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Kindergarten Aylesworth Naughty Little Monkeys c2003 alphabet

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									Kindergarten                              Kimmel: The Gingerbread Man c1993
Aylesworth: Naughty Little Monkeys        fairy tale
c2003 alphabet book                       This familiar fairy tale features a
Twenty-six monkeys get into mischief      gingerbread man who runs away from
when their parents go out for the         the woman who bakes him and meets
evening in this rhyming alphabet book.    other animals along the way, including
                                          a clever fox.
Bang: When Sophie Gets Angry -
Really, Really Angry... c1999             Penn: The Kissing Hand c1993
character                                 family story
Sophie expresses her anger when she       Chester Raccoon is afraid to attend
must surrender a toy to her sister.       kindergarten until his mother shows
                                          him a special way to take her love
Crews: The Neighborhood Mother            along.
Goose c2004 nursery rhymes, diversity
This collection of nursery rhymes         Pfister: Rainbow Fish
features the familiar and unfamiliar,     animal stories
all set in the city.                      The most beautiful fish in the ocean
                                          with the shimmering silver scales
DePaola: Stagestruck c2005                discovers the beauty of sharing.
school story
When Tommy is disappointed that he        Prelutsky: Read-Aloud Rhymes for the
doesn’t land the lead in the              Very Young c1986 poetry
kindergarten play, he tries to steal      This collection of 200 short poems is
the show anyway.                          designed for young children and
                                          includes illustrations that correlate
Ehlert: Pie in the Sky c2004              with the poems.
family fiction
As a father and his child view the        Shannon: David Goes to School c.1999
cherry tree in their back yard, they      humor
refer to it as a pie tree. Includes a     David's school behavior needs to be
recipe.                                   improved.

Ehlert: Mole’s Hill: A Woodland Tale      Sierra: Counting Crocodiles c1997
c1994 folklore                            counting, rhyming
In this Native American folk tale, Mole   A monkey outsmarts ten crocodiles
looks for a way to save her               that stand between her and a banana
underground home when Fox tells her       tree by using her ability to count.
she has to move.
                                          Sierra: Wild About Books c2004
Ernst: Gingerbread Girl c2006             animals, humor
fairy tale                                A librarian accidentally drives her
The gingerbread girl outsmarts that       bookmobile to the zoo and
doggone fox and triumphs.                 subsequently reads a Dr. Seuss book
                                          to the animals.
Taback: Joseph Had a Little Overcoat       Brett: Goldilocks and the Three Bears
c1999 diversity                            c1987 fairy tale
Joseph starts out with an overcoat         This favorite fairy tale features a
and ends with a button.                    young girl who enters the home of
                                           three bears who are not at home.
Thompson: Little Quack c2003
animal story                               Bruel: Bad Kitty c2005
Mama Duck encourages her four              alphabet book
ducklings to leave the nest. The           Finding that there is no food in the
youngest and smallest, Little Quack,       house, a kitty chooses to be very bad.
proves to be the most reluctant.
                                           Carle: Mister Seahorse c2004
Williams: ‘More More More’ said the        animals, fiction
Baby: 3 Love Stories c1990                 Mrs. Seahorse lays her eggs, after
family fiction                             which Mr. Seahorse carries the eggs
Father, Mother and Grandmother             through the sea, greeting other fish
playfully and lovingly toss three          fathers.
babies in the air.
                                           Cronin: Dooby, Dooby, Moo c2004
Wood: Alphabet Adventure c2001             animal humor
alphabet book                              Duck organizes the farm animals for a
The letters of the alphabet join the       talent show at the county fair. The
search to help "i" find her dot in order   first prize is a trampoline.
to continue their journey in this
colorful alphabet book.                    Cronin: Diary of a Fly c2005 insect,
Wood: The Napping House c1984              While keeping a diary, the young fly
sleep, fiction                             records how hard it is to be an insect.
While a number of creatures sleep, a
flea causes a commotion among them         Fleming: The First Day of Winter
with just one bite.                        c2005 counting, rhyming, diversity
                                           In the first ten days of winter a child
                                           brings a snowman to life in a style
                                           similar to The Twelve Days of
First Grade                                Christmas.
Asher: Too Many Frogs c2005
animals, humor                             Hoffman: Amazing Grace c1991
Each night Froggie interrupts Rabbit's     ethnic diversity
cozy home for a read-aloud story.          Grace is told by a fellow classmate
                                           that she can’t play Peter Pan in the
Bailey: Stanley’s Party c2003 dogs,        school play because of her black skin
humor                                      color, but she learns she can do
When a dog’s owners leave for the          anything she tries to do.
evening, he gets into a lot of mischief.
Lester: Hooway for Wodney Wat c1999       A girl who is always concerned about
fantasy, abilities awareness              what others think of her wakes up one
Students in Rodney’s class make fun of    day to discover she is covered with
him, because he can’t pronounce his       stripes.
name properly; but it is his speech
problem that helps to punish the class    Silverman: Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa:
bully.                                    School Days c2007 (series chapter
                                          book) fiction
McKinley: One Smile c2002                 Kate wants to go to school, but her
kindness                                  horse wants to go too!
While walking through the park with
her mother, a child smiles at a           Second Grade
discouraged stranger and sets off a       Cannon: Crickwing c2000
chain of events that spreads kindness     insects, fiction
and comes full circle.                    Crickwing the cockroach saves the day
                                          for the leaf-cutter ants when their
Numeroff: Beatrice Doesn't Want To        forest enemies attack them.
realistic fiction, humor                  Crews: Below c2006
Beatrice Doesn't Like to Read, but a      fiction
librarian changes her attitude during a   When Jack drops his action figure into
story session in this humorous, well-     a mysterious hole, he has to devise a
illustrated book.                         rescue.

Rathmann: Officer Buckle and Gloria       Ernst: Sylvia Jean, Drama Queen
c1995                                     c2005 fantasy animals, humor
safety, fiction                           Although Sylvia Jean owns plenty of
When Officer Buckle delivers safety       costumes, she struggles to come up
speeches at a local elementary school,    with a costume for the big party.
the students don’t listen until his
police dog Gloria accompanies him.        Hoberman: You Read to Me, I’ll Read
                                          to You: Very Short Stories to Read
Scotton: Russell the Sheep c2005          Together c2001 rhyming stories
animals, fiction                          This collection of short, rhythmic
Russell experiments with many             stories and cheerful art is designed to
different ways to fall asleep.            be read out loud by both child and
Seuss: The Cat in the Hat c1957
classic                                   James: Dear Mr. Blueberry c1991
On a rainy day, two children are          letter writing
visited by a cat who shows them           A teacher and his young student
games and tricks.                         correspond with each other concerning
                                          an imaginary whale in the little girl’s
Shannon: Bad Case of Stripes c1998        pond.
individuality, fiction
Lobel: Frog and Toad stories              Danny's ocean adventures are
classics                                  completely enchanting, even if they
Each of the frog and toad stories         take place in the bathtub.
includes several short tales about two
very good friends.                        Parish: Amelia Bedelia stories
                                          classics, fiction
Mayer: Little Critter stories             Amelia Bedelia, who is a housekeeper,
fantasy, animals                          is very literal minded when others give
Little Critter is a small creature who    her directions; the results are
is amazingly like a young human boy.      hilarious.
His adventures take place with
different members of his family who       Pearson: Ordinary Mary’s
expose him to daily life experiences.     Extraordinary Deed c2002 kindness,
McKissack: Flossie and the Fox c1986      When young Mary secretly leaves
folklore, ethnic diversity                berries on a lady’s porch, the kindness
In this African American folk tale, a     is multiplied many times over by
fox who is known for stealing eggs        others.
encounters a young girl who continues
to deny that he is a fox without a lot    Polacco: Aunt Chip and the Triple
of proof.                                 Creek Dam Affair c1996
                                          TV, reading, fiction
McKissack: The Honest-to-Goodness         Since the invasion of television, no one
Truth c2000                               can remember how to read.
character, ethnic diversity
A young girl promises not to ever lie     Rylant: Henry and Mudge stories
but then discovers that there are         family, dogs, humor
times that one actually should not tell   A young boy named Henry and his dog
the entire truth.                         Mudge share many adventures with
                                          Henry’s parents and other important
McNaughton: Once Upon an Ordinary         people in his life.
School Day c2004
school story                              Schachner: Skippyjon Jones c2003
Mr. Gee, the new teacher, changes         humor
"ordinary" when he challenges all the     This Siamese kitten spends his "time-
children to use their imaginations.       out" imagining himself as "El-Skippito"
                                          who comes to the rescue of some
Numeroff: If You Give a Mouse a           Chihuahuas.
Cookie and sequels c1985
cumulative tales                          Stevens: And the Dish Ran Away With
When a mouse requests a cookie, a         the Spoon c2001 nursery rhymes
cycle of events occurs that brings the    From the Mother Goose nursery rhyme,
reader full circle.                       Dish and Spoon run away. Concerned
                                          about the fate of the rhyme, Cat, Cow
Pallotta: Dory/story c2000 sea story,     and Dog set out to find them.
Waber: The House On East 88th              on a project study the metamorphosis
Street c1962 crocodiles, classic           of a caterpillar to a butterfly and
When Lyle the Crocodile appears in         learn how important it is to feel
the bathtub of the Primm family, the       accepted.
family is very upset; but Lyle soon
wins their hearts.                         Curtis: The Bat Boy and His Violin
                                           c1998 sports, music, ethnic diversity
Woodson: The Other Side c2001              Reginald loves to play his violin, but
friendship, ethnic diversity               Papa wants him to be outdoors more
A fence divides a town where two girls     and enlists him as the batboy for the
- one white and one black - sit and        baseball team Papa manages. Reginald
gradually become acquainted.               plays his violin in the dugout, and the
                                           team improves.
Third Grade
Banks: Max's Words c2006                   Demi: One Grain of Rice: A
fiction                                    Mathematical Folktale c1997
Max wants to start a collection since      folklore, math
his brothers collect coins and stamps.     A clever village girl outsmarts a
Max decides to collect words and           selfish raja as one grain of rice
discovers the importance of how words      doubles each day and becomes millions
are put together to create stories.        of grains of rice.

Bridges: Ruby’s Wish c2002 historical      DiCamillo: Mercy Watson to the
fiction, ethnic diversity                  Rescue c2005
During the 1800s in China, when few        animal, fantasy, humor
girls learn to read and write, Ruby        Cute little pig Mercy is happy until
fervently desires to attend university     the lights turn off at night, and she
with all the males in her family.          decides to join her owners in their bed.

Bunting: One Green Apple c2006             Goble: The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses
historical fiction, ethnic diversity       c1978
Farah is new to the U.S. and her class.    folklore, ethnic diversity
She feels alone until she goes on a        In this folk tale, a Native-American
field trip and realizes things are alike   girl prefers to live with the wild
everywhere.                                horses with which she feels happy and
                                           free, even though she loves her people.
Christelow: Where’s the Big Bad Wolf
c2002 folk and fairy tale                  Grindley: Dear Max c2004
Every time the three pigs get in           fiction
trouble the big bad wolf is nowhere to     Max begins writing letters to his
be found.                                  favorite author, D. J. Lucas. Together
                                           they share the problems of being a 9-
Cox: Butterfly Buddies c2001               year-old who is being bullied and a
friendship, school story                   famous author who is having trouble
In this transition to chapter book         with her next book.
story, two students working together
Holm: Babymouse c2005                      expensive. May's father and cousin
graphic fiction, friendship, imagination   concoct a clever means of sending the
A little mouse with a big imagination      child after all.
learns about true friendship and
popularity.                                Willey: Clever Beatrice c2001 folklore
                                           In this folk tale, a clever young girl
Johnson: Just Like Josh Gibson c2007       matches her wits against a rich giant
sports fiction, historical fiction         and wins all his gold, saving her family
A grandmother recounts the story of        from poverty.
the day she was allowed to play in a
baseball game, even though she was a       Wyeth: Something Beautiful c2002
girl.                                      fiction
                                           A young girl finds just how many
Kerrin: Martin Bridge: Ready for           different forms beauty can take when
Takeoff! c2007 fiction                     she searches her urban neighborhood.
Martin means well, but his ideas don’t
always turn out as expected. In three
stand-alone chapters, Martin deals         Fourth Grade
with issues at home and school.            Birney: The World According to
                                           Humphrey c2005
Pinkney: The Ugly Duckling c1999           fiction, humor
fairy tale                                 Humphrey, a classroom hamster,
This adaptation of the Hans Christian      surveys his surroundings and finds
Andersen classic portrays an unhappy       ways to help the children in the class.
year for an ugly duckling who
eventually grows up and transforms         Birney: The Seven Wonders of
into a beautiful swan.                     Sassafras Springs c2005 fiction
                                           Set in 1923, a 12-year-old boy is
Preller: Jigsaw Jones series mystery       inspired to find wonders in his small
Jigsaw Jones and his friend Mila put       town after reading about the Seven
together pieces of information to solve    Wonders of the World.
various mysteries.
                                           Clements: The Lunch Money c1994
Stilton: The Geronimo Stilton series       school, humor
mice, fantasy, mystery                     Hart is a popular boy who sometimes
Geronimo Stilton is a mouse newspaper      "goofs off". When he hits the music
editor and journalist who travels the      teacher with a rubber band, he is put
world to chase important interviews        in charge of the holiday concert. Both
but winds up in the middle of              Hart and his teacher learn lessons.
adventures that involve solving
intriguing mysteries.                      Curtis: Mr. Chickee's Funny Money
Tunnell: Mailing May c1997 historical      mystery, ethnic diversity
fiction                                    Is the quadrillion-dollar bill with a
Five-year-old May wishes to visit her      picture of soul singer James Brown
grandmother, but the train is too          that Steven Carter receives as a gift
from his elderly blind neighbor real       Hurwitz: Fourth Grade Fuss c2004
money? Steven, his friend Russell, and     school story
Russell's dog Zoopy decide to              Julio and his friends enjoy their fourth
investigate.                               grade activities - the yard sale, ice-
                                           skating, and a surprise party; but the
Duffey: Hey, New Kid! c1996 school         students get serious when they have
story                                      to study for end-of-the-year
Jeremy worries about attending a new       statewide tests.
school, but he decides to make the
best of it by reinventing himself in       Kehret: Shelter Dogs: Amazing Stories
order to impress other students in his     of Adopted Strays c1999
class.                                     animals, non-fiction
                                           Tells the story of 8 dogs who were
Feelings: Soul Looks Back in Wonder        saved from the animal shelter and
c1993 poetry, ethnic diversity             went on to better lives.
Thirteen African American poets
celebrate their heritage in their words    MacDonald: No More Nasty c2001
and colorful illustrations created by      humor, school story
Tom Feelings.                              An unruly fifth grade class receives a
                                           new perspective on learning from a
Flemings: The Fabled Fourth Graders of     substitute teacher who just happens
Aesop Elementary School c2007              to be Simon’s Great Aunt Matilda.
fiction, school
Mr. Jupiter becomes the 4th grade          McDonald: Judy Moody c2000
teacher of an unruly class with            humor, school story
surprising results.                        On the first day of school, third
                                           grader Judy snaps out of her bad mood
Grimes: Talkin' About Bessie c2002         when she receives an assignment to
biography, ethnic diversity                create a collage all about herself.
How Bessie Coleman became the first
African-American woman to become a         Noble: The Last Brother
licensed pilot as told by her family and   (Tales of Young America series) c2006
friends.                                   historical fiction
                                           Gabe becomes a bugler in the Civil
Gutman: My Weird School series c2006       War to protect his only surviving
school, humor                              brother.
A fun series of books about school life
that appeal to reluctant readers.          Pennypacker: Clementine c2006
                                           fiction, series
Howe: It Came From Beneath the Bed         Clementine is a funny, energetic, third
c2002 humor, fantasy                       grader with a talent for getting in
Uncle Harold, who wrote books about        trouble and a heart of gold.
Bunnicula, helps Howie, his dachshund
nephew to write a story in which he        Roy: A to Z Mysteries series, mystery
saves the world from a science             stories
experiment gone wrong.
Elementary schoolers Dink, Josh, and      DiCamillo: The Miraculous Journey of
Ruth Rose work together to solve          Edward Tulane c2006
mysteries.                                fantasy
                                          Edward Tulane is a selfish, thoughtless
San Souci: The Dangerous Snake and        toy rabbit until he loses the little girl
Reptile Club c2004 friendship, fiction    who loves him.
Brothers Bobby, Danny, and Mike
decide to display the treasures they      Foreman: Summer of the Skunks c2002
find on vacation and start a club with    historical fiction
their friends.                            Ten-year-old Jill lives with her family
                                          on a southern farm in the late 1940s.
Strickland: When Mack Came Back
c2000 family, historical fiction          Gorman: Dork in Disguise c1999
During World War II in rural Georgia,     school story
Maury’s older brother Ben enlists in      When highly intelligent Jerry moves to
the army, leaving Maury to care for       a new town, he sets out to change his
Ben’s injured puppy and deal with         image from “dork” to “cool.”
their angry father.
                                          Gutman: Baseball Card Adventure
Various authors: My America series        sports, historical fiction
historical fiction                        A series of books where Joe travels
These fiction stories are written in      back in time and meets famous
diary format and depict everyday          players.
children living during various time in
American history.                         Hannigan: Ida B: --and Her Plans to
                                          Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and
                                          (Possibly) Save the World c2004
Fifth Grade                               realistic fiction, school story
Barry: Peter and the Starcatchers         Happy fourth grader Ida, who is home-
c2004                                     schooled, enjoys playing in her family's
contemporary fantasy                      apple orchard, until her mother is
Peter and a group of fellow orphans       diagnosed with breast cancer and the
assist Molly, a Starcatcher, in           financially strapped family must sell
guarding a trunk of “mysterious star      part of the orchard and enroll Ida in
substance” that has the ability to        public school.
keep people young and let fly.
                                          Hunter: Into the Wild c2003 animal
Collins: Gregor the Overlander c2003      fiction
fantasy fiction                           Four clans of wild cats share a forest.
Gregor and his two-year sister fall       One clan decides to change “hunting
down a shaft in the basement and find     rites” and their peace is challenged
a world of giant insects and rats. They
become part of a huge battle.
Lasky: The Capture (Guardians of           his gym teacher, principal, the family
Ga'Hoole series) c2003                     dog and even the first day of summer
fantasy                                    camp!
Soren, a barn owl, is knocked from his
nest by his older brother and taken to     Stewart: The Mysterious Benedict
St. Aggie's, a school for orphaned owls.   Society c2007
He befriends Gylfie, an elf owl, and       fiction, adventure
the two set out to save all owls from      Four children are secretly spies as
the perils of the school.                  students in the Learning Institute for
                                           the Enlightened. They have to avoid
Martin: Main Street series                 being brainwashed by Mr. Curtain, one
realistic fiction                          of the owners of the school. This is a
A series about two young girls             mystery you will be eager to see
orphaned when their parents die in a       unfold.
car accident. They go to live with
their grandmother in Camden Falls,         Wright: The Wish Master c2000
Mass., a small town filled with a          realistic fiction
variety of characters.                     Corby and his mother travel to
                                           Wisconsin for the summer to take care
Norman: My Feet Are Laughing c2006         of his sick grandmother; then, he
poetry                                     meets a local boy who takes him to
16 poems told by a young girl about        the Wish Master.
her Harlem neighborhood.
                                           Various authors: Dear America series
Peck: A Year Down Yonder c2000             historical fiction
humor, historical fiction
In 1937, during the Great Depression,      Skurzynski: Mysteries in Our National
Mary Alice lives with her very unusual     Parks series mystery, adventure
grandmother in rural Illinois.

Seidler: Toes c2004 animals, fiction
Ridiculed because of his seven toes on     Sixth Grade
each paw, this kitten runs away and        Blackwood: The Shakespeare Stealer
finds a struggling musician who needs      c1998 historical fiction/mystery
him.                                       Widge, a likeable orphan, finds himself
                                           in the middle of an adventure to steal
Soto: Baseball in April and Other          and copy the play HAMLET from
Stories c1990                              Shakespeare. He soon discovers that
ethnic diversity                           life in the Globe Theatre is much
These short stories focus on young         better than the other places he has
Hispanics growing up in California.        apprenticed.

Strasser: Help!                            Broach: Shakespeare's Secret c2005
series fantasy, humor                      mystery
Jake Sherman switches bodies with          Hero moves into a new town and finds
various people and creatures, including    she is living in an old house with an
unusual past. With the help of the       Twelve-year-old Nory Ryan helps her
police chief's son and her neighbor,     family and neighbors survive during the
Hero tries to unravel the mystery.       1845 potato famine in Ireland.

Carbone: Stealing Freedom c1998          Golding: The Secret Within c2002
historical fiction/diversity             realistic fiction
This story is based on the true          Carly’s domineering father has a
experiences of a young slave girl who    painful family secret that causes Carly
escapes to Canada on the Underground     to face danger and seek freedom at
Railroad.                                night.

Creech: The Wanderer c2000 .             Haddix: Double Identity c2005 mystery
adventure                                Bethany becomes curious about her
Told through journal writings, Sophie    past when her parents unexpectedly
and her cousin, Cody, share the          disappear after leaving her with an
experiences of their journey on a        aunt who she did not know existed. As
sailboat, The Wanderer, from             the story unravels, the conclusion
Connecticut to England with six crew     uncovers a shocking secret.
members, including her uncles and
cousins.                                 Hesse: Music of the Dolphins c1996
                                         realistic fiction
Cushman: Ballad of Lucy Whipple          The thoughts of a young girl, who was
c1996 historical fiction                 raised by dolphins from 4 years old
Lucy isn’t happy when her mother         after a plane crash, are recorded by a
moves the family from New England to     scientist as she is reintroduced to a
California for the Gold Rush.            civilized way of life.

Di Camillo: The Tale of Despereaux:      Holm: Penny from Heaven c2006
Being the Story of a Mouse, a            historical fiction Newbery honor winner
Princess, Some Soup, and a Spool of      In New Jersey during the summer of
Thread c2003 fantasy                     1953, eleven-year-old Penny, living
Tale of a tiny mouse with huge ears, a   with her mother and maternal
princess that he loves, a servant girl   grandparents, learns the truth about
who wishes to be a princess and a rat    her father's death and about her
named Roscuro who yearns for soup.       upbringing after she has a serious
Funke: Inkheart c2003 fantasy
A girl and her father, a bookbinder      Isaacs: Torn Thread c2000
who can “read” fictional characters      historical fiction
into real life, are abducted by one of   During World War II, twelve year-old
the characters, who try to force them    Eva, living in Poland at the time, is
into his service.                        sent by her father to a Nazi labor
                                         camp in Czechoslovakia, where her
Giff: Nory Ryan’s Song c2000 .           sickly sister has been taken.
historical fiction
Kehret: Abduction! c2004 adventure,      walls of a Paris train station in 1931,
contemporary realistic fiction           meets a mysterious toy seller and his
Thirteen-year-old Bonnie, on a quest     goddaughter, his undercover life and
to find her kidnapped brother and his    his biggest secret are jeopardized.
dog, becomes a victim of the kidnapper
as well.
                                         Whelan: Angel on the Square c2001
Levine: Hana's Suitcase: A True Story    historical fiction
c2002 biography                          In 1913 Russia, World War I and the
The director of a newly opened           revolution bring unwanted changes into
Holocaust museum in Japan and her        twelve-year-old Katya's life after she
students become intrigued with a         joins her mother in the household of
suitcase from a concentration camp       Tsar Nicholas II.
found among the museum's artifacts.
The story of a Czech girl, Hana Brady,
a victim of the Holocaust, unfolds
through the search for information
about a suitcase.

Paratore: The Wedding Planner’s
Daughter c2005 humor, romance
A twelve-year-old girl, whose mother
is a wedding planner, wishes for her
mother to marry.

Ryan: Esperanza Rising c2000
historical fiction, diversity
During the Great Depression,
Esperanza and her mother are forced
from their wealthy home in Mexico to
Southern California where they work
in harsh conditions.

Smith: Peak c2005
adventure, coming-of-age
Fourteen-year-old Peak Marcello’s
goal is to become the youngest person
to reach the top of Mt. Everest.

Selznick: The Invention of Hugo
Cabret: A Novel in Words and Pictures
adventure, mystery 2008 Caldecott
Medal Winner
When twelve-year-old Hugo, an orphan
living and repairing clocks within the

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