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    Event Guide
                                PTO OFFICERS
      PRESIDENT                 Dawn Tollefson            563-677-9907

      VICE PRESIDENT            Denise Judge              563-242-5125

      TREASURER                 Mollie DeLarm             563-677-2901

      SECRETARY                 Lynn Richards             563-522-1403

      COORDINATOR               Laurae Near               563-242-6620

      ROOM P.C.
      ASSISTANT                 Patti Petersen            563-682-7877

Come to a meeting and give us your opinions. If you can’t come to a meeting, please
feel free to call, send us a note with your suggestions, complaints, compliments, or if
you need any information.

PTO page on the school website:
Dear Parent’s,

Northeast actively seeks parent VOLUNTEERS! We feel active involvement in the educational
process is valuable for all concerned. A wealth of TALENT and EXPERIENCE exists among our
parents, and we hope you will be willing to share some if it.

Name_______________________ Phone___________________ E-mail________________________

Best time to call:__________________ Can you periodically volunteer during school hours?_______
                                                                           OR evenings?_______


Would you like to be:

       A Room Parent?______      For Grade______            Teacher____________________________
       A Room Parent Helper?_____

(A Room Parent contacts other parents in their child’s classroom to assist with school events, and
activities. He/She works directly with the teacher, and the Room Parent Coordinator.)

The PTO is not an elite group of a few parents…it includes every parent of every elementary child.
We hope to promote cooperation and teamwork. Students who know their parents are involved, and
communicate regularly with their school usually work harder, feel more confident, and do better in
their schoolwork.

       WE ARE NO LONGER COLLECTING MEMBERSHIP DUES: Every parent is considered a
member of the PTO. To make your tax deductible family donation simply send cash or a check
payable to Northeast PTO to the school in the amount of: $5_____, $10_____, $15_____, or


PTO meetings take place in the elementary library from 6:30p.m. - 7:30p.m., on the 2nd Thursday of
every month except November, March, and May.

                                                    January 13, 2005
                        September 9, 2004           February 10, 2005
                        October 14, 2004            March 17, 2005
                        November 4, 2004            April 14, 2005
                        December 9, 2004            May 5, 2005

                                   PTO MISSION STATEMENT

      To encourage parent and public involvement in the Northeast Community School District.
      To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate
       intelligently in the education of children and youth.

    Keep Yellow Copy
                              Return Blue Copy to School By September 15th
                                                                                          Donation Sent_____

                                             Mark all
  Months                        Class-      events you
   and             Events       Rooms        can help                      Explanation of events
  Dates                          Job        with even if
                                Duties        it’s not
                                            your grade.
September                                                  Parents bake a pan of bars to be sold at middle school
                    Bars           K                       concession stands. These profits go to the playground
  October           Bars           1st
  25th-29th      Red Ribbon        1st                     This is a “Say no to drugs week.” Need help
                   Week                                    decorating the school red.
November            Bars          2nd
                 Conference       K                        Send out a food sign-up sheet for teacher’s meal.
     9th            Meal                                   Verify childcare during conferences (Girl Scouts).
                   Wreath         2nd                      Hand out wreaths on “pick up day”.
                                                           6th Grade students graduate from drug awareness
                  D.A.R.E.         5                       program. PTO sponsors a reception. Order cake.
                                                           Serve cake and punch
 December           Bars           3rd
                 Ice Cream       K-3rd                     2 parents sell ice cream bars after the elementary
   6th, 20th      Concerts       4th-6th                   concerts. Profits go to the music department.
  January           Bars           4th
11th,18th,25th   Yearbook                                  Sort pictures and prepare them for the yearbook.
 February           Bars           5th
                                                           Reading slumber party at school for 2nd and 3rd grades.
                 Primetime        3rd                      PTO serves snacks in the evening, and juice and
                                                           donuts in the morning. Buy food and serve.
                 Conference                                Send out a food sign-up sheet for teacher’s meal.
    28             Meal            4th                     Verify childcare during conferences (Girl Scouts).
                                                           PTO offers new school supplies sold in a kit at the end
                    School                                 of the school year for next year. Verify lists with
                 Supply Kits                               teachers and place orders.
   March             Bars          6th
    10th           Pictures                                Casual school pictures are taken. Collect Orders.
                  Ice Cream                                2 parents sell ice cream bars after the elementary
    22nd           Concerts        4th                     concerts. Profits go to the music department.
                                          Mark all
                               Class-     events you
  Months                       Rooms      can help                       Explanation of events
   and            Events        Job       with even if
  Dates                        Duties     it’s not
                                          your grade.
   April          Bars            K
    15th          Kdg.            1st                    Help the school nurse take weight and height of
                Round-up                                 children.
                                                         Parents and grandparents are invited to spend the day
    16th       Family Day                                with children to see what they do on a regular school
                                                         day, and even eat lunch with them. High school
                                                         Honor Society helps serve the meal.
               F.D. Silent                               Coordinate class baskets. Help put baskets together.
    16           Auction
    16th        F.D. Bake                                Check in on bake sale to see if all is running smoothly
    16th       F.D. Shuttle                              Take a shift driving golf cart around the parking lot.
    28th        Ice Cream       K-3rd                    2 parents sell ice cream bars after the elementary
                 Concerts                                concerts. Profits go to the music department.
    May            Bars          3rd
                Ice Cream                                2 parents sell ice cream bars after the elementary
    12th         Concerts       5th-6th                  concerts. Profits go to the music department.
                                                         P.E. teacher coordinates a day of races and games in
                  Track         5th-6th                  which every student wins at least one ribbon. The
    13             and                                   PTO provides freezer pops, juice, water, sunscreen and
                Field Day                                ribbons. Hand out freezer pops and making juice.
                  Staff                                  Organize and create ways to thank our teachers and
              Appreciation     1st-2nd                   staff. Or just help carryout the coordination’s.
                 Summer                                  PTO opens the library 1 day a week for 3-6 weeks in
   June          Reading                                 the summer. Plan a theme and prizes. Read to the
                Program                                  children, do a craft. Help them check out books.
 All Year
Wednesdays     Newsletter                                Dates are as follows: 9-22, 10-27, 11-17, 12-15, 1-26,
                 Folding                                 2-23, 3-23, 4-27, and 5-18
Monthly        Collecting/                               Collecting and Counting out Boxtops/Milkcaps, etc.
                Counting                                 when convenient for you.
Fridays          Popcorn                                 Help pop popcorn Friday mornings - dates as follows:
                 Fridays                                 9-17, 10-15, 11-19, 12-17, 1-21, 2-18, 3-18, 4-15, 5-20
               P.E. Spotter                              Be a spotter for the climbing wall, Mrs. Howe will let
                                                         you know in advance. 1 or 2 days.
 5 weeks,          Jr.        Anyone                     Speak to a grade once a week for 5 weeks. Jr.
  1day a      Achievement      who                       Achievement supplies all your info. This is a great
   week        Volunteer      wants to                   program. Step by step classroom instructions.
                                                         Whatever times work best for you and the teacher.
Listening to children read periodically                  Help students earn “Book-its”, at school during day.
Helping with schoolwork periodically                     Be a helper in classroom, helping teacher get to all.
Sewing costumes for concerts                             Or creating stage backdrops.
Help correct papers                                      Anytime you’re available
Face Painting

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