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Freemasonry is a Fraternity composed of moral men of legal age who
believe in God and, of their own free will, receive in Lodges degrees
which depict a system of morality that, as they grow in maturity,
teaches them to be tolerant of the beliefs of others, to be patriotic,
law-abiding, temperate in all things, to aid the unfortunate, to practice
Brotherly Love, and to faithfully accept and discharge solemn
It is governed by a Grand Lodge which is composed of Grand
Officers and representatives of all the regular lodges within its
jurisdiction, and selects a Grand Master periodically to rule over the
organization within the framework of the Constitutions of
Freemasonry as adapted for its particular needs.
In short, Freemasonry is a way of life. As an organization, its purpose
is to make good men better.
Increase the fellowship and camaraderie among members by making
each activity an opportunity for every member to receive “Masters
Wages” by learning more about Freemasonry, their brothers, and
Officers should be prepared to execute all of their duties to the best of
their abilities. Officers should endeavor to be prompt in attending
each communication of the lodge, know their work, and prepare for
advancement toward the East.
Committees have been given broad goals and objectives. Each
committee has authority to analyze the goals, determine whether they
are reasonable, should be attempted, or should be discarded in favor
of something the committee deems more important. The committees
have authority to try any lawful means to achieve the goals. Each
committee is encouraged to be creative and innovative, to take off
blindfolds, think outside the box, and dare to try. The committeemen
should feel free to ask any other brother, even those not on their
committee, for assistance. We should all expect to make mistakes
and experience failures; the only unforgivable mistake or genuine
failure is being embarrassed by the results of our best efforts to
achieve our goals. Finally, let’s have fun working together!
                          Esprit de corps!
                                 OFFICER EDUCATION

                                  Schools of Instruction

Officer’s must attend all District Schools of Instruction, unless personally excused by the
Inspector. Any officer who cannot attend must contact the Inspector, the Worshipful
Michael Balopolos at (415) 453-6403, or (415) 391-1947. It is requested that as a
courtesy officers also inform the Worshipful Master in addition to the Inspector.

                                     Lodge Instruction

Each officer must attend announced practices of the Lodge. Additionally, the Monday
before any Degree will be a “Dress Rehearsal” which must be attended. In the event of
an emergency preventing your attendance, please inform the Worshipful Master that
you will be absent.

                        Understanding Your Places and Stations

Each officer has been provided with a copy of their Installed Charge, a list of the
Required Duties, Suggested Duties, Required Ritual, and Suggested Ritual, and
additional thoughts on the duties and symbolism of their respective place or station in
the Lodge.

A compilation of the above for all officers is also available by computer on line at
http:\\www.abaris.net/mvl, under “Mill Valley Lodge Officer Education and Training

Note: Committee Chairmen should calendar Committee Meetings as necessary to
      consider whether the goals set should be pursued, new goals adopted, and how
      to achieve the goals of their committee. Chairman should report the progress
      they are making a least a week prior to the Stated Meeting and plan to make
      periodic reports to the Lodge at Stated Meetings. The Master and Wardens are
      ex officio members of all committees listed below. However, to except as
      otherwise noted, the Master and Wardens will not attend committee meetings
      unless expressly invited by the Chairman, to insure the committee can function
      with the utmost freedom and creativity.

Auditing – Purpose: To periodically examine and verify the financial accounts, claims
                     and records of the Lodge. To examine and verify the monthly bills
                     at each Stated Meeting.
      Audit the lodge’s books in January.
      Report Audit results in February.
[Chair, John Brockway. Members: Pierre Born, Bruce Rossman.]

Centennial Committee (2003) – Purpose: To begin planning for the Lodge’s 100th
Year celebration. To maintain the history of the Lodge, including activities which are of
significance and historical importance. Historical or significant articles of importance, or
copies, should be sent to the Grand Secretary for placement in the Lodge’s historical
file. Goals:
       Research the Lodge’s history
       Draft Lodge History
       Research publication of the history
       Plan Centennial Events
[Chair, D exter Wright. Members: Bruce Rossman, Thomas Worrel, Pierre Born, Saaed

Charities and Community Charity (Calendar i.e., mtg. in August, report
                      Sept./Oct./Nov.) – Purpose: Charity, not the ostentatious and
                      unmeaning giving out of alms, but that charity which has been
                      translated as brotherly love is a virtue all should practice. The cry
                      of need is ever sounding in our ears and to it our ears must never
                      be closed. Goals:
      Distribute information re Masonic charities for the public to local clergy/rabbis,
      Find a suitable project for the Lodge, i.e., Assist a needy family during the
       holidays by buying them ingredients for a complete holiday meal
      Plan a canned food drive for October/November/December
      Plan a toy drive for Nov. and Dec. and presentation to the Fire Department
      Consider a “Pillars of the Community” recognition night for non-Masons in the
       area who are making significant contributions to the welfare of others
      Submit short article(s) to Trestleboard re above
[Chair, Ray Schmalz. Members: Dwight Shaneyfelt, Jesus Estrada. Nb. This
committee is in addition to the standing Charity Committee consisting of the Master and
Wardens whose purpose it is to relieve the distress of a worthy brother or his family –
See, CMC §2086, Art. X, Sec. 1.]

Constitutional Observance Committee – Purpose: To plan and execute a
       Constitution Observance program in September, coinciding with the
       Proclamation from the Grand Master, commemorating the signing of the
       Constitution of the United States. The program should assist Masons, their
       family and friends, to understand and appreciate the Constitution – to show them
       that it is more than a mere historic document, that it is a vital contract between
       each American Citizen and his government. Goals:
 Obtain a speaker re constitutional government for the September Stated Meeting
 Coordinate with the District Association re Constitutional Observance Breakfast
[Chair, Ray Schmalz.]

Delinquent Dues – To personally interview each delinquent member, ascertain the
                     cause of his delinquency, and to work closely with the Master and
                     officers in continuing effort to effect the retention of all members
                     unable to pay. To submit a written report to the Lodge. Goals:
      Contact members whose dues are in arrears
      Report by March 7, 2000 regarding delinquent members
[Chair, Pierre Born. Members: Frits Casseé, Dennis Williams.]

Education – Purpose: To provide Masonic Education programs to the Lodge
              members, their families and friends. The goal is to develop a greater
              degree of understanding and dedication to our Masonic Principles and
              purposes. Goals:
      Provide short programs on Masonic subjects, including philosophy, history, and
      Implement the Lodge System of Instruction for new candidates.
      Arrange for three outside speakers for the respective dates of February 29th, May
       23rd, and August 29th.
      Produce a short Masonic play for the Obligation Day (Charter Anniversary)/Past
       Masters/Roll Call Dinner on Wednesday, October 18, 1999.
[Chair: Tom Worrel. Members: Richard Payne, Richard K. Mills, Charles Sands.]

Fireman’s Breakfast and Mill Valley Historical Day Walk (Calendar for Sunday before
                     Memorial Day) -- Purpose: To showcase Freemasonry and our
                     Lodge to the estimated 1,500 people attending the breakfast
                     downstairs. Goals:
      Docent Training
      Docent Scheduling
      Background Music
      Video Presentation
      Slide Presentation
      Special Displays (inc. obtaining hand-outs, videos, etc.)
      Work in conjunction with the Charities and Community Service Committee on
       organizing a child identification booth.
[Chair, Tom Worrel. Members: Frits Casseé, Steven Kompf.]
“Friend to Friend” – Purpose: Introduce men identified by the members as potentially
                     good Masons to the Fraternity. Goals:
      Have the members invite prospective members to the March Pot-Luck
      Confirm attendance of speaker (Our Inspector) who will give about a 15-20
       minute program introductory program about Masonry for prospective members
       for the March Stated Meeting
      Work with the Stewards Committee to insure members bring sufficient food for
       the pot-luck dinner.
      Arrange to show appropriate video (E.g., “Friend to Friend,” “What it Means to be
       a Mason,” or “Architects of Freedom”) downstairs for anyone interested in staying
       while the Stated meeting takes place
      Prepare follow-up letters thanking attendees for coming.
[Chair: Edward King. Members, Tom Worrel, Charlie Hoyez.]

Grand Lodge Communications/Jurisprudence and Legislation -- Purpose: Provide
                    and concise and thorough report on all proposals coming before the
                    Grand Lodge and recommend to the Lodge how it should vote on
                    the same. Arrange for a representative of the Lodge’s Past
                    Masters to attend and cast the PM’s vote at Grand Lodge along
                    with the Master and Wardens. Goals:
      Analyze and Report on Proposals, Make Voting Recommendations for MVML
      Assure that all ballots will be cast for MVML
[Chair, Bruce Rossman. Members: D exter Wright.]

Investigating – Purpose: Assure that candidates are thoroughly investigated as to their
                      qualifications for membership, ascertain whether the applicant’s
                      family concurs in their desire to become a Freemason, inform them
                      of their obligation to the Lodge with respect to attendance, support,
                      memorization, etc., and contact all non-Masonic references
                      (especially male) to inquire as to the prospects character and
                      further disseminate information about Masonry. Goals:
      Maintain confidentiality of investigation process.
      Interview all candidates for degrees.
      Contact all non-Masonic references, ask about the candidate and inform
       reference about Masonry.
      Contact Masonic references.
      Report to the Master two weeks prior to Stated Meeting following receipt of
 [Per CMC Members are known only by the master.]

Masonic Homes Endowment Committee – To inform the Lodge members of the
                   Masonic Homes Endowment program, its purpose, and the present
                   Lodge standing. To disseminate the material available from the
                   Grand Lodge Homes Endowment Committee and/or the Grand
                   Secretary’s office. Goals:
    Report re Mill Valley Sponsored residents
    Report re contributions
    Report re eligibility
    Arrange for a speaker from the Masonic Homes for the May 2, 2000 Stated
[Chair, Senior Warden.]

Public Schools - Scholarships & Academic Pentathlon – Purpose: To plan and
                      execute a public schools program in each April, coinciding with the
                      Proclamation from the Grand Master, calling attention ot the
                      members and the general public the importance of our Public
                      Schools. Special emphasis should be placed on Public Schools
                      Week with programs such as open houses, classroom visitations,
                      speech contests, dinner meetings honoring school administrators
                      and teachers, and radio and television appearances. This is
                      another excellent opportunity for the Lodge to present itself before
                      the public. Goals:
      Supply Academic Advisors/Counselors and the Career Guidance Center at
       Tamalpais High School with information on Masonic Scholarships for students
       information on which is available from Grand Lodge Supply, (415) 776-7000.
      Coordinate with District Chairman for the Event (Usually Dr. Marvin Gerber 459-
      Arrange for Proctors to Attend, see that Proctors have all details..
      Consider presenting a book, i.e., Coil’s Masonic Encyclopedia, etc., to the
       winning school in the Super Quiz.
[Chair, Richard Phillips. Members: James Patterson.]

Special Events – To assist provide the best meals, décor, and entertainment for the
                  Lodge’s special meal functions

      Valentines Breakfast
        Cooking – Frits Casseé
        Decorating and Set Up: Victor Hanson
[Chair, Frits Casseé. Members: Victor Hanson and Dennis Williams]

      St. Patrick’s Day Dinner
        Cooking – Ed Walder
        Decorating and Set Up – Richard Mills
        Entertainment – Jeff Mills
[Chair, Jeff Mills. Members: Richard Mills, Ed Walder.]

      Father’s Day Breakfast - Feast of St. John
        Junior Warden to reserve Samuel P. Taylor St. Park, Redwood Grove, for
          June 17/18 camp site no later than December 17, 1999 by calling Park
          Service Reservations at (415) 663-1092
        Junior Warden to submit article for the May and/or June Trestleboard.
        Cooking – Ed Walder and Al Fields
        Set Up – Victor Hanson and Bob Bussman
[Chair, Ray Schmalz. Members: Ed Walder, Al Fields, Victor Hanson, Bob Bussman.]

      Charter Observance (Past Master’s & Roll Call Dinner)
        Cooking – Ed Walder
        Decorating and Set Up – Richard Mills
        Entertainment by Education Committee
[Chair, Richard Mills. Members: Dennis Williams, Bob Bussman, Ed Walder.]

      Holiday Party – Feast of St. John
        Choose a restaurant and make reservations by July 2000
        Entertainment – Jeff Mills
        “Pirate” Gift Exchange
[Chair, Senior Warden. Members: Jeff Mills]

Sickness and Distress Committee – Purpose: To offer encouragement to ill and shut-
                   in brothers and their widows by way of personal visits and/or
                   telephone calls and letters. Goals:
 Keep track of any illness or hospitalization among the membership
 Arrange for flowers and get well cards, if appropriate
 Inform the Master, Secretary and Lodge who among the membership is ill
[Chair, Richard Dangers. Members: Stewards and Stewards Committeemen.]

Sojourners Committee – Purpose: To locate the Sojourner (a Mason from another
Jurisdiction) and develop in him a desire to participate in our Lodge’s activities. Goals:
 Consider adding Sojourner’s in our area to our Trestleboard mailing list
 Contact Sojourner’s in our area and advise them of the benefits of affiliating with a
   California Lodge (i.e., 5 year membership requirement prerequisite to admittance to
   the Masonic Homes, etc.)
 Plan and execute a “Rusty Trowel Night” for the July 11, 2000 Stated Meeting.
[Chair, Dennis Williams. Members: James Patterson, Joseph Tobin.]

Stewards Committee – Purpose: To provide refreshments at all Lodge functions,
                     including dinner meetings. Goals:
 Set up for all dinners and refreshments.
 Provide refreshments for after all degrees.
 Provide a decorated cake for candidates for after their Third Degree.
[Chair, William Cullen & Junior Warden. Members: Richard Payne, Russel Smith, John
Brockway, Jesus Estrada, Joseph Lopez, Saeed Heshmatpour.]

Trestleboard – To publish the Lodge’s Trestleboard. This committee should receive
             inputs from the Master, Wardens, and any others, collate the information,
             and see the Trestleboard is printed and mailed on time. Goals:
      Prepare monthly Trestleboard
      Have Trestleboard completed three weeks before stated meeting for proofing
      Arrange for mailing of Trestleboard two weeks before stated meeting
[Editor, _________. Members: ___________.]

Visitor’s Examination Committee – To treat all first time visitors hospitably, examine
              their identification and credentials (dues card) in a courteous and efficient
              manner, assuring that no cowan gains entrance and that no brother is
              embarrassed in proving their membership. Goals:
      Examine all first time visitors, checking their identification, that they possess a
       current dues receipt from a Lodge recognized by Grand Lodge, and know the
       signs, words and modes of recognition.
      Administer the visitors examination oath.
      Permit inspection of the Lodge’s Charter by the visitor.
      Make the visitor welcome and extend every hospitality to him.
[Chair, Senior Deacon. Members: Chaplain, Senior Steward, Junior Steward.]

Widows Committee – To maintain contact with the Widows of the lodge. To provide an
annual widows program, and to preserve their Masonic relationship. This committee will
also serve as liaison to our Sisters in Eastern Star. Goals:
      Plan a pre-stated meeting dinner for the Widows of Hiram, and Sisters (i.e.,
       Order of Eastern Star)
      Invite the Widows of Hiram, Mill Valley OES, and all known widows of our
       members to the dinner
      Arrange for a speaker from the Masonic Homes, or the Masonic Service Bureau
       to give about a 20 minute presentation.
      Keep the Master, Secretary, and the Lodge informed about the health and
       welfare of our Masonic Widows.
[Chair: Al Fields. Members: Dick Mills, Ed Walder, Jerry Davis.]

Youth Groups – To plan and execute a Youth Activities program each March,
                     coinciding with the Proclamation from the Grand Master, honoring
                     our Masonic Affiliated Youth – the International Order of Rainbow
                     for Girls, Job’s Daughters, and DeMolay. To acquaint the Lodge
                     members with these orders and to encourage them to attend the
                     youth meetings and to participate in their activities. To plan and
                     execute other programs throughout the year promoting our Masonic
                     Affiliated Youth Groups. Goals:
      Report re status of Jobs Daughters/DeMolay
      Arrange youth group demonstration degrees at Mill Valley Lodge
       NorCal DeMolay, (510) 236-7165; www.norcaldemolay.com Petaluma
       DeMolay (707) 762-6513; Jobs Grand Bethel, (714) 535-4575; Jobs Daughters
       Bethel 246, (415)       ; Rainbow Grand Assembly (805) 353-5053.
      Provide information to Youth Groups re scholarships available from Masonic
[Chair, Victor Hanson. Members: Jerry Davis.]

December 10, 1999   Friday, Decorate for Installation [After 7:00 p.m.]
December 11, 1999   Saturday, Installation [Hall Reserved All Day]
December 18, 1999   Saturday, Holiday Party – Feast of St. John at Deer Park Villa, Fairfax
December 31, 1999   Friday, New Year’s Eve Gala Celebration

January 3, 2000     Monday, Hall Association
January 4, 2000     Tuesday, Stated Meeting
                                   Post Holiday Diet Night – No Dinner!
                                   Oration: Origins of Masonry
                                   Receive Report of Auditing Committee
                                   Receive Report of “Friend to Friend” night committee
January 11, 2000    Tuesday, General Meeting of all Lodge Committees
January 15, 2000    Saturday, East-West Shrine Football Game
January 25, 2000    Tuesday, RESERVED – Officer Practice/Degree
January 29, 2000    Saturday, at Colma -- Stone Cutting Demonstration
January 30, 2000    Sunday, Job’s Daughters 5th Sunday Pancake Breakfast

January 31, 2000    Monday, Hall Association
                          Second Temple Association Report due per CMC §22010
February 1, 2000    Tuesday, Stated Meeting
                                  Pot Luck Dinner
                                  Oration: History of California Masonry
                                  Receive 2nd Temple Association Report per CMC §22010
                                  Receive 1st Report of Centennial Committee
                                  Receive 2nd Report of “Friend to Friend” Night Committee
February 8, 2000    Tuesday, Officers Practice 2nd Degree
February 13, 2000   Sunday, Sweethearts Breakfast
February 15, 2000   Tuesday, RESERVED – Officer Practice/Degree
February 22, 2000   Tuesday, FIRST DEGREE (Exemplification or Actual Degree)
February 29, 2000   Tuesday, Further Light – To be announced by Education Committee

March 6, 2000       Monday, Hall Association
March 7, 2000       Tuesday, Stated Meeting – Inspector’s Official Visitation
                                    ALL OFFICERS WEAR TUXEDOS
                                    Pot Luck Dinner: Layman’s Night – Friend to Friend Night
                                    Speaker: History of Freemasonry by Mike Balopoulos
                                    Oration: A Lodge
                                    Receive report on Delinquent Dues
March 14, 2000      Tuesday, Officers Practice 3rd Degree
March 18, 2000      Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day Party!
March 21, 2000      Tuesday, RESERVED – Officer Practice/Degree
March 28, 2000      Tuesday, Further Light – Arica Institute: The Eneagram –Squaring Our
                    Stone to be Fit for the Builder’s Purpose.
April 3, 2000       Monday, Hall Association
April 4, 2000       Tuesday, Stated Meeting
                                  Pot Luck Dinner
                                  Speaker: National Camping Travelers
                                  Oration: A History of California Public Schools
April 11, 2000      Tuesday, “Salon de Arch Royale – Exhibit of Heraldic Art of Mark Master
April 18, 2000      Tuesday, RESERVED – Officer Practice/Degree
April 25, 2000      Tuesday, Further Light – San Francisco Amateur Astronomers
April 30, 2000      Sunday, 5th Sunday Pancake Breakfast

May 1, 2000         Monday, Hall Association
May 2, 2000         Tuesday, Stated Meeting
                                   Dinner for Widows & Sisters of Hiram by Bro. Richard Mills
                                   Oration:      Masonic Charity
                                   Speaker:      Masonic Homes or Masonic Service Bureau
May 9, 2000         Tuesday, RESERVED
May 12, 2000        Friday, Academic Pentathlon at Bernard Osher Marin JCC/Brandeis-Hillel
                    Day School, 200 North San Pedro Road, San Rafael. Time: Proctors
                    should arrive by approximately 4:00 p.m.
May 16, 2000        Tuesday, RESERVED – Officer Practice/Degree
May 23, 2000        Tuesday, Further Light – To be announced by Education Committee
May 29, 2000        Monday, Fireman’s Breakfast – Lodge Tour & Children’s Identification
May 30, 2000        Tuesday, SECOND DEGREE (Actual Degree or Exemplification)

June 5, 2000        Monday, Hall Association
June 6, 2000        Tuesday, Stated Meeting
                                   Pot Luck Dinner
                                   Speaker – Bro. Hoyez, “Who was Wm. Shake-spear?”
                                   Oration: Aprons
                                   Receive report from Sojourner’s Committee
June 10 & 11 2000   Saturday/Sunday – Sponsor a square in the San Rafael Street Painting
                    Festival to benefit youth in arts.
June 13, 2000       Tuesday, RESERVED – Officer Practice/Degree
June 17, 2000       Saturday, Father’s Day Picnic – Feast of St. John
June 20, 2000       Tuesday, RESERVED – Officer Practice/Degree
June 27, 2000       Tuesday, RESERVED – Officer Practice/Degree

July 3, 2000        Hall Association moved to July 10th due to Holiday Weekend
    July 4, 2000    Tuesday, Stated Meeting moved due to holiday conflict. Shifts to July
July 10, 2000       Monday, Hall Association
July 11, 2000       Tuesday, Stated Meeting -- Rusty Trowel Night for Sojourners
                           Oration: Corn, Wine & Oil
July 12-31, 2000    DARK
[July 30, 2000      Sunday, Job’s Daughters 5th Sunday Pancake Breakfast?]
August 7, 2000       Monday, Hall Association
                            First Temple Association Report Due per CMC §22010
August 8, 2000       Tuesday, Stated Meeting
                                    Pot Luck Dinner
                                    Speaker: Bro. Hoyez re Astronomy/Nebulae
                                    Oration: Working Tools
                                    Receive 1st Temple Association Report per CMC §22010
August 15, 2000      Tuesday, RESERVED – Officer Practice/Degree
August 19, 2000      Saturday, RESERVED – To Be Announced
August 22, 2000      Tuesday, THIRD DEGREE (Actual Degree or Exemplification)
August 29, 2000      Tuesday, Further Light – To be announced by Education Committee

September 4, 2000  Monday, Hall Association
September 5, 2000  Tuesday, Stated Meeting
                                  Pot Luck Dinner
                                  Constitutional Observance: Stephen Shaiken, Esq.
                                  Oration: Freemasonry & Good Government
                                  Receive 1st Report of Grand Lodge Committee re
                                  Jurisprudence and Legislation
September 9, 2000 Sunday, Bro. Shaneyfelt’s Salmon Dinner Fundraiser - $20/adult to
                   benefit the Building Maintenance and Improvement Fund.
September 12, 2000 Tuesday, RESERVED – Officer Practice/Degree
September 19, 2000 Tuesday, RESERVED – Officer Practice/Degree
September 26, 2000 Tuesday, Further Light – Exemplification of the Grand Lodge of the Sun’s
                   Third Degree

October 2, 2000     Monday, Hall Association
October 3, 2000     Tuesday, Stated Meeting
                                  Pot Luck Dinner
                                  Oration: Signs and Words
                                  Receive 2nd Report of Grand Lodge Committee re
                                  Jurisprudence and Legislation
October 10, 2000    Tuesday, RESERVED – Officer Practice/Degree
October 12-18, 2000 Thursday –Wednesday, Grand Lodge Communication
October 17, 2000    Tuesday, DARK
October 18, 2000    Wednesday – Obligation Day in Honor of the Issuance of the Lodge’s
                    Charter: A Past Master’s & Roll Call Dinner
                           Masons Only
                           A special presentation will follow dinner.
October 24, 2000    Tuesday, RESERVED – Officer Practice/Degree
October 29, 2000    Sunday, Job’s Daughters 5th Sunday Pancake Breakfast
October 31, 2000    Tuesday, DARK – Happy Halloween!

November 6, 2000     Monday, Hall Association
November 7, 2000     Tuesday, Stated Meeting
                                   Pot Luck Dinner
                                   Election of Officers and Lodge Trustees
                                   Oration: Furniture of a Lodge
November 14, 2000   Tuesday, RESERVED – Officer Practice/Degree
November 21, 2000   Tuesday, RESERVED – Officer Practice/Degree
November 28, 2000   Tuesday, RESERVED – Officer Practice/Degree

December 4, 2000    Monday, Hall Association
December 5, 2000    Tuesday, Stated Meeting
                                   Pot Luck Dinner?
                                   Oration: Jewels of the Lodge
December 9, 2000    Saturday, Installation
December 16, 2000   Saturday, Christmas Party
December 19, 2000   Tuesday, RESERVED – Officer Practice/Degree
December 26, 2000   Tuesday, RESERVED – Officer Practice/Degree
December 31, 2000   Sunday, 5th Sunday Pancake Breakfast

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