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    Asthma is caused by different triggering factors. The most common triggers are pollution, dust, pollen, and air
     irritants. Asthma sufferers may notice a change in their asthma during pregnancy. Some have fewer attacks;
                                                  others have more.
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                                             What do we know about Severe Asthma?
                                                                   By Kenn Fong

    When we hear the term severe asthma, we tend to think that it is a form of asthma which is severe
in its outbreak. Research reveal that severe asthma shows characteristics totally different than chronic
asthma and therefore it can be classified under a different section, altogether. Scientists made this
statement after discovering thatthere are significant changes in severe asthmatics and non severe
asthmatic patients.

The most standard symptom recorded by patients suffering from severe asthma is air trapping . Air
trapping is a condition that obstructs full exhalation from the lungs in which the person would feel like
there s air trapped inside the lung that he/she cannot get rid of. The airway blockage is another very
common symptom among asthma patients and it was recorded to go forward even after
comprehensive intervention. A study conducted by Severe Asthma Research Program (SARP) has
collected data and have concluded that given the signs and symptoms of severe asthma, it can be
classified as a different form of the disease.

The study further confirms the notion that there is a lot that we still do not know about asthma. The
MDs have tried caring for severe asthma over the years using known medication and methods, with
little or no success. Accroding to statistics, up to 10% of asthmatics suffer from severe asthma and
they hardly respond positively to medication and treatment plans. The danger however is that patients
are prone to deadly attacks following constant asthma attacks.

Usually, an asthmatic attack will follow after airways in the lungs narrow down or close. Therefore you
may start coughing, feel your chest tightening, feel that you are short of breathe and would start
wheezing. The condition becomes worse when you become exposed to dust or allergens such as
pollen or animal fur. If you are suffering from severe asthma, the attacks will be more painful and less
easy to stand. So, carers will have to keep a careful eye on severe asthmatic patients to make sure
allergic substances do not get any near.

Hypersensitiveness is another characteristic of asthmatic patients. So if you have a family member
who suffers from severe asthma and if he/she loses temper quite often, there s nothing to worry about.
Respiratory disorders, almost always irritates patients which affect the moods. So be patient while you
deal with patients with severe asthma.

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                                              Information On Asthma For Grown Ups
                                                              By Roger Thompson

Adults and Asthma

This article talks about Asthma for the grown up and elderly. We know that asthma has many medical

Adult asthma normally comes from one of three conditions. First off, some adults that have had asthma
their entire lives or that have had it since childhood are in one condition. In the second, the asthma was
there during childhood and then all symptoms of asthma were gone for a period of time and then
sometime later in their adult life, asthma has come back. Finally, there are those adults that are first
getting asthma during their adult years. In this case, the asthma is almost always brought on by
occupational asthma conditions, or poor working conditions or exposure to triggers that over time
developed into asthma in the individual.

Anyone that has asthma, including the adult, can find the help that they need in treating and living with
it. As you will learn as an asthma patient, there are many types of medications on the market that can
be used to treat asthma both in the episodes that you may experience (asthma attacks) as well as in
the day to day living arrangements. Those that have had asthma as a child and then had no symptoms
of asthma for much of their life only to have it resurface are often the hardest patients to treat. Here,
something, possibly contaminants or even infection, has caused the resurgence of the asthma and it is
often a severe case when this happens.

In cases where occupational asthma is the culprit, it is often the asthma specialist’s first course of
action to determine what the trigger is that is causing the asthma outbreaks. Then, the first treatment
for this type of asthma will be to avoid that trigger. Of course, your doctor will help you to determine
what that is and will work with you to determine just what can be done to help provide you with relief
from your asthma. Even as an adult, it is important to seek out the help you need for asthma.

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