Gingerbread Houses by Levone


									Gingerbread Houses
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Please print your information to a word type document that can be printed or sent to my e mail address:
1.        What century was gingerbread served in Europe?
2. What is a fairground delicacy?
3. How did the shapes come about and evolve?
4. How did Grimm’s fairy tale play a role in gingerbread?
5. In American recipes did regional adaptations occur-what ingredients were used in what areas of
6. on this site select the type of
house you would like to construct and print out the pattern for the appropriate selection. Or do a google
search to find the pattern you would like to make.
8. Create a timeline for the development of gingerbread houses.
9. How did cookie cutter become tree ornaments /
10. What was a cookie board and how was it used?
11. read to make gingerbread on this site and print out the 3rd recipe for use in class to make your house.
How can the microwave be used in construction and gingerbread houses?
13. Where would Rice Krispies be best used? Do you plan to use Rice Krispies? Where?
14. Aluminum foils covering the cookie sheet or parchment papers are used to do what when preparing
the houses?
15. Pizza Cutters provide quick and straight lines for large walls and roofs. True/False Explain your
16. When decorating how are rubber bands uses? Are zip lock bags important? How are they used?
17. Where would you use edible Re-Bar? Tell me how it works?
18. How are round/tube pans used?
In class, I will supply the ingredients for the construction of the gingerbread house and YOU need to get
anything you wish to decorate with and label them.

Connection to Illinois Learning Standards
This gingerbread project connects to the following Illinois Learning Standards:
English:    1A3d, 1B3d, 4c, 5d, 1C3c, 4c, 5c, 4A3a, 4a, 4B, 3c, 4c, 5c, 5A3a, 5B3a, 5C3c
Math:   6C, 3a, 6D, 3, 4, 7A, 3b, 4b, 7C, 4a, 9A, 3c, 4a
Science:    13, A, 3a, 4a
Physical Development & Health:         22.A3b, 4b, 3c, 4c
Fine Arts:     25.A.3d, 4, 5, 26.A.3e, 4e, 5, 26.B3b,4d, 5, 27.A.2b

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