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									                                              Jonathan G. Roberts
                                          707 N. Ashbrook Circle, Mesa, Arizona
                                       p: 480.330.5393 :: e:

 Group leadership and management, budgeting, marketing, branding, event planning, consultation, Bachelor of Science
 (B.S.), creative, artistic, self-motivated, entrepreneurial, excellent written and oral communication skills, exceptional
 interpersonal skills, advanced computer skills, American Sign Language fluency, proficient in PC and Mac platforms,
 highly organized, project coordination, enthusiastic, professional

 Bachelor of Science (2005). Brigham Young University. Marriage, Family, and Human Development.
 Minors in Broadcast Journalism and Media Music.

Work Experience
 09/2005 – Present                 Creative Consultant                       AUTUMNGAIL
                                                                             Mesa, AZ
                                    Clients: Marie Osmond, Martha Stewart, Wynonna Judd, Donny Osmond, Stephen R.
                                    Covey, Steve Young/Forever Young Foundation, Richard Paul Evans, ANASAZI
                                    Foundation, World Congress of Families, Schnepf Farms, World Congress of Families
                                    (NY), OnceLikeMe, ABC 15, Talk Walk Run, Sounds of Sunshine, Passport Catering,
                                    Roberts Sisters, Red Haired Boy

                                    Roles: Event Designer, Entertainment Producer, Music Producer, Associate Producer,
                                    Event Entertainer, Graphic Designer, Brand Consultant, Chef/Planner, Singer,

 09/2004 - 09/2005                 Assistant Editor                              Marriage & Families magazine
                                                                                 Provo, UT

 09/2003 - 09/2004                 Interpreter for the Deaf                      Brigham Young University
                                                                                 Provo, UT

 08/1999 - 09/2003                 Arts/Music Producer                           AUTUMNGAIL
                                                                                 Mesa, AZ

 08/1998 - 08/1999                 Interpreter/Deaf Educator                     Sequoia School for the Deaf
                                                                                 Mesa, AZ

 Work Related Experience and Service
 05/2003 - 09/2005                 Mentorship                                    K. Newell Dayley, VP, BYU
                                                                                 Provo, UT

 09/2003 - 09/2005                 Director of Development                       Marriage & Family Matters
                                                                                 Provo, UT

 01/2001 - 05/2001                 Personal Executive Assistant                  ANASAZI Foundation
                                                                                 Mesa, AZ

 01/1996 - 01/1998                 Deaf Program Missionary                       The Church of Jesus Christ
                                                                                 of Latter-day Saints
                                                                                 New York/Los Angeles
Special Skills
 Group leadership, public speaking, music production, graphic design, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop,
 web design, photography design and editing, media kits, package design/redesign, copy writing/editing, floral design,
 gourmet food preparation/catering, entertainment production, singing/performing, dance, choreography, stage design, stage
 construction, American Sign Language fluency, research, administrative leadership
Michael J. Merchant   President and CEO         ANASAZI Foundation

Sean Rourke           Marketing Director        ANASAZI Foundation

K. Newell Dayley      Academic Vice President   Brigham Young University

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