The Spartan Review by Levone


									                       The Spartan Review
               Volume VIII Number IV                                                                                          December 2006
    We The People Team Places at Regional Competition
                                               *Meridith Ingram*                                                              Student of the Month
         The We The People team competed at the re-          fun it was and wanted to go again. I think as a whole
gional level on Friday, December 15 in Concord. The          we did really well.” The set up of the competition is a
competition took place in the Concord Legislation            question and answer conversation between the unit
Building, where four schools came together to demon-         members and the judges. In the beginning the unit has
strate what they had learned in the past few months.         the opportunity to state a four minute speech express-
The team is broken down into six units. Five of the          ing their feeling, then the judges are open to ask ques-
units contain five members, and one contains four            tions.
members. This year’s class is the largest Constitution                 The State competition takes place on Janu-
Law class there has ever been, so with more members          ary 12, where the National’s competitors are decided.
on each unit, teamwork is very important.                    Nationals are to take place during April vacation in
         The class focuses on teaching the students          Washington D.C. John DeWispelaere stated, “I am re-
about the government and how to apply it to today’s          ally looking forward to States. I hope that our class
world. Ryan Joyce expresses his feeling about the class      can extend the legacy that Milford has created over
by saying, “We The People has taught me a lot about          the past years in the We The People program.”
our government and how it works and how it was es-                     Monday morning the results were in! Milford
tablished.”                                                  High School placed first with seven points higher then
         Regionals were a new experience for the team        the second place team Nashua. Gook luck at states next
and nerves played a part in the performance. Senior          month!
Abby Leishman states, “We were really nervous at the
competition, but after we competed we realized how
                              NHS Inducts New Members
                                                *Bethany Condra*
          Milford High School’s National Honor Soci-         Zoe Torres, and Saige Yonka.
ety held their induction for new members on Decem-
ber 13th. Brittany Alperin (president) welcomed and
                                                                       Brittany Alperin and Hillary Scott did the In-
                                                             duction of the new members. Abby Leishman did
                                                                                                                                    Andrew Curtis
closed the ceremony. Attorney Peter Goldsmith was            Scholarship, Amy Orcutt did the Service, Nicholas
                                                                                                                                       *Alex Lacourse*
the guest speaker. “ The ceremony went very smoothly.        Clark took care of the Leadership, and Emily Ufnal
Hilary Scott did an amazing job planning it. We added
                                                                                                                                  Andrew Curtis has been picked
                                                             did the Character.
a flute quartet and had Attorney Goldsmith speak on                    Each of the students that were inducted show       for Student of the Month for November.
four qualities of scholarship, service, leadership, and      an outstanding and hard working attitude toward              Andrew was nominated due to his
character, “ said Brittany.                                  their school as well as the community. They work hard        involvement in sports, such as baseball
          The new inductees include Nicholas Albina,         and achieve the goals that were set. “It went well, there    and golf, We The People, FBLA, and
Rachel Arnold, Sarah Clark, Matthew Clemens, Char-           were a lot of new people getting inducted as well as
lotte Foley, Jordan Gaillardetz, Samantha Higgins,
                                                                                                                          volunteer work at the Manchester Soup
                                                             myself. It was a nice ceremony,” said Samantha
Mark Howard, Lindsey Lozeau, Erica Lubiz, Kendall            Higgins. Congratulations to all those who were in-           Kitchen. Congratulations to Andrew for
Maggelet, Callan Moody, Stephanie Morris, Christine          ducted into the National Honor Society!                      his achievement!
Orcutt, Stephanie Riddel, Jillian Senecal, Emily Spicer,

                    Theatre Trip to NYC Thrills Students
                                                   *Maya Tobi*
On Wednesday, December 6th most of the Theatre               junior who went on the trip, said “Beauty and the Beast          What’s Inside...
Department arrived at the school between 5:30 and 6:00       was beautiful and the songs were amazing. The set
in the morning to embark on a fun-filled trip to New         was breathtaking.”
York City. The trip was led by Bradford Craven, prin-                  After being amazed by Beauty and the Beast,
cipal and theatre production and management teacher,         students were lucky enough to briefly speak to two
and Craig Gallant, theatre arts and English teacher. As      main actors in the show. Many questions were an-
students filed into the cafeteria at the school, they were   swered, and it was a great opportunity. After this, stu-     Holiday Recipe.........................p. 2
greeted with coffee, hot chocolate, and donuts. At 6:00      dents were given a few minutes to stretch their legs
AM, everybody was ushered onto the coach bus to be-          and look around before heading to Applebee’s for din-
gin the long trip to Manhattan. On the way there, snacks     ner. At Applebee’s, there was a great selection of food
were distributed and movies were watched.                    and everybody was satisfied upon leaving. It was soon        Band and Chorus Concert.........p. 4
          At around 11:30 the bus arrived in New York        time to walk to the St. James Theatre to see the unbe-
City. Finally given a chance to stretch their legs, stu-     lievable Broadway musical, The Producers.
dents got off the bus and got a chance to see the city.                The Producers was absolutely hilarious, to say
During a brief visit to Rockefeller Center, TV star          the least. Filled with show stopping numbers and hys-       Winter Sports..............................p. 3
Wilmer Valderama of That 70’s Show and Yo Mamma              terical punch lines, The Producers was a show worth
was spotted being interviewed. At 12:30, it was time         seeing. “The Producers was hilarious. I couldn’t stop
for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.                             laughing”, said Barbagallo.
          Lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe was a little                     By the end of The Producers, everybody was        December Dance..........................p. 4
rushed, but definitely a highlight of the trip. There were   completely exhausted from the trip. Everyone was ush-
a variety of food options to choose from, and every-         ered onto the bus for the two hour drive to a Days Inn
body seemed satisfied. As soon as it seemed like ev-         in Connecticut to stay the night.
erybody was finished eating, it was time to head to the                The next day, the trip took an unexpected turn
                                                             when the bus broke down in Fanueil Hall on the way           Holiday Funky Facts................p. 2
Lunt-Fontanne theatre to see the award-winning Broad-
way musical Beauty and the Beast.                            back to the school. Students lucked out and were given
          As soon as the curtain opened for Beauty and       time to eat and shop in Fanueil Hall before getting back
the Beast , a gasp was heard around the theatre. The set     on the bus. The bus arrived back at the school just as
was astonishing, and the entire show was filled with         school was ending on Thursday, December 7.                    Prom.......................................p. 4
unbelievable scenes and special effects. The part of                   The theatre trip to New York was well worth
Gaston was played by famous actor Donny Osmond,              it, and all theatre students would agree that it was an
and all other lead roles were played by accomplished         incredible trip. Hopefully there will be another one in
Broadway actors and actresses. Amber Barbagallo, a           store for next year.

                              Students Bring In The New Year                                                                   Holiday Funky Facts
                                                       *Kasey Porter*                                                                       *Maya Tobi*
          A new year is approaching fast. It is tradition           Nedad Handanovic- To start on the var-               During the winter holiday buying season, Visa cards
that many ring in the new year with a resolution. This              sity basketball team and to get a triple             alone are used an average of 5,340 times every
usually entails breaking a habit, starting a new chapter            double sometime throughout the season.               minute in the United States.
of life , or changing a personal image. Throughout the
years the top resolution has been to lose weight. Statis-           Justin Gaudette- My New Year’s resolu-               Christmas trees are edible. Many parts of pines,
tics say that over a million Americans make a resolu-               tion is to quit my bad habits.                       spruces, and firs can be eaten. The needles are a good
tion to lose weight or join the gym. Over three quarters                                                                 source of vitamin C. Pine cones are also a good
of these Americans fail to follow their resolution in the           Jillian Porter- I really need to get a job.          source of nutrition.
process of losing weight or joining the gym. Other reso-
lutions that have become popular have been to quit                  Dan Wu- My New Year’s resolution would               According to a 1995 survey, 7 out of 10 British dogs
smoking, to save money, and to spend more time with                 be getting my license and to not crash my            get winter holiday gifts from their owners.
their families. Many students here at Milord have been              new car.
brainstorming ideas for what their New Year’s resolu-                                                                    During Kwanzaa, families set out ears of corn to
tion might be.                                                      Ally Mack- To not care what people think.            show how many children there are in their family.

Tim Aborn- I would like to get my license. This would               Kasey Porter- To join the gym and to go              Because of the inherent nature of translating Hebrew
be a good way to bring in the new year.                             there at least three times a week.                   to English, there is no right or wrong way to spell
Cody Chrystal- I would have to say bringing up my                   Ashlee Carr- To join the gym.
grades, to get good grades, to stop                                                                                      The Santa Claus suit was developed in the 1930’s.
                                                                                                                         The Coca-Cola company hired American artist
    procrastinating, and to do my homework more of-
                                                                                                                         Haddon Sundblom in 1931 to redesign Santa Claus.
                                                                                                                         Sundblom chose the official colors of Coca-Cola,
                                                                                                                         red and white.
      A Gingerbread Recipe Made for the Holiday Season
                                                                                                                         The biggest selling Christmas single of all time is
                                                    *Liz Castle*
                                                                                                                         Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”.
For those of your who have been wondering what Mrs.                1 tablespoon and 11/2 teaspoons cream of tar-         During the winter holiday season, more than 1.76
Sodders has been making recently this is her recipe.               tar                                                   billion candy canes are made.
                                                                   1/2 cup egg whites (120 ml)
Gingerbread Dough                                                  Add egg whites and cream of tartar to the sugar       One town in Indiana is called Santa Claus. There is
Cream until light and fluffy                                                                                             also a Santa, Idaho.
                                                                   Combine ingredients with a hand mixer on low
2 sticks (1 cup) or 230g) butter                                   speed, then beat on high for two to five min-
3/4 cup (100g) firmly packed brown sugar                           utes, until they are snow-white and fluffy
                                                                                                                         The idea for using Christmas lights came from an
Add and blend on low speed                                         Cover icing with a damp towel to keep in mois-        American named Ralph E. Morris in 1895. The new
3/4 cup (250) molasses                                             ture                                                  lights proved safer than the traditional candles, which
Sift, add, and blend until all flour is absorbed                                                                         often started fires by falling in the dry Christmas
5 1/4 cups (630) all-purpose flour                                 Marzipan                                              trees.
2 teaspoons baking soda                                            8 ounces (273 g) almond paste
2 teaspoons cinnamon                                               2 tablespoons corn syrup                              A traditional Christmas dinner in early England con-
2 teaspoons ground ginger                                          1 1/2 cups (180 g) confectioners sugar                sisted of the head of a pig prepared with mustard.
1 teaspoon salt
Add and blend:                                                     Mix the almond paste and corn syrup on low            President Franklin Pierce was the first president to
3/4 cup (177 ml) cold water                                        speed until they form a smooth and tight mix-         decorate the White House Christmas tree.
                                                                   ture. Knead ingredients by hand to blend the
Spread dough on sheet pan, cover with plastic wrap and re-         mixture completely. Add sugar a little bit at a
frigerate overnight                                                time. Stop when the mixture is stiff but still
                                                                   workable. Microwave it for a couple of min-
Royal Icing                                                        utes if it crusts over before you use it.
5 1/4 cups (630) confectioners’ sugar                                                                                      The Spartan Review
                               Preparing for the Holidays                                                                               Samantha Higgins
                                                *Ryan McKenna*
                                                                                                                                          Kasey Porter
         Can you believe it, it’s already that time of the year!   Kyle Jackson (sophomore) - Chanukah Song
Decorations are put into place, lights are hung...all to get                                                                            Contributors
you in the holiday spirit. This is also the time of the year       Sam Higgins (junior) - Have Yourself a Merry
when the mall is even more packed and it is hard to find a         Little Christmas                                                 Lauren Barton-Sullivan
parking space. Everyone always has a favorite holiday song                                                                               Holly Brown
too. To get a taste of what Milford High students like I asked     Bethany Condra (senior) - Christmas Shoes
a number of kids from all grades:
                                                                                                                                       Elizabeth Castle
                                                                   Evan Doyle (senior) - Rockin’ Around the                            Bethany Condra
Andrew Ulbin (senior) - All I Want for Christmas is You            Christmas Tree                                                        Evan Doyle
Nick Hammond (junior) - Little Drummer Boy                                   As you can see there seems to be a va-                    Meridith Ingram
                                                                   riety of different songs that are liked by our stu-                  Alex Lacourse
Ricky Sprankle (senior) - Jingle Bells                             dents.
                                                                             Every year it seems like there are al-
                                                                                                                                       Ryan McKenna
Jeff Agnew (sophomore) - Blue Christmas, by Elvis                  ways people that put off shopping until the                            Maya Tobi
                                                                   last minute. When they go, they still have no
Chris Larro (sophomore) - Dominick the Donkey                      clue what to purchase for the people that they
                                                                   are buying for. Well it all depends on how                                  Adviser
Dan Wu (sophomore) - Jingle Bell Rock                              much you are willing to spend because an
                                                                   iPod always makes a good gift, but it is on
                                                                                                                                       Marigail Glasheen
Jen Hamilton (sophomore) - Jingle Bells                            the more pricier end. If all else fails you can
                                                                   always get them a Simon Mall gift card, and
Kate Nadeau (junior) - All I Want for Christmas is You
                                                                   it acts like a debit card so it might make the                 THE SPARTAN REVIEW is
                                                                   person feel better about themselves.                   a student forum and the opinions expressed
James King (freshman) - Chanukah Song
                                                                                                                          in the newspaper are not necessarily con-
Stephanie True (senior) - All I Want for Christmas is You                                                                 sistent with those of the Administration.

  Swim Team Starts Strong                                                                          Spartans Slash Sabers
                  *Meridith Ingram*                                                                              *Holly Brown*

          The swim team this year is bigger than it has                  The rumbling stands and roaring fans at the        even more thrilling.
ever been, with membership above forty athletes. There         Souhegan High School gym on Tuesday the 12th was                       Player #44, Andrew Ulbin (with 12 points
are several first year swimmers that went into the sport       not for the Sabers but for our Milford Spartans. The         and 15 rebounds) spoke about his thoughts on the
not knowing everything, but have done well at the first        game started and ended neck-to-neck and every minute         game. “It was a little sloppy but it felt good to get a
meet. First year competitor Tom DiPalma said, “Swim            was exciting. Souhegan was ahead in the fourth quar-         win in our first game.” Ulbin, along with most of the
team is an entirely different experience than I am used        ter but with an amazing 3-pointer by Nedad                   boys, think that they came off strong. They also won
to. However, I am learning a lot and having a lot of           Handanovic the game unexpectedly tied at 42-42 bring-        the next game on the 14th against Bow High School.
fun.”                                                          ing it into over time.                                                 Kayla Tardiff also commented on the game
          This feeling is shared with many that com-                     A similar game was played in overtime. Ei-         saying, “This is the first game I really got into and
peted in their first meet on December 8th. Milford com-        ther team could have taken it but the team that wanted       that I actually enjoyed.”
peted against Londonderry and Nashua North. The                it more stole the game winning 52-45. The Milford                      Keep doing what you’re doing and good luck
boy’s team finished second over all, while the girl’s          Spartans’ victory brought the crowd to a stampede on         with the rest of the season boys!
team finished third. There were strong individual fin-         the floor and the others out the door. The fans only
ishes from Nick Clark, Paul Carrier, Erica Gautier, and        took a third of the seats but at times it seemed as though
Sarah Gautier. All swimmers did well and set fast times        the entire gym was in favor of Milford making the game
to which they hope to improve upon within the season.
Returning varsity member, Laura Burdett stated, “The
first meet is always a hard one because a lot of swim-                             Girls’ Basketball Win Opening Game
mers are just getting back into competitive swimming,                                                              *Liz Castle*
but I think everyone did great!” Tom agreed by saying,
“The team is strong and should have a successful sea-                    This year the girls’ basketball varsity team is    Wamala, a new addition to the team, rebounded well
son.”                                                          off to a great start. In their first game against Con-Val    all game. Heather Blase played well and worked hard
          Coach Laura Gautier feels very positive about        High School, the girls’ varsity team came out strong         with her aggressive attitude. Altogether the girls’ var-
the team and feels there are many individuals who have         with the score being 15-6 in the first quarter. The girls    sity basketball team worked together and played well
the ability to make states at the end of the season. Laura     continued their enthusiasm and effort throughout the         all game long. Mrs. Doran, the coach of the girls’ bas-
Burdett added words of encouragement by stating, “I            half finishing it with a score of 28-13. The half-time       ketball varsity team, has some remarks on the pos-
think the season’s going to be one of the best we’ve           break did not halt the team’s desire to win, and Con-Val     sible outcomes of this season. Good job everyone!
had yet and I’m really looking forward to the next             faced a tough second half. The game ended with Milford
meet.” The first home meet takes place on January 5th          winning 58-41. The leading scorer of the game was            “How well do you think the girls’ basketball team will
against Conant at Hampshire Hills. Swimmer Sarah               Victoria Chloros with thirteen points. Captains Meghan       do this year?”
Clark says, “I am very excited for the first home meet         Woodworth and Liz Charpentier both played a great            “If we play with confidence and if we play intense we
and I hope to see a lot of supporters there!”                  game and led the team to a successful first win. Mel         will surprise a lot of teams this year. If we play to our
                                                               Forte was also another key payer of the game with her        potential we will make playoffs.”
      Wrestling Springs Into                                   usual energy and hustle. Jessica Mitchell had a couple
                                                               of three-pointers, stunning several players. Jessica
                  *Ryan McKenna*                                                               Ski Team Slides Into Gear
                                                                                                                  *Evan Doyle*
          On December 9th, the Milford High School                       This year, the Milford High School’s Ski team      for each event being announced at a later time.
wrestling team opened their season traveling to Franklin.      season, is looking very bright. With the leadership from               When I spoke to seniors John DeWispelaere
Hopes were high for the Spartans that their hard work          numerous seniors and the up and coming underclass-           and Andrew Curtis, DeWispelaere commented say-
and training would pay off. To get inside scoop I inter-
                                                               man, the team seems to have a good outlook on the year.      ing. “The season looks as though it will go extremely
viewed senior Justin Gaudette:
                                                               The team this year consists of; seniors John                 well.” Curtis added “Being my first year competing,
                                                               DeWispelaere, newcomer Andrew Curtis, Hillary Scott,         I’m really excited. After playing golf and baseball,
McKenna: How many years have you been wrestling?
Gaudette: This is going to be my 5th year.                     Josh Blase and Matt Sebas. Underclassmen include Lily        trying out for the ski team is a nice change of pace, so
McKenna: What weight class are you planning on wres-           Barr, Shanna Barrow, Nick Bokhan, Christine Orcutt,          I’m really looking forward to it.” DeWispelaere also
tling in this year?                                            and Sam Ingram. Their meets take place between               added “This is going to be a really fun year for my
Gaudette: I am wrestling in the 189s.                          Crotched Mountain and Gunstock from January 4th to           teammates and me. The hard work has really paid
McKenna: How does the freshman class look this year?           Febuary 8, with finals taking place at different times.      off, and now that we are seniors, we couldn’t be more
Gaudette: They are little and also have minimal experi-        Boys that find themselves going to state competition         excited for the season to start. Although still a couple
ence.                                                          will be traveling to Cranmore on February 13th, while        weeks away, we are trying to prepare ourselves in the
McKenna: How do you think the team will do this year?          the girls who end up at states will have their competi       best way possible, staying in shape and keeping fo-
Gaudette: We are going to be a tough competitor at states.     tion at Waterville Valley on February 15th, with times       cused. ”
McKenna: How did you guys do at the meet on Satur-
day?                                                                                              Winter Cheer in Action
Gaudette: We won the competition 54-30 so we did great.
McKenna: Who won their matches?
                                                                                                               *Bethany Condra*
Gaudette: Me, John Benson, Justin Jarek, and Matt Myers.                 The winter basketball cheer team is smaller this             The coaches for this team have cheered on
James King, Mike LeVeille, Johnny Vlachos, Winston             season, than last season.. They also have two new            Merrimack and Nashua. Both towns are very com-
Harris, and Dan MacDuff all won by forfeit.                    coaches. The captains this year are Becca Pollard, Katy      petitive class L teams. They have also placed across
                                                               Sexton, and Kasey Porter. “We are very busy working          the country in various All Star Cheer teams. “There
         To get a taste of what the new comers think about     on a new routine to get ready for Kiwanis in about a         are less practices this season and that means more time
wrestling I interviewed freshman James King:                   month, and it’s coming along very well,” said Becca.         to relax, which the team needs,” said Samantha
                                                               The team has to work hard because basketball                 Higgins. The team practices just about two to three
McKenna: How many years have you been wrestling?               cheerleading teams are tougher and more competitive.
King: I have been wrestling for 3 years now.
                                                                                                                            times a week. New competitors for this year’s season
                                                               Pelham, Souhegan, and Monadnock will still be their          are Pembroke and Laconia. The team is looking to
McKenna: What weight class are you wrestling in this
                                                               rivals this winter. The team has incredible stunting with    have another great season. After coming in first at
                                                               two returning flyers from last season. Although the team     last year’s competition the team has high hopes to
King: I am wrestling in the 130s.
                                                               lacks in tumbling, because only half the team can tumble,    take the title in states once again. The competition is
McKenna: What's the biggest difference so far that you
have noticed between middle school wrestling and high          they’re joining a gymnastics class to help them improve.     just about a month away and the team is working
school wrestling?                                              “I have very high hopes this year for our team,” said        hard to get everything together. Good luck girls!
King: The kids are more experienced and better, you get        Kasey Porter..
a better workout, there's a lot more running involved, and                                  Track Meet Gets A Running Start
it is more intense.
McKenna: How did you do in your first high school meet?                                                              *Alex Lacourse*
King: I won by forfeit.                                                 Milford High’s Winter (Indoor) track season         Q: How many events are in Winter Track?
McKenna: is there anything you are looking forward to          has begun, and their first meet was a complete success.      A: A lot.. (Indoor Track consists of many events, such
this year? Such as goals?                                      One of the members of the track team, Dan Wu, was            as The Shot Put, High Jump, Long Jump, 55 Meter
King: Seeing how I do in states, and to try and place 5th                                                                   Dash, and races ranging from 300-3000 Meters.)
or better in states.
                                                               Q: So how was the first meet?                                Q: What events do you do?
           Overall it looks like the wrestling team is head-                                                                A: 300 Meters, and the 55M Dash.
ing in the right direction this year with a positive mood in   A: It went great. The team didn’t do too bad.
the air and we wish them the best of luck with their sea-
                                                               Q: How does the team look this year?                         Q: Does the team have any plans for this year?
                                                               A: Derek Larosse is incredibly fast, and Mike deHaan         A: Not really anything different. We have a new coach
                                                               will be good in shotput.                                     though, and he’s all about running.

                               MHS Students Await Prom                                                                       Students Attend December
                                               *Samantha Higgins*                                                                      Dance
                                                                                                                                              *Lauren Sullivan*
          It seems Milford High School is all ready to        closer..                                                               On Friday December 8, the sophomores
end the 2006-2007 school year. While seniors plan for                    To fundraise for prom, there are many things       hosted a school dance from 7-10:30. I went to the cafe
their senior trip, the juniors are busily planning for this   they plan to do. The Powder Puff game was one of              and asked around for comments on the dance.
year’s prom. After debating for weeks, the prom com-          them, selling candy is a possibility, and dances and
mittee came up with a theme: Under the Sea. The               things of that sort are being tossed around also. Any                 The dance was ok, but they could have played
prom’s name is not yet determined but many think that         junior or senior who wants to buy tickets to prom needs       better music. Nobody really went, they should have
“Deep Blue Destiny” is a catchy title. Prom chairper-         to pay all of their dues first and they can do so by giv-     more casual dances though.
sons, Emily Spicer and Julie Lessard, along with the          ing it to their class advisors. Just by paying your dues
other prom committee members are working very hard            will help make the prom of ‘07 even better.                                       -Olivia Patnaude
at putting together an excellent event this year. Among                  The Under the Sea theme gives a lot of great
the discussions, the decorations, food, and parting gifts     ideas for decorating and parting gifts, but if anyone                  It was all right, but they could have played
seem to be the biggest topics. The Holiday Inn in             who is not on prom committee would like to join or            better music and there could have been more people, I
Nashua gave us a menu to choose from and the com-             just has a few ideas, there are meetings right after school   don’t think they advertised it enough.
mittee decided to do a buffet and not a sit down dinner       on every Tuesday in room 77. Even though prom isn't
so it would be more convenient for the people who             until May 19th, there are still many things to decide                             -Chelsea Carey
don’t feel like eating at a specific time. The commit-        and many things to accomplish to make this prom the
tee seems to want to get everything done as soon as           best one yet..                                                        The music was a lot better then it normally is.
possible so they don’t feel rushed when the day comes                                                                       There wasn’t many people there though, and there was
                                                                                                                            way too much drama. They need to play a lot more
                           Seniors Weigh In On Class Trip
                                                   *Evan Doyle*                                                                                 -Bobby Spence
Each year seniors plan a day in which they can all get        closer to the end of the school year. This year the tar-
together for one of, if not the last field trip they will                                                                           It was fun I guess, not too many people
                                                              get date is June 6th, and a “ballot,” which will include
take together. Last year’s final decision came down to                                                                      showed up though.
                                                              blurbs concerning that particular trip, will be sent out
a trip to Boston or a clam bake as well as time with          to all seniors to make the decision final. Both the trip
friends. Trip ideas had been thrown into the hat, with                                                                                          -Matt Maynard
                                                              to Boston and to the Lakes region, will include activi-
two becoming more prominent than others. This year            ties that have yet to be determined, where both will
the final decision was supposed to come down to a trip                                                                                         I thought it was lame in the begin-
                                                              end with a cruise. Class advisor Mr. Miller commented
to Boston or a trip to the Northern Lakes region. A                                                                         ning, but after the varsity game was over, it was ok
                                                              saying, “The plans are not going very well. We need
meeting was set to take place to make the final deci-                                                                       because more people came.
                                                              more input from the student body. When the meeting
sion, but there was not a large enough group of seniors       was held, very few kids got to us.” In addition, he
to decide. Among other problems, was that the remain-                                                                                           -Ariana Camillieri
                                                              jokingly continued, “If we do not make plans soon,
ing students who attended the meeting brought the vote        the trip will be at Keys Park, catered by the lunch la-
to a 50/50 split.                                                                                                                     In the beginning there wasn’t very many
          The trip as always, is planned for sometime                                                                       people there, after the varsity game. more people
                                                                                                                            showed up. The music could have been better, but it
                                                                                                                            was all right.

                                                                                                                                                -Emi Sano

                                                                                                                                     The music could have been better, you have
                                                                                                                            to go with your friends to have a good time though.

                                                                                                                                                -Miquela Caswell

                                                                                                                                     I thought it was pretty intense! But there
                                                                                                                            wasn’t enough people there though.

                                                                                                                                                -Brenda Torres

                                                                                                                                 History of Santa Claus
                                                                                                                                                *Holly Brown*

                                                                                                                                      The American version of Santa Claus that we
                                                                                                                            are all familiar with came from the Dutch Legend of Sin-
                                                                                                                            ter Klaas. The legend was brought by settlers who came
                                                                                                                            to New York in the 17th century.
                                                                                                                                      “St. A Claus” had been mentioned in the Ameri-
                                                                                                                            can Press around 1773, but it was author Washington Irv-
                                                                                                                            ing who gave the public a story to live off for the rest of
                                   Holiday Concert Rocks!                                                                   time. Irving gave detailed information about the Dutch
                                                 *Lauren Sullivan*                                                          version of Saint Nicholas. He also told how Saint Nick
                                                                                                                            would always arrive on horseback.
                                                                                                                                      The Dutch version of “Santa” had completely
         On Friday December 15, the band and chorus           Everything was really great this year, color gaurd did        transferred into an American one by 1823 because of the
held a holiday concert in the cafe at 7 pm. It was said       really great. Chorus had some good songs that the au-         poem A Visit from Saint Nicholas, aka,The Night Before
to be one of the best concerts in years. Here is what the     dience got into.                                              Christmas. The poem was written by Clement Clarke
students say:                                                           -Lauren Lambert Chorus/Color gaurd                  Moore. Moore had put details into this poem such as the
                                                                                                                            names of the reindeer, the method in which Santa gets up
         I think the concert went pretty well, but it was                I thought it was really good, one of the best      the chimney, and his hearty laugh. Drawings of St. Nick
unorganized and should have been practiced more, I            ever!                                                         were introduced in 1931 for Coca-Cola advertisements .
thought Friday was the better of the two.                                -Lauren Anderson      Color gaurd                  Later they appeared in Harper’s Magazine. The illustra-
         -Jasmine Gramatikas Chorus/Color gaurd                                                                             tor who published his ideas on how Santa looked went
                                                                      I think that it went very well, and the color         by the name of Thomas Nast who gave everyone the idea
         I though it was fun, but it was extremely un-        gaurd performance was the best I’ve ever seen.                that this man had a workshop in the North Pole and that
organized. My favorite part was the twelve groovy days.               -Stephanie Morris Band                                Santa kept a list of the the naughty and nice children. Later
The choreography needed to be better.                                                                                       details were added about Santa’s elves, Rudolph's shiny
         -Dom Russell Band/Chorus                                                                                           red nose, and the toy shops.
                                                                       Everyone liked the songs,and color gaurd did
                                                                                                                                      Over time more physical features were described
                                                              a really good job.
         I had a lot of fun doing it, I think that we did                                                                   for St. Nicholas Over the world different ideas of Santa
                                                                       -Winston Harris II Band                              were started but all in all the world was familiar with a
pretty good!
         -Liz Freel Chorus/Color gaurd                                                                                      white bearded, rounded, rosy cheeked man who gave pre-
                                                                       I went to the concert and I thought the band         sents to the world and brought joy to everyone.
                                                              and the chorus did and outstanding job. It was very                     There are other stories in different religions that
                                                              exquisite.                                                    are just as fascinating but the history of St. Nick is my
                                                                       -Samantha Lavoie                                     personal favorite.

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