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          The aim of the programme is to promote quality regional food and increase its consumption
          within Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Great Britain.

          The objectives of the programme are:
              to assist the NI agri-food industry to develop and expand profitable and sustainable
              to develop a thriving rural economy by raising profile of NI quality food; and
              to increase co-operation and communication between all sectors of the NI food industry,
                 therefore providing a united front to buyers and consumers.

          The following awards are made for the period covering 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2010.

Organisation                           Brief outline of the project                          Funding      Date(s) of
                                                                                             allocated   events where
Dairy Council NI   Regional Fairs/Exhibitions
                   Organisation of NI dairy industry stands at fairs and exhibitions, both   £51,500        2009/10
                   in NI and GB.

                   Market Research
                   To provide appropriate information for NI dairy companies to better       £42,000        2009/10
                   inform them of brand decisions and facilitate improved category

                   School Milk
                   Printing of the booklet ‘Milk and More’ which is aimed at parents of       £3,300        Sept 09
                   P1 intake for Sept 09.

Food Promotion     Regional Fairs - Balmoral Show
NI                 Promotion of NI produce at consumer shows and trade fairs.                £15,000     13-15 May 09

                   Regional Fairs - Tesco Show
                   Promotion of NI produce at consumer shows and trade fairs.                £13,000     11-12 Sept 09

                   Regional Fairs - Highland Games Glenarm
                   Promotion of NI produce at consumer shows and trade fairs.                £16,250      14-15 July 09

                   Regional Fairs - Sectoral Promotion Event
                   Event to raise the profile of quality schemes and develop productive       £1,625
                   working partnerships.

                   ‘Good Food is in our Nature’ Workshops                                     £5,850
                   Cross sectoral workshops to train producers and processors on how
                   to approach independent retailers more efficiently and effectively.

                   IFEX 2010
                   Promotion of local quality producers through FDNI, UPBF and NI            £19,435     23-25 March 10
                   Culinary Federation alliance at this food service trade fair/show.

NI Food & Drink    NIFDA/UFU Outlook Forum
Association        A platform to develop and improve efficiency and professionalism           £2,400       16 Feb 10
                   throughout the agri-food industry.
                   ToU & Artisan Producers Forum
                    A forum to benefit those providing a service to customers and the         £3,000       18 May 09
                   producers who assist with this service.
                   ToU & Artisan Producers Website Development
                   To enhance tourist traffic to Artisan and Taste of Ulster                 £13,000
                   Taste of Ulster Guide 2009/10
                   This Guide highlights local hospitality establishments that actively      £15,000        Aug 09
                   use local food and drink.

                   Taste of Ulster Guide Launch 2009
                   To maximise the PR around the Taste of Ulster Guide.                      £2,000         Aug 09

Ulster Pork &      Pork and Bacon Promotional Weeks
Bacon Forum        Promotion of new ranges within the main retailers.                        £41,250

                   National Sausage Week Awards
                   National Sausage Week-Northern Ireland Awards (4th November               £2,750      3 November 09
                   2009) and Butcher Competition.

                   Cookery Demonstrations
                   Promotion of local produce supported with recipe leaflets and             £7,200
                   information for the general public.

                   Garden Show - Hillsborough
                   Promotion of NI produce at consumer shows and trade fairs.                £3,380       5-7 June 09

                   Research - Evaluation of the eating quality of pig meat products
                   This study will gather information from NI consumers with regards         £27,950
                   to their perception of the eating quality of pork.

Royal Ulster       Maintaining the momentum of NI’s Food Exhibitions /Balmoral
Agricultural       Show Food Pavilion                                                        £38,700     13-15 May 09
Society            Further development of the Food Pavilion at Balmoral Show and a                       and ongoing in
                   mobile food exhibition for use at county shows, educational                                2009
                   establishments and retail parks.

Fruit Industry     Armagh Bramley Apple Blossom Fair
Federation &       To highlight various aspects linked to Bramley apple production.          £10,000      8-9 May 09
Fermanagh          Local Fresh Food Festival
County Show        To assist local small food businesses to market their produce at          £6,350      4-5 August 09
                   Fermanagh County Show.

Flavour of         Garden Gourmet Event
Tyrone             Promotion of Flavour of Tyrone Good Food Circle’s individual              £6,500      19-20 Sept 09
                   restaurants and local food producers at Garden Gourmet, Botanic
                   Gardens Belfast.

Castledawson       Lough Neagh Food Festival
Development        Organisation of a specialist food market in along main street of          £14,000       12 Sept 09
Enterprises        Castledawson.

Clogher Valley     Clogher Show Cookery Demo
Agricultural       Cookery demonstrations using local produce.                               £2,000        29 July 09
Belfast City       B Scrumptious - eating Belfast for the love of NI
Council            A range of initiatives to raise the platform of food in Belfast - menu    £26,000
                   cards, food trails, food events, website & virtual trails.
Magherafelt        Magherafelt Speciality Christmas Food Market
District Council   Seasonal food experience where people can purchase/taste local           £8,631.35      28 Nov 09
                   quality foods.
Moyle District     Menu of the North Coast
Council            A directory listing North Coast food producers and other food            £18,297.50
                   businesses with a brief factual description of the products.
Soil Association   Organic Sector Market Development
                   To expand existing markets and develop new markets for organic   £8,450