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Edenton-Chowan Corporate and Continuing Education Courses by lifemate


									                  Elizabeth City Corporate & Continuing Education Courses
                                    Spring Semester 2010
                                                        252 335 0821 X2250

                                                   CERTIFICATION COURSES

Aviation Ground School for Pilots
Classes cover the latest procedures and regulations to safely operate private aircraft. Students are prepared to pass the written examination
required by FAA.
Th                 1/21 – 5/13                  7pm-10pm                     $150               NE regional airport          G. Ambrose
                                                                                                Edenton, NC
Aviation Instrument Rating
Designed to advance the Private Pilot student to an instrument rating status. Classroom based course prepares student for the Instrument
Rating examination.

Escort Vehicle-Initial          Satisfies NC Dept of Transportation requirements for Oversize-Overweight load escort vehicle driver
certification. Covers defensive driving, escort driver requirements, skills training, and an examination.
Tu                 4/6                          8am-5pm                      $65                FC 121B                      J. SURLES

Escort Vehicle-Renewal
Satisfies NC DOT requirements for re-certification as Oversize-Overweight load escort vehicle driver.

Independent Auto Dealer Renewal Certification
Meets annual license renewal requirements for used car dealers set by NC DMV. Book will be available in the classroom for $5.00.
Th                 4/8                          9am-4pm                      $65                FC 121A                      L. Davis

NC Vehicle Safety Inspection
This course is designed to prepare auto technicians and service personnel as OBD emission inspectors for motor vehicles. Course topics
include regulations and test inspection procedures required by the NC DMV - Enforcement Section - for OBD emission inspectors. Upon
completion a student should understand the rules, regulations and procedures for OBD emission inspections, be able to inspect a vehicle
properly and be prepared to sit for the state certification exam.
Tu/Th              2/23 & 2/25                  6pm-10pm                     $65                FC 121A                      J. Nixon
Tu/Th              4/20 & 4/22                  6pm-10pm                     $65                FC121A                       J. Nixon

Notary Public
This course is designed to prepare students to be commissioned/appointed as a Notary Public. Manual and photo ID required, must be High
School/GED graduate. Plus cost of Notary Book which can be purchased in the Follett Bookstore on Campus.
Tu/Wed             2/9 & 2/10                   6pm-9pm                      $65                B 202                        T. Story
Tu/Wed             4/13 & 4/14                  6pm-9pm                      $65                B 202                        T. Story

Pool/Spa Operator
This course is designed to prepare students to take the test to become certified as a pool/spa operator. A score of at least 70% on the open-
book test is a requirement for certification.
Th                 4/22                         8am-6pm                      $160               OC 114                       T. Suchy

Real Estate-Broker Contracts & Closing
This course is the SECOND of THREE courses designed to assist the provisional broker to meet the 90-hour post-licensing educational
requirements set forth by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. This course consists of a high-level advance instruction covering
contracts and closing. This course will also discuss license status and education issues.
T/Th              2/16 – 3/16                   6pm-9:45pm                   $120               FC 121A                      S. Stone

Elizabeth City Campus                                                                                   02.09.10
Real Estate-Broker Relationships & Responsibilities
This 30-hour course is the FIRST of the THREE required post-licensing courses required for all salespersons whose licenses were issued
between 10/1/05 and 3/31/06 and whose licenses were converted to 147Provisional Broker148 status on April 1, 2006. This course includes
issues confronted when agents leave/change firms with resulting licenses and education concerns. The NC Real Estate Manual and
Residential Square Footage Guidelines are required, and may be obtained by going to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission web site:
T/Th             1/12 – 2/04                     6pm-9:45pm                   $120                FC 121A                       S. Stone

Real Estate-Broker Selected Topics
This course is the THIRD of THREE courses designed to assist the provisional broker to meet the 90-hour post-licensing educational
requirements set forth by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. This course consists of high-level advanced instruction covering special
topics. It includes land use controls, miscellaneous law issues, sale of undeveloped land and other special topics. For more information, go to
T/Th             3/30 – 4/29                     6pm-9:45pm                   $120                FC 121A                       S. Stone

Real Estate-Elective (Ethics & RE)
Sat.             3/20                            1pm-5pm                      $65                 FC 121A                       D. Bankston

Real Estate-Provisional Broker
Prepares students to take the state exam for certification. Textbooks estimated at $100 (available in COA bookstore). NC Real Estate Manual,
also required, may be obtained via NC Real Estate Commission web site (
M/Wed            1/11 – 4/21                     6:30pm-9:30pm                $175                C 109                         D. Bankston

Real Estate-Update
This course is designed for licensed agents who need the required yearly update. The course was developed by the NC Real Estate
Sat.             3/20                            8am-12pm                     $65                 FC 121A                       D. Bankston

Welding I-ARC
Covers the principles, concepts, and procedures of welding using electrical arc welding and oxyacetylene welding equipment. Course fee
includes supply cost.
Mon/Th           2/22-3/25                       6pm-9pm                      $175                C 128                         H. Sutton

Welding II-MIG/TIG
Practical operations in the use of Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) shielded arc welding and Gas Metal Arc welding (MIG) using both ferrous and
nonferrous metals. Course fee includes supply cost.
Mon/Th             1/11-2/15                     6pm-9pm                      $175                C 128                         H. Sutton

                                           COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY COURSES
Intro to Computers
A must class for those with little or no computer experience! Learn how to open/shut down Windows XP and use its basic desktop features and
Mon/Wed            4/12-5/5                      6pm-9pm                      $70                 FC 128                        D. Jacobs

The course includes utility routines, function calls and software components of the machine operating system; software, file structuring
capabilities, disk space organization and allocation, serial and parallel port handling capabilities, error handling, and memory management.
Tu/Th              3/2-3/25                      7pm-9pm                      $70                 FC 128                        D. Gilleland

Photoshop - Adobe
Hardware considerations, monitor resolution, input devices including digitizer, mouse interfaces, cursor control, light pen activated, printer and
plotter output, entering/editing data and text, line, scatter, bar, and three dimensional graphics, pie charts, curve smoothing/fitting,
legends/titles, scaling, editing, and special applications are covered in these courses.
Tu/Th              2/2-2/25                      7pm-9pm                      $70                 FC 128                        D. Gilleland

Elizabeth City Campus                                                                                     02.09.10
                                              EDUCATION/LANGUAGE COURSES

Conversational Spanish for the Workplace
Beginning course on applied Spanish facilitates basic communication with people whose native language is Spanish. Text available in Con Ed
Office (FC-129) for $14.
W                  2/17-5/5                      6pm-8pm                       $65                 C 207                         P. Brewer

Effective Teacher Training
Recommended training for substitute teachers, teacher assistants, & prospective new teachers. Fee includes manual.
Th                 1/07-3/25                     6pm-9pm                       $130                C219                          L. Figgs

Lateral Entry-Orientation
This course provides an introduction to effective teaching methods, classroom management and discipline, planning and pacing, and
identification and education of children with disabilities. Successful completion of this course meets the two-week staff development training
requirement for becoming a North Carolina Lateral Entry Teacher. Textbook is required. Call 252 335 0821 X2250 for more information.
M                   1/25-4/19                     6pm-9pm                       $130               C201                         L. Figgs

Sign Language I
Covers the manual alphabet and functional words to enable general conversation. Textbook is required. Call 252 335 0821 X2250 for more
M                  1/25-5/10                     6pm-8pm                       $50                 C107                          D. Cobbs

Sign Language II
This course will offer exposure to additional sign language vocabulary. Students should know the basic manual alphabet.
W                  1/27-5/12                     6pm-8pm                       $50                 C107                          D. Cobbs

                                               HEALTH OCCUPATION COURSES
Nurse Aide I
This course introduces basic nursing skills required to provide personal care for patients, residents, or clients in a health care setting. Topic
include communications, safety, patients’ rights, personal care, vital signs, elimination, nutrition, emergencies, rehabilitation, and mental health.
Upon successful completion of the course, the student is eligible to to sit for the competency exam through PearsonVue for listing on the North
Carolina Nurse Aide I Registry.
M-Th               1/5 -- 2/23                   8a-12:30p              $207.50                    B 218                         G. Baker
                            Clinicals              7a-3pm         FULL
M, T, Th           1/5 -- 3/2                    3:30p-9:30p            $207.50                    B218                          D. Manning
                            Clinicals              3p-11p FULL
F,S,Su             2/26 -- 4/23                  Fri. 3:30p-9:30p       $207.50                    B 218                         G. Baker
                                                 Sat & Sun 11a-5p
                            Clinicals              F, Sa, Sun. 7a-3pm FULL
M-Th               3/3 – 4/26                    8a-12:30p              $207.50                    B 218                         D. Manning
                            Clincals               7a-3p
M-Th               4/26 -- 6/9                   8a-12:30p              $207.50                    B 218                         G. Baker
                            Clinicals              7a-3:00p
M, T, Ths          4/27 – 6/15                   3:30p-9:30p            $207.50                    B 218                         D Manning
                            Clincals               3p-11p

Nurse Aide II
The Nurse Aide II course prepares graduates to perform more complex skills for patients or residents. A skill evaluation is required for
documenting student competency. The course includes class, laboratory and clinical learning experiences. Upon satisfactory completion of the
course and competency evaluation, the graduate is eligible to apply for listing as a Nurse Aide II by the North Carolina Board of Nursing. In all
employment settings, the listed Nurse Aide II will work under the direction and supervision of licensed personnel.
         Contact Edenton Office—252 482 7900 X2405 or X2412 or
         Dare Campus—252 475 9251 or 252 475 9250

Elizabeth City Campus                                                                                       02.09.10
                                               PERSONAL ENRICHMENT COURSES

Cake Decorating
In this class, you can learn to decorate cakes for all occasions. Proper use of various decorating tips and utensils will be explored as well as
how to write on a cake and the art of creating flowers and border designs. Call 252 335 0821 X2250 for supply list.
Wed                 1/27-3/3                        6pm-8pm                    $55                C 201                         N. Jernigan

Digital Photography
This course is designed to assist students in taking better pictures by developing a better understanding of digital camera equipment, film
selection, picture composition, and lighting.
Mon & Weds            3/15-4/19                     6pm-8pm                    $55                C 206                         A. Gibbons

Guitar Beginners
This course is geared toward learning, then applying the fundamentals of the guitar so that anyone can begin playing right away
T&THS               3/2-4/29                        6pm-7:15pm                 $55                C 210                         N. Simmons

Holiday Cupcakes
In this class, you can learn to decorate cupcakes for all occasions. Proper use of various decorating tips and utensils will be explored as well.
Wed                 3/10-3/31                       6pm-8pm                    $30                C 202                         N. Jernigan

Motorcycle Safety
This course uses curriculum developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. The course consists of approximately 18 hours of range time and
4 hours of classroom. A class consists of one weekend (Friday 6-10PM, Saturday and Sunday 8AM-6PM). Attendance at all sessions of the
class is required. Class is held rain or shine. This course requires physical stamina, motor coordination and mental alertness. Students must
know how to ride a bicycle, be able to support a 300 lb. motorcycle while straddling it, and have the ability to push the motorcycle for distances
up to 120 feet. No driver's license is required. Successful completion of the course will required to pass a written test and a motorcycle skills
test. The course is designed to prepare the students to pass both exams. Upon completion of the course, the student is provided with a card to
present to the DMV examiner that will waive the NC skills portion of the test. Students will still need to take the DMV's written exam before
being issued their motorcycle endorsement
Fri, Sat, Sun       Call for available classes       6pm-10pm;8am-6pm        $150                           C 155               TBA
                    Or refer to our website

Painting—Acryllic & Oil Painting--Beginners ******added class********
Ths                 3/19-5/14                       9am-12pm                   $55                C 222                         M. Sawyer

Painting & Mixed Media (Prefer 1 year experience)
Tu                  1/12-3/2                        9am-12pm                   $55                C 222                         M. Sawyer
Tu                  3/16-5/11                       9am-12pm                   $55                C 222                         M. Sawyer

Quilting projects will be given the 1st night of class.
Ths                 2/25-4/22                       6:30pm-9pm                 $45                C 202                         R. Caruso

Safe Driver
Four (4) hour class designed to increase awareness of the need for and the benefits of defensive driving.
Tu                  2/9                             5:30pm-9:30pm              $70                FC 111                        S. Hewitt
Tu                  4/13                            5:30pm-9:30pm              $70                FC 111                        S. Hewitt

Stained Glass
M                   1/11-3/8                        6pm-9pm                    $55                C222                          A. Hoefs
M                   3/15-5/3                        6pm-9pm                    $55                C222                          A. Hoefs

                           WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT COURSES
Computers in the Workplace    24 hours
This course will cover basic computer skills for those seeking employment or higher level jobs needing computer skills. Fee waived if
unemployed or low income
TTh                 3/3-4/15                        9am-11am                   $65                FC208                         J. Franzese

Elizabeth City Campus                                                                                      02.09.10

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