Prelude to the Opera by lifemate


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November/December 2008


              Prelude to the Opera

                           veryone should experience the opera at least once. Ihe           and if you're a receptive audience member, you,ll
                           opera offers a mélange of art forms in a single production       get b¡tten. You'll fall in love. Then it will   become
                           that   ¡s extraordinary. The San Diego Opera has an ongorng      someth¡ng you can never live without.,,
                             ob.¡ective to capture the interest of new audiences yet to          As an art form of such grandeur that calls for
                            experience the art form. For those newcomers, the following     phenomenal costumes and scenery and the highest
              insights speak directly to you                                                calÍber singers, musicians, dancers and production
                   The San Diego Opera has established a strong online presence on          staff, opera productions are extremely costly. High
              MySpace, Facebook and YouTube as a means of reaching new audiences,           production cost translates into high ticket prices,
              and, thus faç many afts enthusiasts have been pleased to discover such a      espec¡ally if you choose to sit in the prime seating
              fun, accessible and frlendly way to connect with the opera. The organiza-     areas. There is a false misconception, howeveç that
              tion has also created a marvelously witty Aria serious? blog with clever      opera is for the elite. Some have been intimidated
              ins¡ghts and anecdotes     that will lrkely continue to qenerate further      by this fallacy, and the San Diego Opera hopes to
              intrig ue.                                                                    dispel thrs notion. There are more affordable alter-
                    New audiences will appreciate knowrng that by attending a production    nat¡ves. Rush tickets are available 90 minutes onor
              of the san Diego opera, they are partaking in something that is exclusive     to most performance for $20 each. Balcony seats
              to San Diego. As a producrng company, every aspect of every production        are also much more reasonably priced compared co
              is custom made and one of a krnd. singers for every lead rore are hand        other sections.
              picked from around the world, creating a rare cast never to be duplicated          A perfect introduction to the opera is througn
              anvwnere.                                                                     attending one or more oF San Diego Opera's free
                                                                    Edward             K.   public events during the opera season. There are
                                                               Wilensky, director of        Artists' Roundtables, which are live interviews with
                                                               media relations lor the      the primary opera cast members, backstage tours
                                                               San Diego Opera, has a       every Sunday afternoon, and the Opera Ins¡gnr
                                                               talent for inspiring. "The   Series lectures presented weekly. For ticket holders,
                                                               opera for me is the per-     there are 25-minute pre-opera lectures Þresented
                                                               fect escape," he    says     one hour prior to each performance.
                                                               "You hear the orchestra           Becoming familiar with the opera storyline you
                                                               tuning; for me, there   is   are about to see is recommended. The San Diego
                                                               no greater sound. It         Opera Web site ( and countless
                                                               does someth¡ng special       other online sources provide all the information you
                                                               for me. The lights     go    need. Familiarity with a few key terms prior to
                                                               down, the music stafts       attend¡ng will also deepen your appreciation when
                                                               and for three hours I'm      you're there. Know¡ng the primary vocal types is
                                                               transported someplace        encouraged. The primary female voice is the sopra-
                                                               the composer wanted          no, which has the highest voice and is the heroine
                                                               me to go. Do ¡t     once,    of the story. The mezzo soprano has a middle-

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          Tr+e CauFoRNTAN
          November 6. 2008

          T¡rp Celr¡oRuraN         find soups, salads, sandwich-             Gake decorat¡ng shop                like to "round up" their bills to
                                   es, burgers, wraps and more,                                                                                      rants will offer a threecourse
                                                                        opens: North County cakemak-             the next dollar, and Beninana
                                   like the Ahi Salad Sandwich                                                                                       dinner for either $20 or $30.
                                                                        er and confectionary arts
   Beach Grass Bonus: The                                       -
                                   ahi, grilled pears and red onion,    teacher Rosanne Zinniger has
                                                                                                                 will match those contributions
                                                                                                                 up to a total of $50,000. pro-
                                                                                                                                                     Pafticipants include 150 Grand,
Beach Grass Cafe, a longtime                             mayo on
                                                                                                                                                     A Delight of France, Bistro 221,
                                                                        opened Ro Z's Sweet Art Stu-             ceeds will benefit the Best Bud-
Solana Beach favorite, has                                                                                                                           El Nooal
                                                        h for            dio aT277 S. Rancho Santa Fe            dies charity, which aids people
opened an Encinitas branch at                                                                                                                        Tapatia,
                                                         ïacos with     Road, San Marcos, The studio             with intellectuat disabilities.
Village Square Plaza, I4T 6         smoked rnozarella and lirne                                                                                      Taste of
                                                                        offers cake decorating and arts          Visit
Encinitas Blvd. The cafe serves    jalapeno sauce are $8,95. And                                                                                     Baç Vinz Wine Bar and Vincent's.
                                                                        and crafts classes, sells caNe-              Jai catedng debuts: Jai,
breakfast, lunch and dinner but    then there's dinner: Starters in-                                                                                 Saturdays are not included. For
                                                                        decorating supplies and offers
it's                        ioue    clude Spicy Ahi-Noodte Roils        cake-themed parties for chil-
                                                                                                                 Wolfgang Puck's threemonth-         menus, visit the Downtown Busi-
breaKa                       de     ($11.95) or Panko C¡.usteo          dren. Classes begin on Monday
                                                                                                                 old Asian restaurant at the m
                                                                                                                 Jolla Playhouse, has openeo a
                                                                                                                                                     ness Association of Escondido
Down P                              Calamari ($9.0S¡; entrees                                                                                        Web site at downtownescondi-
                                                                        with a five-week "more than the          catering service. Wolfgang puck
($8.2s¡                             range from meat and pork,                                                                              ,/ restaUrants. htm l.
                                                                        basics" decorating class from            Catering will offer on- ãnO-off-
Mango M                            chicken, seafood to "more            6 to 8 p.m. Course fee is $65
                                                                                                                                                        '1 Matter  of Good Taste":
Sweet Co
                                                                                                                 site catering for parties of 10     Bernardo Winery   will host a
                                    rneat and pork" and "more           (plus $30 for suppties). Ro Z's          to 1-0,000. Jai is on the UC
and spicy                                                                                                                                            gourmet sampling benefit to
                                   seafood,                             will also host a fall cake com-          San Diego campus in La Jolla.
$9.50),   R                        Chicken                       or     petition from  Il a.m. to 1_ p.m,        Cail (858) 638,777 8, Ex. 204.
                                                                                                                                                     raise money for victims of the
Brulee ($5.99)and Fried pasta      a Flat lro                   Or      Nov. 9. Entry fee is $l_0. Cail
                                                                                                                                                     Witch Creek Fire from 1to 5
With Linguini (scrambled with                                                                                                                        p.rn. Sunday at 13330 paseo
                                   the $25                              (760) 744-A447.
egg, tomato and basit, $9,50).      Bake for seafood lovers? The            Benihana launches loose
                                                                                                                 Food events                         Del Verano Norte in Ranclro
You'll find other favorites at     cafe also offers smoothies and                                                                                    Bernardo. Featuring the culi-
                                                                        change campaign: The Beni-                 Downtown Escondido                nary talents of: 150 Grand,
breakfast, too, like omelets and   ooffee drinks. Happy hour is         hana restaurant chain has                Restaurant Week: Thifteen           Bernard'O Restaurant, Cafe
scrambles (most are $8.95),        from 47 p.m. daily, and half-       joined Best Buddies lnterna-              downtown Escondido restau-          Merlot, Capri Blu, Courtyard by
waffles ($7-$7.95), pancakés       price bottles of wine are fea-      tional to raise rnoney for charity
($7.95-$9.50) and even oat-                                                                                      ranß                                Marriott, Elephant Bar d
                                   tured on Mondays and Tues-          by nickels and dimes. Dinine              dinne
rneal ($5.95). For lunch, you'll   days. Call ( 6q 942-27 4I.          guests willbe asked if therr'ã            days,                                                >   BR¡EFS, E-2

                                                                            Þ       enrEFs
                                                                           Continued   fron 8.1

                                                                           Restaurant, El Torito, Fleming's
                                                                           Prime Sìteakhouse, Holi MoliRavio
                                                                           li, Marie Callender's, Mr Charlie's
                                                                           Foftune Cookie,Olive Garden, pala
                                                                           Casino Spa Resort, The Banel
                                                                           Room, The Melting pot, and Zocalo.
                                                                           Tickets are $75 in advance or $g5
                                                                           atthe door. Call(858) 592-7785.
                                                                                San Dk4o BayWiræ&ftod
                                                                           Festivah Tickets are on sale for the
                                                                           fifrh annual festival, scheduled for
                                                                           tl/ednesdaythrough Nov. 16 in Ern
                                                                           barcadero Marina Fbrk North in

                                                                           a€nts, priced from $40 to $75,
                                                                           are sold separately. Visit
                                                                          call   (877)80&9463.
                                                                             Westgate hosts wine dinners¡
                                                                          ïhe Westgate Hotelwill hosttwo
                                                                          wine dinners next week. At 6:30
                                                                          p.m. Wednesday, the hotel's Le
                                                                          Fontainebleau restiaurant will offer
                                                                          a fourcourse pairings dinnerwith
                                                                          lnspiration Vineyards. Cost is $89.
                                                                          And at 6 p.m. Nw 13, the hotel's

                                                                          veau. Cost is $52. The hotel is at
                                                                           1055 Second Ave., San Diego.
                                                                          Call (619) 557-3655.
                                                                              "Tæte of Opera" dinnen Sea
                                                                           Rocket Bistro in San Diego will
                                                                          host a fun, educational theme din
                                                                          ner and discussion at 6:30 p.m.
                                                                          Wednesday. Sponsored by San
                                                                          Diego Opera, the program offers a
                                                                          fun musical lecture on San Diego
                                                                          Open's upcoming production of
                                                                          "Feter Grimes" with a dinner of
                                                                          sustainable local seafood and
                                                                          beer pairings. Sea Rocket is at
                                                                          3382 30th St, in North tàrk. Tick-
                                                                          ets are $30. Reserve to (619)

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