RESEARCHER APPLICATION

                    Due by 5pm, Monday, March 2, at Let’s Go, 67 Mt. Auburn St., 3rd floor
                                                PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE
 Information Session                                                    Tuesday, February 17, at 5pm in Quincy Spindell Room
 Applications Due                                                       Monday, March 2, by 5pm (no exceptions)
 Interviews                                                             Saturday, March 7 and Sunday, March 8
 Notification                                                           Friday, March 20
 Researcher Training Days                                               To be determined (series-wide training will be
                                                                        15-20 hours in April and May)
 Researcher Travel Departure Date                                       Late May or early June (as soon as possible after
                                                                        exams are completed)

Researchers are the bedrock of Let’s Go, the team in the field. Researchers work alone, moving from town to town along planned routes,
stopping in each place long enough to update, improve, and add to the previous edition’s coverage. They receive reimbursement for open-
return round-trip airfare to their destination and a daily stipend to cover their expenses. Fifteen to twenty hours of preparation work are
required during the semester; itineraries begin in late May or early June and last six to eight weeks. Researchers may be wide-eyed newcomers
to their destinations, or veteran travelers (even natives), looking to uncover secret charms and back door finds. Foreign-language skills and
travel experience help, but are by no means necessary. The ideal Researcher possesses a true curiosity, a sense of adventure, a passion for
travel, an independent spirit, an iron drive, a keen eye and ear for detail, and a love of writing.

If you have questions, please come to one of our information sessions, check out our application website (, or
contact any Let’s Go Director or Managing Editor.

          Laura Gordon                                Dwight Curtis                              Vanessa Dube
          Director of Publications                    Editorial Director                         Publicity and Marketing Director
          laura.gordon®                     dwight.curtis®                   vanessa.dube®
                     RESEARCHER APPLICATION
Applications are due at Let’s Go, 67 Mt. Auburn St., 3rd floor on Monday, March 2, at 5pm. Unless indicated, all
responses should be hand-written. Please write your name on each page you submit.


Email:                                                Phone #:

Harvard ID # (all 9 digits):                          Campus Address:

Class:   Freshman        Sophomore        Junior     Senior      Grad _______________________
                                                                          (school and year)

Interviews will be held on the weekends of March 7-8 and 14-15. Because of the volume of applications, we may
not be able to interview every applicant; those who will be interviewed will be notified on a rolling basis by March

A few words about the Researcher hiring process: If you are extended a job offer, you will be given 24 hours to
take or leave that job; you will not be extended multiple offers, and offers are non-transferable, so think carefully
about your preferences before submitting your application.

I, ______________________________________, certify that I am a student in good standing at
Harvard University and that all information presented in this application is the truth and
constitutes my own, original work.

     _________________________________                                  _______________________
                 (Signature)                                                     (Date)
                                         BOOK PREFERENCES
List the top six areas where you would like to research in order of preference, and then rank all of the destinations that you
would consider in the box below. Also, note the strength of your preferences. Please cross out from the box below any routes
that you would definitely not accept.

Are you willing to research for any guide (circle one)? Yes       No

1.                                              2.                                              3.

4.                                              5.                                              6.

                                    RESEARCH DESTINATIONS

      __ PANAMA                   __ COSTA RICA           __ LONDON                        __ ROME

      __ BELIZE                   __ EL SALVADOR          __ OXFORD/CAMBRIDGE              __ FLORENCE

      __ GUATEMALA                __ NICARAGUA            __ EDINBURGH                     __ BARCELONA

      __ HONDURAS                 __ ISRAEL               __ GREECE                        __ PRAGUE & BUDAPEST

     __ MEXICO
                                                                  __ THE YUCATAN PENINSULA
1. Please attach an up-to-date copy of your resume. Include the names and phone numbers of two individuals
   who can comment on your experience and abilities.

2. Please explain the specific reasons for your particular choices, and the strength of your preferences among your
   top six. Include information about any knowledge you might have about the selected regions.

1st Choice:

2nd Choice:

3rd Choice:

4th Choice:

5th Choice:

6th Choice:
3. Why do you want to work for Let’s Go?

4. Working for Let’s Go is the toughest job you’ll ever love, and out there on the road, you’re going to work hard.
Which aspects of the Researcher position sound the most challenging to you, and what makes you particularly
qualified to meet these challenges?

5. Let’s Go Veterans: What did you learn from your experiences with Let’s Go? What were your most significant
successes and failures? What would you do differently this time? And what exactly is it that brings you back to
Let’s Go? Feel free to continue on the back.
6. LANGUAGE SKILLS. In the chart provided, please list any foreign languages you know. For each language,
indicate your level of proficiency, according to the following scale (don’t be afraid to use decimals, e.g., 2.5). In the
interview, you may be asked a question in a language in which you are proficient.

   1 = Able to follow and participate in conversations, and read and write simple texts.
   2 = Able to conduct conversations and to navigate complex situations.
   3 = Learned proficiency.
   4 = Native proficiency.

            Language                        How Acquired                         LEVEL OF PROFICIENCY
                                                                         Speaking       Reading       Writing

7. TRAVEL EXPERIENCE. Please describe your recent (from the past four years) significant foreign and domestic
travel experience in the chart below. Include the dates and duration of trips, the types of accommodations used
(hostels, hotels, campgrounds, etc.), modes of transportation (plane, boat, foot, hovercraft, bison, etc.), who (if
anyone) went with you, and the purpose of the trip. Also list any foreign countries or different regions of the US in
which you have lived. Former Researchers should note all trips undertaken for Let’s Go by marking the letters “LG”
in the “Purpose” column. Feel free to continue on an attached sheet.

                                Dates/                        TYPE OF
        Destination                                                                        With Whom?         Purpose
                                Duration       Accommodations         Transportation
8. Briefly describe your outdoors/hiking/wilderness experience, if any, as well as any developing world experience, if

9. A few routes may require driving. Do you have a driver’s license? Are you 21? Do you know how to drive stick?
Please begin your response to each question on a new page. Remember to write your full name on the top of each
page. Attach your responses to this application. PLEASE TYPE THIS SECTION OF THE APPLICATION.

1. Let’s Go’s 2010 guides will include several editorial features, among them interviews with locals, personal
narratives, and “hot topics” about issues facing towns and regions we cover. Take a look at the two examples below,
and then write one about a place that you have lived or visited. The samples are given for guidance only; DO NOT
feel as though you have to emulate their tone. (200-word limit.)

        INTERNATIONAL FOOD FIGHT                                        HAUNTED HANDBOOK

  When the International Olympic Committee                   Whitby is full of ghostly legends and terrifying
  awarded the 2012 Olympics to London rather                 haunts, but you can protect yourself against
  than Paris in 2005, pundits speculated about               phantom encounters. Here are some helpful
  the geopolitical forces behind the decision. But           precautions:
  a simpler factor may have been at play:
  Jacques Chirac talked smack about British                      What if… You see a man dressed all in
  snacks.                                                    black clutching a bloody knife? This is the Man
         In the week before the final vote, a                in Black, a puppeteer who visited Whitby in
  French journalist overheard Chirac joking                  1710. After one too many pints at the Black
  about the quality of his competitor’s food. “One           Horse Inn, he murdered a local man and was
  simply cannot trust people whose cuisine is so             later hanged.
  bad,” he said. “The only thing [the British] have              What to do: Don’t look at his face—anyone
  ever done for European agriculture is mad cow              who sees under his black hood goes insane.
  disease.” On a roll, Chirac decided to bring
  another European country into the mix. “After                 What if… You see someone walking the
  Finland,” he continued, “[Britain] is the country          streets who looks exactly like you? Careful—
  with the worst food.” The comments seemed                  you have just encountered the Waft, the most
  unwise since Finland held two votes on the                 dangerous haunt in Whitby. This phantom
  committee.                                                 takes the exact image of its next victim.
         In keeping with the Olympic spirit of                  What to do: Throw curses and insults at
  international understanding, the ultimately                the spirit. Yell loudly—if the Waft is not
  victorious Tony Blair declined to respond to his           deterred, it will pull your soul out of your body.
  opponent in kind. But several of his compatri-
  ots threw back some rotten tomatoes of their                  What if… You are sitting in the White Horse
  own. “Don’t talk crepe, Jacques!” screamed                 Restaurant, when you look out the window to
  The Sun, Britain’s most popular tabloid. A                 see a ghost floating down the street.
  famous Scottish butcher sneered: “They think                  What to do: Relax and have another glass
  that snails and frogs’ legs are a delicacy.”               of wine! Although the White Horse Inn is
                                                             reputedly the most haunted building in all of
                                                             Whitby, its owners brag that its ghosts are also
                                                             the friendliest.

2. In what you perceive to be the Let’s Go style, briefly review an establishment in the Boston area, be it a
restaurant, lodging, sight, etc., that you think would be of interest to student travelers. Reviews of establishments
outside of Harvard Square are preferable but not required. Note: “student” does not necessarily mean “cheap”—
feel free to write up a unique establishment that a traveler should see despite the cost. Be sure to make this a
product of research that’s informative as well as engaging: include information like telephone numbers, hours, and
prices. (100-word limit.)

3. Please attach an additional writing sample. Possible sources include work for campus or other publications,
compelling essay excerpts, insightful journal entries, etc. (No more than 1 page, Times New Roman 12-point font,
1. Try your hand at editing the Moonshine map in Section VI. Look for spelling errors, inconsistencies, general style
issues, and any other problems that you can find.

2. Imagine that you are a Researcher for the fictional guide, Let’s Go: Moonshine 2010. A hard day of schlepping
across the vast deserts and steamy jungles of Moonshine in search of cheap thrills has almost come to an end, but
you have one more task:

        You’ve been asked to add an establishment to the Nightlife and Entertainment section. You’ve
        taken the notes below during your day of researching, and now you must write a review (75-word
        limit) of one and only one of the following two establishments for Moonshine 2010. Your choice
        between the two establishments does not matter.

The Domicile                                                    Golden Lotus

Open until 2:30am                                               $20 cover on weekends for guys
Really popular with students and struggling, starving           Swimming pools (one inside the club, the other
      artsy types                                                    outside) are favorites
Hundreds of board games (like Candyland and Risk) to            Godiva chocolate martini is unimaginably divine
      play                                                           ($30)
$1 pints, but no Pacifico (my favorite beer) on tap             Amazing sound system blasts the latest trance
Owner brews his own brandy in the pub; served straight          Someone told me that strangers do drugs and hook
      from the barrels to customers                                  up in The Backroom
Poetry Slam every other Thursday                                Barely-there tops and tight pants required
Burger ($4), nachos ($2.50)                                     Fatboy Slim a frequent guest DJ
Claims it was the haunting ground of Shel Silverstein           All bartenders are amateur models or professional
Giant pink pelican figurine in the bathroom                          strippers
Barkeep Trevor (seemed really drunk at the time) only           Oxygen bar on the balcony level
      knows 5 drinks—but makes them strong                      Wouldn’t let me in for free, the greedy bastards
Regular contingent of ex-pats sits at bar                       Lindsay Lohan and 50 cent are regulars
No cover                                                        Specialty drink is the mind-blowing “Atomic Tiger”
Neighborhood felt unsafe after dark                             Open until dawn
Decided not to even attempt eating the food after I             Long lines at door
      found a cockroach on the staircase                        Former warehouse with ultra-modern chrome decor
Live music most nights                                          Opened New Year’s Eve 2000
Monopoly set missing the dog                                    Huge dance floor is constantly crowded (but people
Stools surround the bar, but elsewhere there are                     I saw couldn’t dance at all)
      reclining chairs and worn-in sofas                        VIP room has plush couches ($100 cover)
Kitchen closes at 10pm                                          Gay-themed “Queen for a Night” on Wednesdays
                                                                Competes with Pompidou as the trendiest nightclub
3. Now imagine that you are a Researcher for the fictional guide Let’s Go: Cambridge 2010. You’ve checked up on
all of last year’s coverage except this little gem buried in the back of the Food section. Based on your experience,
rewrite one and only one of the following two listings, keeping as much or little of the original as you like. Be sure to
correct factual, grammatical, and stylistic errors, as well as update any information you feel is missing. Use
approximately the same space as the write-ups below.

  Tanjore’s, 16 Elliot St. (617-467-9825), in Harvard Square. In the Square’s wide selection of indian restaurants,
   Tanjore makes its mark with regional specialties. With a longer, more varied menu than your run of the mill Indian
   restaurant, your not going to get just a colored Chicken Curry. This “temple of food” is a vegetarian's delight. The
   navratan tikka masalla ($13) is a lighter, vegetarian version of the ol' standby chicken tikka masala ($15). Come
   for the plentiful lunch buffet ($6.50; 12-3pm), and you'll understand why their motto is “eat at Tanjore and add
   some spice to your life.” Everything is always fresh, even for the buffet. Entrees $7-13. Appetizers $4-12. Have
   the mango lassi ($2.50) to cool your palate after all that spice. Open 10am-3pm and 5-10pm. AE, D, V.

  Darwin’s, on Mt. Auburn St., 5min. from the Harvard T stop down Mt. Auburn past Chili's and the post office.
   Don't let the Busch beer sign mislead you—Darwin's is an undiscovered oasis of gourmet food, just mins. away
   from the heart of the square. But don’t let the promise of gourmet food fool you, either; Darwin's also carries a
   decent selection of beers and wines. The deli counter is the home of the best sandwiches ($4.75-$9.00) around,
   many named for local streets intersecting with Battle and some named for other streets like Turkey Rd. and Ham
   Blvd. Try the “Story” (prosciuto and mozzarela with a vignaigrette) or the “Mount Auburn” (smoked turkey and
   cheese with avocado and tomato). Add some variety to your meal with one of Darwin's tasty sides, like pasta
   salad or broccollini, and enjoy it in the relaxed atmosphere of the store’s fully stocked coffee bar. The staff,
   mirroring the general ambience, is friendly and inviting. Also offers a good selection of fresh fruits, veggies, and
   organic and specialty foods. Open Su 7am-7pm and M-Sa 6am-11pm.

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