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The opportunity of the next gene


									Expanding Your Vision!
           JP & Associates
          Consulting Services, Inc.

   We are a multi-service financial and real estate
    consulting firm providing education and
    professional guidance in the following areas:
                    Real Estate
               Credit Report Analysis
           JP & Associates
          Consulting Services, Inc.

•   A combined 25 plus years of Financial Services
    & Real Estate experience.
•   Incorporated.
•   Expanding Nationwide
•   Currently on an aggressive North East
           JP & Associates
          Consulting Services, Inc.

Our Partners:
   HBW Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.
   Syndicated Capital Inc.
   Financial Equities Mortgage Bankers
   Access General Agency
   Keystone Realty U.S.A.
   JP Credit Report Analysis Services
             Some of Our Carriers:

                            C.N.A.
                            Hanover
   American General        Chubb
   ING                     Hartford
   Prudential Financial    Commercial Mutual
   U.S. Life of NY         Kemper auto & Home
    (member AIG)            Encompass insurance
   United of Omaha         Met Auto & Home
   William Penn Life
                            Fireman’s Fund
                            St. Paul Travelers
   Zurich Kemper Life      Foremost
    and more!!              G.M.A.C.
            Some of Our Services:

•   Annuities              •   Mortgage Qualification
•   Life Insurance         •   Refinancing
•   Long-term Care         •   Commercial Loans
                           •   Mutual Funds
•   Group Health
                           •   401(k) Plans
•   Individual Health      •   IRAs
•   Auto Insurance         •   College Saving Plans
•   Homeowners Insurance   •   Real Estate Services
•   Disability Insurance   •   Credit Report Analysis
                           •   Credit Card Solutions
•   Business Insurance
                           •   Mortgage Modification
            Our Mission:

To help families build wealth, eliminate
 debt, own property, protect their assets
  and achieve financial independence
      through business ownership.
               Our Responsibilities

We have two responsibilities:
1. Helping our clients to reduce debt, protect their assets
   and to show them how to properly build their wealth
   through the management of their personal finances.
2. Finding good quality people to help our company
   expand through the JP& Associates Consulting Services
   full or part-time business opportunity.
       Is There a Need for Trusted Advisers?
  •    7 in 10 workers (70%) expect to work past retirement because of lack of savings. Kiplinger’s, April, 2007
  •    46.2% of all families now carry a credit card balance. This is up from 44.4% in 2001. Federal Reserve, April 1, 2006
  •    The savings rate for 2006 was a negative 1%, meaning that not only did people spend everything they earned but
       they also dipped into savings or increased borrowing to finance purchases. USA Today, February 1, 2007
  •    Personal bankruptcies have nearly doubled to 1.2 million per year with credit-card debt as the significant factor.
       SmartMoney, November, 2006
  •    Credit cards usage is widespread, with some 1.5 billion in circulation in the U.S.--5 for every American. Last year
       Americans used nearly 700 million credit cards to purchase more than $1.8 trillion in goods and services. U.S.
       Government Accounting Office, December 4th 2006

      Do you have a personal program to get out of debt and retire financially independent?

                                         How Money Works


                    Families need reliable financial education!
     The Rule of 72: Power of Compound Interest
    This simple calculation gives you the approximate number of years it will take to
                                double your investment.

                 Number              3%               6%               12%
                 of Years

                   0           $10,000            $10,000           $10,000
                   6                                                $20,000
                  12                              $20,000           $40,000
                  18                                                $80,000
                  24           $20,000            $40,000          $160,000
                  30                                               $320,000
                  36                              $80,000          $640,000

Based on The Rule of 72 a one time contribution of $10,000 doubles five more times at 12% than at 3%

     How many doubling periods do you have in your life?
                      The Difference We Can Make
         Old Plan (before)                                                                         New Plan (after)
Mortgage P&I                        $ 2,400.00                              Mortgage Consolidation                                $ 2,708.18
Car payment                         $ 289.00                                Car payment                                           $     0.00
Credit cards                        $ 360.00                                Credit Cards                                          $     0.00

Insurance (Life)                    $       135.00                          Revised Life coverage                                $        51.00
Home & Auto Ins.                    $       241.00                          Home & Auto Ins.                                     $       175.00

Retirement savings $                                0.00                    New Outlay                                         $ 2934.18
Educational savings $                               0.00                    New Savings                                        $ 490.82

Total Outlay                        $ 3,425.00

No additional tax deductibility                                             Tax deductibility through consolidation
No savings                                                                  Multiple interest rates eliminated
                                                                            Savings possible

 By restructuring this client’s debt, we have found an extra $490.82
                                                    How would they feel about you?
Old plan’s Mortgage balance of $327,080.29 @8% 27Yr.                   Consolidation refinance balance of $369,080.29 @ 8% 30Yr.
Car Note balance of $15,000 @ 6%                                       Includes all principal consolidated balances and closing costs.
Credit Card balance of $18,000 @12% Min Payment (2% of bal.)           Sample clients are both 34 years old with one child
Old policy type: $150K Permanent WL standard risk                      AIG term 30 year $250K guaranteed term preferred best policy
Auto and Home Ins. with two separate companies                         Auto and Home Ins. with Kemper as a package
                           We Don’t Stop There

 Select a Bi-Weekly Mortgage                              Choose a retirement vehicle
 Apply $200 back into the loan                            Save the remaining $290.82

This is called Principal Acceleration,                    Most people have yet to start saving because
                                                          their money is going into debt rather than
The entire amount is applied directly towards
principal balance.
                                                          The Rule of 72 is now working for you with
Combined with a Bi-Weekly Mortgage the
                                                          possible tax deferral.
results are outstanding!

A 30 Year Mortgage is now reduced to                      Retirement is no longer in question,
approximately 18 years without any                        it is certain!
extra expenses.

  $290.82 monthly invested at 10% for 33 years will accumulate $913,703.93
 Also, as you pay down your Mortgage with acceleration you save thousands
 of dollars in interest , accumulate equity faster and retire without a Mortgage
                                hanging over you.
            Our Other Services

1st Mortgages & Real Estate Services
• Through are partner companies, we
are a true “One Stop Shop” to home
• Help families plan for, qualify for and
find a home of their dreams (the right
 Many people are looking for the opportunity to
advance and have ownership potential. To express
 their entrepreneurial spirit. To be able to earn a
 significant pay raise doing something they love
and that truly helps people. If you are one of those
          people, we are looking for you!
                    Solutions Summary
          Can you see yourself sharing this information with others?

         What prevents people from achieving their goals and dreams?
                       -Not enough money to reach them!

                           Only two other options:
                1- Give up or reduce your goals and dreams
2- Make more money by getting a significant raise or doing something in addition
                      to or instead of your current career.

                     The fact is that people will always need someone to help
                          them with the many areas of financial services.
                            Your own family and friends need the help
                        Is there any logical reason why it cannot be you?
              What You Would Have Earned

Compensation Levels          Commissions paid on solutions shown before
                     Loan       Insurance       P&C      Investment   Totals
Representative $ 1808              $ 336        $ 126         $ 55    $2325
Vice President $ 3616              $ 612        $ 189         $ 140   $4557
VP Overrides   $ 1175              $ 276        $ 63          $ 90    $1604

            The key is to hire and train new representatives
          How many licensed Reps do you want working with you?

   Enjoy the tax deductions of a business
   Help people to reach their goals and dreams
   Have a spare career in your own terms with a very low start up investment
   Become the trusted adviser of your community

  Are you totally satisfied with the last five years of your life?
Where do you want to stand financially within the next five years?
       Is being financially independent important to you?
                   Time to Make a Choice
                                 How to get started
 Set up a follow-up appointment with the representative who referred you.
 A background check will be performed (criminal record may disqualify you)
 Have a complimentary financial make over done by one of our professionals, to find
    out where you are Financially, where you need to be and to provide a step by step
    program to get there for you and your family.

 Learn from your trainer.
                                  Let’s Summarize
   Are all our carriers credible and secure?
   Is there a need for what we do?
   Do our services help people?
   I don’t have much time, can I still do it?
   I don’t have experience, can I learn how?

If you are the kind of person who wants to become financially independent and are
     looking for the freedom to do more and be more in life then we welcome you.
  JP & Associates Consulting Services is the right place and this is the right time!

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