MARYLAND by lifemate


									2006 SkillsUSA MARYLAND                                             - Small star
STATE CHAMPIONSHIP                                                  - Large star
                                                                    - Leaf
CAKE DECORATING CONTEST                                             - Rose
(amended 1/10/06)                                               Flower nail
                                                                Two to four small bowls for
RULES AND REGULATIONS                                           mixing colors
                                                                Cake circle
  1.   Participants must wear clean and neat                    Food paste colors
       work whites and hair restraints with no                  Piping gels (if desired)
       visible indication of school identity (no
       school patches, I.D. tags, etc.).           9.   Each participant must supply their
                                                        own icing for the contest:
  2.   All decorating will be done at the
       contest site. Do not bring a decorated               Four to six pounds prepared
       cake from your home school.                          butter cream icing (recipe
  3.   Each participant will be expected to ice
       and decorate a 9 x 13 sheet cake for a           The following items are optional:
       child’s celebration (birthday, holiday               Additional decorating tubes
       party, etc.).                                        Turntable
                                                        *no other items will be allowed.
  4.   Each participant will be expected to ice
       and decorate a 2 layer, 8” round cake       10. There will be three judges: one from the
       for an adult function (birthday,                sponsoring company, one from the
       anniversary, shower, etc.).                     baking industry, and one decorating
                                                       specialist. Judges will be qualified, and
  5.   The cakes you decorate for the contest          their decisions will be final.
       will be selected in random drawing. Be
       prepared to decorate any of the cakes.      11. Judging will be based on: neatness of
       The theme for either size cake may be           decorations, precision, color, overall
       expanded to include any major holiday           appearance, and neatness of work area.
       or SkillsUSA theme.                             Judging of speed will be based on order
                                                       of completion, and will be used only to
  6.   Teachers, family, and friends of                break ties. (For more detailed
       participants will not be allowed to             information on specification for
       coach the participating students during         judging, see attached copy of judging
       the contest in any way.                         sheet.)

  7.   The following items will be provided at     12. Decorated cakes will be sold after the
       the contest for each participant:               contest, or donated to a local charity.
                1 – 9x12 sheet cake in foil pan        The proceeds from cake sales will be
                2 – 8” round layers of cake            used to defray expenses of the contest.

  8.   Each participant must bring to the          13. By signing this form, the participant
       contest the following items only:               verifies that he/she has read and
                Decorating bags (either                understands the rules and regulations,
                disposable or canvas)                  and agrees to abide by them.
                Spatula (for icing cakes and
                mixing colors)
                Scissors (for cutting paper        Participants Name
                bags and transferring flowers
                from nail to cake)
                Decorating tips (one or more       Date
                of each)
                     - Writing
                     - Figure piping
                  2006 SkillsUSA MARYLAND
                  STATE CHAMPIONSHIP
                    CAKE DECORATING
                      JUDGING SHEET

ENTRY # __________


   A. NEATNESS OF DECORATIONS                           E.   NEATNESS OF WORK
                                                                1. Work table is tidy during contest
            1.   Icing smoothly applied, no                        participation
                                                                2. Equipment is correctly cleaned
                 crumbs showing                                    and stored
            2.   Entire cake covered and level                  3. Work table is wiped clean
            3.   Uniform decorations                            4. Area is free of spills
            4.   Tube work free of air bubbles,
                 ridges or breaks                    Excellent _____ Good _____ Fair _____ Poor _____
                                                     (20 pts.)       (15 pts.)  (10 pts.) (5 pts.)
                  Total Points

Excellent _____ Good _____ Fair _____ Poor _____        F.   SPEED
(20 pts.)       (15 pts.)  (10 pts.) (5 pts.)
                                                        Finished ________ out of ________ participants

                                                                               Total Score ________
            1.   Borders are piped correctly
            2.   Garlands are the same width and
            3.   Pastel not so light as to look         JUDGES COMMENTS:
                 washed out
            4.   Flowers are formed and spaced

Excellent _____ Good _____ Fair _____ Poor _____
(20 pts.)       (15 pts.)  (10 pts.) (5 pts.)

   C.   COLOR
           1. Appetizing
           2. Pleasant color combinations
           3. Pastels not so light as to look
              washed out
           4. Appropriate for theme

Excellent _____ Good _____ Fair _____ Poor _____
(20 pts.)       (15 pts.)  (10 pts.) (5 pts.)


            1.   Does not appear over or under
            2.   Attention is given to “finishing
                 touches” that make cake special
            3.   Decorations used are appropriate
                 for theme
            4.   Difficulty of technique attempted

Excellent _____ Good _____ Fair _____ Poor _____
(20 pts.)       (15 pts.)  (10 pts.) (5 pts.)

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