 561)615-4432
ICES News Note:
        International Cake Exploration Societe        Cake Classes: Course I, II or III. Two hour class
(ICES) Florida Chapter will have a Day of             once a week for 4 weeks; $25.00 plus supplies.
Sharing in Ocala on Sunday Sept 29, 2002. This        Pre-registration required.
is a day of exhibits, demos, and sharing of sugar     Candy I         Basics of candy making including
art ideas. It will be held from 9:00 A.M to 4:00      molding, marbling, layering, hand-dipping and
P.M.; lunch is included; registration fee $25.00.     more in one fun filled two hour class: $15.00
Registration must be reserved by 9/15/02 . Plan to    Sugar Molding:          Sugar molding techniques
bring 100 copies of a recipe, hint or design to       you can vary to fit all holidays in two 2 hour
share and you will return home with a variety of      classes: $18.00
new ideas. Call Cakes, Etc. for more information.     Cookie Blossom:         Make it and take it cookies.
                                                      Holiday or birthday themes in two 2 hour classes:
                  CALENDAR                            $18.00
                                                      Rolled Fondant:         Classic cake covering and
Candy I               Tuesday        July         9   embellishments in one 3 hour class (6-9 PM):
Fondant               Wednesday      July       10    $20.00 plus supplies. Call for supply list.
Course I              Wednesday      Aug         7    Gingerbread baking: Bake and decorate a
Course II             Tuesday        Aug          6   gingerbread house in two 2 hour classes…$20.00
Rolled buttercream    Thursday       Aug          8   plus supplies.
Gum paste             Sunday         Aug        18    Gingerbread House kit:          Use a kit to fashion
Draped Fondant        Thursday       Aug        22    a holiday classic in one 3 hour class. $12.00 plus
Course I              Wednesday      Sept        4    supplies
Course III            Tuesday        Sept        3    Bow making: Fabric bows taught by a florist in
Chef Suzanne          Thursday       Sept        5    one 2 hour class. $8:00 includes supplies.
Cookie Blossom        Monday         Sept       16    Candy II        Advance technique includes a
Fondant               Tuesday        Oct          1   woven basket in one 2 hour class: $18.00
Course I              Tuesday        Oct        15
Course II             Wednesday      Oct        16    New Items Now Available
Gingerbread Bake      Thursday       Oct        17
Candy I               Monday         Oct        21
Course I              Tuesday        Nov        12
                                                      Wilton Wedding Portfolio
                                                      Hot off the presses and full of beautiful new
Course III            Wednesday      Nov        13
                                                      wedding cake ideas. Now available for $16.99
Gingerbread Kit       Monday         Nov        18
Sugar Molding         Thursday       Nov        21    Bob the Builder and Spiderman
Candy I               Thursday       Dec         5    Pans, icing decorations and candles for both of
Candy II              Thursday       Dec        12    these new items are now available
Fondant               Wednesday      Dec        18    Coming in August:
                                                      Wilton Yearbook 2003--- full of new ideas for
      Classes 6:30 - 8:30 PM unless noted.            your pans and fresh new merchandise
           Pre-registration required.                  " " " " " " " " " " " "
Cakes ,Etc Closed July 23-24-25-30
                  Great Ideas                            Do you have a decorating tip to share? Give us a
               Tips and information                      call or drop a line See numbers and addresses at
                                                         the top of the newsletter.
Wilton Web page:
        Learn techniques, find recipes, see last                             Rose’s Roses
year’s Bear contest and this year’s doll contest
                                                                     (from Rose Sullivan of Wilton)
winners and a whole lot more.

Roses, Roses, Roses! Do you need to review the                                 Design a Life
rose or any other technique? Come join a class for               Life is like a jigsaw puzzle, but you don’t have
one night on the night that technique is being           a picture on the front of the box to know what it is
taught for only $5.00. Just let us know in advance       supposed to look like. Sometimes you’re not even sure
so we are prepared to help you. See calendar for         if you have all of the puzzle pieces. The good news is,
start date of classes.                                   you are the designer.
                                                                 What sort of picture are you going to make?
From Jennifer Duke-Fairchild: for chocolate
cakes, use cocoa powder instead of flour to coat
your pans. That eliminates the white coating on          *******************************
the bottom of your cake.                               
                                                         We are now on line with cake pictures, calendars
From Sarah Knob: Make ribbon bows on your
                                                         and lots of information, including the “Cake
cakes by using Fruit rollup strips. Ribbons can
                                                         Time” newsletter. Check it out!
also circle the cake and be “glued” together with a
dab of frosting. They come in several colors, and
are great for decorating with kids.

From Pauline McDavid                                     ICES (International Cake Decoration
Make miniature hamburgers using two vanilla              Societe) annual convention will be held in
wafers with a peppermint patty (unwrapped, of            Nashville, TN July 25-28, 2002. There will be a
course) in between. Garnish with green coconut           sharing cake show (800 or more cakes on
for lettuce and a dab of yellow or red butter cream      display!), vendors, and hourly demos for four
for condiments.                                          days. Plan now to go and have a great time! Call
                                                         for information on a Fantastic confectionary time.


Cake Mix Cookies
From Heloise Hints in the Palm Beach Post
1 box cake                   ½ C oil      2 eggs                                   350 degrees

Mix all ingredients in mixer bowl (do NOT add the ingredients on the box recipe). Mix well,
Stir in any of your favorite cookie add-ons such as nuts, raisins, chocolate chips, etc.
Drop dough by teaspoonfuls onto an ungreased cookie sheet about two inches apart. Bake at 350 degrees for
8 to 10 minutes.

(Try parchment paper on your cookie sheet – no cleanup involved and you can prepare several sheets in
advance if you only have one cookie sheet. After baking slide the parchment onto a cooling rack
Warning! Labels!                                                Closed for Vacation
Here are some actual label instructions on            Cakes, Etc. will be closed for a few days while
consumer goods.                                       Merrie Lee and her family take some vacation
                                                      time and then go to the ICES convention in
On a Sear’s hairdryer:                                Nashville
Do not use while sleeping.                            The store will be open regular hours on Fridays
(Golly, that’s the only spare time I have to work     and Saturdays while she is away. The only days
on my hair)                                           the store will be closed are July 24, 25, 26, and 31.

On a bag of Fritos:                                   Happy summertime to all of you !
“You could be a winner!
No purchase necessary. Details inside”                ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
(the shoplifter special?)
                                                                   Something New
On a bar of Dial soap:
“Directions: Use like regular soap”                   Homemade butter cream now available for sale.
(as opposed to irregular soap?)                       It will be made on an as needed basis, so please
                                                      call a day or two ahead so we can make sure we
On some Swanson frozen dinners:                       have the ingredients available. It is sold in single
Serving suggestion: Defrost”                          batches for $3.25 or a double batch for $6.50.
(but it’s just a suggestion)

Tesco’s Tiramisu dessert (printed on the bottom)                      New Classes
“Do not turn upside down”
(well---duh, a little bit late, huh)                  Rolled butter cream: Softer and tastier than
                                                      fondant, but just as elegant: Thursday Aug 8 from
On Marks and Spencer Bread Pudding:                   6:30 to 8:30 PM for $15.00
“Product will be hot after heating”                   Draped Fondant: Basic fondant class is a
( and you thought ???)…                               prerequisite. Learn draping and shaping
                                                      techniques: Thursday August 22 from 6:30 to
On Boot’s children’s cough medicine:                  8:30 PM for 15.00.
“Do not drive a car or operate machinery after        Please call for registration and supply list.
taking this medication”
(It would reduce the rate of construction accidents                 Seasonal Sales
if we get the 5 year olds with head colds off the
forklifts)                                            Season specific items will be offered at a reduced
                                                      price for one week following a holiday. For
On Nytol Sleep Aid:                                   example, all Christmas merchandise will be
(Warning! May cause drowsiness”                       reduced thru the end of December.
(and I’m taking this because ???…)

On Sainsbury’s peanuts:
“Warning. Contains nuts”
(talk about a news flash!)

So keep looking for those warnings. We will post
more as we find them.
                           Special Classes: Special Teachers

                  Gourmet baking with Chef Suzanne Redmond
      How and why of baking plus a whole lot more: $75.00 includes baking supplies
        Four classes beginning Thursday September 12, 2002 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.
                          Registration required; space is limited

         Pixies, Butterflies and Pearls with Mercedes Strachwsky
                         Sunday August 18, 2002 9:00 AM to 5:00PM
                        $100.00 tuition includes all supplies and materials
                             Registration required; space is limited
 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
                              Seasonal Flowers and Colors:
Summer flowers include Marigold, Dahlia, Larkspur, Zinnia, and Daisy, as well as year round favorites of
rose, stephanotis and carnation
Summer colors include the warmer shades of yellow, peach, reds and bright pink

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Cakes, Etc.
2800 N. Military Trail
W. Palm Beach, FL 33409